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After breastfeeding triplets - my breasts are in...

After breastfeeding triplets - my breasts are in need of a makeover. I have always been relatively small chested (34C) but after breastfeeding and getting into strength training in the last couple years, I am a deflated 34B and one side is much smaller than the other. I'm going to have a lollipop lift plus Natrelle Mod+ in the 400-500cc range on May 11, 2016. Thrilled to have the opportunity to have this done.

Thinking about whether or not I need/want a lift

I keep thinking about if I really need a breast lift. It adds $1000 to the cost of my BA since it is slight. I had a c-section in 2013 and my scar from it is completely flat and light, so I'm sure the lift scar wouldn't look terrible either. My surgery date is May 11 so I'm at the anxious stage where I am second guessing my decisions. Here are some more before photos. Anyone have any more thoughts?

Wish pics!

Just printed some wish photos for my pre-op next week. Getting excited!

Playing with rice sizers 443ccs

How accurate is this? I made these rice sizers at home just for fun, and because I'm getting excited :-) one week to go! Pre op on Friday.

Pre-op done, excitement and weight gain

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday and it all went well. I feel really comfortable with Dr. Daniel and his abilities. We decided on Natrelle Moderate Plus 421ccs on my smaller side and around 397ccs on my larger. My incision will be peri-areolar and if the implants don't fill me out enough, he will do a small vertical lift. I'm comfortable with that plan. I stopped by Nordstrom on my way out to get a jersey bra in size large (yay!) for a few weeks post op. We will be driving down to Charlotte Wednesday morning and my surgery starts at noon. I stepped on the scale this morning and I have gained 3 pounds - whoops. I stopped lifting my chest a week ago to make sure I wouldn't have stressed muscles for my surgery. I'm still eating like I strength train everyday, I need to stop that :-) The hardest part for me is going to be missing the gym for a bit, it is my therapy.

I made it - I have boobies!

I officially have boobies as of yesterday. I didn't end up getting a vertical lift as I thought I might, only a slight doughnut lift to position the areolas symmetrically. SO happy about that. I got 375ccs and 445ccs Natrelle Inspira Moderate Profile and they look amazing! I could not be more thrilled with my results. We had a two hour drive home today and it was easy, I'm not in too much pain at all. I keep waiting for more pain, I definitely expected this to be worse. The hardest part is hiding from my three kiddos.

Feeling great - post op day 3

I am just over the moon thrilled with my results. My pain has been minimal. I would say at most 4 on a scale of 1-10 and that didn't last very long. I guess I got lucky!

6 days post op - mod profile perfection

I could not be happier. I know I say this in every review update, but it's true. I haven't had the strong pain meds since 3 days post op, I still take Tylenol maybe once a day. I kept waiting for "pain" but I never really got any. It's all about perspective though I guess, I did deliver three five pound babies on the same day via c section :-) Now that was pain. So anyway, I am headed back to an appointment with my PS tomorrow. Moderate profile was an excellent choice for me. I love that I am able to "hide" them in regular clothes or play them up if I want to. 375ccs/445ccs Natrelle Inspira Mods

9 days post op and my first swim top

So we are traveling next week to a resort and even though I know I can't swim, I needed a cute top for the pool. Just a cheapie from Target, size large :-) That was a fun purchase!

2.5 weeks post op - progress and scars

Well it has been 2.5 weeks now and I'm feeling great. I'm sleeping on my side now with a body pillow pressed against my chest and I'm comfortable. They're finally starting to feel softer and more natural. I am taking the scar tape off every 3 days now and using Skin Medica gel over the tape. The first time I took the tape off I felt so nauseous. I don't like seeing my nipples cut. I could never work in the medical field! I am very happy with how they are progressing. I picked up a cute bralette in the mall this week for $9 - and it is one size fits all. It wouldn't have fit me a couple weeks ago I promise you :-) I can't wait to get sized in a few weeks.

375/445ccs Natrelle Inspira Moderate

Happy one month and thoughts on exercise and my wish pics

I'm one month post op today! They say 6 weeks off before exercise, but I don't think there is any way I'll be ready in 2w! Not the kind of training im used to, anyway. I'm going to start back with spin classes.

Check out the collage I made with my fave wish pic - I think Dr. Daniel really did a nice job :-)

32 TRIPLE D - and first day back in the gym.

Well, I'm 6 weeks post op this week. So I went to Nordstrom and had someone measure me. I am a 32DDD! I don't feel like they look that big on me, since I'm 5'10. Also hit the gym for the first time today for a 1 hour strength training class. I had to modify a few things and I obviously can't to pull ups or push ups yet, but I'll get there! In the six weeks I had off I have gained 5 total pounds, two of which are definitely boobs :)

13 weeks post op - best decision ever

Haven't updated in awhile, feeling awesome about my decision to have a breast aug. as you can see by my photos, my scars look fantastic for a lift!

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