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I have thought as about my nose every day since I...

I have thought as about my nose every day since I was 14, which means I have though about it every day for the past 38 years and imagined what it would be like to have a small, feminine nose, instead of a sharp and angular masculine beak.
I have decided to go ahead with rhinoplasty, but am very nervous about finding the right surgeon, due to the amount of emotional investment in this, for me. I will be devasted if I go through with an operation, only to find a nose I don't like, so am seeking a surgeon who will work with me to agree a shape of nose.
After much research, I am booked for a consultation with Mr Tahery on 13 June, to discuss rhinoplasty and possibly a facelift.
I have a very set idea of how I want my nose and am hoping he will agree to it. I wish to have a small button nose, but the problem is that I know this is not fashionable in the UK at the moment and most UK surgeons seem to want to avoid this look.
I would be grateful for comments from others who have had either rhinoplasty or a facelift with him. In particular, is he happy to work with the patient to agree a nose shape, or will he be telling me?
I only wish to have the procedure done once in my life
Many thanks in anticipation of your feedback xx

Consultation with Jawed Tahery

I have now met with five surgeons in total (2 in the UK, 1 from Spain, 1 from Lebanon and 1 from America), prior to choosing the right person. Only Jawed Tahery and one other listened to what I was saying regarding my nose (wanting a little scoop) and only Mr Tahery and one other gave me an fully inclusive price, which did not then have hidden extras added. These extras can potentially add thousands to the overall cost. Mr Tahery was extremely patient, in terms of listening to my concerns and anxieties and has offered me an extremely competitive package, which includes all of the improvements I need, whilst at the same time avoiding unneccesary surgery for a couple of smaller issues. By doing this, he has enabled me to have all of the surgery I need, within budget, plus some extra non-surgical touches, which will revitalize my face. The previous week, I had flown to London to meet with another surgeon. The consultation meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes, but it was very rushed and I only spent 10 minutes with the surgeon, the rest of the time being form filling. It was very much a conveyer belt approach, with lots of glossy leaflets shoved into my hands. In complete contrast, Mr Tahery actually spent over the scheduled time with me, in order to discuss in detail some anxieties I have regarding my eventual nose shape, as I wish for a slightly scooped look, which is not currently popular in the UK. I was envisaging that I might have to go abroad to achieve this look, but he took my wishes on board so that we could come to a compromise, which incorporates both what I desire, with what is possible and aesthetic. I very much appreciate the fact that Mr Tahery listened to my concerns and was kind enough to give me the time to look at the options and discuss solutions. His personal assistant, Lisa is lovely and has been extremely helpful from the outset. She managed to find me a short-notice surgery date at the exact time I wanted and has answered all my questions, as well as giving me useful information about travel and location when I visit. Prior to meeting with this surgeon, I was feeling apprehensive and wondering whether I was doing the right thing, opting for elective surgery. But having attended Mr Tahery's office and meeting with him and Lisa, I feel fully confident that I am in 100% safe hands. I am now able to look forward to my surgery date, which is 25 June!!!

The big day

I am going under the knife today.

The big day 2

Not nervous, as I feel very lucky to be able to have these procedures and trust my surgeon fully. But my worry is that I will emerge from the operations in a few hours time and still have a turkey neck and a big pointy nose. Please let me look different...with a small, curved nose and a beautiful smooth jawline and tight neck.

The hamster - not a good look

Wellllllll... am out the other side now and am almost compos mentis!

The Cosmetick Clinic is fabulous. The staff and food are very impressive. This is my first venture into private healthcare and I like it!
Mr Tahery popped in twice to check on me and will do a proper check up tomorrow to gauge my progress.
On a slightly less dignified note...I managed to pee all by myself.....but caught sight of myself in the ensuite mirrow. All I can say is "Eeek!"
I look like a hamster who has been in a fight. In my defence though, you should have seen the size of the other hamster.
Have been watching Lewis and Morse all evening. Its great having a private room and my own TV. Really passes the time.
The nurses here are really so attentive.
Unfortunately, my lovely al dente meal was rather wasted on my, though I managed to mash up the quinoa and chick peas, the contents of my egg mayo sandwich supper and some strawberries/yogurt/mint couli.
I should have just ordered a big plate of mashed potato. Still a bit peckish, so the auxillary nurse has offered to get me some wheetabix with milk.
Just think, in approx 14 days, I will have a new non-hamsterish face and a new improved nose! Yay. I really am so lucky to be able to have these procedures done. I am feeling very blessed at the moment.

Was it worth it update

My status is reading " not sure" purely because I have not completed that section yet. I will await the results first. This does not mean that I am actually "not sure" but that I am unable to answer that question as yet. It looks slightly misleading.
On a lighter note, the wheetabix supper, suggested by the nurse, was much appreciated.

Day 2 post op discharge from hospital

Hamster at large in Manchester.
Day 2 not a great look but feeling ok. Only slept 30 minutes last night as I can never sleep well in hospitals. Watched the Ireland and Germany matches. Have a good supply of food, meds, books and TV to get me through the next few days.
Managed 3 tiny meals of: wheetabix, avocado and boiled eggs. All nice baby food and easy to eat without too much chewing.
Loosened the head bandage for a couple of hours this evening.

Day 3 post op

Took the bandage off for a while, as instructed by my surgeon. Feels great but my face is like a purple football. I felt slightly nauseous and feint when I saw the big grey and purple head on me. But I think the swelling peaks around day 3 or 4 so it can only get better. Just need to breeze through the next few days and make the most of the downtime by reading and enjoying some TV. Slept about 4 hours last night as the head compression garment was fairly uncomfortable but it was great to have some sleep. I intend to drift out of sleep, novels and trashy TV all day today.

Partial unveiling of my new nose - day 5

My nose caste was removed last night, at the end of day 5.
I had a logistical problem getting to the follow up consultation today, so Mr Tahery and his P.A. , Lisa, squeezed me in at the end of his surgery last night at short notice, in order to accomodate me.
Not only that, but as I wasn't fit to drive or get public transport alone, they arranged a private driver for me!
I really am overwhelmed with their kindness and concern for my well being, as they know I travelled from overseas and have no-one here to assist me. I felt like a V. I. P. last night.
But, as to the unveiling....
Well, I knew it was going to be good, because Mr Tahery had listened so intently to what I was saying and had confirmed several times with me that we were both on the same page regarding hoped for outcomes.
I have now had a glimpse, although my new nose now has some compression tape on for the next week.
I knew it was going to be good, but I am both bowled over and very excited. He has done precisely what I asked for!
Even at this early stage, I can see smaller nostrils, and upturned tip, a much reduced projection and a far shorter length. From an oblique angle, I can see both of my eyes, whereas previously, my bump would obscure the far eye from that angle. He has transformed my nose, but at the same time he has managed to keep the integrity of my facial features, so I still look like me. But me, with a small, neat, feminine nose!
Its so perfect so far. I could not have asked for a better result. It all looks so neat, cute, feminine and perfect that I feel he is a sculpture, as well as being a skilled surgeon.
The stitches are very impressive. Very neat, straight and well placed.
I can even fully breathe through my new nose now, just 5 days after the op and I am off the painkillers.
I will post updates, but at this stage I know I can face the rest of my life with a beautiful nose. Bear in mind I still have mega-swelling, but it looks so tiny.
So happy!

Face and neck lift progress, day 5

At day five, I still have plenty of swelling and bruising.
My face is 50 shades of yellow with some interesting purple highlights.
I posted no photos of the worst swelling as I didn't want to put Real Selfers off having a face lift. I did look quite scarey on day 3. On day 4, I had to venture to the local Aldi for food supplies. I think the local population thought that the Elephant Woman had landed in their midst. I had to stop at a cafe to sit down as I felt so feint after just 15 minutes of walking.
However, by day 5 a lot of the swelling had subsided.
As you can now see, I have a new jawline with zero jowls! The skin beneath my chin is tight and taught. The turkey neck has completely vanished!!!!
In addition, because Mr Tahery gave me both a face and neck lift, my cheekbones are also better defined, so the benefits can be clearly seen right up to the level my eyes. And I still have the botox, filler and laser to be done!
From this photo, the lump on my chin can be seen, which will be lasered off at a later stage once the swelling has settled.
I will have botox for my forehead and crows feet.
Mr Tahery suggested filler in my upper lip, (as well as the creases between the nostrils and outer lip) which is very exciting *glamorous*
I still have significant lumps of swelling on both sides of my face and lots of swelling on the liposuction site under my chin.
But in fact my jawline has been transformed to that of a woman in her 30s. I think it will eventually look better than mine was in my 30s, as it has better definition and tightness.
I will be able to ditch the neck scarves and show off my long neck again.
I have a friend flying into London from Syria soon and we are going jewellery shopping, so I will treat my new young neck to a couple of nice necklaces (any excuse....;)
I shall be able to wear low necklines on nights out!
I am so glad that I had these procedures done and do grateful to this surgeon, for his skills and experience.

Day 8 post-op

A lot of the bruising is gone now and most of the swelling. A slight numbness persists around my ears, but I look almost human and can go outside happily, both energy-wise and appearance-wise with the help of a wee neck scarf. Am feeling great actually. Enjoying the sunny weather and had a lovely long walk today.
Rather getting attached to the concept of Bride-of-Frankenstein though and I shall almost miss the surreal stitches when they are removed.
So far, so great :)

Post op 12 days

Preparing to go to have my stitches, staples and compression tape removed!
My last day in beautiful Chester.
We had such fun here, I am sad to leave!
The shops and eateries are amazing!
I went out to buy a pint of milk and came back with lingerie, jewellery and shoes heh heh!
Really love this beautiful ancient city

12 day post op consultation

Wellllll my taxi didn't arrive and I almost missed my appointment! I was imagining having to re-schedule and fly back!
But Mr Tahery's PA, on hearing my plight, drove to pick us up! This is the 2nd time Mr Tahery has authorised a private car when transport let me down! These people really are kind and caring!
My ear stitches were removed, followed by the hairline staples, followed by the compression tape on my nose.
I am so happy with my new jawline! Its taken about 10-15 years off my face from my eyes down to my neck. Incredible really. I still have a wee bit of bruising and swelling underneath my chin, plus some bumps due to swelling, but these can be felt only (i.e. not really too visible to a layperson).
I was nervous about seeing my new sculpted nose, due to the emotional investment in this part of the surgery.
Post surgery it is about half the size of the original, much smoother and more delicate/feminine looking.

12 days post op consultation

Here is another after-shot.
I took these after shots immediately on leaving the consultation and I am glad I did, because today (24 hours later) my nose has swelled up a bit.
Nothing too drastic, but the shape immediatey following the removal of the compression tape is what my nose looks like without that swelling. So it is therefore more indicative of what the final result will look like.
At the moment I have slight swelling each side of the bridge and a lot of swelling at the tip. The swelling, like the swelling on my face (post face and neck lift) is not symmetrical. Thus my nose looks slightly distorted, just as my jawline did a week ago.
I look forward to this swelling going down, but this will take weeks or months. I have noticed that the post op nose can change shape not just overnight, but also several times during one day, depending on how the swelling is behaving.
When I emerged from the consultation, my daughter exclaimed "your nose looks so smooth!" and "its much smaller", followed by those magical words that every woman wants to hear: "Mummy, you look younger!".
Its still quite tender at the moment and there are a couple of red patches, but the post op size is significantly smaller, compared to the original!
Really looking forward to all the residual bruising and swelling gradually subsiding.
Mr Tahery and Lisa have been amazing! They are such kind, supportive people. I never felt "alone", despite the fact that I had flown in from abroad. Their kindness will stay in my memory for a long time.

So happy!

I am so happy with my face/necklift.

Mr Tahery is a miracle worker! I have been able to ditch the neckscarves and am so happy. Its actually made me feel so much more confident in my appearance!

Facelift stitches

As requested, please find attached close up photos of the ear stitches for my facelift. These photos were taken by me at 14 days post surgery.
They healed up very quickly.

1 months nose update! Curve appearing!!

Whoo hoo!!!!
At one month, my nose is still swollen, particularly the tip, which is still numb, swollen and "stiff". However, the numbness reduces daily.
Today I began to see the curve appear, for the first time since the compression tape was removed!
The bridge is still very swollen, but my much-wanted curve has actually started to become visible - as if by magic!
Mr Tahery described in detail what he did, but my nose was so swollen that it has been almost the same size as it was pre-surgery.
I am patiently playing a waiting game and today I was rewarded with a first hint of the shape of things to come.
Feeling very happy. I am so glad I chose Jawed Tahery! He truly listened to what I asked for.
I have a super smooth jawline, lovely young neck, my cheekbones are much more pronounced and my new small nose is beginning to appear.

8 week update!

The swelling in my nose is starting to visibly reduce now.
From the top down, which means the tip is still swollen, but the shape is starting to develop now!
I can see a definite "curve", where there was previously a bump. Mr Tahery has done exactly what I asked him for!
The shape changes daily, depending on the swelling, but I am liking it more and more!
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Mr Tahery is a miracle worker! He has taken at least 12 years off me and has given me a beautiful new youthful neckline. I can ditch the neckscarves and am so happy with my new look! He is experienced and a master in his field. I felt so safe in his hands. More than that, he is very genuine and has an incredibly nice personality, with an honesty and humility which is rare to find. He and his P.A, Lisa, have been so kind to me before, during and after my procedures. I am so glad I made the right choice!

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