29yr Old, 5'9,130lbs C Cup,No kids,OVERS,Charlotte, NC

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Through out my early 20s I always had a b cup, ...

Through out my early 20s I always had a b cup, growing into a 32 C by my mid and now late 20s. I've always had hips and a butt(wearing med to large panties and bikini bottoms) and wearing XSmall or small tops. I've been thinking for years about going fuller up top just to fill out clothing and feel a little better naked.
I'm seeing Dr. Daniel at Charlotte Plastic surgery. He recommended about a 450cc silicone OVER the muscle. He said due to the amount of breast tissue I have, that he feels it would give me the look I want to achieve. My surgery date is Oct. 6th.
If anyone has any advice on over the muscle implants that would be great because I feel nervous about them looking too fake, rippling, and cc.

Wish boobs and fitness

Over the past 2years I put on 15 pounds. I had a ton of personal stuff going on including the break up of a long term relationship and the unexpected deaths of 2 immediate family members. So I want this to be a whole journey of getting back on the right path. I'm right now between 130-135. My goal is the get back to at least 125 by surgery in October.
These are my wish boobs. I think they would give me a nice fuller shape. Any thoughts?

Having doubts about getting my breasts done

I know it's normal to have doubts about the unknown. But they just keep swirling around in my head. Like, should I just be grateful for what I have. What if I miss my natural boobs. Am I up for a life time commitment? What if something goes wrong ?
I can't tell if I'm just scared or if it's not for me. Is anyone else struggling with this or have any advice?

Pre op all done. 450 overs.

Went yesterday for my pre op. Decided on 450 cc silicone gel overs. Although the day of that may change during surgery. Got my prescriptions and now just trying to prepare myself for the big day. 2 weeks from today. Feeling excited but also overwhelmed and really scared. I've never had surgery before or been put to sleep. I'm also trying to get together a check list of things I need before the surgery. If anyone has any words of encouragement or advice to help calm my nerves that would be appreciated.

Day of surgery !

Morning of surgery. A little nervous and scared but excited. Have to be in a 9 for surgery at 10am. Wish me luck !

Surgery all done!

Oh my god. I've had such a wonderful experience so far. Dr. Daniel and his staff could not have been more comforting and amazing. His nurses talked me through every step because they knew I was nervous.
Dr. Daniel ended up doing about 400 cc over the muscle instead of 450. He said once he got the 450 in it just looked too top heavy and that the 400 was perfect.
I woke up with no nausea what so ever. And no pain. I finished up and was heading to my hotel by 12pm. It's almost 5 now and I'm still not having hardly any pain at all. I'll update you guys tomorrow after my post op check and post a couple pictures.

Boob greed?

Haha is it possible to have boob greed on the first day? Lol. I'm sure they'll be perfectly fine. And I do trust in my Dr. when he said 450 cc was too big. I guess I didn't expect to hear that we didn't go as big as discussed. Although I did tell him when he got in there to use his best judgement. Just nervous about it. We'll see.

High and tight

So my Dr. said everything was looking good. He did 405 cc silicone over the muscle. They are high and tight right now. Became pretty sore the day after surgery and still sore unless I take my meds. Which I assume is normal. Can't wait for them to relax some and start to drop and look like normal boobs.

Emotional Roller coaster.

I'm 5 days post op. This has had been such an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm excited about how my breasts are going to be when I'm healed and the next I feel devastated that I did this to myself. At 5 days post I still feel like I have these weird half numb balls stuck to my chest. Will these implants ever feel like mine ? I'm finally getting to where I can do more and not just sleep all day but it still feels weird and uncomfortable. I just want to feel normal again and it's getting to me. Having "boobie blues" I guess.

8 days post op and emotions.

So I'm 8 days post op. Had my week check up yesterday. Dr said everything was looking exactly how it should at this point. Still high and tight. Little swollen still. He told me not to massage them right now because he wanted the pockets to heal all the way first.
Thank you to every one who commented on my last post. It's been an emotional week. And it really helped me to find a little comfort in knowing I'm not alone. This is emotionally harder than I imagined. I still have moments when i question the decision I've made. They still feel uncomfortable, still painful although It's getting better.
I'm a little worried about the size. I'm scared we went a little too big. Maybe I'm just getting used to them ? Idk. I hope when they are all settled that they're a little smaller than they are now. My boyfriend said he thinks they look really awesome so far. But maybe he's being nice ? Anyway, here they are 8 days after

12 days out and feeling better

This has been a bumpy ride. But I'm finally 12 days post off and feeling more normal. It happened between 9-10 days post op that I finally started feeling better and it's getting better every day. My chest still feels weird and I can't sleep on my side or anything yet but I mentally feel so much better. I'm off all pain killers including Tylenol. I can actually go out and do things with out feeling exhausted. My breasts are starting to get softer and take more shape. Still hoping when they go down that they are a little smaller. Gonna post a couple pics. Don't mind my fake tan line, I wore a bra over my boobs so I wouldn't get spray tan on them while they're healing.

One month.

My one month check up was this week and my Dr said everything was looking exactly how it should be. No complications in sight so far. I'm so grateful and feeling blessed. They are starting to feel more like they're apart of me. Still a little strange. And my right boob is still half numb which my Dr said was normal at this stage. They are softening up quite a bit and jiggling too! I can't sleep on my sides yet bc it isn't comfortable but hopefully we'll get there in a couple of weeks. I'm clear to start working out again and he said I could get sized for new bras at 6 weeks and can start wearing under wire bras again then as well. I was going to do a before and after with my red bikini top I wore in my before pictures but it doesn't even come close to fitting anymore. But here they are, they seem to be dropping nicely.


Just figured I'd also show my scars incase anyone needs a possible reference. These are about 4 weeks post op. Red and have a layer of scabbing on them still. Using a scar gel every day that my Dr have me. I also use olive oil on them after showers to help too.

7 weeks update.

Hello all! So I'm two days shy of 7 weeks so I thought I would update bc a lot has changed. No more morning boob. It just kinda happened at some point between 4 weeks and now but I'm actually not sure when. I just noticed one day that it hadn't been hurting getting up after long periods of time. I can now almost completely sleep on my sides. They start aching some after a few hours but over all that's improving. On the down side, just this week I noticed a few stretch marks comes up on my right breast. I've been applying lotion and vit e oil every day but it got me anyway. I'll keep applying and hope it fades. I'm having trouble find bras that fit my new boobs right. It's like the implants just don't want to fit into a bra the way my natural breasts did. So if anyone has any recommendations that would be great! I think they look really natural over all. Wondering if I should have went a little bigger. Not sure?

4 months post op

Hi guys. Been a while since I've posted. I was debating even posting because I have such mixed feelings 4 months out. They have definitely fallen into place. Looking back at my post op pictures, I was happier with them about 2 months out then 4months. At 4 months they look saggy to me. When I look at my before and after photos, my chest looks like it aged 10 years. So I've been feeling quite down. And my right boob seems to be taking a different shape on it's own. I'm also dealing with several stretch marks. But I am having them lasered at my plastic surgeon office.
I'm not super happy with my results right now. I wanted them higher up and rounder. I'm going to discuss this with my plastic surgeon on Tuesday. And to also ask why my right boobs seems to be dropping more than the left. I can also feel the implant under the right crease. So I'm nervous about possible bottoming out there. I'll update every one after the dr visit. Been trying not to stress but it's been a big burdon on my heart.

Breast revision 5/19/17

Hey all. So, I went in back in march to talk to my Dr. about my breasts. I expressed to him that I was not happy with the way they came out. I told him I felt like they were saggy and aged my body. And the most important, they were uncomfortable. At the end of our conversation we decided that I should get a second opinion from another dr at the practice just to see what he thought about everything.
So that's what I did and decided to make my revision with the new Dr.
He expressed to me that my implants were just too big. And he recommended going to 250cc. We also discussed high profile since I do like the look of rounder breasts but we haven't decided on that yet. We're going to discuss that more on pre op day. Here are my breasts now with 405cc. Cannot wait to get these switched out to a smaller size. Because my waist is so small, these 405 breasts make it almost impossible to find tips and dresses that will fit my waist and chest.

3 weeks post breast revision

Hi all. I went in May 19th for a breast revision. We went 260cc instead of 405cc. I'm so much happier already. The size is about a cup smaller so far and they feel so much lighter. Like I don't even have implants in. I did see another surgeon than the first dr. I had.
These are my 260s so far. There's absolutely no sagging so far from the previous larger implants. We'll see.

Fuller body pic

Just wanted to show more of a fuller body shot with the 260cc moderate profile overs.
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