29yr Old, 5'9,130lbs C Cup,No kids,OVERS,Charlotte, NC

Through out my early 20s I always had a b cup, ...

Through out my early 20s I always had a b cup, growing into a 32 C by my mid and now late 20s. I've always had hips and a butt(wearing med to large panties and bikini bottoms) and wearing XSmall or small tops. I've been thinking for years about going fuller up top just to fill out clothing and feel a little better naked.
I'm seeing Dr. Daniel at Charlotte Plastic surgery. He recommended about a 450cc silicone OVER the muscle. He said due to the amount of breast tissue I have, that he feels it would give me the look I want to achieve. My surgery date is Oct. 6th.
If anyone has any advice on over the muscle implants that would be great because I feel nervous about them looking too fake, rippling, and cc.

Wish boobs and fitness

Over the past 2years I put on 15 pounds. I had a ton of personal stuff going on including the break up of a long term relationship and the unexpected deaths of 2 immediate family members. So I want this to be a whole journey of getting back on the right path. I'm right now between 130-135. My goal is the get back to at least 125 by surgery in October.
These are my wish boobs. I think they would give me a nice fuller shape. Any thoughts?

Having doubts about getting my breasts done

I know it's normal to have doubts about the unknown. But they just keep swirling around in my head. Like, should I just be grateful for what I have. What if I miss my natural boobs. Am I up for a life time commitment? What if something goes wrong ?
I can't tell if I'm just scared or if it's not for me. Is anyone else struggling with this or have any advice?

Pre op all done. 450 overs.

Went yesterday for my pre op. Decided on 450 cc silicone gel overs. Although the day of that may change during surgery. Got my prescriptions and now just trying to prepare myself for the big day. 2 weeks from today. Feeling excited but also overwhelmed and really scared. I've never had surgery before or been put to sleep. I'm also trying to get together a check list of things I need before the surgery. If anyone has any words of encouragement or advice to help calm my nerves that would be appreciated.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

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