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I always had a nice nose all of my life until I...

I always had a nice nose all of my life until I broke it from fainting and hitting my face on the kitchen counter. Ever since then I noticed a bump on my nose, but learnt to live with it. It wasn't until I lost a lot of weight after being diagnosed with pernicious anemia, that my face got very thin and my nose seemed to stand out a lot more. I was unhappy with the bump and having a nose that seemed too large for my face after me weight loss.So I did some research online and came across this amazing website 'real self' which has helped me out in a huge way. Initially I liked a surgeon in Florida but it wasn't realistic to travel so far. I then discovered Dr Jawed Tahery & loved his work & people's reviews on here.I went for a consultation and knew instantly that he was the one I'd choose for my surgery. Becuase I have a long list of medical conditions and bipolar, he wanted to contact my GP first before letting me have the surgery. He needed some blood tests done and sent back to him, as well as a letter agreeing to give me extra emotional support post op (due to my bipolar up & down moods).Once everyone was sent over from the hospital and GP... then I was good to go.I did a couple of Skype chats with Dr Tahery first just to run through a few things before the day of my op, and I was very excited for my rhinoplasty on 22nd April.I will write a day by day post with images so you can get a better understanding of what I have been going through so far. Feel free to get in touch with any questions....

Some before photos....

Here are a few images so you can see how I looked before I broke my nose and afterwards. My nose used to be straight and suited my face, after breaking it a lump appeared and the dorsal hump became more promounced. When I lost weight, my nose just seemed too large for my face, and the bump made my nose looked crooked in photos from certain angels, which was what made me want to get a rhinoplasty.

The day of my op 22nd April

I live in West London and it took me 4 hours to travel to Nuffield Hospital in Chester. I arrived at 1pm to be shown to my room and I wasn't nervous at all. I was really excited. I was told I was going to be first on the list so I saw Dr Tahery and signed all the forms. I then waited to be seen by numerous nurses and the anesthetist before being taking down to the theatre by a lovely nurse I named.princess. My mum took a few snaps of me before my op.

Post op... A few hours later!!!

As soon as I woke up from my rhinoplasty, I was in extreme pain. My nose was throbbing. I was given three lots of pain relief injections which eventually took the edge off ofit, but the pain never dissappeared. I was wheeled on my bed to my room and remember seeing my mum and falling back asleep again. When I eventally woke up properly my mouth was sooooo dry. I don't think water has ever tasted so good before, I must have drunk 3 jugs of it. I did have a bit of a sore throat but I get tonsilitis every 2 weeks, so I am used to having that sort of pain. My nose was the most extreme pain I have ever felt, and I have a high pain thresh hold. i managed to eat after a few hours, and then my mum went to her hotel and I tried to rest. It was impossible to sleep with the pain but had a bad cough with blood which may have been from the tubes down my throat.

Day 2

The nurses came into my room at 6am to do my blood presure and bring my breakfast. My mum was going to collect me to take me home on the train around lunch time, so I wanted to rest as much as possible before then. I tried to get up to go to the bathroom bymyself and I almost fainted. I felt so weak, sick and dizzy. A nurse spotted me, and wheeled my bed towards the bathroom and carried me onto the bed. After careful observation I was told that I should not go home yet and stay in the hospital another night. Dr Tahery came to visit me and I told him I was in extreme pain with my nose. He said I shouldn't be in pain, so asked the nurses to give me more tramadol.
My mouth and lips were still so dry and I couldn't open my mouth properly as it felt so swollen and tight. My nose was throbbing and felt like I had been in a car crash. All the nurses were so lovely and kept coming to check on me. I barely slept all night due to the pain, dry mouth, and nose bleeds.

Day 3

After spending 2 night at the hospital, I had got used to the routine of regular blood pressure checks, getting woken up early for breakfast and medication and ordering my lunch. The was very impressed with the food. Everything tasted amazing, and the kitchen staff catered well for my food allergies.
I was hoping to feel much better toda, but when my mum took me for little walks down the corridor, I felt very dizzy, weak and faint. I couldn't even walk more than a few metres without needing a nurse to take me back to bed.
Because I had to take a train home back into London, and then another hour from central London to home, my mum and the nurses were very concerned about me going home. They didn't think I was well enough.
Dr. Tahery wanted me to have some blood tests done to check if I was ok. The resukts came through a few hours later, but all appaered to be normal. My mum and I put it down to the fact that I take much longer to heal with my auto-immune desiese and other illneses to battle at the same time.
The pain level was still extremely high, and again, nothing would help the pain other than tramadol. I just wanted the pain to go away. The nurses decided to stop giving me tramadol because they suspected it maybe the cause of me feeling unwell... So I had to suffer the pain with regular pain meds and another sleepless night.

Day 4

I spent the whole day in hospital feeling very drowsy and generally unwell. No improvements on the pains in my nose. I felt dissapointed with myself that I was unable to get out of bed, get dressed and leave the hospital. I felt as if I had over stayed my welcome at the hospital. No one could see an actual reason for my pain or feeling unwell and my blood pressure and blood tests were normal. So everyone was expecting me to be ok to go home. My mum took me for a walk again and I had a freshen up in the bathroom, but I was so weak that I couldn't stay standing. There was no way I would even make it to thr front door, let alone the train station.
Feeling like I had let myself and everyone down, I had to spend yet another night in hospital ;-(
I was crying in the night with nose pain and my eyes were burning so bad. The nurses came and cleaned my nose, then brought me some cold cloths to put over my eyes, which help ease the burn. The nurses finally gave me some tramadol and eventually I got some sleep.

Day 5

Today is the first day, that I could go to the bathroom unaided without feeling dizzy and faint. My mum came to collect me after lunch and helped me to put some fresh clothes on. We had planned to go home on the train, but as I still didn't feel 100% we decided to stay in a hotel locally, which meant we didn't then have to travel back on Thursday for the cast removal. It felt comfy to put on my 'onsie' and relax in different surroundings. As I couldn't go out, my mum went and bought some food to bring back to the hotel. The pain was so uncomfortable and nothing helped until the evening Tramadol. I woke numerous times in the night even though the bed was so comfy

Day 6

I woke up feeling a little more energised despite my lack of sleep. I managed to have some hotel breakfast which was very nice, and I forgot I was wearing a cast on my nose so wondered why people were starring at me in a strange way. I cannot tell it is on my face. The only weird thing is, if I have an itchy eye, it's tricky to work out where my eye is with the cast on. It was a lovely sunny day out, so I went for a little walk into town with my mum and bought a new soft toy from the Disney store to add to my Beauty & The Beast collection.
After having a drink at Caffe Nero, I felt very exhausted, so it was time to head back ot the hotel. But it was nice to get some fresh air and a bit of excercise. Still no improvements painwise, but glad I have improvements in how I felt genrally with my energy levels.

Day 7 Cast Removal.... EEEEKKK!!!!

This is going to sound very strange, but I was not looking forward to having my cast removed like most people. I grew very attached to the plaster cast on my nose. I am not sure if it was because I have been in so much pain that I didn't feel ready, or if it is more of a comfort thing. Either way.. I was dreading my appointment with Dr. Tahery as I didn't want to get it removed. The only thing I was looking forward to was having a shower and washing my hair.
When I was dischared from hospital, I was told to have a shower on the day of cast removal and allow the steam of the shower to soften the cast. It was also advised to let some water go on the face to let the cast soften slightly to make it easier to remove.
When I was in the waiting room of Nuffield, I saw two girls Amy and Sophie who were also at the hospital the same say as my op. We all got chatting and swapped numbers to keep in touch of our progress. They were really lovely girls.
I was first to go in and have my cast off. OMGGG!!! it was horrendous. No one could have prepared me for the pain!!!! It felt like my nose was being ripped off. Plus the long metal tool used kept poking the painful swelling on my nose and made me feel so sick. Dr. Tahery had to stop numerous times and give me cold water as I felt so faint.
The stitches being removed wasn't pleasant at all, however getting the cast off felt the worst! It was like it was stuck to my nose with super glue and ripping my whole face off.
I was allowed 1 minute to look at my nose before it was going to be taped up. I was crying and shaking and didn't want to look at myself. I saw my mum starring at me with a shocked expression and she was crying too.
Dr. Tahery took my hands away from my face and made me look at my nose. When I looked back at my reflection I felt like I was looking at a stranger.... I couldn't even recognise myself in the mirror. I hated my nose. It had a bump on the bridge, massive swelling either side and the tip looked so weird. I couldn't stop crying. I was in so much shock. I felt like I had a boxer's nose... I instantly had feeling of regret, doubt, and missed my old nose.
I tried to hold my emotions back while I sat down in the chair ready to be taped up. Dr. tahery looked at my nose and touched the bridge and it was extremely painful. He told me I had an infection and explained that was the reason I have been in so much pain the past week. NO WONDER!!! So I was given anti biotics - Zinnat.
I was assured that my reaction was normal and no one jumps for joy after having their new nose revealed. I went back outside to see my friends in the waiting room and told them of my tragic experience. I waited for them to return from their cast removable and I was surprised to hear they both had the same experience as me with a painful cast removal and hated their noses too. I felt some what a relief that I wasn't alone.....

Day 9 - Feeling depressed!!!

I had to go back to the hospital yesterday as Dr. Tahery wanted to check on my nose again and see how I was getting on with my anti biotics. I have felt really depressed all day and missing my old nose. I can't stop thinking of the bump and sweling I saw when I looked in the mirror. I was hoping to see a perfectly shaped nose similar to the shape I saw of the cast. I know things take time to heal, but it also doesn't help that I am still in so much pain and the anti biotics are making me feel super drowsy and spaced out.
My mums keeps telling me not to obsess about my nose, but it's really hard. I find it has been really great meeting the girls at Nuffiled as I can now text them and get emotional support as we share our recovery journeys together.
I think my nose looks ok with the tape on, as it appears much straighter. Some angles look ok, but it takes some getting used to as my collumella / tip just seems to tiny now compared to before.
I had a long journey back into London last night, so I was very tired today.
I spent all day in bed and on the sofa feeling unwell from pain and medication.

Day 11 - Starting to feel a little better ;-)

I have had so many bad nightmares lately. It maybe the medication I am on. I no longer get bad headaches now and I still have pain but it is only concentrated around the area of the bump on the bridge of the nose. I felt well enough to have a walk to the local park today just to get some sunshine and fresh air.
After speaking to my friends I am feeling more positive about my nose, especially when I look back at my old nose in comparison.

Day 12 - DEVESTATED!!!! Is this normal!??

I feel sick and dissapointed. I really do not know what to do or say really. My right nostril had been very bloody and scabby for a long time and the nurses told me not to pick it, and just to let any scabbing drop out naturally. When I was cleaning my face today with a baby wipe, the scabbing was very loose and started to dangle off the tip of my nose. I used a cotton bud to gentle clean the area and it easily felt out. After I had washed away the remaining dried blood I could clearly see my nostril area. I was in total shock. I was expecting my nose to have clean edges and look even. The collumella part that was cut during surgery and stitched back down wasn't aligned straight and it wasn't even flush to the rest of my nose. It was just a raised lump of flesh. Like a flap stuck down with glue. It looks worse from certain angles as you can see the edge of it going over the nostril area. Plus it's so raised, lumpy and crooked. Alongside all of that, I also have a red lump inside my right nostril. It is a bit tender to touch but not extremely painful. having the lump there makes my nostrils look even more uneven. I know that things eventually smooth out and look more even after a few months, however in my case I really do not believe that mine will drastically improve??? I thik I may need some sort of revision to correct it. Please advise me on what you think, or if any of you have had similar problems.

2 weeks post op!!!

I can't believe it is now 2 weeks post rhinoplasty! The bruising under my eyes seems to be improving everyday. For the first time since surgery I can now breathe from my nose. After all the scabbing naturally felt out, I have been using Sterimar nasal spray 3x a day which has really helped to clear my nose. It still feels quite tight and swollen but I can breathe even better than before my procedure. It also seems to have heightened my sense of smell. Maybe because I couldn't breathe as well before my surgery. My friends seem to think I have had lip fillers done because my mouth / lip area is still pretty swollen and appears to have made my tiny lips fuller without wearing any make-up. (Shame it wont last forever). I am still unable to smile due to the swelling and it's really hard to open my mouth to eat. The pain I had before is almost gone but I get the odd shooting pain around my nostrils and bridge of nose where I had the infection. It's so much nicer now not having headaches 24 / 7 and throbbing pain in my nose. I am still taking regular painkillers just until I know everything has settled down infectionwise. I am looking forward to my appointment on Monday evening, as I am having the tape removed from my nose. Excited and nervous at the same time....

Day 18 - Very happy with the shape of my nose ;-)

I was really dreading this day of having to see my nose again. I hated it how it looked after the cast came off so I mentally prepared myself for the worst today. My mum came along with me for emotional support, as I couldn't face going alone. We had a few hours to spare once we had arrived in Chester, so we made the most of the sunshine and had a walk around the town. I was really scared that the tape was going to hurt coming off, due to my nose still being sore to touch. I decided to go into Superdrug and use some of their tester face cream to coat the tape on my nose to soften it before my appointment. I got to Nuffield Hospital for my appointment at 7pm and was seen fairly quickly. It was really lovely seeing some of the staff and nurses again. I made a great decision to apply moisturiser on before the appointment, because the tape peeled off quite easily. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad. The bridge and tip of my nose felt so sensitive, but Dr. Tahery kept asking if I was in pain and was very gentle with me. Once my nose was free of tape, I saw my mum's expression and she had a huge smile on her face and told me a had a very pretty nose. Her reaction was much better than last time. Dr. Tahery looked inside my nose and told me the red bump should eventually go by itself. He said he was very surprised that I healed so well and quickly considering all of my medical conditions. I didn't hesitate going over to look into the mirror, as I'd already prepared myself to see a 'boxer's nose' which was what it looked like last time. I was actually quite taken back by my reflection this time, as the huge bump and red swellin had dramatically gone. I was soooo pleased that it was the infection causing the horrible appearance and I could start to see a nice nose on my face ;-) When I looked at myself it actually looked like ME and not a stranger. I no longer had an identity crisis nor my old nose. I actually looked like the old me, before my nose was broken. Both my mum and I were really happy that it didn't look like a 'surgery nose'. It was so natural. I could definately see that it was still quite swollen and a slight bump from certain angles, but compared to before, it was a massive improvement. I was much more happy and positive!!! I sat back down in the chair, and Dr. Tahery said I needed to wear one strip of tape underneath my nose for a little while and then I can remove it myself. After being relieved on the overall shape of my nose and feeling more cheery, I then had to address the collumella concerns I had. I told Dr. Tahery that I was not happy with the way it was sewn back together as looks very uneven. He explained that no nose will ever be symmetrical or look perfect. He assured me that no one will even notice it and was pointless doing a revision just for such a small issue. Due to my career being in front of the camera a lot, it means I will be filmed and photographed in a variety of angles, both in HD and high res... So I am very worried about working again as I don't know how my nose will look. Dr. Tahery told me that my nose scars will be better in one week from now, and he thinks I will be happy with all of my nose in 3 months from now. So I have to wait and see.... I am not convinced that I will be happy with the nostrils / collumella. But time will tell! I am looking forward to seeing my nose when more swelling goes down. I also did a side by side comparisson just to reflect back on my old nose. I am very impressed with how Dr. Tahery suggested to reduce my nostrils and collumella. At the time of consultation I didn't think I needed it, but looking at the photos, I think he did a great job as it is all in keeping with the size of my new nose and face shape. I have added a few images for you to see. I will upload some more pics later down the line once I have removed the tape. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Day 20 - Back home chillin' with my cats

Time seems to be passing so quickly now... I have improved a lot since the first week post surgery and I am glad the worst is over now. Yeyyyy!!!
I have noticed my eyes seem more bruised on some days than others, especially if I don't sleep upright. Laying flat makes the swelling / bruising worse. But it's very difficult sleeping with lots of pillows or a neck pillow as I get a bad neck and back.
I keep getting lumps of dissolvible packing coming out of my nose either when I sneeze or after using the nasal spray... I have not idea how it's all fit inside my tiny nose. It seems never ending. No wonder it's swollen.
I'm always feeling different about my nose multiple times throughout the day. It's hard to tell if it's my bipolar kicking in as I often get rapid cycling which makes my moods constantly change non-stop! Nightmare... lol
Either way I find it helps looking back at old photos, as it reminds me of why I had the rhinoplasty and really helps me stay focussed and positive.
The only thing is....I can't stop stressing about how the nose looks underneath as the stitching is quite uneven. I felt very self concious in Costa Coffee earlier, when I was tilting my head back to read the menus... I was hoping people couldn't see the bent collumella and nostrils. Eeekkk!
For those of you who have had rhinoplasty, or going through post surgery now, you will understand what I am going through having so many fears, doubts and worries. But I guess it's all just a normal process until things settle down. I need to allow healing time and remember that it hasn't even been one month yet.
My neighbour offered to take a couple of pics of me earlier, as she saw me attempting to do 'nose selfies' in the front garden (how embarassing). I have idea why she chopped most my head off, but I guess you get more of a closer view of the shape! ;-)
I can only see the swelling of my nose from the front, but I have a very thin nose regularly, so I am actually happy having a more broad shape even though I know it will go down. Every time feel the bridge and sides of my nose it is soooo lumpy. I am glad that it doesn't look as bad as it feels ;-)
Once my nose is no longer painful to touch, I can't wait to have a proper facial scrub, as my skin is awful at the moment from not washing it and having tape on for so long. It's even painful using a a baby wipe on my face, so I have avoided make-up.
Thanks to everyone for your support so far. Your comments and messages have really helped me on this journey. xXx

3 weeks post op progress....

Heyyyy.... I Just wanted to upload a few updated pics to show you how my nose is looking after 3 weeks. It still has some tape on to stop the tip from drooping. I have done a side by side photo of my old nose to show how much swelling I have. I'm actually not too bothered by the appearance of swelling... I am just hoping I wont have any bumps that appear once the swelling goes down. I can see a bit of a lump on the bridge from certain angles but I am not too concerned about it at the moment as it's fairly common at this stage of healing. Once I get to 4 weeks I will post up some images of my nose without the tape on beore I have to put some fresh tape back on.... Have a fab weekend everyone xXx

The Big Reveal.... One Month On....

Hey everyone... I have uploaded my latest pics so you can see my nose without the tape - one month post surgery. I am happy with the shape of it, but I am still waiting for the scar / collumella to ressolve (if it ever does).... I am trying to remain positive and patient, but it is very hard. Please let me know your honest thoughts of my results so far.... Lots of love xXx

5 weeks Post Op ;-(

Nothing much to say about my nose really... you can judge yourself from the before / after photos. But Im feeling depressed... and I have no confidence or life now!!! I cannot work so losing money each day.....

A few more pics ;-(

Where columella sewn on bent and overlapped it shows from the side...

3 months post - Deformed, dented, deviated & depressed!!

Well the title says it all. I have not posted on here as needed time to mentally get over the trauma of my nose and hoped Id heal better. I couldnt have been more wrong...
As time has gone on more packing has come out and still continues to, which I am sure has been disguising some of the badly done surgery.
My nose used to be a nice shape at the early stages as you can see from pics but its now curving from the front and dramatically changing shape looking bent. My collumella remains the same and no improvements there.
Nostril area seems to be collapsing so breathing is more difficult.
I have a deep dent forming on tip of nose. It randomly came out of nowhere. I noticed some other patients have the same.
I was offered an immediate revision 5 weeks post op (arent you meant to wait 8 months to a year)
Either way, I am so glad I did not say yes. Id never allow him to touch my nose again and create more damage that is already done.
I will not be posting images on here at this time due to numerous reasons.... however if you wish to get in touch please PM me.

5 Months Post Op

Hello to everyone who has been following my rhinoplasty journey.
I firstly wanted to tell you all how much I have really appreciated your support through this tough time, and sorry I have not been very active on here. It is now 5 months post op and I have noticed my nose changes all the time.
I also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that everything I have posted in my reviews has been from my true experiences. My words are 100% honest, even though the truth may not be appreciated but some. I am not a spiteful person or part of a 'witch hunt'. I am just here to be real and tell it how it is to help others realise the reality of surgery.
No matter which surgeon you choose, there is always a risk. But, when patients have to delete bad reviews to keep a surgeons reputation, that is where the issue lies because we don't see a true representation of their work or potential complications that can occur.
Because of the negative reviews appearing and disappearing in a short space of time, this is what causes rumors, suspicion and mistrust amounts everyone. I will always be here to advise in any way I can and help those going through similar situations to me.
Now onto my update....
So my nose used to be really wide and swollen once the cast came off, but it's starting to slim down now and slowly get more definition. The columella swelling has improved a lot and it isn't so red as it was before, but unfortunately it still is not aligned properly and the scar is visible from the sides.
I was offered a revision back in May, but I told Lisa I wanted to wait and see how my nose healed first. I just felt it was way too soon for me to make any decisions or risk any further problems.
I won't be doing anything until the full year has passed, because I wont see the full results until then.
The shape of my nose I loved post op, and it was only really the columella that spoilt it.
At the moment I have an indent on my left nostril and my nose bends to one side with a slight bump. I also have an indent on the tip. I read a few other people had some of these issues too so it seems quite common??
I am hoping it is just swelling..... I will give you an update further down the line.
Well I look forward to catching up with you all and seeing some of your new noses ;-)
Lots of love xXx

7 Months On....

So... 7 months is finally here!!!

I purpously have not written any reviews for a while, as I wanted to be patient and give my nose time to heal more. I thought 7 months is a good time to update my review.In terms of swelling and redness there has been a fair amount of improvement. However, I am very dissapointed with the overall outcome of my nose. Initially I was just unhappy with the columella, but loved the shape. It seems that I rushed into writing my review without really getting to see the true results. But I guess most people do the same. What I have experienced, is that my nose has constantly been changing. I noticed as swelling goes down, it then reveals the imperfections.The things I am unhappy with at this 7 month stage are:-The bump on bridge on my noseA dent on the tipUneven nostrilsBadly sewn overlapped collumellaIndented V starting to form on bridge (indent on one side visible)Lumps inside nostrilsStitches in nose getting infectedVisible scars at nostrilsStiches visible from nostrilsConstant runny nose 24/7Conjested noseVisible scarring from side profileNose bends to one sideOne nostril is more indented than the otherI am only 5 months away from the prime 12 month period of having the final result of rhinoplasty and I am really worried I will get even more problems as they swelling continues to go. I have been really depressed about everything so I have been keeping myself busy with the gym, since I cannot work.I will update again later down the line, but for now I have included some images as reference.Let me know your thoughts.Last updated by bness on November 26, 2016
Manchester Otolaryngologist

I chose Dr Tahery based upon his 5* reviews and how lovely he was in person, as well as his staff. I've had a lot of up's and down throughout the procedure. I initially loved the shape of my nose, but over the months it has dramatically changed, as well as numerous other issues. I am now having to save for revision.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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