45, 90 Lb Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck. Chattanooga, TN

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Excited, nervous, really love the Dr. and entire...

Excited, nervous, really love the Dr. and entire staff. Worried that I won't have lost enough weight but realize I've been stable and anything will be better than the way it is now! I can't wait to not have a muffin top and hopefully be able to wear other clothes that won't reveal the fat and loose skin.

2 week countdown!!!!!

Really getting nervous! Today is the 2 week countdown and I've got to make final payment!!! It's REAL now, whoop!

Countdown begins!

I'm so nervous I can hardly think, I've been emotional all day, I just wish 8:00 am would hurry and get here!!!

1st post op pics


One week post op tomorrow!!!! Yay!!

So nervous, but excited and anticipating the "wicked step-sisters" (AKA) drains, to be dismissed!!!!!


Does anyone else have a husband/partner that doesn't seem to care about the significant difference in your look? I love my husband and the fact that he loves me unconditionally, but man it'd be nice to say, " god , you look hot". I don't know, maybe just my ego so proud of changes of less than 2 weeks!

Swelling, erghhhhh!!!!!

Now that stuff fits around the top part of my body, my thighs, legs, ankles, and are so swollen that I'm actually having a hard time getting jeans past the thighs, I've worn compression socks too but am planning on getting a series of massages to help push the fluid out! Anyone else with this issue, any advice other than decrease sodium intake, etc... like how long does it last? I'm in the south and it's still sandals and short dress weather but now I feel like I can't wear those because of my tree trunks, I'm so impatient, it's only been like 12 days....just need someone to help remind me of that light at the end of the tunnel!!! Thanks so much gals, for ALL you share!!! It's so unbelievably helpful and appreciated!!! ????????????????

The heart ?? likes....

Likes on comment area, how can you tell who marks them? It would be nice to thank them!

Almost 3 weeks

New pic October 25, 2016
Chattanooga General Surgeon

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