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Hello ladies! In 1998 I had surgery for 300 and ?...

Hello ladies! In 1998 I had surgery for 300 and ? cc saline under the muscle implants to lift my sagging breasts from breastfeeding. Pre implants I was a 34b and after 34 C. My PS did not do under the muscle and silicone was not approved yet. I do not remember the size but I know they were 300 overfilled to I think 325 or 350. My new PS is going to let me know what size when he removes them. He is going to remove CC on the left and give me a mastopexy and new silicone under the muscle implants. Not sure of the size. He thinks moderate profile is what style I need. I am a very active and in complete denial (LOL) of being 50 yrs old, 5'6", 138 lbs and currently a 36C. I gave him wish pics for a small D. He said he will know what size to give me based on size of current implants and wish pics. I had 2 consults in December. One with my original PS and the other with Dr. Sorokin in Cherry Hill NJ. My old PS was going to leave my CC on my left side. I just cannot believe that after I told him it was painful that he wanted to remove the implant but leave the Capsule! Really?! That was a huge deal breaker for me. Also he did not have any current pictures of his work. They were at least 10 yr old Polaroids. I am sure anyone in their 20's does not even know what a Polaroid picture is. I asked why and the nurse said he does not take pictures to show as examples anymore just for your patient record. Everyone wants to see someone's work even when he did my original work because it was for a lollipop lift and silicone unders. Both new for me. That was deal breaker number 2. I went to see Dr. Sorokin and his office staff were so nice. He was very down to earth and not pushy. He told me my options and what to expect. His surgery center is there at his office which I liked. I saw his reviews on this website and pictures of his work. He only does breast implants, lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks so he is a specialist at what he does. I decided he is who I want to do my work. He even offers other enhancements like Botox, Juvederm, and other fillers during surgery at a discount and you do not feel the pain. I like that! I scheduled my surgery for February 6th. I got my pre-op work at his office this week and that was an EKG and blood work which are included in the price. I am nervous like most people about the scars with the lift and of course the size. I have looked at pictures and reviews for months. I do feel relieved knowing Dr. Sorokin will decide the size for me because even looking at women with my height and weight I cannot decide whether to go 400, 425 or 450 for a small D. There are pictures of women with all those sizes and all a small D. I heal pretty well so I hope my scars are minimal. I also hope for my nipples to not be numb. I have a desk job and am having surgery on a Friday so I can be off 9 days with taking off the week after. I hope I am ready to return by then. I have Just a week from today and then I will be on the other side with all you wonderful ladies. I am so excited. I will post my before pics tomorrow.

Adding before pics. 36 C saline over the muscle 17 yr old implants. I think 350 cc's but no records.

4 days and counting till surgery

I am really excited. I have read some people get a wedge for their bed. I was hoping to just use extra pillows. Can anyone tell me if that will be enough support for a lift and implants? I hear under the muscle hurts more than overs so I cannot compare to my previous implants. Also having the lift will add more pain. I love to sleep on my side so it will be hard to stay on my back. Anyone able to share some ideas on making it more comfortable?

One day till surgery

One day till surgery and uploading a few before pics in bathing suit tops and a t shirt. They don't look so bad covered up and held up. LOL

I had my surgery today-----425 cc silicone unders

I had my surgery this morning. I will give more details later because I took a pain pill and am groggy. He gave me 425 cc silicone under the muscle. I think Mentor mod profile but not sure till I see him Monday. Gonna rest now.

Surgery yesterday

I had my surgery yesterday and had to be at the surgery center at 6:45 am. Soon as I got there they took me into a patient room to get on a gown, leg stockings, non slip socks, and a hair cap. Typical surgical attire that makes you feel even more sexy since you don't have any make up on LOL. The nurse named Marla started my IV and Anesthesia came in to talk to me about previous anesthesia and any reactions. Marla was so nice and eased my stress by talking to me. The Anesthesiologist was a wonderful full of energy lady (at so early in the morning) with a wonderful personality and she made me feel so at ease. I just knew she would make sure I didn't get nauseous which I have experienced before. She walked me to their OR room with her arm around me like we were good friends. They helped me on the table and she gave me my "special cocktail" to relax me before they put me to sleep. That was 7:20 am. Next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery and had minimal discomfort. No nausea at all. Hooray! I was just groggy and dizzy. The nurse helped me get dressed and gave me a drink. They offered crackers but I really did not want to eat. She also gave me a pill for nausea to put under my tongue to dissolve which makes it get into your system faster so I would not get sick on the road home which for me was an hour ride. We left their office at 11:15. My surgery was about 2 hours for the mastopexy, removing the capsule on my left side and putting the 425cc silicone implants under the muscle. I also have a drain on each side for blood to drain out in a little bulb that has suction. They are called JP drains. I like having them so I don't worry about fluid build up like you read about from others and then they need to have it drained with a needle. I have had them before and they are so easy. You just drain them as they start to get filled and measure in a little cup how many cc's which you write down for the doctor. You note date/time and left and right amounts. Recovery was about an hour for me to completely wake up. The reason I did not have that much pain was because they gave me some internal medications in the surgical area that numbed me. I only had tightness all the way till about 11pm last night when it finally wore off then I needed to take a Percocet. My arm pit areas and chest muscles hurt. I do not feel my incision sites from the mastopexy (lift) yet. They must be numb which does happen.

I was not able to sleep at all after I got home because I have a condition called interstitial cystitis that causes bladder spasms like when you have a urinary tract infection and you feel like you have to pee every 5 mins and all you do is dribble small amounts. It is very painful and I was in the bathroom at least 100 times. I took my medications that usually help but they weren't working. Different things trigger my condition and stress is one of them. I did not stop having spasms till 8pm last night. The other thing that happens is I get very bloated because I cannot get all the urine out and then that also means I cannot pass any gas. I was in agony all those hours and it was not even my boobs that was the problem! I was so relieved when the spasms stopped and I could go normally.

Today I am sore but am still doing my normal routine just not lifting anything or cleaning. Saturday is usually my cleaning day but I won't be doing that just some laundry. I am taking my 600 mg Motrin. I took some pictures of my beautiful bra they gave me for support. It actually has lace where you hook it in the front. I doubt you can see that in the pictures. I also have paper tape on because I have a reaction to tape. I go back to the doctor this Monday for my post op and he is supposed to take off my bandages and then I will see my incisions. I had a sponge bath this morning and cannot shower till he tells me.

Just some pointers for those new to this surgery. I am a nurse so I know a few things your doc might not remember to tell you. Use a pillow for under your knees when sleeping. It is a godsend for your butt which gets sore from laying on your back so much. You can also position yourself on your side a little bit which helps. Some docs do not want you laying completely on your side because of shifting the implants if in a pocket. Use a small pillow to hug when you cough and deep breathe to get the anesthesia out of your system. You will want to cough so don't hold it back. It is your bodies way of getting it out. The pillow helps with the pain of using your chest muscles. Also use the pillow if you sneeze. Take gas pills if needed because anesthesia can also give you lots of gas. This is important......Drink lots of water!!!!!! Take a stool softener every night and every morning if you are taking pain pills or you will get constipated and will be in pain. Alternate your pain med and Motrin to keep comfortable. For example your pain med might be every 6 hrs and Motrin is every 8 hrs so take them at staggered times to have overlapped pain relief. If I take my pain med at 8:00 am then I will take my Motrin at at 11:00 am. Use your elbow to support yourself and roll to your side before getting out of bed. Do not push with your arms to get up or you will strain your chest muscles and possibly move your implants. Do not do too much even if you feel good in the first few weeks because it can just delay your healing and you increase your risk of bleeding. Rest, rest and rest as much as you can. I hope this helps someone out there.

Post Surgery pictures

3 days Post op visit- surgical drains and bandages removed

First I am going to post my pics and then do my posting separately. I went to my post op appointment today- 3 days post op.

Post op Appointment today - Day 3

I went to my PS office for my post op appointment today. 3 days post op and feeling pretty good. I got Mentor moderate profile smooth 425 cc under the muscle. He removed my capsule on the left side and he said it was not as bad as he has seen. It was really painful when I tried to lay on my stomach and I am glad to be rid of it. They told me that my old saline implants were around 300 cc's. I could not remember since they were so old. They took off my surgical bandages and removed my drains. The drain removal was uncomfortable but only because of removing the sutures where they sew around the drain site so you cannot rip them out. A couple of sutures were in there tight so it pinched a little bit. My PS was trying so hard to be gentle. When they pull out the drain tubes you can feel a little pressure but not too bad. Then the nurse cleaned my breasts from the surgical prep and put steri-strips on the suture areas from my lift. They also put bandages on my drain sites as you can see in my pictures. I can take a shower tomorrow. I have been taking bird baths and cannot wait to take a real shower! I did wash my hair this morning by hanging my head over the bathtub. It felt so good.

I am pretty bruised. My left boob is lower than my right. I am right handed so not sure if that is why as many others have said in their postings or because he tool the capsule from that side. It's early yet so I have time to drop. My PS office gave me a box of bandages and bacitracin ointment for my drain sites and big pads to protect my nipples from the surgical bra. They also gave me a second surgical bra so I can wash my other one. I forgot to say that when I came home they also gave me Surgilax from Vitamedica which helps prevent constipation. I did not have to buy it. How nice is that? I was in and out in 30 mins. today. No waiting. It is worth the hour ride for me. Today they also gave me a special gift. A gift bag with a box of gourmet pretzels from a local shop near their office and a get well card hand signed by each person in the office and my PS. I have never been treated so nice by any doctors office. They really know how to give that over the top experience. If you live near Cherry Hill NJ, I really recommend this PS. You will not be disappointed in how well they treat you. I have to return in one week. No driving yet and no lifting over 10 lbs. No massaging yet and no starting any scar treatment. The nurse said that will come soon. I am really pleased so far.

4 days post op

Finally took a shower tonight! It felt so good. I had to wait because of the drains. Left boob still looks bigger and lower. I hope they even out after the right one drops. It might even be more swollen. I was more tired today and really did not do much. I guess I just needed to rest. I enjoy seeing others postings and pictures because it helps me know that even though they look bruised and not so great right now they will look better with time. Thanks to everyone for sharing their journey.

6 Day Post Op Pics Bruised and Swollen

8 Days Post Op Pics

More 8 Day Pics

Tried on my old bathing suit tops and my VS 36 C bra that I took pics of pre-surgery. The bra is pretty tight. Once they drop and fluff I will be buying new bathing suits.

10 days post op

Went to doc on Monday and he took off my steri strips and put new ones on in this weird flower pattern around my nipples and less steri strips down my llft incisions. He said I am looking good. I do have less bruising now. I do not know if I said it before but my PS said I do not have stretch marks they are from the lift and the skin being pulled tight. They will go away with time.

16 days Post Surgery

Took some pics this morning. Starting to get nerve twinges from the nerves healing. Not really pain just more feeling around nipples and suture areas. I go back to doctor tomorrow and he is supposed to remove steri strips for good. He said last week I will start on scar therapy and massaging this coming week. My left is still bigger and hangs lower. It was the side he removed the capsule. I love my right side. I am worried already that I will need a revision on the left to pull the Implant up higher or lift the boob more. Trying not to be discouraged so soon. It is hard to remember not to lift. I plan on starting my exercise routine but only walking for now. Doc does not want me doing anything else yet.

17 days post surgery

Went to the doctor today and they took my steri strips off for good! Hooray because I was breaking out and itching so bad. I am allergic to tape and was fine with these till the last couple days. He said they look good and my complaint of the left being lower than right is just that the right needs to drop. He said they will be even when that happens. He gave me vitamin E oil and said to start rubbing it on sutures in 2 days. This is for the scars to heal. I won't start massaging for a few more weeks. I go back to him in 2 weeks.

3 weeks post and feeling more normal

It has been a harder journey than I thought and that is because of the lift. I am very glad I did it but it is a serious surgery. You do not realize until you go through it. Also seeing a few others with complications you realize what could go wrong like not healing correctly and the potential of actually losing your nipples. However I think the benefit of not having your boobs hanging to your belly button is the greatest thing! LOL Also whomever invented implants must be a millionaire. Every woman who gives birth seems to end up with saggy boobs and it's horrible we end up that way so god bless the inventor of implants!

Photos 3 weeks

One month pics

One month

I could not post my pics with my posting for some reason. I am one month post and trying to be patient but very frustrated with the left side. It has been lower since surgery and it was the side with the capsule but I do not understand why it is so low and now looking at my pics it looks like it is hanging to the left as well. I like my right and hope it stays that height because if I have to go back into surgery to get my left lifted higher than I will. I just hope my PS will give me a break on the price because I don't want to pay full price of surgery again. This is what I was worried about. Of course my doc says they are still changing but I do not have any hope the left will look better. So discouraging and the risk we take.

5 weeks post op visit

I went to the doctor today and he said they are looking really good. He took out a few stitches that were ready to come out. Took off a couple scabs. Not sure why he didn't just let them fall off. Maybe because they have been there so long. He gave me some silicone gel to start using. I am to alternate with the vitamins E oil every other day. The nurse showed me how to massage them and they want me to do so every day for forever. Yes I said forever. She said its to keep them from forming a capsule. It's not an involved massage as I have seen on others postings. I just squeeze the bottom of the implant with my fingers and thumb. The implant goes up higher and I am to do that a few times. That's it. I go back to him in a month. I think that's my final visit. I am pretty happy. I think my right is getting softer and dropping. I will post pics tomorrow.

5 weeks post pics

Here are some pics and a video of how they said to massage. It's not anything like I thought of with massaging but what my doc instructed me to do. It makes the implant move up and then down to prevent a capsule or scar tissue. Also pics of silicone scar gel.

6 weeks

Posting some new pics at 6 weeks.

6 weeks and feeling nerve pains again

I thought I was done with the nerve pains but they still come and go. I also started finally working out and that might also be why. I still feel the muscles in my chest when I try to do certain things like massaging my husband's back. I cannot believe how much you use your chest muscles to squeeze and press with your hands. I guess with time it will get better but for now I can barely do it cause it hurts. I also cannot pull down my hatchback door too easily. I think my right is finally dropping a little. Thank goodness. I want them to be symmetrical. Not perfect but at least be close to the same. The weather is finally warming here in NJ and that makes me more motivated to get in shape so I can be ready for trying on bikini's. I will be happy that they won't look like fake balls on my chest when I lie down. Hated that! Can't wait for summer!

7 weeks and counting

It's been 7 weeks and I am feeling better. Actually went to the grocery store and picked up the case of water bottles and put on bottom of cart. A week ago I did not feel like I could lift them without hurting. I also got on my rower tonight and I was not sure I was going to be able to because of the pulling motion. It didn't hurt at all. It felt so good to work up a sweat. I need to lose about 8 lbs I gained with this surgery. Cannot wait to get it off. I took pics today and I could really see that my left is too low. I know I have been saying it all along but I thought it was just because the right is higher. Unfortunately I can really tell that it is not in the pocket like it should be. I think the pocket either did not hold it or something happened right after surgery because it has been lower since day one. When I flex my chest muscles my right moves up and my left barely moves. It also looks flat from the side. I just don't see how it going to get better or higher. I am going to talk to my doc when I go back April 15th and see what he suggests but I think I will need a revision on that side. I do not want to even think about it! I hope he does not charge me full price to do it.

7 week pics

Here are pics from today.

Close up of scars

I forgot to include the close ups of my scars. They are looking good. Still using silicone gel and vitamin E oil.

8 weeks pics

Here are some new pics for my 8 weeks mark. Feeling good. I can't wait to get a bra off at the end of the day and switch to a different one. My work one is comfortable but supportive and I need to change it because I think my boobs need to move from being held in the same position all day. I put on more of a sports bra when I get home. It feels so much better. Still trying to exercise but it has only warmed up a little here and I like to be outside to walk and jog. Come on summer!

9 weeks Pics

It's been 9 weeks. I do not have nipple sensation in my left. I have a lot of sensation in my right. How long before you know that you won't get the sensation back at all? I would think that by know I would have it. My scars are looking good except for the very bottom incisions where he made such a jagged mess. For someone who only does Breast implants and mommy make overs I cannot understand why he could not make a straight incision? I am happy with my size. Would not want to be any bigger. I can wear a 36 D bra and I wanted to be a small D. Took some pics this morning. The black bra is a 38D and I did not mean to buy a 38. I thought it was a 36. I just adjust it to the smallest hooks. It's the only underwire I have and I have not started wearing it yet. I will wait till 3 mths. I am supposed to go to my doc next week but might move the appointment to the following week. My mother has an appointment next week and I need to go with her. She was just diagnosed with Neuroendocrine tumors on her liver. It is cancer and she will need treatments. It is treatable and her prognosis is good but we will find out more next week. So I am having a different outlook on my boobs and trying not to complain so much because things could be worse. Life is precious and short so we must be thankful for what we have.

10 weeks

Here are some new pics. These pics make me look so big and heavy but I only weigh 140 right now. Took a couple pics in my new bras. White one is a work out bra from Walmart Danskin Now. I also got it in black. Very comfortable and supportive. The other one is from KMart and very comfortable. My right dropped and now they are almost the same height. Trying not to fixit on them right now. I worked out with hand weights for my upper body and boy is my chest sore! I could really feel my chest muscles. I am trying to start aggressive working out so I can get toned back up in prep for summer. It is coming fast! I want to lose 5 lbs and tighten up everything. I work long hours during the week so it's really hard. I know I can do it. Keeping positive thoughts. My mom and her cancer has put things into perspective for me. It is treatable thank goodness and she should live out her life. My dad passed away last June and it has been hard for us. I did not want her to go through horrible treatments. She will just need an injection once a week for a few months. We all need to remember how precious life is and the people we love.

11 weeks

I took pics but forgot to upload them last week.

12 weeks - 3 mths!!!!!

Cannot believe it's been 3 mths! Feeling fine. Working out and doing everything without any issues. They still change a little each week. I make sure I wear a really supportive sports bra when I run. When I do arm and chest weights I can really feel where they were put under the muscle. I guess over time that will go away? I took some pics with new bathing suit tops. I have to buy a D or an extra large. I can sometimes fit a large it depends who makes the suit. Cannot wait for summer!

11 weeks and needing a vacation for me and my boobs

I have not been out here posting much because of being so busy with life. I wanted to post some new pics and I think they are looking better. Left still lower and no upper pole like I would like but after summer I might ask my PS if he can fix that. Otherwise I love them!!! Soft and natural feeling. Still can feel the chest muscles pull when I do certain pulling and squeezing motions. I am working out which for me is jogging and weight training. Need to lose 5 lbs and it is so hard. Words of wisdom to anyone younger than 30....keep your weight around where you want it from 30 on so that you can maintain it in your later years. I weigh 143 and am 5' 6" so I am not in bad shape. However it is easy to get flabby in the winter from less activity and then you have to work really hard to get toned back up. So what I am saying is that staying closer to your goal weight makes it easier to tone up for the summer than trying to lose 10 or more lbs. Enough about that! I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and planning nice vacations to show off your beautiful breasts. I am working on a cruise someone or a trip to Aruba. Please let me know a good place to stay in Aruba if you have been there and also the best times to fly there. What day of the week is cheaper to fly and any other pointers you have please. Thanks!


For my last posting I don't know what I was thinking when I posted 11 weeks. I will be 16 weeks June 6th.

New workout bra

I forgot to post my new workout bra pics with my last pics. I got it from Walmart and love it. Made by Danskin. I got one in black too. Keeps the girls from moving around when I am jogging.

Pics did not upload

11 month Update and revision tomorrow

Hello my dear Real self friends. I have not updated my profile since May 2015. I was not happy with my left breast and stopped posting because I wanted to forget about it for a while. I have given it the time to change but it has not gotten better. It is has been lower and hangs funny since a month post op. I went to see my doctor in October and he said he could do a revision for the cost of Anesthesia and OR time so $1800. I thought about it through the holidays and decided to do it. I am nervous whether this time it will be right but I have to try. When something bothers you as much as it bothers me you just have to do it. I am not vain and if it was just a "little" different I would not get it done. I will post pictures and you can see what I mean. My surgery is tomorrow January 14th at 10 am. Please say a prayer it will come out to match my right breast. I appreciate your support. It means a lot to me.

Surgery over and home!!!

I went in this morning and he took me into surgery for my left breast revision at 10 am. His staff are wonderful and caring. I woke up in recovery around 12 and was in a lot of pain and chills. The pain was honestly worse than my first surgery with both breasts for some reason. The nurse gave me IV pain med and something for nausea just in case. She also gave me another warm blanket from the warmer and I had ice on my chest. It took some of the pain away and she got me dressed. I had a few cups of water and my husband came in to take me home. I have an hour ride and slept most of the way except for the bumps Ouch! When I got home I had chicken noodle soup and took a Percocet and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and took ibuprofen 500 mg he also prescribed me. He sends the prescriptions a week in advance so you can have the meds waiting home for you. I find alternating between those meds works best for me. I just woke up a little while ago because the doctor called me to see how I feel. He said everything went well. He tightened the pocket to give me more projection like the right side and keep it from drooping to the side. I am so hoping he fixed it to balance the right. My husband ran out to get dinner and I am famished! I will take pics tomorrow. Going to eat and rest tonight.

Day 2 Post Op Left Breast Pocket Revision

Good morning ladies. I had a good night sleep. I took my Ibuprofen 600mg before I went to bed and I just had to keep reminding myself not to turn on my side. I am a side sleeper and it was a little hard. My doctor did not tell me to do this but I read on this site to keep the breasts in their pockets while healing and when implants under the muscle you should sleep on your back Just for the first few weeks at least. I kept ice on 20 mins and off 20 mins till I went to sleep and have it back on there now. I just took a Percocet because I have that 2nd day pain that is like muscle soreness and tightness. I feel it up to my armpit. I took some pictures of my bandage and surgery bra. I am not going to take the bra off till I see him Monday morning. I put one of those comfort bras over top to give me more support. I don't find his surgery bras that supportive. I tried a tighter one but it hurt too much. In a week I will start wearing my more supportive front hook bras I found at Walmart. I wish I had done that last time. Not sure if it would have helped with keeping my right side in the pocket but I am going to do everything I can this time for a good outcome. I took off work all next week so I have 9 days recovery before returning. I have a desk job but resting is the key to recovery and I want at least this much time.

Post Op Visit with PS Day 4 ----Surprise Nipple Move

Today I went to see my doctor for my post op visit. He took the surgical bandage off and surgical tape over my sutures. To my surprise he cut around and moved my nipple. He did not tell me in recovery because I was so out of it and in pain. When he called me at home that night but he really did not go into a lot of specific details. He told me today that when he tightened the pocket he took out a little tissue to make them more even in size. The breast was moved over with the pocket tightening and the nipple was no longer in the center so he needed to cut and move the nipple. I am glad he did because I want it to look right and now that explains my pain. I thought my nipple felt sore but did not know why since we did not discuss moving it. My breast is swollen and looks higher but after the swelling goes down it should drop into place. I am excited because I already have the upper projection to match the right side. That was the main thing that bothered me because you could tell in tank tops and bathing suits. Even though a bra pushes you up you cannot get that upper projection that comes from under the muscle. I see my doctor again in a week and I am to just keep an ABD pad over my sutures and steri strips with my surgical bra holding it in place. I am still wearing a coobie/comfort bra over top because I feel I need the added support. He gives you the surgical bras and they don't have much support. It felt great to get out of the house and my husband took me to a store to shop and then we went to dinner. I came home exhausted because my doc is an hour away so the ride tired me out too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pictures of Revision

I took some pictures. My surgical bra left ugly marks on me and my breast looks kind of square but that's how they looked after my last surgery. You can see the stitches around my nipple where he moved it. He opened back up my lollipop diagonal scar to get in there and tighten the pocket and move everything. He put steri strips over the suture line. I took some side shots of both breasts so you can see the upper projection.

11days post left breast revision

I go back to my doc tomorrow. I am not sure if he will take my stitches out. We shall see. Feeling good and a week ago I had some weird water bubbling sounds in my breast that scared me but I guess it was normal because it went away. I have some new pics I took tonight after my shower.

Stitches Out!

Got my stitches out today and I am really sore. I took a pain pill when I got home. The nurse put steri strips on and they are to fall off in a week. My doc said that I can start massaging. He also took some of my limitations off but I am not going to lift anything over 10 lbs for a while and no jogging. I do not want to mess up this surgery. Going to continue wearing 2 bras like my Realself friends LynnC and New Dr Vath Fan. Their results are amazing and I want the same for this breast. My doc said my breast is still swollen and will continue to drop and round out. It still has a square look. Both my boobs had that look the last time so I am very hopeful. My pocket is holding and upper projection looks good. I am still getting healing twinges and I was hoping to get feeling back in my nipple since he had to move it but I am doubtful it will happen. I have feeling in my right but my left has been numb since he did my first revision. If my breast looks good I don't care about the feeling. Happy healing everyone.

2 weeks post revision

Feeling some nerve zingers here and there but overall really good. I am still swollen as you can see from my pictures.

4 weeks post left revision this Thursday

I thought I ripped my revision out yesterday. I took my 75 yr old mom shopping and she wanted cat litter. I did not realize it was 34 lbs! I do not have cats so I had no idea when I took it off the shelf. Bad move. I quickly put it down on the floor and then on the shelf under the cart. The pain in my left breast radiated through me. My mom does not know I have breast implants and does not know I had surgery and cannot lift. Then we had to get it into my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I asked her to help lift it because I thought I hurt my back. She is really strong and in good shape for her age so it was easier with us both lifting. I was already hurting so I did not want more damage. I had to take some Ibuprofen when I got home. Today I feel better and only hurt towards the middle of my chest a little bit. I don't think I did any damage. It's hard to tell. I was so upset with myself. Just saying a big prayer and being extra careful here on out. I have been using my vitamin E oil on my incisions since my last doctor visit. It helped me heal the last time. I also started taking the vitamin E 1000 iu capsules to prevent capsular contracture. I go back to my doctor this Thursday. I will update after my visit.

5 weeks

Here are some pics. I see my doc in mid March. Healing well and feeling good. Trying to exercise and lose some weight.

7 weeks post left revision

Going back to my doctor for probably my last visit March 11th. Everything feels fine. I have been using my vitamin E oil but now I am going to start the scar away strips. I used them last time and I feel they really work. My upper projection has dropped more than I want and I can honestly say I don't think this revision is going to make my breasts symmetrical which is very disappointing. I do not think it is my docs fault. I think it is my anatomy and the fact I had the capsule. I have not been focusing on it. I am trying to plan a trip for this year and looking at cruises and all inclusives. I have found that cruises are cheaper and that's why we have been taking them for the last couple years. We can also see lots of places and not just one place. It helps me focus on something else besides my breasts. I cannot try again. I am going to leave it however it turns out. At least for a year. I have bad news. I just found out I have to have surgery for my vaginal wall falling down which is called a vaginal prolapse. I had a hysterectomy in 2012 and you always have the chance this can happen because the support structure is gone when they removed my uterus. This happens to women who have had large babies or chronic constipation and I have had both. My son was 10 lbs 11 oz and I had natural childbirth. Yes Ouch!! I also have irritable bowel syndrome with constipation so between the two I was doomed to have this happen. I need everything tacked back up and they usually use supportive mesh. Because my vaginal wall fell my bowel is also pushing into my vaginal area and that is called a rectocele. That must be repaired at the same time but that is by a separate colon and rectal surgeon. The vaginal doc is a urogynocologist. I am not ready for surgery again but I need this because it is uncomfortable and it makes my constipation worse. I have a test at the end of this month and then see my vag doc 1st week of April. I will probably get surgery in April. I want healing time before summer. I am bummed because I just started working out again and need to lose 10 lbs. I decided I will work hard to get in shape before surgery and then it won't be that much harder after. It's different when you want surgery versus you are forced to have surgery. You do not want to think about it. Such is life!! I am trying to think what positive I can make out of this. I took some pics to see how my breasts look in some new bras I bought on sale at Kohls because they were discontinued. They were $40-50 bras for $12-14. Great sale. The close up picks make them look huge! They really don't look that big in person. I am a 36 D. Not DD but they do look that big. I only have 425cc moderate profile.

Happy Easter - Just over 2 months post left revision

My revision is getting there. He tightened the pocket pretty tight and I have an indentation where it is probably a little too tight. I took a side picture to show you. It will more than likely loosen up with time. I was using my scar away sheets on my incision and it is looking better. See that picture too.

On another note, I do not go back to the doctor for my vaginal wall problem until the end of this month. First I get a test for my bladder and then I see the doctor to discuss surgery. I am thinking it will be in April sometime. It's very frustrating to have this happen when you are trying to recover from your last surgery.

I have been working out a lot more the last few weeks and it feels so good. I cannot bare the thought of not being able to work out again for 6 weeks post surgery especially with summer coming. I actually talked my husband into joining the gym and I am so happy. I have been trying to get him to join with me for 2 years. He really needs to lose around the middle since it is so unhealthy to have the weight there. I am sure he can lose it with being able to use the equipment there. It is also good for your relationship to work out together. I feel like we are closer when we spend that time together. It makes us feel better and gives us energy.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

Went to my Urogynocologist about my problems

I went to my urogynocologist for the test with my bladder and I was surprised to be seen by my doctor. I thought the NP would preform the bladder scope. Was glad to see my doc and he examined me. He said my cervix, bladder and my rectum are all falling into my vaginal area. He put a scope in my bladder (they numbed me so it was not too uncomfortable) and he said I had chronic cystitis which is a very bad bladder infection. I got it because my bladder is not in the right position so I do not empty the urine correctly and it caused an infection. He put me on Macrobid which is an antibiotic for 30 days! Yes that's not a typo. I have to take it twice a day for 30 days. It has a lot of side effects. Flu like symptoms is one of them. Oh joy!
The doctor said either my cervix pulled down my bladder or my bladder pulled down my cervix. He is not sure and won't know until they do surgery. I have a rectocele again and I had that fixed in 2008. That is your rectum pushing out into your vaginal area. All these problems are from child birth, deterioration of muscle tone as you age and straining from constipation. The fix is surgery and they use mesh material to sling everything back up. They usually go in vaginally to do the surgery. I should have had my cervix removed with my hysterectomy in 2012 but there were women telling me to leave it for my sex life. I listened and now here I am. My doc said I can keep my cervix and he can pull it up but I am afraid in 4-5 years it will be falling down again so I am going to have it removed. To top all this off I have to have an X-ray for my bowel to see if I have a more serious problem where your intestine telescopes on top of itself. If I have that problem I will have to have more intensive surgery and possibly an abdominal incision. That will take longer to heal. I had this test in 2008 and did not have it so I am hopeful for the same. I will have 2 docs performing my surgery and possibly 3 if I have the serious problem I described. I guess when I do it .....I do it right. I have to schedule the X-ray yet. I will not know when I will have surgery till after the X-ray and then coordinating it with all the doctors. I hope it's no later than beginning of May. I want it in April. I want to be able to go on vacation in July. My doc is saying that for 8 weeks there is no lifting, no tub baths and no sex. That does not include if I have the more intensive bowel surgery. That will probably add more restrictions. This is happening at the wrong time!!!! I need to get in shape for summer and enjoy my boobs being more symmetrical in a bathing suit.

4 months and surgery for a different reason

It's been 4 months since my left revision and it's not where I would like it to be. As I have been saying I think he made the pocket too tight on the side by my arm pit. It gives my breast a square look. I hope it loosens up soon and rounds out with time. Its only been a few months so I am not getting too worried yet. I am using scar away for the vertical incision. That is really helping flatten it out. You can see it on in my pictures. I really recommend scar away strips. You can leave them on when showering and I just take a hair dryer and dry them a little bit. I leave the strip on for weeks at a time with no problems.
Now to give an update on my prolapsed bladder and bowel problems....I saw my GYN and she said to leave my cervix. She did not want to remove it because it's risky surgery with my bladder and bowel right there. She is worried about nicking them by accident. That would be horrible. She said she recommends to just get your cervix removed if you have a hysterectomy because it's too hard to remove later. Wish I had know that when I had my hysterectomy. Everyone said to leave it. Too late now. She said to have my surgeon just tack it up when he slings up my bladder. The xrays I had showed that I don't have to get extensive rectal surgery so that is good news. So I am down to one surgery where I thought I was going to have three. Whew! I spoke to him yesterday and we scheduled my surgery for May 17th. I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks with no tub baths, no lifting and no sex for 6 weeks. My husband is not going to be happy. I on the other hand will welcome a break. Ha ha! Sorry but going through menopause and it's just hard. I am sure some of you understand. I have a couple weeks to get things in order at home and work. I am going to take my 6 weeks and not rush going back to work because I can get disability. The warm weather is coming and I am going to enjoy a little break. I have not taken off longer than a week for surgery ever. Work is slow right now so I might as well do this. Hope everyone is healing well and getting ready for the warm summer weather!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Surgery for me May 17th and Happy belated Mothers Day!

Having surgery May 17th for my prolapsed bladder and bowel. I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks. I am ready to get this done. I am also in full blown menopause and am having hot flashes day and night. I wake up at night and am hot for hours. Cannot sleep well when I get hot like that. I use to wear sweaters to work but not now. I am wearing layers. It sucks feeling this way. I am right at that age....51 and a half. That's when they say menopause can happen. I am trying some natural herbal remedies. Have to take them for a while till they start working. I hope they work! Now I understand why menopausal women are bitchy! You aren't sleeping and you're hot. You are moody and just feeling lousy. I hope it passes fast. I hope all my real self friends are doing well. Happy belated Mothers Day!
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon

Dr Sorokin and his staff are friendly, helpful and professional. I would recommend this physician to perform your BA, BL, tummy tuck, lipo. He does not do other plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty or facelifts. I think it's better so he can specialize in just these procedures. I told him I was not happy with my left breast after almost a year and he performed a 2nd revision for the cost of the anesthesia and OR time $1800. He said he wanted to make me happy and that meant a lot. His office staff go above and beyond to meet your expectations. I have never been treated so well at any doctors office. They make you feel special and pleasing you is their number one goal.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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