26 Years Old, 178 Pounds, 5'7, Breastfed 2 Kids, " the Girls " Need Some Attention... - Chattanooga, TN

Before kids I wore a size C. During breastfeeding...

Before kids I wore a size C. During breastfeeding I wore a size E (which I absolutely LOVED). Now I have deflated B's. I made a consultation appointment for June 17th! I am excited, but nervous! Trying to have an idea of what I want when I go in... Silicone or saline? How long do I have to go without working out after surgery? Any words of wisdom???

Sports bra issues...

Currently when I am wearing a sports bra I am flat. I would LOVE to be able to wear a sports bra and have an actual curve again! This is somewhat embarrassing, but I have been wearing extremely padded bras since my boobs decided to go away... So when I workout I am having to wear one underneath my sports bra... Not comfy. Hopefully in the near future I will not have to do that anymore. ;)

Consultation Today!!!

I had my consultation today! =) I am 5'7 178 lbs and I am so excited and very nervous about having the ladies enhanced. Today I went in with a 36C bra (that I am not able to fill anymore ,but I refuse to buy smaller bras)... And told them how much I loved my boobs when I was breast feeding (size E). How full and big they were... Now they are even smaller than I was prior to breastfeeding and lower. =/ I would like to lose more weight and I like to run .. after trying on different sizes (with the help of my husband and nurse) we decided on the 475cc Hi profile silicone. What do you think?
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