36 Years Old, Mom of 3, Ready for my Flat Tummy Back

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So I haven't had my tummy tuck procedure yet, but...

So I haven't had my tummy tuck procedure yet, but it is fast approaching on December 20th, is anyone else having a TT around this time?! I have researched and reviewed myself to pieces. I wil be having Exparel, did anyone have this, and feel it helped!? I'm ready to have my procedure, recover and get on with my flat tummy LIFE!

TT with muscle tightening in 3 days!!

Well 3 days and counting till my tummy tuck with muscle repair. Thought I would take some pictures today to make sure I document my own before and after. Sometimes for whatever reason you can't see results if you only see the "after". I'm SO ready you get back to my flat, smooth stomach!!

Side View before my TT in 3 days!!

Someone wanted to see my belly from the side... so here it is. Don't mind the boobs leaving those alone! Lol

TT with Muscle repair is COMPLETE!!

I had my Full TT this morning at 8am... other than my abdominal muscles being really sore, I'm feeling extremely well. I have 2 drains, theyre not bad as I thought either (Yet) Staying on top of my pain killers though!! I can already tell how super flat my tummy is based on this morning in this same shirt, before I had it done. I'm so grateful, glad and thankful that part is done!! Now just to recovery, which already is better than expected.

Day 2 postoperative TT with Muscle reapir

Day 2, Just left my surgeons office for a check up. I'm feeling even better than yesterday. He says I'm looking and doing great, I go back in a week. My results are so wonderful already being swollen and all. I'm so glad I did this for myself!!

1 week postoperative TT with muscle repair

Well this time last week I was headed home from my FULL TT in so much pain... what a difference a week makes!! I feel sooooo wonderful! Only pain I have is in my lower back from being bent over! Ugh But other than that I me great! No problem with bowel movements (tmi) appetite may be TOO good (I feel extra hungry) I have my energy and all is well!! I have my 2nd postoperative appt in the morning, and that will be my 1st time seeing my actual scar, I took a tiny peep under my tape and it looks very thin. I love the placement of it already for easily hidden! I'm also hoping to get at least 1 of my 2 drains out. My right drain is barely 30 cc a day now! I'm SO happy with my results, this was SO worth it, and just looking for to a nice strong, uneventful continued recovery!!

Scar revealed 2nd postoperative appt.

Had my 2nd postoperative appointment today and FINALLY got to see my scar!! I must say I am VERY impressed and pleased with the way it's healing and how thin the scar is!! Still have these annoying drains though tI'll next Friday the 6th. But better safe than sorry... I'm still feeling fabulous and getting better and better every day!!

2 week postop

It's been a little over 2 weeks, 16 days to be exact. I'm headed to the PS now to get these drains out!! (THANK GOD) And stitches out of my belly button. I feel 100% back to normal pain wise n movement. I can stand up straight aND just feel GREAT! I decided to take a pic in the same swimsuit bottoms I did preop and WHAT a difference in 2 weeks!!! Beyond PLEASED, EXCITED and ready for summer!!!

I'm Freeeeee!!

FINALLY got those drains out!! I feel like a NEW "normal" again. I'm still in disbelief how fast I feel back to normal and how wonderful my results are already!! Thanks to Charlotte Plastic Surgery, Dr. Beasley for his great work on me and my Family for all their support!! The BEST is yet to come!!

1 month postop

I can't believe today marks 1 month already that I had my FULL TT!! Everything is healing nicely and I'm feeling about 90% back to normal. I still have to get used to how tight my ab muscles feel. I still hesitate to move in certain ways. Lol Doesn't hurt at all, just very tight and I don't want to pull anything. I don't go back to my PS until 6 weeks postop. At my 3 week appt he said I could start treating my scar which I have. I wear my Scar FX silicone during the day for 12 hours and put Merderma on my scar every night. I also rub my entire tummy with Bio oil for the stretch marks left behind. I can see a difference already in the week, I've been doing this. I know by Summer this scar will be very light if not gone completely. I know how well mederma works from previously using it on other scars. I'll post again at 2 month mark.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Beasley, very professional and experienced!! I would highly recommend anyone that is thinking of getting a Tummy Tuck on the Charlotte area to look him up. I'm beyond pleased with my results!!

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