2nd Breast Lift, Implant Exchange, 405CC Moderate Round Classic

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Today I decided to have another breast lift and...

Today I decided to have another breast lift and replace my implants with lighter ones. I went from a D to a 36 FF then back down to the final size of 36 DDD after gaining 45lbs with my pregnancy. Now that I'm down 55lbs, they are sagging and there is a lot of loose skin at the top when I wear a bra or bend over. I also want to reduce the scarring around the areola, hoping the silicone scar tape will help me this go around. My vertical scars healed very well from the original augmentation, you can hardly see them and I love it.

I want to stay a DD this time, going down from a DDD. I also want to fix my left nipple so that it's less of an oval shape. Not sure if that's possible, but if not I will not be too devastated. I just want my breasts to sit much higher ( hopefully for a longer period of time ), bring them down in size and reduce the areola scarring.

I plan on using Dr. Nease again.

I will be scheduling my appointment tomorrow! :)

Appointment Scheduled

They were able to schedule me in within a week, yay. My lift will be Tuesday March 1st.

It's done! Had my lift today.

I am super excited. I decided over the weekend to keep the 400cc ( they said it was actually 405cc's). After initially losing a few more pounds over the course of 4 weeks I could fit a DD without spilling out so much. Once the skin and some fat were removed from the breast with the lift, I should fit my DD as intended. They seem perfect at this point, even with the swelling. I'll be able to gadge the final size in a month or so.

It was quick with very little pain. They started the surgery around 10 and I was out by 11:45. I am very tired due to the medication and took a short nap when I got home ( sitting up ). I can use my stomach muscles to sit up, and legs to squat as needed. I'll proceed with my pain meds later tonight.

The pain I do have is under the breast. The entire breast does throb a little, but in waves. Probably pain level 3 right now.

I didn't realize this time they had to cut horizontally under the breast, as well as the lollipop scar. It's ok though because my verticals scars from the first go around were nearly invisible after a year. My only hope is the areola scar is less noticeable this time around.

1 day post op appointment

Woke up about 5:30 in some pain. My medication wore off, but I didn't take but one pill instead of two before I went to bed. After taking more It subsided.

Dr. Nease said he used a moderate wide silicone implant this time so it filled out more width wise and I would have more cleavage rather than high profile I had before which made them project out more. So far so good. I'm very happy. Not sure the final size yet as I'm slightly swollen, but I can now button up my old shirts without the buttons popping and I'm pretty sure I'm sitting at a 36DD comfortably. In addition, I no longer have extra saggy and loose skin at the top of my breasts and when I bend over, my breasts are not hanging by threads, :D.

More photos. 1 day post op.

6 days post op

The implants have dropped a little and are looking better. I have more bruising at the bottom from the horizontal incision. That is where most of my pain is. This go around, I can reach behind me without pain, just not lift anything too heavy so my stitches do not rip. I came off pain meds on day 4. I hurt the morning of Day 5, but today I feel great. Just some pain if I put too much pressure on them.

8 days post op, strips removed

Today the surgical strips were removed. The insicion lines are so clean and small, I cannot wait until I'm able to start using the silicon strips. I think they are going to scar very well. I'm going to wear this compression bra for awhile to make sure the girls stay put while healing. My stomach is swollen/bloated and I'm pretty sure it's from the surgery and meds.

Dr Nease said today he stitched the sides of my breasts so when I lay down they do not fall under my armpit. I asked to confirm, as its more sore and has more bruising. The horizontal incision lines are still very swollen and he also said they will settle some more which is good. I want my nipples just a little higher in the end and also they will fill out the extra skin at the fold under my breast.

There are only two areas around one nipple that are more red and wider than the rest. I'm afraid these will leave a little wider scar but I think it's too early to tell especially before the silicone strips.

Overall I'm extremely happy with my results. It's even better than my first lift. I have also come to the conclusion that one of my nipples just has a slight v at the bottom naturally, so I'm ok with the shapes of my nipples although it was something I was conscerned with at first. I'm also pretty sure he reduced the nipples in size and I am so happy about that at this point, everything else seems minor. :)

12 days post op

Love side profile. Wanting areoles to be a higher. I think the implants will still drop a little more in the end which will raise them.

Swollen under breast. I'm curious on how the under part of my breast will heal and look where the skin folds are. I'm not too happy with the frontal view of my breast right now, one looks a little flatter on the bottom. May work itself out over the next month or two.

16 Days PO

Muscles throb a little. Looking better, nipples relaxing. I started the Embrace scar therapy treatment today, but used BioCorneum for the first few days until my package was delivered.

T spot on left breast still infected just a little. Left the embrace pad off that area until healed.

3 weeks PO

My right breast still looks swollen underneath. Seems to be lower than the left with some extra skin underneath. Hopefully the breasts will correct themselves after a few more weeks. The Dr. said the skin will smooth unde. I still would like the nippes a little higher. As of today, I don't like the front view. They seem too far apart. I can't push them together hardly at all, maybe over the next month they will move better. They are still sore, especially around the incisions. The scars are healing nicely.

For scar care, I use the embrace scar system with BioCorneum Cream only on the days I change the silicon sheets.

4.5 weeks PO

4.5 weeks PO - spray tan is coming off, so my skin looks blotchy :(

I no longer have any pain or soreness. I just happen to lay on my stomach, by habit, and then realized that I didn't have pain which was a plus. I am still sleeping on back for the most part. A few nights I tuned to my side.

I feel like my left breast has been tightened more then the right at the bottom. I'm hoping that the tissue relaxes in the next few weeks to come.

The puckering is almost gone. I still have some around one nipple area. The bottom incision feels a little thick and may still have some swelling. I feel they've come down just a little and are easier to push together.

3 weeks vs 4.5 weeks comparison photographs.

3 weeks vs 4.5 weeks comparison photographs.

Using the Embrace Scar Therapy System.

6 weeks PO

Well, the scars are coming along nicely. I feel that my right breast has shifted more to the side and is noticeably lower than my left. :( I know it still early but I have a feeling this is not going to correct itself. That breast has always been lower in general, but I feel it's really obvious. My next checkup is in a week and I'll see what that my Dr says about this.

7 weeks PO. Breasts will probably need a revision :(

I know I'm still early in my recovery, but I feel that one implant has still fallen too far to the side and that both breasts need a better fold.

I spoke with my PS today and he said to give it a little more time for the muscles to relax and the stitches to dissolve first, then he could tack the right breast so it doesn't fall so much to the side. That breast was always larger and sagged more. He said that there was not much of a fold on that breast too. If I do need a revision 4-6 months out, I'll have him fix the other fold like I have displayed in the photo. That's exactly how I want them to look. I feel it's a more natural.

New bras! 36 DD

New bras I bought. My old ones were too big. Fun!

2 months PO 2 days

My right breast keeps dropping and going to the side. It's not going to correct itself :s and I'm not looking forward to a revision. Well, maybe I am so I can have them look the same. Just not looking forward to paying the 900. Have to wait 4 months PO when I see my ps again about scheduling a date. I need the implant put back into place and my fold fixed. On my left breast ( the good one ), I want the fold closest to the center of my chest fixed too. It has weird extra skin.

My right breast looks fine besides the small fold area. The nipple has started to relax. The nipple on the right breast is still taught. Scars are looking good.

I do like the fact they feel soft and squishy. The good breast looks pretty natural. I posted a video so you can see.

3 1/2 months

The right nipple has finally relaxed. This implant is too low and off to the side and makes the nipple look too oval shaped.

Finished the Embrace Scar Therapy treatment. Now I'm using Scare Guard and BioCorneum Cream.

Will see the PS next week and will talk to him about revision. I'll update again then.

Excuse the bruise, I was in a car wreck. :S

6 Month Update

So far so good. Still want my right breast revised. I go back again in 2 weeks for final checkup and will see again about adjusting. I feel it's still too far off to the side and might as well fix it now. Overall I'm happy! Ready for the scars to mature. It'll probably be another 6 months before they do. Used scar guard for a bit and have moved back over to BioCornium today for the next month.
Dr. Carey Nease

I love his work. The first lift turned out great and I plan on using him this time as well.

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