Dr. Roque Ramos BBL. Chesterfield, MO

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Had my consultation with Dr. Ramos. My plan...

Had my consultation with Dr. Ramos. My plan originally was to have my procedure done in ATL or Texas. I never would have thought I would find a doctor just as good as Dr. J!! Dr. Ramos is the man. I am looking forward to my procedure. He & his staff were very informative. He provides 100s of pics in office. His work is amazing. I am counting down the days. I have a little more fat so my procedure cost a little more but it's still a great price. I will b getting abd, upper back, lower flank & hip lipo & fat transfer to my hips & butt!!! I suffer from no assAtAll disease. The consultation alone brought me to tears bc I know that he will b able to give me the body I dreamed of. Pics coming soon!!!

Counting down the days

I feel like a little kid. I'm couting down the days. 38 days left!!!! Shopping tonight for my pillows!!! Any imput anyone??

It's almost that time

Shopping for my Post Op BBL surgery supplies

So post op urinating may be difficult

So alot of people r talking abt this female urinal

Got my scipts, pre-op instructions & some of my supplies today

It's getting real. My adrenaline is pumping. I had my last consultation today. Margarita & Dr. Ramos are great. I'm not nervous at all. They have prepared me with all the instructions & expectations that I need!! Cheers to my new azz!!!

I decided on a booty????

Browsing for asses is hard work. My boo is kinda jealous bc I look at butts all day!!

Not tryin to b like this

24 more days

I can't believe that it's already may!!! 24 more days. I can't believe I'm doing this. I have dreamed of having a BBL procedure for years. I have always hated my butt & abdomen. From the front I look like I have a big ole donkey booty from the back I look like Sponge Bob Square pants ???? I hope that Dr. Ramos snatch this waist n & blow my booty up!!

Picked up my meds today

Went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. 2 vials of Demerol that Dr. Ramos will use during the procedure, Percocet for post op pain and an antibotic for prophylactic treatment purposes. I also bought some Arnicare tablets from Trader Joes. I see everyone else with them. Do they really work?

Recommended Pre/Post op foods

1 day & 12 hrs till my procedure

I have like 36 hours til my procedure. Thank God that I'm to tired to have anxiety I been pulling straight 12 hr shifts. Ready to get it over with so that I can enjoy my new body!!!

Surgery was a sucess

I'm n sever pain but my ass is amazing. Will update later.

Bbl surgery experience

My surgery was scheduled Friday at 815a.m. I arrived there at abt 8 a.m. I made my last payment, emptied my bladder then I changed into these black thong like undies & a black bra thingy. Dr. Ramos came n & began marking on me, making sure he did't miss anything. I started to get light headed & he let me lay down while finishing the markings. Then I was given a shot of Demerol & a shot of Versed b4 I walked to the surgery area. My tolerance is pretty high so it took forever for me to fall to sleep. They ended up having to give me more medicine throughout the procedure because I kept waking up. So I had to have several injections. Day 1 & 2 was ruff. After my procedure the girls that work with him put my garment on & my cloths, took me to the bathroom & they put me n a wheelchair & wheeled me to the car. The ride home sucked big time. I didn't know how to position myself so I ended up on my knees n the back seat. After I got home I was nauseous & and a threw up a couple of times. Day 2 was a little better. Today is day 3 & I feel a little better. I went walking & cleaned my kitchen but I am still very sore & uncomfortable. I am tired of laying on my sore stomach. Trying to eat sucks bc it's hard eating on your knees. Hit me up if u have any questions.

A few before & after Pics

Before & Afters trying to find pics were u can notice the difference

So yesterday & today I've noticed I have put on abt 8-9 lbs of fluid mostly n my lower abdomen and a little n my back. I read that this is normal but it scared me initially. I read this is expected around day 3 & it supposed to gradually go away. We will c.

Let's talk abt what you really need & what wasxa waste of money

NEED " I'm not a doctor this is what worked for me" *Wedge pillow ( God sent, helps to release some of the pressure when laying on your belly, I don't know how my fellow bbl ladies live without it. I use it still every night) - ibuprofen "anti-inflammatorry"( I use it when I can't take the narcotics, driving, work, etc.) -Dial Antibacterial Soap r Hibiclens - Real female urinal ( not that Pink P EZ BS) -Be prepared to frequently wash your garment the first couple of days -clean bed linings the night b4 surgery - family & friends first 2 days at least -7 up -Tripple antibiotic ointment r neosporin - laxative, fiber, etc.( couldn't shit for a week+) - bottled water Waste of money - chux pads, the doctor gave me more than enough - abd pads, only used the ones they put on then took them off, I wasn't really draining, & they gave me extra, they also give u tape - P EZ urinal ( my urethra hole is bigger than that damn thing, I dropped it n the toilet the first day) - $90 booty buddy, I use it sometimes but I could have lived without it

It's been a while

I must say Dr. Ramos is like my hero. He really changed my life. I feel so beautiful & confident. And baby the men love it. I can't keep them off of me!! My body is booty- licious. Waist snatched.. Booty fat!!

B4 & After

Any body have a touch up dond? Mine is next wk!!

Going back for a touch up n a week. Wondering what's the recovery like. The doc says it's a piece of cake, the worse part is over but I believe it will be abt the same since I'm having another round of lipo done to my back & abdomen & I'm having a lil more fat added to my butt. Last procedure tho. I already look amazing so I can't imagine how Im gonna look after this. I can't wait to see my butt & hips n my cute lil jeans with knee high boots.

Touch up done

My body looks amazing. Dr. Ramos took abt 4000cc of fat. Literally all my fat is gone from my abd & back yay!!!! He added abt 400cc more to each cheek. So basically almost 2000cc in one & a little under 2000 n the other butt cheek all together. I am very sore but the pain is nothing like the first time. I removed my own bandages & took a shower on my own. I have not had to take around the clock pain meds like I did the first time. I woke up several times through out the procedure again, that part sucked but other than that everything went great. I have a high tolerance for meds so it takes a little more to put me to sleep. Will upload pics soon

Is crazy that I want a lil more fat added to my butt

Sooo I want more butt jus a lil more that's all. I had a touch up in august. But I think I am ready for a 3rd session. Is that crazy? Do people go back a 3rd time?
Dr. Roque Ramos


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