Can't Believe I Did It but Extremely Happy (25 Year Old Man)

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I noticed that not too many men share their nose...

I noticed that not too many men share their nose job experience so I thought I'd give you my experience.

I'm 25 years old and previously had broken my nose 2x playing sports and had a big old nose with a bump and a deviated septum. My nose was quite big and quite crooked and I could only breathe out of one nostril. So I searched around and found a great doctor and went for a rhinoplasty/septoplasty.

It was roughly $5000. Honestly it really didn't hurt at all, between the demerol (for surgery), hydrocodone, oxycodone, valium and promethazine (post OP) it was only slightly painful. Basically it was more annoying than painful. When they took off the bandage I HATED it. It looked perfectly straight, huge and all around fake and goofy. Not only that, but it's hard to smile, to make facial expressions etc. By 2 weeks after the bandage came off it looked much better. By 2 months most of the swelling had gone, and by 6 months I can wiggle my nose and push and pull it with no discomfort and it looks AWESOME.

Well awesome by my definition. You see I didn't want a perfect nose (and neither should you!) I only wanted to have a nose that didn't define me as a person. For years I was known as the guy with the big crooked nose. I gotta say my new nose is great, it's not perfect which is why I love it. It fits the rest of my face perfectly, people actually look at my eyes instead of my nose.

-If you go in with reasonable expectations and a good surgeon you will be happy with the result.
-I look better and I'm more confident

-If you're a guy your friends might bust your balls. Or if your a female you'll attract haters and drama.
-You will need at least 7 days off work (if not more)
-Your nose will be sore for at least 4 months (especially the tip).
-If you have unrealistic expectations YOU WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS

Overall I couldn't be happier with my results. Remember ***reasonable expectations is the key***

I have a strong feeling that the majority of people who aren't satisfied with their results either didn't pick a good surgeon and/or didn't have reasonable expectations and probably suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. (google it before you have any procedure).

I wish i could share pictures with ya'll but unfortunately i don't have any before images. I obviously didn't like the old pictures of the old me so I don't have any laying around. Sorry.

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

He was nice, professional and obviously quite skilled at turning a busted up crooked nose into a nose that looks normal.

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