20 Years Old, No Kids, 34DDD/32E Chattanooga, TN

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Hello all, my name is Jasmine and I am current 34E...

Hello all, my name is Jasmine and I am current 34E at 5 for 7 and 135lbs. My breast have always been an issue for me ever since the age of 8. I have back and shoulder pain and my breast affected me as a track athlete. I can not wait for them to be an appropriate size for my small frame. My procedure is next Thursday and I am beyond excited!!

Day 1 of Procedure

Today was the big day!!! I went in at 8 am and I am now home at 1:30pm. I am in pain, about a level 6, but I just tookan Oxycodone to ease some of the pain. I did great waking up and did not cry, but I am very talkative. My nipples are literally on fire and under my boobs hurt some. I was expecting WAYYY worst, but honestly, my Tonsillectomy was worst than this! I do not have any drains and the is minimal bleeding. Thank you Dr. White!!! You are the absolute best!!! I will keep you guys updated daily.

Day 2 Post-Op

Today has been a little rough. I'm experiencing a dull aching pain and took 2 Percocet. Overall, I feel much better than I expected. I am mobile around my home and was able to shower wit minimal pain. I am a little disappointed that I have the anchor incision, but I am still very pleased with rhe results. So far, no bruising or excess drainage. I have sensation in both nipples!!!! We will see what tomorrow brings, but so far so good. Dr. White is AMAZING and did a wonderful job on me. I was told that he used liposuction to reduce some of my side boobage.

8 Days Post-Op

Hey friends! It's been eight whole days since I've had my surgery. It feels much longer. OMG!! Well, in those eight days I've only had two bowel movements and I've been on a laxative. I highly recommend starting a laxative the day after surgery because you will not poop for 5-6 days if you do not take one. The Percocet really interrupts that. On a lighter note, I am off of pain meds completely and I am doing great!! I still have to take it easy and can't really lift much, but I am going to class regularly and sleeping a little better. Here are some photo updates. My right boob is gravitating to the side, but oh well! I still love them
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