19 Years Old, Want Some Boobies! 32B and Want 32D or 32DD Charlotte, NC

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I am a 32B right now and really wanna go bigger....

i am a 32B right now and really wanna go bigger. I'm tired of wearing bombshells and push up bikinis! I tell me hubby if i get them i will feel way more comfortable with my self and can wear no bra with my lingerie! Can't wait till that! Just need to find the right size and CC's. i have had no kids also. i have researched the doctor I might use. he has done all the boobies of the girls i work with and they look really good. I want to get them done asap and by Halloween. My girlfriend just got hers done and they look great and she was out and about the SAME day and was wearing a regular bra and shirt then next day. i CAN'T WAIT!!!! I have been wanting boobies for a while now.

got a consult

well today i got a consult and I'm going up to Huntersville to see Dr.Nowicky on Monday at 2. I'm excited for my first consult ever! I'm actually kinda of nervous. My boyfriend will be there with me so that helps a lot. I have found more wish boobies and decided i want to go between 450-500 cc's. just need to see what the doctor says. I still want to go see another doctor that all my friends have seen and got them done at. so excited!!!!

wish boobies

whoops. forgot a few before i pressed update.

booked consultations!!

booked consultations
9/8 2:00 Dr. David Nowicky
9/15 2:15 Dr. Daniel Ness

soo excited!!! i did the rice thing today and put 420ccs in them.. they look good but i think i want bigger honestly. i found out i dont think i can get silicone boobies now. ill just have to see what my doctors say. i cant wait! i have a week till my consult!!:)

consult was today

well my consult today went well. i had to wait like an hour in a half because Dr.Nowicky was running behind. when we finally got in there the doctor was rushing me into making a decision. i want 450 but he kept insisting on 400cc but when i finally put on the 450cc we both really liked it. i will have to get 450 in one but like 420 in the other. i have another consult next Monday at the same place but different doctor and i can make an appointment as soon as the next thursday. So ecited. so im going for DD and im going to love it

All pre op pictures

All pre op pictures I'm posting right now are bikinis I hope to wear after my boobies and look WAY better!!!(:

My next consult is tomorrow with Dr.Ness! I'm so excited. He's such a big doctor here in Charlotte. I'll let you know tomorrow how everything goes and what date we settle for!!


Well the date is set to 9/23! A week from today! Holy crap I'm happy!!! I'm so excited! I have my pre-op tomorrow. I'm going with 400 in my right and 440 in my left saliene under the muscle and under where the crease is. I already went and bought a sports bra and a easy open in the front. I took some before pictures too. I also asked my ps about my tongue ring. They said it was completely fine if I had a plastic one in. I'm SO excited! Omg!! It's almost time! One week! I took some pre op pictures!!(: also worked this weekend at fight lab(: something to pass the time! I love gogo dancing! I hope my boobies don't interfere and won't keep me down for long!

Surgury is in a week

Surgury is I a week and I'm so excited!!! Girl at the front desk have me a new since they don't give you one after. I took a before picture in it. I'm so scared but I can't wait (: boyfriend is really really happy and he can't wait!

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day and I'm really nervous. Haven't been able to sleep and been having the worst mood swings! I guess because I haven't had surgery but bf keeps telling me I'll be fine so makes me feel a little better. I think me getting boobies hasn't quite hit me yet we'll probably till tonight when I'm trying to go to sleep. But 7 am tomorrow morning(: doctor said I'll be out by 10!:)

Went shopping

Went shopping the other day online and got a few things for my boo! It will look so good when I actually have boobies!!! He well and I will LOVE it!!! Also got a too I'll be gogo dancing in since I can't wear underwire. Since I can't dance this weekend I'm thinking about heading to West Virginia with my boo to see one of his friends. Can't wait (:

Not happy

Well it's been almost a year since I have updated this. I got my boobs done September 23rd. Honestly I have been waiting and waiting but, I have decided I want them redone. I got 400 cc in the right and 420 cc in the left. I got saline and under the muscle. I do NOT like them... One they dropped a little more than they were suppose to. I have a consult Monday to look at my options with getting them redone or anything else. They aren't as big as I want so what I'm thinking is either going one size up with silicone. I want the more fake look. They look very very natural. I have plenty of people that come up and ask if they are real. I think they hang a little more then I want them too. I'll post some pictures from when I got them done and till now.

As of today

This is what they look like today and I'm not happy. I want them bigger and lifted... I never had a problem with them not being perky and now they aren't as perky so I want silicone and the more fake look.
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