24 Year Old, Skinny Fat, Smart Lipo on Abdomen - Charlotte, NC

I have set my surgery date! I am in Charlotte, NC...

I have set my surgery date! I am in Charlotte, NC and have a date set on December 27th. The perfect Christmas present for myself! I am excited and will upload pre pics soon. I started seeing a new guy about two months ago and have not told him about the procedure. I'm not sure how he will react. But I want this for me, to feel more confident in myself! I am worried about recovery time and something going wrong, so I try not to read too many reviews. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I'm not sure what to expect!

Moved up the surgery date

I moved up my surgery date almost s whole month. It is only about a month away now! Still waiting to hear from my friend if she is able to take off work to spend the first 24 hours with me. If not, I am looking into an in home service for the first day. I'd rather have someone I know, but I do not live close to family.

Pre op is on Monday!

I'm so excited but so nervous. I've arranged for a stay at home nurse to pick me up from surgery and stay with me until my friend gets off work to take care of me. My pre op is on Monday. I'll get my prescriptions and have blood work done. I'm only nervous about having to take antibiotics. They always seem to make me sick. Here are finally some before pics! I'll be having smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen. The pic is making me wonder if I should also do my back.

Pre-op complete!

I just got out of my pre-op! I was nervous for this I can't imagine what it'll be like the day of. Right now my surgery is scheduled for 7:30am so I need to be there by 6:30! I am excited but nervous. Looking at pics online helps lol. Now to get prescriptions and get ready!

Prescriptions picked up!

It was a little over $120 for all of these! The only expensive prescription was the patch because there isn't a generic brand for these. I'm nervous, trying not to think about it coming up. I'm visiting family for thanksgiving, then I'll be working in NYC through December 1st. As soon as I get home from that it'll be here! I've began to take the iron and vitamin c pills as instructed by my doctor. I'm nervous about going under anesthesia and hoping it doesn't make me very sick. I hate throwing up! I also added another pic. Im wondering if my jeans will fit different after the surgery. I decided against doing my flanks because I want some curves, but now I'm wondering if I should add them. Tell me what you ladies think please! I want the best outcome possible.

Oops here's the pic

Sent pics to doctor to inquire about flanks

I sent both of these pictures to Dr. Bharti to see if he thinks adding in my flanks will give me the look I want. I took this picture first thing in the morning so my stomach kinda looks flat, but in the sunlight you can see the flab I promise! I want my waist to be seamless with my swimsuit like the model picture and not indented like I currently am. But I do want curves. So I sent over these pictures to see what he thinks!

Less than a week away!

I am back home from working in NYC the past five days and am starting to get nervous now that I have time to think about it! I decided going against adding my flanks due to cost and extended recovery time. My surgery is on Tuesday and a nurse will pick me up and take care of me for 24 hours through my post op. Excited but very nervous! Just hoping that it actually works
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