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Ok so I have my surgery on Monday I am super...

Ok so I have my surgery on Monday I am super nervous. I have wanted this for a very long time. I have 1 child I breast fed with I just never had any boobs to begin with so the didn't change much only my nipple got a little larger. The doctor is doing 375 to 425 silicone I'm hopping to be a full d cup right now I'm a A cup. I am absolutely terrified I feel like I have done alot of research but feel like I know absolutely nothing I have my prescriptions filled but haven't done or got anything else my mom will be around to help with my daughter the first few days... any tips or advice?


So tomm morning is my sugery and I am super nervous. Gotta be there at 6:30 it's about a hour drive. Wish me luck I'm excited. My wish boobs are a size full d idk if I said that in my last post anyways ima try to get some sleep if I can!

New boobs

So far I'm in love ended up with 400 cc they couldn't fit any bigger. I am very happy and can't wait to see how the new me will look like


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Is it just me?

I wanted to be a full d cup but I feel like I'm verly maybe a c cup what do you ladies think?

6 week update

I got sized at 34dd I'm sooo happy with my results still waiting on my left breast to drop some. I am happy with the size they are and so far I have no regrets. Recovery was easy I was expecting it to be alot more rough. Just hoping the left drops soon bc right now with out a bra they look so diffrent in size!


So my doctor believes I have a capsular contracture I have a revision scheduled for Oct 26th I'm so disappointed right now I love having bigger boobs but now starting to regret it.
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