31 Yr Old Mother of 1 Needing Lift with Implants. 400cc Silicone Gel Unders - Chattanooga, TN

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I have researched breast augmentation for 2 years...

I have researched breast augmentation for 2 years now following the birth of my son and 85 lb weight loss. My breasts are deflated and saggy to say the least. After 3 consultations I am finally scheduled to have my procedure and am so excited but very nervous!! I will be getting a full lift with implants to restore fullness. 450 cc silicone under the muscle.

1 week till surgery date!!!

I have one week left guys! Is it normal to feel odd about you're natural breast changing forever? I've developed a weird feeling about saying goodbye haha regardless I am still very excited and cannot wait to see my new boooobs!!!

Getting Closer

T minus 5 days!! Talked to my nurse Alice today for a long while. She is hilarious and helped ease a lot of my anxiety! I have to remove all my body jewelry ( lip tongue and earrings) wear lose warm clothes that zip in the front, and not eat after midnight. I will go home afterwards and return the next day to see the Dr. My scheduled surgery time is 7 am Thursday morning....cannot believe this is happening! This will be the slowest week ever!!

T minus 2 dayssss!!!

Omg in a couple days I finally get the boobs I wanted all my life! I'm so thrilled and nervous at the same time! Went to buy last minute items needed for post op today (sports bras that zip in the front, wedge pillow, loose fitting clothes to come home in etc) i also purchased Truskin vitamin c serum off amazon. I've heard it's absolutely amazing for scars. I'm so ready for this can't wait to post some after pics!!!

I finally have new boobs!!! And im in love!!!

Today was surgery day! It went so smoothly I could not ask for more! My nurses were so nice to me abs the Dr did was outstanding. Headed back tomorrow for checkup! I was so afraid I had chosen implants that were too big I have to say these are perfect for me. Home on pain meds and antibiotics. I'm so happy I decided to have this done!!!

Bandages off...boobs revealed!

Seen the dr this morning to remove bandages and got to see the girls finally! I am very pleased with my results. He did use 400cc instead of 450cc we had planned. I trust his judgement but I do wonder what the end result will be when the swelling goes down. He said i could shower today although I don't believe I will only cause im still in some serious pain today and the percoset make me high as a kite...not a good combo lol have been alternating ice packs on/off for 20 mins. I do have a hematoma above my left nipple. But its expected to go away of course! So happy I made this decision and I finally have the perky boobs ive always wanted!!

Day 3 post op

Took a shower this morning. Pics were before I got in. I put on a zip in the front bra that I had bought for post surgery and I believe it was too tight. After wearing it for about 3 hours I had severe swelling on the sides under my armpit. Iced them down after I noticed and switched back to the surgical bra I came home in. It's better now. I will be keeping the surgical bra on a few more days. Breast still feel very tight which I know is normal. I have been on a serious vitamin regimen to help heal hopefully it's working. I'm taking zinc, vitamin c and L-lysine in addition to my antibiotics and pain meds. Also once a day I drink a super foods powder mix that has all my nutrients ....seeing how I'm hardly awake long enough to eat lol percoset kicks my butt haha

1 week po today

This process has been surprisingly manageable! Pain meds are gone but I can honestly say they haven't been needed much. Still took them babies round the clock though lol i feel like I am healing fast and i am very very pleased with my size and shape!!! I got the green light to use a stationary bike for exercise! Been doin that for 2 days...makes me feel better after all the layin around! I have noticed a tiny lil back pain but I don't know if that's from sleeping position or having bigger boobs? Time will tell. I'm still madly in love with my new girls!!!

2 weeks 3 days post op

I could not be more pleased!!! I love my new boobs so much! My incisions are healing very quickly! I feel like my doctor did a wonderful job so all the credit goes to him. I do think my vitamin regimen after surgery helped! Get those vitamins ladies!!! lol soreness nearly gone entirely, only if i stretch too far or over do it on activity i can still feel a lil strain...normal im sure! Still wearing tape for about 2 more weeks! Next checkup is oct 17th. Hopefully by then i will be all sealed up!

8 weeks post op

I am 8 weeks post op. Incisions completely sealed and healed. All my stitches have dissolved also. All swelling has subsided and i am very pleased with my new boobs! Sometimes i fear i didnt go big enough but they are very proportionate!
Chattanooga Plastic Surgeon

During my consultation. Dr. Rehm explained thoroughly what I needed for my condition and body type. He was very friendly and honest. I feel very comfortable with him doing my mastopexy/implant surgery! So far Dr. Rehm has been very professional. I am 3 days post op and seen him the day after my surgery, and will follow up again on Monday. He has been excellent to deal with. At 2 weeks post op my incisions look great! Doc did a wonderful job! I am very pleased. Healing very nicely. Would definitely recommend Dr. Rehm.

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