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I’ve been following this site for the past 2...

I’ve been following this site for the past 2 years reading all I could in regards to Rhinoplasty. All these great reviews allowed me to make an informed decision whether to go through with it. I’d like to contribute as well since it has helped me so much and I hope that this will help someone else out there.

Once I decided that I was never going to be happy with my nose I went ahead and booked a consultation with two surgeons. I read everything there was out there in regards to the surgeons available in Sydney and I thought I narrowed it down well. I think it’s a safer to always have a second opinion, especially for a procedure like this.

I decided that Dr. Shahidi was the right surgeon. The consultation went well; his staff was friendly from the moment I got in touch with them, Dr Shahidi asked several questions for the reasons behind me seeking this procedure, asked what I wished changed and went through what could be achieved and what couldn’t, and generated a before and after image. He told to go home and read all the information he has given me and seriously decide whether I wanted this procedure or not. I then went into Raleighs (admin) office where she discussed the quote and my options of hospital and dates.

I had already made my decision to go with this surgeon and booked a second consultation to discuss a few other concerns and details. I was happy with how the consultation went and booked a date of the pre op appointment and surgery date.

I paid the surgeon’s fee a month in advance, the hospital fee 2 weeks in advance and the anesthetic fee the day before the surgery. I also started eating a high protein diet one month prior, and few weeks prior started taking Zinc and Vitamin C.

Day before...

The day before my surgery I was slightly nervous. My family reminded me that I already made my decision and that most important thing was to relax, get a good night’s sleep and focus on getting better.

A few supplies I bought were:-
- Gauze
- 1cm 3metre Micropore tape
- Pineapple Juice
- Straws
- Travel Pillow
- Vaseline
- Saline Spray
- Crackers (no salt)
- Applesauce
- Cotton buds
- Lozenges
- Facial Cleaning Wipes

Day 1

Went to the hospital early in the morning where I filled in some paperwork, shown to my room and changed into the gown. Wasn’t long until the Anesthetist came in for a chat, followed by Dr Shahidi. After that I walked into the theatre room with the nurse where I was told to lie down and by the time I knew it I was out.

When I woke up I felt good, with no sore throat or nausea. I stayed in the hospital until I knew that food was staying down. After 2 hours I felt a bit of pain and was given pain killers. Throughout the day the doctors and nurses came in to see my multiple times to make sure that I was ok. I was really happy with my stay.

Once I got home in the afternoon I was sleeping on and off with little pain. I kept waking up because I constantly had to drink something due to the dry throat. Sometimes in my sleep I would close my mouth and wake up, a lot of broken sleep. Minimal bruising and swelling around the eyes.

Day 3+4

Day 3 the swelling increased around the eyes. I was feeling pretty tired as I was waking up frequently. Still taking painkillers and the nose felt congested. I was drinking a lot of pineapple juice, water and green juices (and other food) at this point. No nausea at this stage.

Day 4 the swelling slightly increased but it started moving down the face around the cheeks. During the morning I threw up (but didn’t feel nauseous) which was quiet stressful. I ate bland food today to go easy on the stomach. I didn’t sleep so well and was feeling exhausted. I still kept putting icepacks around my face which helped a lot.

Day 6+7

It is true what they say, day 3 and 4 are definitely as bad as it gets. When I woke up on day 5 I felt groggy but felt over all better. The nose felt very ichy and I had the urge to sneeze multiple times. There was only slight pain during days 6 and 7 and only had to take one painkiller. The bruising is slightly yellow and almost not visible and the swelling moved completely down my cheeks. At this point the only hard thing is the lack of continuous sleep and congestion. I couldn’t wait to get the cast off.

Cast off

I got my cast off yesterday! I felt so much better once everything was removed. I love my new nose!! It looks so so so much better. I honestly cannot believe that I have a straight and nice nose on my face. I know it sounds crazy but it will definitely take some time getting used to having a nice nose.

The right nostril seems slightly more swollen, but honestly they look pretty even. The nose over all doesn’t seem bruised and that much swollen to me. I still have my chipmunk cheeks though!

The dr reminded me that this is not the final results and that my nose will change throughout the next few weeks. Now that I know that my nose looks great, I will try not looking at it too much, and rather focus on getting better and doing what I was told to get the optimal results.

3 weeks

I am now 3 weeks post op and back at work. The first few days I felt a bit tired but it gets easier every day. My nose unblocked 7 days after my cast came off and I am continuing to rinse my nose and wear my cast at night. I can breathe through my nose but it still feels congested as I am sure there is more that needs to clear up.

The nose doesn't look visibly swollen but the tip is numb and it still feels tender. There is still little swelling around the mouth and jaw as my facial expressions (smile and forehead) have yet to return to normal.

I am happy with how the nostrils have turned out, nice and even. I haven't noticed that the tip dropped but that might be because I haven't payed too much attention since I liked it from the get go. When I look back at my old nose I realize what a great job he has done.

My priority now is the function, I hope I end up breathing better than before. Right now I am breathing both through my mouth and nose as it's easier.

As you can see in the photos I posted that my nose was very droopy and that the middle bit was really hanging low.

9 weeks

9 weeks post op and feeling much better. I saw Dr S 2 weeks ago for my 2nd following up appointment and he seems really satisfied with how its coming along.

I was told to keep rinsing, use an anti scar cream and tape at night. We both agreed that the position is in a good place right now and to keep it taped up during the night to prevent it from dropping much. I really don't want my tip to drop, I like how it is now. I forgot to ask him, but how much does the tip generally drop through time (1mm, 1cm?)?

For the past couple of weeks the nose unblocked a lot. I can breathe much better but not 100% yet as it's slightly congested, like a cold. I can also smell better now ( inside of my nose and it's definitely not a pleasant smell!). I had slight pressure and pain on the bridge prior to the appointment but now that eased up, apparently it's normal.

I am so tempted to sleep on my stomach aka face, but that's a no go. I still use the travel pillow so that I sleep on my back and side.

Can't wait for the day where I can scrub and do facials but otherwise
I am feeling a lot more normal and sometimes forget that I even had it done. I am happy!
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have only good things to say about Dr Shahidi and his staff. From the moment I got in touch with his office his staff members have been pleasant and helpful. All my questions were always responded to quickly and comprehensively. Dr Shahidi is truly a talented surgeon. He is highly skilled, professional and ethical. His manner is honest, attentive and caring and always took the time to answer my questions and concerns with patience. I had minimal swelling, bruising and pain which speak volumes of his care and expertise when he performed my surgery. The outcome was exactly what I wanted and I am happy to have done this procedure. I highly recommend Dr Shahidi to anyone thinking of having rhinoplasty. Thank you Dr Shahidi!

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