Ethnic Black Rhinopasty in UK - Chester, GB

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So, I can't believe I'm writing a review. I've...

So, I can't believe I'm writing a review. I've been reading other people's for over a year now and finally I'm getting this procedure done myself. I'm so excited and nervous, all at the same time.

I really hate my nose, it's such an obstruction to the rest of my features. I don't want a nose that makes me look like I'm from another race, I want a nose in line with my ethnicity one but one that suits my face better. My bridge is so low meaning that my nose is completely flat. Also, I have a lump in my nose that can be seen in some photos, I'll be having this removed.

I'd been looking at doctors in the States but then found dr Tahery who is local and has great experience with ethnic patients. I didn't expect to find this in the UK. My surgery is in 3 days. I'll be sure to share my experience and photos.


From speaking to Dr Tahery who has been so great and supportive, and reading other people's reviews, I've made the decision not to take anything for recovery. It seems as though arnica doesn't really make a difference, in fact nothing does. If anyone has any further suggestions for my recovery next week, please do let me know!

Surgery day today - new nose coming up!

So today is the big day. I've deliberated for 12 years on whether to get surgery or not. I thought maybe I just had to work on my self esteem, however, ive realised that surgery is definitely a good decision for me.

I'm not interested in looking like someone else or having something extreme. I just want refinements to my nose and I'm glad it's not been a rash decision. I've though long and hard and weighed everything up.

The real self has been great. I've been using it for over a year and now I'm here, on my big day. I'm very excited!

I did it!! Surgery complete

I'm out of surgery and I can't believe i did it. The support staff at this hospital have been the best! I've had such a great time with them, couldn't recommend it more.

I have my cast on and I already love my nose. Why didn't I get this done earlier?!! Why did I wait so long?!! This was a great decision.

Excuse the second photo, I have a dried blood bubble up my nose which will go down. You can see the shape of my nostrils has dramatically changed already which I'm just so happy about!

I'm so surprised at how fine I feel. I don't have any bruising yet but I expect it to come over the next couple of days.

4 days post op

So I didn't really have too much swelling immediately after or the next day but now my face is really beginning to swell. I'm hoping it will have gone down by day 6 when I go to have my cast taken off.

At the moment I have a piggy nose and really hoping it's the swelling that's making it look like this. Very nervous. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyway, we'll see when the cast comes off and the swelling has gone down.

New nose

If anyone would like to see photos please let me know and I will send privately. My nose is dramatically different. The tip is very pointy right now so it's so hard to tell and I really need to let the swelling go down. Other than that it's so much smaller and a huge improvement.

I've not been available as I had a terrible infection and had to be hospitalised. The doctor said this is every rare and I'm his second patient ever to have this. I wouldn't let this out me off as the actual procedure was so straightforward and easy.

Front view - only posting for a few days

So as so many of you want to see I'm just posting this for a few days. This site was helpful to me and I want to be helpful back but unfortunately I can't leave these photos on. My tip is very swollen and makes the nose look very skinny for my features but I have to wait in three months time for full result.

I think overall he's done an amazing job. Especially from what my nose was before. It's so neat and you can't see scarring. My friend said "how did he do it? I can't see a mark!" It's very good.

More photos - nose swollen

My tip is still swollen and lopsided from swelling. My nose runs constantly from swelling, apologies as this is pictures.


And here is my nose before, he definitely did a good job.
Manchester Otolaryngologist

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