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Hi everyone! I am getting a breast reduction 2...

Hi everyone! I am getting a breast reduction 2 weeks from today and could not be more excited! I decided to write this review because, though every review that I have read has been super helpful, most women who get this surgery are a bit older than I am or have at least had children first. As I am so young, I have faced many obstacles over the last few years in my journey to get this surgery. I have remained determined to get it despite being discouraged by all of my friends, family, and even the first few doctors I spoke to about getting the surgery. One even suggested that I seek counseling instead if I am unhappy with my body! So I am writing this review in case there are any other young women out there who are sick of being told that they "should be grateful to have big boobs!" or marginalized because of the stereotypical idea that ALL women want larger chests. I want to tell you all that it's never too early for you to take control of your body if you're unhappy with it and to never give up on your journey because it will work out for you!
My breasts started developing when I was around 11, and by the time I was 13 (in 8th grade) I was about a C cup. It stayed this way until I was about 15 and began taking birth control pills for my heavy periods. I don't know if it was the pills alone or just timing, but in the following few months I had grown to about a DD/DDD. This was when I knew something had to be done because they made me miserable! When I was a smaller size, I loved playing volleyball for my high school and performing with a local theater group. Now, having such large breasts on my 5'10" frame made me mortified to be in the spotlight and made playing a competitive sport impossible. Not to mention the unwanted attention that having such large breasts as a 10th grader will get you by peers. This was when I first spoke to my doctor about getting a breast reduction and was basically laughed out of the office. I quickly realized that no one would take me seriously at such a young age, so I had to forget about the surgery for a while and began binding my breasts down with a thick ace bandage for school to make them less noticeable. Over the last 2 years, they have grown even bigger to about a full F. So my senior year, I decided that, as I would be leaving for college so soon, it was time to get this surgery so that I could start living my life to fullest and I was not taking no for an answer this time. After going to a few consultations and doing tons of research, I finally found the perfect plastic surgeon who never makes me feel like my feelings and reasons for wanting this surgery aren't valid. I couldn't be happier and more trusting in him. After struggling to get my doctors to write letters of recommendation for my application to the insurance company (I'm not kidding when I say they were not very supportive!), I actually got approved! I am hoping that after this surgery I will be a C cup, maybe even leaning on the smaller side of a C. But I'm mostly excited with what I will be able to do after this surgery. There will be so many things that I'll be able to do again! I'm looking so forward to being able to run without being embarrassed, maybe even playing volleyball again on a club team at my college, wearing button-up shirts without having gaping holes, or just being able to walk in public knowing that the first thing people see about me isn't my chest. Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment, so I'm hoping I'll be able to talk to my doctor for the last time before the big day to make sure we're on the same page. I will keep you guys updated as it gets closer!

Pre-op done, 11 more days!

Hi everyone! I had my pre-op appointment the other day and it went well. It was so quick! The nurse just went through everything I needed to know about when to stop eating/drinking the night before, what to wear/not wear the day of, how to shower a few days after, etc. and my doctor came in to see if I had any questions. I read in some reviews that some women had lab work done at their pre-op, but I didn't. I think the hospital where the surgery is being done (it needs to be done at a hospital instead of the Charlotte Plastic Surgery clinic because it's being covered by insurance) will contact me soon to go in for lab work because I haven't given a urine/blood sample and I believe that is required before surgery. But besides that, I'm all set and ready to go! 11 more days!
Also, has anyone tried taking Bromelain (for swelling) or Arnica (for bruising) pills before surgery? I have heard that they greatly reduce your bruising and swelling so I think I will get some and start taking them soon. If you've tried either/both of these, please let me know if they worked for you!

Surgery is in a few hours! Can't wait!

Hi everyone! Since I'm leaving for the hospital in a few hours I figured it's my last chance to upload some before pictures. As much as I never want to see them again, I should keep them so I can compare them after surgery. I'm so excited!

Best thing I have ever done!

Hi everyone! So my surgery was yesterday and I am doing great! I got the hospital 2 hours before my surgery time and the first thing they had me do was pee in a cup so the nurse could do a pregnancy test. Then she checked all my vitals and I changed into the gown. Then she put the IV in, which for me, was the scariest part of the whole surgery. But the nurse gave me a tiny shot of lidocaine (which felt like a pin prick) and I felt absolutely nothing when she put the IV in which was the biggest relief. Then my family was allowed to come back and sit with me until my doctor came back to talk to me and do the markings. After he left, the anesthesiologist came in to see if I had any questions, then the surgery nurses and the nurse anesthetist. Everyone was so nice! The nurse anesthetist then put something (she said she would start it off slowly) in my IV, I said goodbye to my family, and they started wheeling me out. Before I was even completely out of my room, I completely knocked out. I vaguely remember opening my eyes in the operating room and seeing a lot of people moving around and I could see the oxygen mask on my face, but then it was lights out. The next thing I knew, I heard someone saying my name and I opened my eyes. At first, I felt like I had just taken a nap, but then I looked down and realized it was all over. I immediately began sobbing because I was so relieved (and the medication makes you VERY emotional!) It felt like I had to pee so they got me a bed pan to sit on, but they said the sensation I was feeling was from the catheter they had put in for the surgery. Then I felt a burning feeling along the bottom of my breasts where the incisions were and the nurse gave me 2 pain pills (probably oxycodone.) Then she brought me some saltines, ginger ale, and ice chips, which tasted incredible after not being able to eat or drink since midnight the night before. I started feeling extremely nauseous after I started eating so they brought me a bucket, but I never threw up (I have a very strong stomach so I think most people should expect to get sick at least once.) I'm not sure how much time passed because I was SO out of it, but then a nurse helped me into a wheelchair and took me outside to the car where my family was waiting. Then I went home and got in bed immediately. I had been crying since I first woke up after surgery and when I saw how much smaller my chest looked when I took my shirt off, I cried even harder. I knew I'd made the right choice because I'd gotten exactly what I was hoping for. I should also say that a few hours after getting home, my right breast started bleeding a little bit and luckily we had some gauze pads at my house to put in the bra. We called Charlotte Plastic Surgery and spoke with another PS who said this was normal. It stopped bleeding after a few minutes.
So today, I went back to get my tape and gauze replaced. Dr. Daniel and his nurse told me that even while they were operating, they knew that I was going to be thrilled with the result. And I am!! They are absolutely beautiful- I can't believe they're mine! He said that he removed 500g from the right breast and over 500g from the left which totals about 2 1/2 pounds. Right now they are swollen, but I think when the swelling goes down I will be a full C cup. He also said that I have less bruising than usual, which may be just the way I heal or due to the Arnica. Either way, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.
I will keep posting pictures to show how I'm healing! If you have any questions, let me know!

3 days post op

Hi everyone! Today is my 3rd day post surgery and I'm feeling great! My pain hasn't been too bad at all but I've still been taking the oxycodone about 2 times a day to help with the soreness. I haven't even needed to take any today but I probably will take one so I can sleep better.
Also, last night I was able to sleep on my stomach for a few hours! I'm so excited about this because sleeping on my back is really uncomfortable for me but my chest has been too sore the last few days to sleep any other way.
I'm also having quite a lot of this yellow/brown discharge coming out of both sides. It's really frustrating because it's even soaking through the gauze pads that I put inside my bra. It's only coming out of the bottom incisions on both breasts. I'll attach a picture of how much it soaks through my bra. Has anyone else had this happen to them? It doesn't seem like anything to be worried about, but if anyone has had it, please let me know!
Also, my breasts are SO itchy! They're still really really swollen and almost completely numb but I'm constantly having to rub over the incisions and especially on the sides because it's so itchy. Has anyone else experienced this?
Other than that, I'm feeling so good. I'm actually shocked at how good I feel! I'm getting a lot of rest but I'm already feeling well enough to go out to eat, to the movies, etc. - basically anything besides going to the gym or a club LOL. Please let me know if you guys have any questions!
P.S. For anyone about to have this surgery, I would definitely recommend getting a thin or silky robe to wear around the house. It is such a lifesaver because it's comfortable but not constricting, and it's easy to get on and off without having to raise your arms. Definitely get one!

When will I go back to normal?

Hi everyone! I'm 8 days post-op now and I'm doing well. I went for my 1 week visit yesterday and my PS said I'm healing really nicely. However, I've been in a lot of pain today. I'd barely had any pain at all these last few days but today it's pretty bad. I think it might be because yesterday they changed the tape and it irritated the incisions. Hopefully it feels better within the next few days.

Also, yesterday my doctor told me that I won't be able to wear an underwire bra for 6 weeks after surgery. This wasn't really what I wanted to hear, considering I'm moving into college in less than 3 weeks. The surgical bra I'm wearing is comfortable but it has no padding and, combined with the swelling, it makes my boobs look like of weird shaped in t shirts. I'm so excited to go to Victoria's Secret and finally be able to get a cute bra! Can anyone tell me how long it took before they were able to wear an underwire bra? And, if once the swelling went down completely, were they a different size?


Apparently my photos got removed, so I'm uploading them again. Unfortunately, I can't find my before pics now so I can't show how much of a difference the surgery made for me, but trust me, the it's a HUGE difference.

8 months post-op!

WOW! 8 months already! I haven't been on here in such a long time, I had completely forgotten about my review. Anyways, so much has changed since the last time I wrote at 8 days post op. At the time, the 6 weeks post op date seemed like it would last forever and I was eager to get a new underwire bra. However, I think by the time the date rolled around for me to actually begin wearing one again, I had become so used to wearing soft sports bras, lacy bralettes with no padding/wires, or no bra at all that I still to this day barely ever wear one. They're so uncomfortable to me now! And my breasts are small enough now that they basically rest in the same spot with or without a bra on, so what's the point?! I'm so anti-underwire now, it's unbelievable how I used to have to wear such heavy duty bras just to hold them up. If you are considering this surgery, I'm sure bras aren't your best friend, so this is just another plus!
Something else that I wasn't expecting from this surgery, and that I didn't notice until a few months ago, was the change in my nipples. The first thing people ask me when they find out I've had this surgery is, "Do you have any feeling in your nipples?" First, what an unusual, intimate question that is commonly asked by people I don't know very well (be prepared for people to expect you to be the expert on breast reductions). Second, my nipples not only have no numbness, they are actually hypersensitive now. When my breasts were so large, I had barely any feeling in my nipples. Literally almost none. They're very sensitive now to the touch, to cold, etc. which takes some getting used to. The underside of my breasts is still numb in some small spots, but it really is not even noticeable.
A huge concern people have with the surgery is the scarring, which is very valid. The first time I saw my breasts without the tape covering the incision sites, I really questioned whether I did the right thing. Well, now it's been 8 months and they are not a big deal AT ALL. They have long turned white/tan colored, and the longest scar, the that goes along the bottom of each breast, is covered completely by the breast when looking straight on. The least noticeable of the 3 incisions (one circles the nipple, one goes straight down from the nipple to the base of the breast, and one extending along the bottom) is the one going straight down from the nipple, which is the one that I have expected to be the most visible. Everyone heals differently, but PLEASE don't let the fear of the scars be what prevents you from getting this surgery! My life has changed more over these last 8 months than I could have ever imagined. My happiness with this surgery is what gave me the push to get a tummy tuck in December 2015 (5 months after BR) and I finally feel so free. If you had told me 8 months ago that I would feel this good about how I look today, I'm sure I wouldn't have believed it. Of course, I'm not finished with my journey and there's still a ways to go, but I'm so much happier than I was 8 months ago and it has all been worth it. As always, if anyone has ANY questions whatsoever, about the reduction or the tummy tuck, please feel free to comment or message me and I'd be happy to answer!
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