Tomorrow is the Big Day! Goodbye 36F/G, Hopefully Hello C Cup! - Chattanooga, TN

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Tomorrow Sept 25, 2012 I will say goodbye to to my...

Tomorrow Sept 25, 2012 I will say goodbye to to my big boobs. I have wanted a breast reduction since middle school when at 8th grade I was already in a full D cup. Now at almost 40, 3 kids, weight gain and now weight loss, I am a saggy 36 f/g, 38 DDD, probably bigger. I am tired of not have bras that fit properly and having half of my boobs falling out or halfway under my arms.

I happened to come across this site out of curiosity to see if my insurance would cover the procedure ( tricare ). I was pleasantly surprised that there were a few people here that were approved :-) So I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon and had a consult Aug 20, 2012.

I was told was a good candidate for the procedure and the surgeon stated he would like to take 550 from the left and 650 from the right, leaving me with a full C / D cup. I was a little disappointed when he said that, truth be told would rather have had a full B or a small C. But I guess he felt that would be the best outcome without risking blood flow issues by taking out too much tissue. The more I think about it, it makes sense. Heck I wont care compared to what it is now, I would welcome it :-) I was approve form Tricare within a week and was scheduled for Sept 25. I went in for my pre-op bloodwork and a mammogram last week. I am so ready for this.

So anyway, tomorrow is when the magic will happen. I am nervous, but excited to move on to the next phase, recovery. I will post again in a couple days with my experiences and new pics to!

Well it's the morning after my surgery :-). ...

Well it's the morning after my surgery :-). Yesterday went pretty well. I arrived at the hospital at 7:45 am and was prepped and in surgery by 9:30. When I woke up the first thing I notice was an intense burning sensation under my breasts. The nurse was great and gave me a little painkiller via IV. I was wrapped tightly in 6 in ace bandages, even wrapped I could see a significant difference in breast size. I was told that I was to see my doctor the next day and he will remove the bandages. If the swelling wasn't too bad he would transition me to a surgically bra, otherwise I would get wrapped in a ace bandages again to help minimize the swelling. On the bright side, I will get to see the girls today and I can't wait! So anyway, I was given a prescription for a antibiotic and Percocet for pain. The nurse had me take a Percocet before I left the hospital since I live an hour from there.

When I got home i didn't do a whole lot, played a video game until I was due my next Percocet, which made me totally drowsy. So I went to bed and had a nice little 3 hr nap. Some burning from the incisions under my breast otherwise not much pain yesterday. I went to bed around 9 pm and only got up once around 1 am for a pain pill. I was up this morning a 6 . The pain is more so this Morning than yesterday, but I expected it would be. Along with the burning, my entire chest is really sore, not sharp pains, more like when you overexercise and your muscles are sore. It probably felt worse because my pain killer was due. I found that holding my chest when I walk seems to make it better.

My appointment with the dr is at 2:15 this afternoon. I'll update again later.

I had my first post op appointment today. My PS...

I had my first post op appointment today. My PS took 600 grams from my left and 650 grams from my right breast. I got to see them......omg...I was like "I can't believe those are mine!". They look so small compared to what they were before, I am so happy. I had a fair amount of swelling so my doctor wrapped them back up in an ace bandage until Friday when I will graduate to a surgical bra. I have a feeling I will be staring at them all day Friday. They are so light and perky....really...the last time I had light perky breasts was...never! I will take a few pics this weekend.

I hope everyone else that had surgery this week is recovering nicely!

Here are pics 3 days post op. I am very pleased. ...

Here are pics 3 days post op. I am very pleased. My left breast has quite a bit of swelling but I think they will even out very nicely. The best part about today, I was able to take regular tylenol, I barely had any pain this morning :-)

I had my 1 week post op visit today. Everything...

I had my 1 week post op visit today. Everything is healing nicely, bruising starting to go away, and most of my swelling is gone. They are still pretty tender especially under my arms where the incision ends but the pain is controllable with OTC pain meds.
I stopped by Kohl's on my way home from my appointment.....I know I am supposed to wait to put on anything that isn't a front closure....but I couldn't help it...I want to know around what size I am now. My left breast is still swollen but the ps said my right has settled nicely and was a very good indication what the final size will be. Well with that being said I am a comfortable 36 C, my left is more a full C/small D. I am so happy I could just cry! That is a huge difference from the 36 F/G I was lugging around. What a great day!

I'm into week 2! Woot! This week has had it's...

I'm into week 2! Woot!
This week has had it's ups and downs for sure. One day there is virtually no pain, the next they are sore and tender. I am hate changing the tape. I have one nipple with very little feeling and the other is super duper duper sensitive and removing the tape makes me want to puke lol. I have had no drainage at all until this morning. Just a little under my right breast at the T. My left is still swollen but is going down. I love the way they look though ;-) I was able to take a nice little walk on my treadmill (slowly of course) this morning and it felt good together a little exercise. That has really been the only hard part for me is not exercising. I have cleaned out my drawers and bought a couple bras to last me until my new boobies settle. I'm pretty positive they are/will be 36 C's"

I have not switched to a sports bra even though I can at this point. I am still in my surgical bras because they are more comfortable to me, they don't rub on my incisions and they are more supportive at this point.
I will post new pics this weekend I hope. The bruising is going away nicely.

Today was my 3 week visit. Everything looks good,...

Today was my 3 week visit. Everything looks good, even though I have a very small separation under my left breast. My Dr thinks it will be healed by next week. Good news no more tape! I am to start using mederma on all closed scars.
Pain has been pretty minimal, still have swelling in my left breast and I itch like a dickens! My boobs itch so bad I haven't gotten much sleep in the last couple nights. I dont dare itch of course! it is driving me nuts. Dr said to take half of a benedryl at first then maybe a whole one if it doesn't make me too sleepy. Otherwise he thinks rubbing the scars with the cream will also help the itching.

I was given the ok to wear whatever bras I want if my wound is healed next week. He said I could even wear underwires! I don't think I will do the underwire thing for at least a couple more weeks, I can't fathom wearing one so soon.

My next appointment is in 5 weeks (8 weeks post op). They will be doing the office pics for my chart at that time.

I am 4 weeks 1 day out and I am feeling pretty...

I am 4 weeks 1 day out and I am feeling pretty darn good! The girls are still tender but the discomfort is pretty minimal. I haven't taken anything at all for the last 3 days!!! I am also glad to report that I am wearing a real bra, not an underwire mind you, but a real bra in a 36C, not a huge 36G like before :-)

Everything is healing up really well. The very small opening on the T under my right breast is closed and scabbed. I have no bruising anymore at all, still a bit of swelling in the left. I started using Mederma for my scars today and rubbing it into the scars. It is weird because doing this I could feel little "pops" . I guess its normal and is the sound/feeling of breaking any remaining dissolvable stitches in the scar. One thing I noticed right away when doing bumpy scar smoothed out in those places!

I am getting use to seeing my little girls finally. However, its funny because after the surgery I thought they were so small, now they look big to me! Overall I am super happy with my decision to have a reduction. It is hands down one of the very best decisions I have ever made.

Oh I forgot to add, I can get on the treadmill...

Oh I forgot to add, I can get on the treadmill again! I am so happy to be able to exercise again. I'm not doing anything super intense, but I can walk at a moderate pace. I started doing walking intervals today with no problem! This makes me super happy because I lost the boobs and noticed the belly ;-p

I posted in the wrong spot lol! I am 5 weeks...

I posted in the wrong spot lol!

I am 5 weeks out. Everything is healed over and looking pretty darn good. I still have swelling in my lefty but has has gone down some. It actually has a little wiggle and jiggle finally. They are settling nicely and I am positive I am a 36C.

Today is the first day that I didn't notice my boobs, I mean, there was no pain at all so far. I finally feel like I have turned the corner :-). I also wore an underwires bra today with absolutely no problem. I think it was more comfortable than a sports bra. I still don't have any sensation in my left nipple, however at my last dr appointment, he reassured me that it was normal.
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