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Like everyone else on this site. I've been wanting...

Like everyone else on this site. I've been wanting to fix my nose since I can remember. Finally saved up & had my surgery this morning. Last night I was terrified and couldn't sleep, googling when you are scared is not the best thing either. So this morning went really fast, it took longer for the nurse to get the IV in and set me up then the actual procedure. My mom said I was out of surgery in about 30 min. When I woke up I had the biggest headache and there was pain from my nose. But nothing that caused me to regret my decision. I had seen so many people after surgery be all bruised & swollen, I was afraid to look in the mirror because I didn't want to see that. Good news was I wasn't bruised OR swollen when I got in the car! I was shocked because I usually bruise real easy. My advice is make sure you bring saltine crackers & water with you so you can take your pain meds ASAP. I wish I had done that. I was in a little pain and my headache felt like an extreme brain freeze.
Had my surgery at 930am this morning, it's now 6:34pm I've had one or two naps. I've been using a ice pack on and off bc i did start to swell a bit and I feel really good. I'm only tired because of the Vicodin. I can breath thru my nose and i fell really really good. Another BIG piece of advice is get the gel eye mask for icing your face its sooo much better then ice packs & frozen peas. So hopefully this helps, I'm trying to get this on here before I forget. I know reading these blogs really helped me.

2days post op

Ok so my surgery was Monday morning, it felt like within 9 hrs I began to swell and bruise. The swelling was worse then the bruising. I'm just continuing to use Ice packs/ rest and pain meds. I had to take some headache meds because my headaches were coming back. I'm having a very good recovery. No issues at all. I feel very lucky. Tonight (Wednesday ) I am going to clean out my nose I can breathe out of it but I do feel some hard blood in there. I've been taking pics as much as I can so you guys can see the progress. I'm crossing my fingers that I look somewhat normal by Friday so I can go back to work. I'm itching to get out of this bed.

3 days post op I feel & I look great!

Ok everyone who's going in for closed rhinoplasty. The 3rd day is going to be the best! Today I had my hair washed got my nails done, did a little pampering. I feel great . I have some slight swelling where my bandage is but nothing is painful or uncomfortable. I'm so excited to take these bandages off. I do not have a cast just bandages, the doc said they are just to keep swelling down. He also said I can take off bandages on Friday which is good because I need to go to work. Lol so don't be scared by the 3rd day you will be feeling amazing! Here are some pics of of my face today. Good luck to all you getting this done, I'm soooo happy I did it.

Just a reminder

Just so you guys are aware, I did not have my nose broken during surgery. I basically had the doctor "chisel" my hump down. So my results & recovery are slightly less dramatic then everyone else's. I read this website the night before my surgery and was so freaked out seeing all these people black & blue and taking weeks to recover. Mine took 3 days and that's due to the fact that I didn't have a lot done. So if you are trying to compare please keep in mind I had a closed rhinoplasty and my hump chiseled down, nothing else. I really don't want to give the wrong impression to anyone. Good luck all I will post before and after pictures once I take the bandage off.

Thursday took off tape

My tape was coming off from being outside & it's so hot & humid. I decided to take it off. Bad idea..I burst into tears because its not what I expected. I'm still swollen on my nose so hopefully that's what I'm seeing. I know it's early, I know it's takes a while to heal, I know it's only been 3 days but it was an emotional minute I had. I put clear tape back on to suppress the swelling. I'm planning on taking it off comptely for work tomorrow and then putting it back on at night. Did crying happen to anyone else? I hope I didn't go through all this for nothing.

Back to work today!

Ok all, I took of my bandages this morning, which kind of hurt. Put some make up on and headed to work. I had a little pain on the bridge of my nose but I popped a pain med and I feel great. No one at work said anything, one coworker who knows what I did said my face looked a little swollen but not really noticeable. I'm posting some pics but I know I am still healing so my nose looks a bit bigger then normal. To be expected. I can't wait for the next few months for my face to "settle". Thanks for all the positive remarks!

BEfore picture

Not a great before pic but here
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