BBL and Lipo Transfer Dr. Roque Ramos St. Louis,MO

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I have been wanting a mini tummy tuck and BBL for...

I have been wanting a mini tummy tuck and BBL for about 5 years, after my second child. I am extremely excited about getting a BBL by Dr. Ramos on June 13th!!!!! So far Dr. Ramos has me sold! His pricing is very reasonable and he has a TON of before and after pics on his site but I was overwhelmed when I got to the office to see ALL of his catalog!!! He showed me so many BBL b4 an afters that I was exhausted! Just on his catalog of pics and other ladies who have used, I am sold! He I have a second consultation with him this week to go over some minor details. Wish me luck!!!!! I Will post pics and post updates as soon as I complete the process! I wish more ladies would provide reviews for Dr. Ramos. I had to HUNT them down!! LOL! Anyway, I am thankful for the reviews that were posted. #staytuned!

7 days until my procedure!!!!! OMG!!!

Welp my procedure is in 7 days and I am TERRIFIED!!!! For some reason, all of these horror stories have been coming through my newsfeed!!!! WHY!!!! LOL!!!! I will definitely update and post pictures after!

Hey Future Ramos Dolls!

Well i had my bbl and lipo procedure on June 13! Im sore as hell but i am loving the results so far. I have alot of brusing so i will post some better pics this weekend. Im swollen too but i can see a big difference. Im gonna try to post some before and after pics now. I hope they upload. Does anybody know how to upload pics that are in their "gallery" on their phone. Real self only has the option of getting pics from camera ascif u were taking a pic rigjt now. I want to post pics already taken. I jave an LG 5 phone. Ill keep trying to post.

Before and after pics.......Dr. Ramos

I am VERY happy with my results so far. As u can see, Dr. Ramos did his thing and worked magic!!!! Im 1 week post and butt and abs still look good. More after pics to come!

Two week post op pic

Butt has softened up and still looks good!

Two week post op Dr. Ramos June 13th

Two week post op dr. Ramo bbl.

28 days post op!

My waist, abs and butt still looks good. Overall, I"ve lost 4 inches from my hips and butt in fluid! My butt was too big soon after the procedure....its the perfect size now! I still wear the garment everyday! I went shopping yesterday without my garment on and oh boy.......I paid for it later on! I was out for about 7 hours........when I got home I was very sore and swollen around my waist. U could see the pockets of fluid around my waist and abs. My husband gave me a massage and I immediately put that garment on! Ive been in bed for 2 days now. When the docs recommend u wear that garment for 3 months......they mean it! Wont be leaving home again without it! Lol!

7weeks post op dr. Roque Ramos BBL and Lipio

Its been 7 weeks since procedure. My measurements before procedure were: 42-36-39. Post procedure....7 weeks post my measurements are: 36-30-44! Swelling is totally gone. My butt has only gone down 4 inches! I was 48 in the hips 3 days after the procedure. I hope my butt doesnt go down anymore!!!! I still wear the stage 2 garment or the waist trainer about 12 hours a day because im still a little sore. Other than that i am very happy with my results so far. I work out now.....mainly weight training and cardio 3-4 times a week. Want to get my arms and back more defined.
Chesterfield Internist

The counsultation was very informative. Dr. Ramos is very attentive and is a perfectionist so far. I will update my review after the procedure!!!! Cant wait!

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