45, 90 Lb Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck. Chattanooga, TN

Excited, nervous, really love the Dr. and entire...

Excited, nervous, really love the Dr. and entire staff. Worried that I won't have lost enough weight but realize I've been stable and anything will be better than the way it is now! I can't wait to not have a muffin top and hopefully be able to wear other clothes that won't reveal the fat and loose skin.

2 week countdown!!!!!

Really getting nervous! Today is the 2 week countdown and I've got to make final payment!!! It's REAL now, whoop!

Countdown begins!

I'm so nervous I can hardly think, I've been emotional all day, I just wish 8:00 am would hurry and get here!!!

1st post op pics


One week post op tomorrow!!!! Yay!!

So nervous, but excited and anticipating the "wicked step-sisters" (AKA) drains, to be dismissed!!!!!


Does anyone else have a husband/partner that doesn't seem to care about the significant difference in your look? I love my husband and the fact that he loves me unconditionally, but man it'd be nice to say, " god , you look hot". I don't know, maybe just my ego so proud of changes of less than 2 weeks!
Chattanooga General Surgeon

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