24 M Secondary Rhinoplasty - Chester, GB

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Having previously had rhinoplasty, I wanted to...

Having previously had rhinoplasty, I wanted to find a skilled surgeon that specialised in the nose a face cosmetically. Then I came across Mr Tahery! Being from Birmingham myself, I traveled to Chester to have a consultation with himself at his clinic cosmetick nose and face solutions at Nuffield Hospital. He was so thorough in the consultation, I had never been to a consultation so Indepth and informative, was something else! In a very good way, as I had seen a few surgeons prior to my primary rhinoplasty and there consultation was not a patch on his. I had a broken nose which I addressed to my Primary Rhinoplasty surgeon, to which it was improved a lot. I'm not a perfectionist, nothing is perfect so improvement is good for me! So 3 years on I still have a couple of little areas I would like to address about my nose, "fine tuning" if you like, nothing major, just something that bothers me/I want to do.
He said what he couldn't and could do, to which I thought about it for a few days and contacted his awesome secretary Lisa and have booked my surgery this month! :) if anyone has any feedback on Mr.Taherys work I would be greatly appreciative. Many thanks.

Getting closer

Procedure date is getting closer and closer! Can't wait to get these nostrils addressed too! Does anyone else have any experiences with Mr.Tahery FRCS ? Many thanks ! ????

5 days

Ok so my surgery is this Friday. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share and final outcomes with Mr.Tahery? :-)

2 half days

Hi guys I am 2 and a half days PO. As I had my surgery on Friday night. I am still very swollen and sore and can expect swelling to last anything up to 6-12 months as most of my work was done on the tip of my nose which is of course tissue and cartilage. This was a revision case that he has performed in me via the closed rhinoplasty approach rather than open rhinoplasty my original rhinoplasty was. He has also taken a graft out the back of my ear to build part of my nose up. Any questions feel free to inbox! :)
Manchester Otolaryngologist

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