20, No Kids, 5'7, 135 pounds, UHP 750cc silicone implants

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My surgery is tomorrow... AHHHH! Finally. I feel...

My surgery is tomorrow... AHHHH! Finally. I feel like today will go by so slow because of how excited I am. When selecting a doctor I went with one who was a little more expensive but in my opinion, you get what you pay for.. My doctor is very experienced and listened to my wants and gave his honest opinions about everything. He's very straight forward and I like that! I was worried that I would have to go with saline because of my age.. (The FDA recommends silicone implants to ages 22 and up) nothing against anyone who goes with saline, I just knew I personally wanted silicone. The first thing my doctor said when we met was that he recommends silicone and will have no problem giving them to me. He likes silicone better because they last longer and he believes there an all around better implant to go with. Yay! So I already had my pre op appointment and I tried on sizers. Right now before surgery, I have small C's. I knew I wanted to be around a DD after surgery. I am 5'7 and weigh around 135. I'm tall and have broader shoulders and realized that big boobs (sizers) don't look all that big on me! The nurse even made a comment about how normally the sizers I was trying on look a lot bigger on others than they do on me. That just goes to show that implant size looks different on everyone!! Don't base your size off of anyone else! I decided to go with around 750-800cc. I know, that sounds huge, but I promise on my body it really doesn't look all that big. And if I'm paying this much money I want them to be a noticeable difference! My biggest fear is regretting not going larger and my doctor is very aware of that. He's going to have many different sizes in the OR tomorrow to pick the perfect ones off of my wish pics! I know a lot of women want the natural look with implants, I do too but I don't want a super natural look if that makes sense... I don't mind if they look fake, no I don't want to look like a porn star or anything but I like a certain look to them. I like it when they sit up higher on the chest and are very full. That's why I decided to go with the ultra high profile. My ribs aren't very big or wide at all so UHP is a good choice for me I think because they aren't as wide of an implant and they extend more to give me more fullness! I'm not really nervous about my surgery, I'm very excited and want to get it done already!!

Update: from the other side

Hey y'all, so I made it through surgery! It went pretty fast from what I remember! I went in and filled out some paperwork and got to talk to my hubby on the phone before I went in (he's in the military and is currently deployed overseas). Then right after I was taken back and got prepared for surgery! Everyone eas super nice and helpful! I remember being wheeled into the operating room and switched beds and then I was out. I woke up in recovery but it took me awhile to fully wake up, I was exhausted and wanted to keep sleeping lol! When I finally woke up more they gave me water and cheese it's but I was in a lot of pain so the nurse gave me some more medicine through my IV but it didn't help very much... I've been in pretty bad pain ever since... It's weird because most people I've read about feel pretty good on the first and second day and then the pain them on the third day.. My mom seems to think that it might be because I'm pretty skinny and went with a pretty big implant do it's causing more pain. I also had a slight lift where the doctor evened out my areoles because one was larger than the other. My doctor decided to go with 650cc's for one and 750cc's for the other because of my unevenness! I'm so wrapped up right now I can't even see what they look like at all.. I have to stay wrapped up until day three because I have a pain pump, I also can't shower until day three which incredibly hard for me because I'm kind of a germophobe lol. My stomach and neck are super swollen which sucks and my throat is super sore because of the tube they put down it. I will keep you updated and get better pictures once I can see more of my new boobs! I can't wait for them to heal more.. I'm so excited to see how good they look! P.S.- sorry for any typos, I'm kind of loopy from all the pain meds!

Day Two post op

Hey everyone.. I'm still in a lot of pain.. I'm assuming it's because of how much my skin was stretched because of how big I went.. I thought I had a high pain tolerance but I guess I was wrong.. It doesn't help that I haven't even gotten a glimpse at my new boobs.. But that should all change tomorrow! I get to take the padding off and shower tomorrow thank god!!! I will get pictures then to post! I might also be in pain because I've been laying in bed since my surgery... I haven't really moved around so I'm sure that was helping. But I'm currently sitting up in my living room and it has helped the pain a little! So sit up as much as you can for future reference!!! I will give another update tomorrow :)

Day 3 post op

So today I got to remove my bandages and take a shower... Yay!!!! It felt so good to get the pain pump removed and get a hot shower. The only thing is that my boobs look so weird and uneven right now.. I know that's normal but seeing it on yourself freaks you out no matter what ): so my boobs to begin with before my surgery were pretty uneven.. My left measured as a C cup where my right breast only measure as a B cup. My plastic surgeon and I discussed sizes at my preop appointments and dicided he'd go with around 750-800cc's.. Well during surgery he ended up doing my left breast (bigger one) with 650 cc's and my right breast (smaller one) with 750cc's. I just hope they end up big enough ): I'm sure I'm just being paranoid right now but seeing them this morning they looked super swollen but not very big if that makes sense.. And my right breast which got a bigger implant looks smaller right now.. I'll post pictures to show everyone but please ladies calm my nerves and tell me your experiences in healing and if yours got bigger or changed a lot! Mine look like little torpedo boobies right now lol, I guess I just imagined they'd look big right off the bat... I hope they look at good as I thought they would! Thanks girls!

Day 3 post op pictures

Oops I meant to add more pictures to that last update! Here's the rest.

More day 3 post op pics

Decided to take a couple pics with my surgical bra and tank top on.. Let me remind you I'm not even trying to give myself cleavage in these pics and this surgical bra has absolutely no push up in if what so ever... I could get used to this!

Post op day 5 & 6

Hey y'all, so I'm not in as much "pain" anymore, obviously it still hurts to make certain movements... But now I'm feeling constant pressure as if someone is sitting on my chest.. Everytime I talk I'm out of breath so fast and doing the simplest things seem to ware me out. Hopefully that'll get better soon! Today which is is post op day 6, was the first day I was feeling good enough to actually get out of bed and stay out of bed and communicate with people.. Lol. This morning I had my one week appointment and the nurse said everything looks good and my incisions look amazing! The only thing she didn't like was that one of my breasts (right), is sitting waaaaaaay higher than my other one. It's still looking pretty weird. She said its nothing to be concerned about, but this next week is really gonna be about getting them more even. She gave me a band to wear around my chest to help bring down my right breast. It's not super uncomfortable, it just gets annoying after a few hours.. And my right breast is already sore from being pulled down constantly but if it works then it's worth it!! My breasts still don't look that big.. I'm not sure if it's just my own mind tricking me or if they will get bigger once settled and "dropped and fluffed". I hope that's the case because I wanted big, not massive but a good difference.. And right now I honestly don't feel like there's that much of a difference from what they looked like before surgery. I think that'll change once they heal more! I finally got out of that surgical bra today! I went shopping for sports bras and had no idea what size to get.. I guessed and got mediums. I got them from Walmart because they were cheap. One of the sports bras fit but the others are all too small so I'll have to get a large. I think one of them fits me.. I'm not sure how it's supposed to fit honestly.. Especially with one of my boobs being way higher than the other right now. It doesn't hurt or feel too tight so I guess that means it fits! I'll attach pictures down below from the last couple of days.. Do any of you know why my one breast is sitting so high and awkward compared to the other? Did this happen to any of you? Also, if you know of some good supportive sports bras that worked for you, let me know!!! Also one last thing... Do any of you know what will help with my bloating? It's still horrible and hasn't gone back to normal!

Two week post op

Hey y'all, I know I've been distant but there wasn't too much to update on! So I wore a compression band for a week to try to help my breasts drop more and become more even with eachother. My left breast was a lot lower than my right breast. My right breast was almost touching my collar bone before I started with the compression band! So after a week of wearing it, my right breast has dropped alittle but is still sitting higher than my left. My right breast is also more firm and hard still, my left is starting to fluff. I hope they even out more soon! I've been having awful nerve pain in my left breast though, when I bend over its like my implant gets pushed against my nerves and it hurts so bad! Hopefully that gets better soon too. I have my second post op appointment next week so I'm excited to see what they have to say. Also, my swelling/bloating in my stomach has gone down so much! It's almost back to how it was before surgery, yay! Can y'all tell a difference in my pictures from this update compared to my last one? Do they look better? Are they dropping? Give me some hope because it's hard to see changes when you see yourself in the mirror everyday!

One month post op

Just wanted to give an update! My implants are slowly but surely dropping.. I cannot wait until their even. My right is still higher than my left but it's getting better. I was finally able to get fitted for a bra and I measured a 34 DDD!!!! Holy crap! I guess seeing yourself everyday, you don't realize how big you truly are! Bras are hard to find in that size and cute bras are almost out of the question. I went swim suit shopping today and had to get a 36 DD top because if I went with a 34 DDD I would've had to order them offline because they didn't have any in stores. The 36 DD fits fine, but I think once my breast drop more that I'll have to go up in size for swim suits. The pain is pretty much completely gone other than sometimes my incisions get sore if they rub up against something! I'll try my best to keep y'all updated!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

He's very friendly and professional! He listens to your wants and gives his honest opinion about them. He wants to give you the best option for YOU. He's very straight forward about what he thinks is the best option for you and I loved that!

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