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I was told that the swelling would last 24 hours....

I was told that the swelling would last 24 hours. Moreover, the Kybella was mixed with a corticosteroid (Kenalog), which was supposed to reduce inflammation and decrease the prolonged swelling.

It hasn't helped. I have a number of events lined up for the next few weeks--presentations, a wedding, etc. I thought that it would be one week of swelling, but this is unacceptable. I've been drinking a lot of water to flush out my system. I'm concerned that the swelling is going to cause jowls. It has distorted my face.

2 thoughts: The aftercare protocol needs some work. Should patients wear chin straps or compression garments? Is this contraindicated? Why are these used in underchin lipo, but not with Kybella?
I suspect that the manufacturer's idea ( Kythera Biopharmaceutical) was to make this treatment seem more "walk in and walk out; no real aftercare to trouble yourself with." No incisions, no scarring. That's the pitch. But this kind of prolonged and massive swelling is unacceptable.

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid--a synthesized salt that destroys the mebranes of fat cells. The body has to reabsorb the fat. What can help push this process along? Probiotics might be investigated.

Week 2 and still swollen. Much worse than before treatment.

I feel like the joke is on us.... Kybella is mesotherapy that got its FDA approval. Mesotherapy was deoxycholic acid and micro dots, too. Most of the adverse effects, uneven contours, puncture infections resulted when it was applied to areas other than under the chin; and then irregular formulas, etc.

I am very sorry I lost my money and time to Kybella. I am also questioning why my dermatologist claimed it would tighten my skin under my chin. Is that a fair claim?

On another note, look at the image for Kybella treatment on Steven Pearlman (FACS)'s website. The chin has been altered; the angle isn't the same. I call foul.

it has been 5 weeks

I am beginning to worry. My chin has a lump under it that was not there before. I keep photo records. I am a thin person and the bulge from kybella is still there. It has been over a month. Around week three the lump just stayed in place and hasn't improved. Any advice?

Now I Have a Double Chin--6 Weeks After One Treatment

I looked at my previous profile pictures and it was really the angle of my voice box. A plastic surgeon told me this, but I let my dermatologist talk me into this procedure since she claimed the swelling wouldn't last more than 24 hours and it would produce a sculpted look.

I've started to get concerned that she may have injected a lymph node. What should I do?

board certified dermatologist

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