24 Year Old, Skinny Fat, Smart Lipo on Abdomen - Charlotte, NC

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I have set my surgery date! I am in Charlotte, NC...

I have set my surgery date! I am in Charlotte, NC and have a date set on December 27th. The perfect Christmas present for myself! I am excited and will upload pre pics soon. I started seeing a new guy about two months ago and have not told him about the procedure. I'm not sure how he will react. But I want this for me, to feel more confident in myself! I am worried about recovery time and something going wrong, so I try not to read too many reviews. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I'm not sure what to expect!

Moved up the surgery date

I moved up my surgery date almost s whole month. It is only about a month away now! Still waiting to hear from my friend if she is able to take off work to spend the first 24 hours with me. If not, I am looking into an in home service for the first day. I'd rather have someone I know, but I do not live close to family.

Pre op is on Monday!

I'm so excited but so nervous. I've arranged for a stay at home nurse to pick me up from surgery and stay with me until my friend gets off work to take care of me. My pre op is on Monday. I'll get my prescriptions and have blood work done. I'm only nervous about having to take antibiotics. They always seem to make me sick. Here are finally some before pics! I'll be having smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen. The pic is making me wonder if I should also do my back.

Pre-op complete!

I just got out of my pre-op! I was nervous for this I can't imagine what it'll be like the day of. Right now my surgery is scheduled for 7:30am so I need to be there by 6:30! I am excited but nervous. Looking at pics online helps lol. Now to get prescriptions and get ready!

Prescriptions picked up!

It was a little over $120 for all of these! The only expensive prescription was the patch because there isn't a generic brand for these. I'm nervous, trying not to think about it coming up. I'm visiting family for thanksgiving, then I'll be working in NYC through December 1st. As soon as I get home from that it'll be here! I've began to take the iron and vitamin c pills as instructed by my doctor. I'm nervous about going under anesthesia and hoping it doesn't make me very sick. I hate throwing up! I also added another pic. Im wondering if my jeans will fit different after the surgery. I decided against doing my flanks because I want some curves, but now I'm wondering if I should add them. Tell me what you ladies think please! I want the best outcome possible.

Oops here's the pic

Sent pics to doctor to inquire about flanks

I sent both of these pictures to Dr. Bharti to see if he thinks adding in my flanks will give me the look I want. I took this picture first thing in the morning so my stomach kinda looks flat, but in the sunlight you can see the flab I promise! I want my waist to be seamless with my swimsuit like the model picture and not indented like I currently am. But I do want curves. So I sent over these pictures to see what he thinks!

Less than a week away!

I am back home from working in NYC the past five days and am starting to get nervous now that I have time to think about it! I decided going against adding my flanks due to cost and extended recovery time. My surgery is on Tuesday and a nurse will pick me up and take care of me for 24 hours through my post op. Excited but very nervous! Just hoping that it actually works


I'm very excited. I'm not really nervous, just hope I don't die lol. That's probably the only thing I'm worried about. My last bit of food and water is at midnight tonight. I have to be there at 8:30am and my surgery is at 10am. My home nurse is coming to get me at 12:30. I have food laid out, water, Gatorade, house is clean and now I'm just waiting for the VS fashion show to come on for that last little bit of motivation! I'll post as soon as I can tomorrow! :D

I'm alive!!

I've made it to the other side! Here's a recap of today:

When I got to the office wearing my homeless clothes I was taken back and given medicine for nausea and a patch behind my ear for nausea. Then I took pre pictures with a nurse. We chatted for a bit and eventually the doctor came in and marked me up. There was another doctor shadowing him as well. Once I dropped my gown both men started saying "oooo oh yes this is going to be so good!" Lol so that made me laugh and more excited because I could see how excited they were for me. Once they took me to the room it was very busy. Three nurses and two other people including the anesthesiologist but not the doctors. I laid on the warm heated bed, compression machines were added to my calves and an IV was started. This was the easiest part! I just wanted to stay awake and see what was happening bc I was so nervous. The anesthesiologist told me he was giving something to make me feel kinda high/drunk before he started the actual anesthesia. I never felt funny I was just out! They had the tube down my throat, but I never knew because I didn't feel it come in or out and my throats wasn't sore! When I began to come to, I was shaking and sore and very nauseous. They covered me up, gave me some pain killers through my IV and a pill for nausea. I had ginger ale which was soo good. I wasn't very hungry but ate some crackers so I could take a pain pill before I left. I made it home around 3pm with my at home nurse- May. She's been great! I've been peeing a TON. May is very quiet when I sleep and loves to chat when I feel like being chatty. It's also so nice to have someone here to monitor my meds and cook for me because I feel so lazy. Pain is much much less than earlier, could be from the pain meds finally starting to work. I have one drain in and it's filling pretty quickly. I'm happy on my couch and don't feel like looking at my stomach at all. I have a compression thing on as well as a lot of foam. Hopefully some of the foam comes off tomorrow, but it's kind of nice and helps with my posture laying down. I just ate some pretzels- my first meal since 9pm last night. I feel SO much better than earlier. Early I almost thought I regretted it due to the pain but now it's just a very mild ache and I would do it again! I have a feeling I'll be up and about on Friday for sure. I'll post after pics hopefully tomorrow after my post-op! So happy it's over and loving this relaxing time!

Post-op day 1!

I just got back from my first post op. Everyone is saying I'm doing great. I can use the restroom on my own, make soup on my own and drain my bulb drain. I just read over my review from yesterday and thought it was funny. I must have been feeling the meds still! Pain is non-existent if I'm not moving. Getting up from laying down and standing BURNS where my drain is. That's really the only source of pain I have besides mild bruise feeling. I'm still quite numb, and my pain meds make me itch alll over so they gave me more medicine to get rid of the itchies. I'm very swollen, and when they took my garment off it was weird to touch my skin. I already look more slim and my waist is more defined. I have a lot of swelling under my belly button so we re shaped my compression to be tight over that area hoping it'll help. That's also where my drain port is so it was very painful to get the compression on. My at home nurse May just left and I'm on my own now! It's nice being able to watch all of the Christmas movies on tv. My next appointment is on Monday and hopefully the swelling starts to decrease. I also pray I can have my drain out that day! I am allowed to go two hours without my garment a day, and I'll probably take my first shower tomorrow with hopes that standing is less painful. So far so good! Besides all the itchyness!

Post op day 2!

Guys. I slept SO GOOD last night! I was able to sleep on my sides as well as my back throughout. I'd wake up and change positions about every 1.5-2 hours but it was so nice because I actually got good sleep. My drain pain is about half of what it was yesterday! I can easily walk around and get out of bed without it taking forever. I took my compression off this morning for about 15 min. I'm allowed up to 2 hours a day. Here are some pics! The swelling did go down a little! My only discomfort at this time is how ITCHY I am! It used to be all over but now it's mainly under my compression. I can shower today so I'm going to make the most of that. I'm staying onto of my pills and waking up in the night with an alarm to take them as directed. I forgot to add in previous updates that they removed 3.3 lbs of fat! I can already see it too. Tummy is still a little numb but at least it's not hurting! I could easily go back to work tomorrow, but my boss insisted I work from home. My drain is down to about 25cc every 3-5 hours. Once it's below 25cc in a 24 hour period I can have it removed!

Post op day 3

Last night I slept pretty well again! I've been doing well with my antibiotics and have tried to take less of the pain pills. I ended up taking a pain pill about an hour ago because I was so uncomfortable and I feel so much better now. I never knew how well those things actually worked. I also am now wearing a tank top under my compression and all itching has gone away! I think my skin was allergic to the foam or just didn't like it. Here's some pics of my garment. It just goes over my abdomen. It has two Velcro strips across the front, top and bottom. I like this compression because I can take it off laying down in bed and it's very easy to get back on.
My skin is starting to feel weird. I think it's trying to reconnect. I feel "pops" and sometimes a bubble sensation moving around when I move. I'm draining less and less as the hours go by. My drain burned more today, but hurts less now that I had some pain killers. The weirdest thing is the skin movement feeling. I'm not sure if this is normal or if I'm hindering the healing process. I'm tired of eating soup and would like to pickup better food tonight after this pain pill wears off. I just don't know what to wear in public that will fit around my garment comfortably and hide my little drain. I guess if I want out of the house bad enough I'll figure it out!

Post op day 5

The past few days have flown by! Mainly because I've slept the whole time lol. Today was my first day back to work and I only lasted half a day. The pain is REAL without my pain meds. I had another check up this morning and had my stitches taken out but not the dreaded drain ????. I have another appt next Monday, but hopefully I can have it out before then. I can't wait to sleep on my stomach. It's hard to hide my compression and drain, so this is what I wore to work today. It's business casual, but they're being lenient with me since I can't wear any of my business pants! I'll post another pic later tonight once I'm feeling better of my stomach. Still very swollen and I don't think much of it has really gone down much. You can just feel what's swollen by touching it. The doctor said as the swelling starts to go down I'll get a little lumpy then we will start the massages that are apart of my package!

Post day 5 tummy pics!

Yay flat tummy! My favorite part being my little belly button! Looks like it did in high school!

When Tuesday feels like another bad Monday.....

The days don't seem to be getting any better. My abdomen isn't very painful, but I've developed a very painful groin. My sides where my bra sits are also very tender. I had to take my bra off at work after about three hours! Thank goodness I had a scarf on. Back to the groin- o.m.g. It hurts so bad. And it's even worse when my compression digs into it all day at work. It's just very tender to the touch, not bruised or swollen. In addition, on the right side of my groin stemming down from my drain port is a lump about 1.5 inches long and the width of my pinky. It hurts EXTREMELY bad when touched, and hurts when my abs are engaged when I sit up or move my legs a certain way as well as twisting. What could this be? A blood clot? Scar tissue? Hernia?? I hope it's nothing serious. I posted a question on this site hoping to get some info without having to go back to the doctor. No pics today- nothing has changed. I am down to four pain pills left and I am trying to use them wisely. It's so hard because I'm nauseous and useless when I'm in pain. I thought I was tough, but this is making me rethink that! Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Drains drains go away

Today was much better for me. I was very nauseous this morning, but a coworker brought me ginger ale and soon I was feeling much better. So sweet. The pain wasn't very bad today either! I only just had my first pain pill of the day. I have ruled my crazy lump as an inflamed lymph node. It goes down and feels better after warm compression. I'm still draining about 100cc a day, 50/40cc every 12 hours. I really want my drain out next week. I'll be going home for the holidays and my family does not know I had the surgery. I don't know how I would explain a surgical drain! I'm hoping my doctor will remove it on Monday at my next post op and my first drainage massage. Oh please please! I head home on Wednesday of next week for almost two weeks. I'll spend Christmas in Georgia then NYE at Disney with my sister and best friend. I really want to be able to have fun! I'm glad the pain is better, I think it's because I slept on my back and not my side so I will try that again tonight. Here's a few pics! I'm getting a little discouraged as I'm not as toned as I would have liked to be. I know it's only been a week and I'm swollen, so trying to stay positive!

So many tears today

This whole process is a roller coaster. One day I'm fine and the next I'm an emotional wreck. I took my last pain pill this morning and ever since about 3pm I have been in so much pain. The only thing that hurts in the drain port. I posted a pic, I'm not sure if it's infected. I called the doctor and they everything sounds normal and it's just irritated. They suggested using Vaseline. I haven't stopped crying since I got home from work. The liposuction is sore but nothing like this shooting pain I'm getting from the drain. It's times like this when I don't think this was worth it. If I don't get this drain out on Monday, I feel like giving up. Idk how I'll give up but I will. It's not worth it to be this useless and in so much pain. Friends are telling me to go to the ER. I don't want to be a wuss but I'm being a wuss and am just going to cry it out....

Better weekend

The weekend was much better for me. I had a friend from back home visit me and she brightened my spirits. I made a very thick gauze pad for my drain port, and coating that thing with some Aquaphor and it worked like a charms. I still think it had gotten infected, every time I take the gauze off it's a little gunky. The pain is gone and now the only thing that is uncomfortable is the persistent itching and where the drain sits right above my left hip. The swelling has gone down more so I can see and feel the drain here more. My clothes make it uncomfortable. I tried two new spanx type garments off amazon, both complete fails. Feeling much better and happier now. Going to the doctor in the morning and GETTING THIS DRAIN OUT (I hope). I head home for the holidays on Wednesday and don't want this drain to ruin any Christmas cheer!

No more drain!

I got my drain out this morning yippie! It stung to come out, but didn't really hurt. I'd compare the pain to a Brazilian wax. Then I had my first lymphatic massage. It felt sooo nice. The nice lady said I was extremely swollen still. I thought this was no swelling! She said my abdomen, waist and back are all very swollen, even though I didn't have anything done to my back. The lumps and bumps are all swollen areas, she said scar tissue hasn't been formed yet. I'm headed home Wednesday for Christmas so I schedule my next massage with her in two weeks. She said after the fourth week we will add in epidemiology I think? Something that started with an E. I'm just glad to be drain free!

Felt skinny!

Oops... forgot the pic!

Compared to my very first pic it's amazing

Home for the holidays

I'm home now! It's been a great few days. I have started to develop a small seroma. My doctors office is closed but they directed me to call another doctor, he said it was not emergent and that I should call my doctor when I'm back in town. It doesn't seem to be getting any bigger, but after reading info online about how they can form "capsules" around the seroma making them almost impossible to get rid of kinda freaks me out. I'll call my doctor when he's back in just to be sure I'll be okay. I won't be able to see him until January 2nd at the earliest, my next appointment is on January 4th. Hopefully it'll be okay. My drain site is healing okay, it looks normal I would guess, but not very pretty at the same time! I hope it doesn't leave a scar. I swell up MAJOR during the day. My activity level is much higher being back home helping my parents and playing with my nephews. It feels like my skin is super tight, almost stretching at the end of the night. These pics are from the morning, I honestly think I went down about two inches over night because the swelling went down! Looking better and better each day!

Headed back home after the holidays

It's almost been one month! I go back to my doctor this week for another check up and massage. I think I still have a small seroma so I will get that drained as well. Here are some before and after pics. I am still very swollen. Last night I was so swollen my stomach felt super tight. I spent the last four days traveling by air and walking all over the Disney parks. I think the extra activity made me swell more. I am tender to the touch and have a lot more zingers throughout the day. Some really make you jump! I have a lot more feeling but still a little numbness. Also, look at my rib cage area below my breasts, this area is quite swollen I think and VERY sore. It's the only part that hurts while lying down. I hope this goes down and isn't just the same as it was before. It feels quite squishy, but it hurts to touch or massage. Almost like bruised ribs. Hopefully my doctor clears me to begin working out again soon

Feeling great!

I've started wearing my garment as needed rather than 24/7. Mostly when I travel for work on airplanes. I noticed at first I became super swollen going without it, but each day gets better! These pics are after a trip to California, such a long flight 5+ hours for me. I'm a bit swollen, but I also have not been working out once since surgery. Now that my body feels better, I'm starting a new workout plan next week. I have the flu now, and it's my first time! I honestly don't think it's as bad as most say. I'm moving today as well. I'll update again in a few weeks after my workout program is underway :)
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