Replaced ~5 y/o 225 silicone mod profile unders with 350 HP gummy bear unders and love them so far!

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I am scheduled for a replacement BA next wk, Aug...

I am scheduled for a replacement BA next wk, Aug 4th. My original BA was done almost 4 1/2 yrs ago with great aesthetic results, just smaller than I wanted. That's the troubling part for me. I have been toying with the idea of going larger, but wasn't really planning on it seriously til about 4 yrs from now. Then I got an email from a very reputable ps saying that they were screening for pts who might qualify for a BA study with a very well known, well respected breast implant company. Ultimately, one would get a $2400 discount. I went in for the consult, not thinking I would qualify, being that I already had implants, but lo and behold, I did. Yes, it's sooner than I thought, but I felt like it was an opportunity not to be missed, so I scheduled the sx. I am excited, as I have known that the nxt pair I would get would def b bigger. But now I am playing devil's advocate in thinking that I may be messing with something already good. All the what ifs of the possible complications are now rising up and making me fearful. The decision would be so much easier if I didn't love the way my current boobs look and feel, just wishing they were larger!! For reference, I am 5'2", 90lbs. I have Mentor Silicone 225 mod profiles in now, scheduled to get HP Sientra 350CC textured. Currently wear full 32B to small 32c . Hoping I'll be full D afterwards. Oh, doesn't help that when I posted my questions to docs on this site about whether or not it's worth the risk, just for a bigger size, majority have said not to, that my breasts look good now, and to leave alone unless I'm terribly dissatisfied. They were not aware of my intentions to go larger in a few yrs anyway, nor were they informed of the study discount. Here is my reasoning to go through with it:
1) I figured to go for it since they would need to be swapped out in the future anyways
2) I'm only getting older, so the younger, the better my body should withstand the surgery
3) The study incentive of 2400 discounted price essentially
4) Have an excellent surgeon
5) Better, more advanced product (gummy bear vs silicone)
Reasons not:
1) Love the look and feel of my breasts now
2) Scared to death of developing capsular contraction, or any other complication
3) Hate/dread the fact that I can't workout for 1-2 months. I am an avid yogi and cardiofunker, addicted actually.
Thanks for listening, I'm just confused at this point and my sx date is 4 days away!!! Each time I call the ps office to get reassurance, I start to feel good again, but then I get a comment from this site's PS's who advise not to do it. Ughh. I am still likely going to go through with the surgery, about 95% sure, but knw that I always have an out ultimately, even if I lose my deposit. Any advice, thoughts?

Post op day 2

I had my implant replacement sx the night of Aug 4th. Unfortunately, my sx was originally scheduled for 4pm, but I did not get taken back til around 7:30. They were running behind schedule. However, the staff did their best to make me comfortable. Apparently, that night, I had difficulty waking up from the anesthesia. I was extremely groggy, husband said he had to force me to get out of the recovery room into the car. I vaguely remember that. Per his report, I said some choice words to him and the nurses for making me get up. All I remember is the extreme pain I had in my chest. I felt like I wanted to tear them out! Once home, he again had a time trying to coax me to move from the car seat and inside my house. (my poor sweet hubby!). What finally did it was the fact that I had to throw up, so I bolted to the bathroom. At least he got me to go inside right? First night was rough, lots of moaning in pain. The next morning, I felt 100% better after eventually falling asleep. I had my follow up appt and my ps said everything looked great. I felt they looked great too. Pain was minimal, esp compared to the night before. Only complaint was swelling and soreness along rib cage areas on both sides. Noticed some bruising there too. Ps said that was normal, and that the swelling would subside. One other odd thing was I could not see anything clearly close up. My near vision was completely blurry, and my pupils were dilated. I did some research on the meds I was taking for the surgery, and discovered that scopolamine patches could cause this as a side effect. I emailed my ps and mentioned the blurred vision. He and his nurse both called me to check in and confirmed that the drug was the most likely culprit of my visual changes, and not to worry. I was able to drive the very next morning after my surgery, and have been running small errands, like to the grocery store and window shopping. Today, I have minimal pain, some periodic sharp twinges, but nothing unbearable. I am only taking extra strength tylenol prn. I do notice this morning that my armpits and and lateral pec ms areas are very sore, like a pulled muscle sore. May be from over doing it with activities (carrying in grocery bags). The girls feel pretty hard still, but I have to remember that they are only 3 days old. Overall, I am very glad I decided to go through with it. I would def had regretted not taking this opportunity to do so. Also, I am so thankful that I came across Dr. Kortesis. I could not have asked for a better ps and staff!!! So pleased!!!

9 days post op

I am feeling almost 85%. They look to have dropped, but my (R) gal is still a bit higher, and seems slightly more medial compared to her sis. : ) I have not taken any pain meds since day 2 post op. Night time is the most uncomfortable, as I wake up from some nipple pain (throbbing), or pulling in my pecs from sleeping with my arms overhead (yikes, they just end up that way). But everything is bearable thus far. I can feel them soften more and more each day. I have almost full range of arms overhead and out to side, but it does pull and feel uncomfortable at the end ranges. My (l) girl is still very tender and a little fuller, esp along the inferior lateral aspect. I am back to most all ADL's, cooking, light cleaning, shopping, light stretches and sit ups w/o arms. I am pleased thus far and can't wait for even more healing to occur. : )

9 days post op

picture to show progress thus far

13 days post op

I am feeling just about 95% back to normal. Sometimes I forget I even had the surgery, but then get reminded by mild twinges of pain/discomfort when I lift my arms up too high, or brush into something accidentally. I am really liking the way things are healing, and feel like this was indeed the right size for me, not too big, but fuller than I was. For my active lifestyle, I think they are just right. Night time is probably when I feel the most discomfort, as the weight shift of the implants is a bit uncomfortable. The morning is also toughest. I do feel some (L) nipple pain with deep breathing , but only when I'm flat on my back. Maybe it's the stitches pulling from the areolar incision. I have some numbness along the lateral border of my (R) areola, about the size of a quarter. Hopefully feeling will return. Otherwise, I'm a happy camper thus far. Looking forward to things getting better with each day! : )

2 1/2 wk follow up visit with ps

Had my 2 1/2 wk follow up visit yesterday. My PS and nurse both were extremely pleased with how the girls were looking and healing. Tape is off, and the incision looks great! Upon deep scrutiny, I feel like my (l) is slightly bigger, fuller, and more lateral than my right. However, they did not see these asymmetries. My husband says I'm being ultra picky, I guess I am. Overall, I do love the results and could not be happier! Still can't say enough great things about my PS and his staff, they are top notch!!! As for the girls, they truly are the perfect size for me. I was cleared for any activity within tolerance, with the exception of swimming and hot tubs for another 2-3 wks. Other than that, I just need to apply scar cream over my incision, or the silicone strips. I was also cleared to wear whatever type of bra I'd like, even underwires. I was totally surprised by this, but my PS said at this point, my breasts will not shift and will be just fine to tolerate any bra, or even no bra. Wow! Still wearing sports bra most of time, mainly because I'm a scaredy cat and afraid it's still too early. Maybe it's because it's the second time around that the progression of things is quicker in terms of return to "normal" activities? Guess I shouldn't complain and enjoy the freedom! : ) WIll try to take pics later.

post op 3 weeks

I continue to feel great. Wearing coobie bra during day still, and sleeping every other night without anything, feels great. I am pretty much doing everything in terms of daily activities, but am still not working out (yoga and cardiofunk). Just doing mild stretches at night. Still al little concerned about one of my nipples appearing larger than the other, and one of the breasts looking a little off-round, not as full as the other. Maybe I am being way too picky, but I never noticed such things after my first BA. Both healed at the same rate. There is more bruising around the (R) areola, near the incision, so maybe that's causing the size difference. Anyhow, I had fun trying on an old swim top today. Seem to be the same size in bras and swimwear, just filling them up better. I am fitting a 32c currently.

3rd time's a charm!! : )

So after my second BA, about 2 yrs ago, I began to notice quite early in the healing process, once the swelling went down, that my (R) breast was sitting up higher than the left. It also was slightly firmer to touch, and didn't seem as relaxed as the (L). I also developed a very apparent traction ripple along the medial border of it. Both the asymmetry and the traction ripple really bothered me and each time I mentioned it to my PS in follow up visits, he always so generously offered to fix both anytime I was ready. It took me two years, but I finally got to the point where it bothered me enough to do something about it. So, despite not wanting to go through another surgery, and especially risking some other complication, or making it worse, as there are no guarantees with any surgical outcome, I went ahead and got the revision on my (R) breast. My PS ended up doing a capsulotomy on the right side. I am thrilled with the results and am sooooo glad I went through with it!!!! The recovery was sooo much better than the BA's, and I cannot thank my surgeon enough for being patient with me, and also for taking care of me. Just wanted to share my story and share how incredibly thankful I am to Dr. Kortesis! I will post pics later of how they look status post 3 weeks from revision (Capsulotomy).

Pics 3 weeks post (r) capsulotomy

Here r my pics. The breast with the mole is the one which required the capsulotomy due to being too high on my chest wall.

Comparison pic

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is really known in our area as one of the top ps's. He is especially known for doing a fantastic job on breasts. He instills a very good feeling when I speak with him, extremely confident and ensures that I will love my results, that he'll take care of me 100%. I know I/m in the best hands. Office is just as fantastic. Lots of staff have been through the surgery too, so can relate to all the fears and anxieties. They also are so prompt in returning my calls, never make me feel like I'm a burden or bothersome, and I've called many times with lots of questions.

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