Blepharoplasty in MN - Chaska, MN

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Going for pre-surgery consult this week - I have...

Going for pre-surgery consult this week - I have done laser resurfacing in the past with this PS. Had a consult for a blepharoplasty with the same PS last fall and obtained a quote but they asked that I come in again for another consultation. I just took these pre-op pics with and (eek) without makeup. Surgery is scheduled for March 31st. I am not sure if others who have had blepharoplasty done had laser resurfacing around the eyes included as part of this procedure.

Pre-op consult

Recevied "Nutri-Dyn" Surgical Healing Formula supplements, "Dynamic Nutritional Associates D-55" liquid drops, a scrubby thing for scrubbing prior to surgery and instructions. I am looking forward to the 31st. Having trouble posting - computer at turtle speed.

Blepharoplasty and Fraxel Laswer 3.31

Ow! Posting pics from immediately after surgery + fraxel. I arrived at 8 am, was given 1 Oxy and waited an hour for it to take effect. In operating room, had lidocaine injected around both eyes - reminded me of being at the dentist. Survery didn't take long - i was kind of surprised at the amount of tissue removed. Did Fraxel right after (it was included as part of the surgery) . I applied ice packs (20 minutes on 40 minutes off) to eyes for several hours at home and slept in a recliner. Took one Oxy that night. Pain not bad, more annoying than anything. Also, i look bad in these pics but wait until you see the day after.

Blepharoplasty One Day Post

I went in this morning for one-day post op - and he added one stitch on the outer corner of each eye! I did have some swelling from right after the procedure, which continues today. I have been taking a supplement, an anti-bruising liquid, and methylprednisone. Because stitches were added, i feel like the swelling increased and also I feel like the bride of Frankenstein. My eyes feel really tight - like if you pinched the outer corners of your eyes - limits peripheral vision. Dr. Wire called me last night to check on things. I think i was more comfortable yesterday than today. I sort of have this 'omigodwhathaveidone' thing going on...hopefully next week will be better.

3rd day post-op

Still sleeping in a recliner. Pain is minimal but it feels like i have something in my eyes at the outer corner (the extra stitch) and i still look like Mrs. Frankenstein. I'm wiping face with vinegar/water using gauze then applying the goop. Still taking the methylpredisolone and 'surgical supplements'. Stitches out next Monday. I actually went to the mall yesterday (wore sunglasses inside so i didn't freak anyone out).

Day 8 post op - stitches out

Stitxhes are out- not really icing anymore. Eyes feel tight and I feel ugly hope that it gets better soon. It's like they are smaller! I had almost no bruising under and around eye.

15 days post op

I'll put up pics later- in the mornings my eyes are swollen (looks like allergies) and look smaller than normal. And I think "I wish I wouldn't have done this." The swelling goes down throughout the day and I finally look "normal" around bed time. Still taking supplements, no icing. Scars are apparent. I've been wearing makeup- there is redness on my eyelids when I remove it.

3 mos post op

Much better now. Wanted to share 3 mos post op pic.

1 year post op

I am glad I had this surgery. Was on here researching recently and just thought I'd provide an update. Looking back - I was so worried and everyone was so kind with their comments so thank you.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wire has a lovely office and staff. His bedside manner is good - I didn't feel rushed and he answered all of my questions.

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