Septal Reconstruction Rhinoplasty!!! Inferior Turbinectomy (endoscopic) (Alar Reduction) Finally Going for It!!! - Chatswood, AU

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I want to say thank goodness for this site!! it is...

I want to say thank goodness for this site!! it is so hard to really get any advice unless you know someone that has gone through this type of surgery, and let's face it not all admit to having done it lol
I had my first consultation with Dr S Shahidi few days ago. His staff are very friendly and professional and may I add beautiful :)
Dr S was very honest with what he can and can't do to my nose, and he tried to keep me looking like me.
We have gone with a straight nose, slightly shortened (he said he won't be able to shorten it too much, as I have a strong chin)
I am also getting my Alar adjusted. This is the nostrils. They are wide to begin with and will get wider once the nose is shortened.
If anyone has had their Alars adjusted, I would appreciate any advice or comments. I think I am only worried that my nostrils wont look even!!! But I trust that I have chosen a highly qualified surgeon!!! :) oh and my nose slants to the left and my left airway is actually quite narrow compared to my right. I never noticed this, nor did my husband, till Dr S pointed it out. I have uploaded a pic of my left side modified on his computer software. I might ask for the other side to be done too next time I go in. But he did say he can't really do it from the front, I guess cause it then starts to distort your facial features.

I am so nervous and excited all at once!! I have wanted this since I was a very young teen. It's finally going to happen just before my 35th birthday, and three kids later.
My next appointment is five weeks before my surgery...
I'm hoping that I look ok for Xmas, as surgery date is three weeks before :-/ although I am being reassured, I can't help but think of the worst possible scenario lol
I am booked into the Bella Vista Hospital. I'm hoping it's not too hot that day for the one hour ride there and back....
I have the support of my family and to be honest it's no big secret that I'm getting it done!! So a lot of my friends already know that I will be doing this procedure. Some say "why? You do t need it" and others say if that's what you have always wanted then go for it!! I also have some friends that want theirs done, so it's always good to see and know someone first hand who has gone through this.
I will appreciate any advice or tips leading up to my surgery.
Will keep you all posted :0)

Excited! But also freaking out!!! I hope I don't scare the kids :-/

So it's good to see that I'm not the only one freaking out up to the lead up of my surgery..... It's somewhat comforting to read everyone's posts about how their feeling.
I'm so excited to have this done and with only a little over six weeks to go, I'm sure I will be there before I know it.
One thing playing in my mind is when I am recovering that I don't scare my kids.... They are going to wonder what happened to mummy, and I'm playing it out in my mind as to how in the world I will explain it to them :-(

Some photos of my nose....

So I've added some photos of my nose at different angles. I hope that Dr S can work the Same magic on me as he has done for others with great results!!! I'm feeling confident that he can.
I have been told I have thick skin and I know this could mean a longer recovery with swelling etc but I know that patience will be the key to a successful 'better' nose :0) hope the pics help others who may have a similar nose to mine.
Thanks again to all that have posted on this site it really helps to speak to those who are in the same boat :)

PreOp Appointment!! Which do you think?

Hi Realsef'ers
Today I had my pre op appointment and Doc just went through everything he will do and what will happen on the day etc. it's all paid for and locked in!!!
I just have to follow instructions till then and wait for the Anaesthetist and hospital to call me day before!!! Can't believe it's finally happening I'm nervous and excited all at once!!!
I also got the doc to give me a curve this time and I'm really liking it!! It looks more feminine and has more definition which is what I really want!!
I Would love to know what everyone else thinks???

2 weeks to go!!!!!

So I have two weeks to go till my op.... I have mixed emotions and thoughts going through my mind...
I have started to be strict with my diet.
Trying to eat healthy drinking loads of water, which isn't too hard with all this hot rather we are having in Sydney!!! Trying to increase my exercise too.
No coffee, which I'm finding hard but I'm sure I'll get over it!!!
I am also taking zinc and vitamin C supplements to improve my chances of a good recovery and hopefully less bruising :-/
I've been talking to the kids and trying to prepare them for what mummy might look like. My gorgeous hubby will be taking some time off work to take care of me. Just trying to compile a list of things I need for after surgery. so if anyone has any advice send it my way!!!
I will be updating again on surgery day... I'm confident Dr S will do a good job and my nose will definitely be an improvement..... Just want to get through surgery ok and God willing have a good healing processes.
Good night real sellers :0)

Surgery all done!!!

Honestly it has gone so quick from booking the procedure till the day and now home recovering.
I had to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning and was first on the list which was good cause I got home in time for dinner and got to see the kids :)
When I got into theatre Noela set me up and all I remember was having a very short conversation about my kids and then out like a light!!!
I woke up from the anesthetic like I've had the best two hour nap ever!!! Noela Ferch is an amazing anaesthesiest. I was not in pain as Dr S had put a local an aesthetic in my nose... It was hard to remember not breath through my nose lol. I think I have the hang of it now and got about three hours sleep last night.
I'm taking painkillers Which is controlling the uncomfortable feeling. Besides the pain of some pressure, ear ringing and blocking, that really bad head cold feeling everything else is good.
I have very little bruising and no swelling post op, the doc did say that day 2 will be my worst.
I have started day 1 now and so far so good. Some bruising has shown up under the eye with slight swelling.
I'm using the kids gel cold packs to cool my face. I am keeping them in the fridge not freezer and just alternating them.
I'm also slightly sitting up/ sleeping in my recliner, which will help keep me upright at night. Hopefully this means I'll have less swelling :)
All in all so far so good kids are keeping the hugs around the waist, although I'm dying to give them a big cuddle and kiss but can't risk being knocked and I'm sure I will make up for it when I can :)

Day 1, 2 and 3

Hi everyone thought I would update and let you all in on how I'm going..
So far so good, day one and two were controlled with strong pain killers. And now at day three I've stopped taking strong pain killers and I'm only taking panadol.
My teeth are sore and my upper lip feels raised, but the numbness went on day one. I sometimes feel light headed especially if I get up quick... Throbbing and soreness around my nose also but it is bearable and goes with panadol.
Using spray to clean nose but only at the base as I have packing and splints up my Nose.... I'm also taking my antibiotics and appplying the antibiotic cream to the stitches.
I'm still dripping some blood, but I think this is old blood from douching.
All in all I'm actually doing rather well, nothing to really complain about. Besides my oily hair and face!!!!
I know that some of you on here said that days 4 and 5 were your worst. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse for me :)
I can't wait to see my results on Friday!!!

Day 4, 5 and 6

These three days were also pretty much the same for me..
I still took the panadol for my teeth, and started to get a stinging feeling that would come and go around my stitches. I advised the office of this and was told that its normal and that some people feel this and then their are other that don't...
I am yellow under my eyes where the bruising was (which was hardly visible), hopefully this goes in a few days...
The tape on my cast has slowly started to lift at the edge.... But I take the cast off at 10 am tomorrow so should hold down till then.
My nose is throbbing not sure if this is the swelling and my nose trying to come out lol but I really wish it will stop doing that!!
All in all the week hasn't been too bad, uncomfortable but bearable.
Mixed emotions about tomorrow but the most felt is excitement.
Also I can't wait to wash my hair!!!! And have a normal shower!!!

Cast removal!!!!

Hi everyone hope your all well, sorry I took a while to post an update and pics.
So cast removal was about six days ago and OMG I was shocked!!!! I thought oh no what have I done, it was swollen, fat, projected, pimply and so congested!!!
the kids said it looked like I had clay on my face hahaha but that I looked better lol

I was reassured by Raleigh of my concerns which where as follows;

Swelling - told that this will take time and that it will refine heaps over the next few months

Projection of tip and wideness - Also told that this was due to the swelling and will definetly go down as swelling does

Unevenness of the nostrils - I had an alar adjustment and also due to swelling this makes them look asymmetrical and uneven... (This is actually bothering me more than the wideness and projection :(, but was assured that they will also even out when swelling goes down)

Tingling/ stinging feeling - I am getting this around my stitches sometimes in the nostril and also between my eyes and at the ridge of my nose. It's not constant, it comes and goes. Not painful but uncomfortable. I was told that this is all normal and that some people get this and some don't.

I'm on my second round of antibiotics and cream for my stitches. Was told I don't need anymore after completion :D

I'm rinsing a few times a day, which helped me get all the funk out of my nose in order to finally breath through it!!! Still slightly congested so still rinsing at least three times a day :D
I found that this was better when the water was warm, it really loosened all that packing up, but boy was it a gross but fantastic feeling once it came out!!!!! Now when I rinse it actually goes straight up my nostril and into my throat (gross but pretty good feeling, and I do spit this out lol)
I was told not to do any facial expressions at least in week two and three and even up to the month if I can. This is to ensure that my nostrils stick and it doesn't affect the shape of them... I'm always a smiler so this has been a challenge, but I've been good so far!!!!

I wear my cast every night, and sometimes during the day. As much as I can really. Sometimes it feels like it's just sitting there and took me a while to master how to tape it down lol I also double up and cut the gauze to the size of my cast so that it sits more comfortable :D
I was told wearing the cast controls the swelling.

I will be seeing Dr S in the new year for my one month follow up. Hopefully I have healed well by then and there are no issues :D

Hope everyone is healing well!! I've learnt a lot and have been helped by a lot of you on here and really appreciate it!!
If anyone has any questions feel free to message me. I'm happy to help.
I hope my posts are helpful to everyone :D

7 weeks post

Hi all!!
Hope you are all well and that you have had a good start to the new year!!

I had my one month follow up with Dr S and this is the outcome ;

1: I'm still inflamed - so I had another round of antibiotics. I Had a bad smell in my nose, and I think this was a sign of it, however I forgot to confirm that with Dr S
I'm finished that now and all seems to be ok.

2: I'm still congested with packing - Dr S said to rinse minimum twice a day, however I've been doing this at least three to four times a day, to help get it out quicker

3: Starting to use the scar cream morning and night.

4: still applying antibiotic ointment to scars once scar cream is dry

5: using an oil spray in nose to help moisten the nose as this can get dry from washing it all the time

6: taping nose at night - this is heaps comfortable as the cast was getting way too loose. Was told this will also help with the tip not dropping g too much :-)

I still have moments where I like my nose and then other times when I'm not so sure. Dont know if it's my age and that I have thicker skin, combined with the swelling, that I'm just taking longer than others to take shape etc.

It is really annoying me that my nostrils are so uneven and that they go to the left. One is heaps thinner than the other.
Dr S did reassure me that this is from the swelling and that I'm also swollen inside my nose in the middle :-/ I think I can honestly say I hate swelling!!! lol
I really hope this is the case, and that it will straighten itself out over time :-D

I have added a photo of my nose at 5 and half weeks with the comparisons.
Let me know what you think??
It's pretty close to the computer image, I did however think it was more on the straighter side, and I really wanted a little bit of a curve like in the computer image.
Does the profile change over time also??? I just thought that this was what it is as soon as the cast comes off....... Im happy with the profile, I'm just hoping it will look slightly more curved once the swelling gone!!! The tip is still projected also, so hoping that goes down too. Only time will tell!!!

I would have to say that I only felt closer to 100% at about 5-6 weeks, and getting better everyday. When Raleigh told me I was only 10% healed, it then hit me that I have a long way to go ....
I Will update again after my 4 month follow up.
I hope everyone is healing well and are doing good.
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr S and his staff are informative and professional, as well as friendly. Dr S is honest and will tell you what he can and can't do. I trust that I have chosen the right surgeon and I am now only anxious to see the end result.

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