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I had been thinking about a smaller and flatter...

I had been thinking about a smaller and flatter tummy for a few years now. I have 2 kids and really missed my body. I am 5'8 at 140 lbs. My tummy was the only thing that didn't match. I have been very lean and muscular up until a year ago when I'd just given up on diet and exercise. Since then, I have been able to maintain my weight but have lost muscle definition. My husband has been very supportive and excited to see me happy and more confident.

I am now 5 weeks post op. I'm walking completely upright since 3 weeks and just feel out of shape. I still tire easily. I returned to work at 2 weeks and did rather well (desk job). The hardest part was the long distance walking from the parking lot and to meetings. I would say about a mile a day.

I have an appointment in another week. I expect to start scar therapy and to discuss the look of my belly button. I'm actually getting use to it and I want to lighten it to be closer to my skin completion. Also I want to make sure it lays flat to my skin. Right now there are 2 areas on my belly button that puff out. Not a really big deal. I still have 1 very small area of my scar that is not completely healed, so hopefully it will be so that I can take baths and go swimming. I am also ready to exercise and strengthen my muscles again. I'm walking every day but I really want to do more. Yoga! I really miss it.

Alright...Swelling. This is the most talked about topic that I've noticed. My swelling is very minimal. It's no longer uncomfortable and I'm okay with it. Usually happens mid day and after a little rest, it usually goes down in an hour or so. I'm not taking or eating anything special for the swelling to not occur. I stopped wearing a control garment at 4 weeks. I'm sleeping all kinds of crazy ways and no longer limited to the back. Sex is a win win as long as my husband and I take it easy. Didn't try until a few days ago.

The pics are 5 weeks po. I will post some before pics after my next appointment (I didn't take any and my ps has a few).

6 Weeks PO

All is going well. Swelling is still minimal. Looks like the last area on my incision is healing completely. I have started rubbing my incision with vitamin E ointment to keep it moisturized and loosen the skin. I'm still numb in the middle of my incision about 3 inches across and from my belly button down.

I went to get my usual sugaring, sphinx and underarms. It was the usual pain and I asked the aesthetician to not remove hair that was really close to the incision. I may tweeze it over the weekend. So worth not having to shaved and the hair grow back beastly and itching. Great investment. Google it ladies.

I'm still hesitant about purchasing new clothes, panties and bathing suits. I want to give it some more time before I splurge.

I'm really accepting my belly button and now I'm thinking it's kind of cute and definitely unique. Still looking forward to baths and yoga. Next week I'm hopeful to reach those milestones.

You all have a fabulous weekend and happy healing to those who just had their procedures.

Happy Beach Day!

My family and I went to the beach this morning and I had my big reveal to the public. I wore a bikini from about 6 years ago and felt really confident and good. I'm so use to pulling my tummy in that I forgot that I didn't have to anymore. I also was able to do about 15 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes walking before we left for the beach. I'm still feeling really good and so excited for progress.

7 Week PO Follow Up Appt

Hey hey! Yesterday I had my follow up appointment and I am no longer under any restrictions. I can swim, run, lift weights, get my yoga on, and absolutely whatever.

My incision looks great and the staff were all shocked at how well I'm doing. The area that's taking the longest to heal is because there's a stitch there that hasn't pushed itself out. I passed on him digging it out and will wait until it works out on it's own. They could tell that I'm getting around as normal and better than most.

My belly button...my doctor wants me to continue putting a marble in there and wants to see if there's progress by my next appointment in October. He believes it will be fine and I trust him.

He also stated that I have a very very small dog ear on my right side which will go away on its own. I hadn't even noticed it.

My before pictures were printed and placed in my profile at the office and I was only able to get a black and white version which I don't think is worth posting. I'll try to sift through old pictures and find my big belly, which I seriously don't miss.

Happy recovery to you all and thanks to you ladies on your advice on my belly button.

12 Week PO Update

Hey ladies! Just a quick update and a photo. I'm feeling really good and at 100%.

I'm working out about 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes each and have stuck to very clean eating habits. I have lost about 8 lbs since my surgery (size 10 to 6 now) Ab exercises are still a little difficult but I'm repping up every ab workout. Burpees and planks are the hardest but I do them anyway. My left side hurts more than the right but subsides after a day.

My belly button is still not exactly what I I visioned and I'm waiting to see what's to happen by my Oct dr visit. Only thing I really want is that the stitch line no longer shows. I'm ok with the bubbles.

I'm still numb from belly button down to incision. I've read that it's normal to never regain feeling there and I'm okay with that. I'm rubbing vitamin E over my incision every other day and it looks really good. Very thin and lays really flat. I still have a minor dog ear on the right side so I rub it all the time.

Happy healing to you all !!
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

I really liked his staff and his casual attitude. He was very confident with what he could do with my tummy. I felt very comfortable with his knowledge and experience. His practice seemed to be very private which I really appreciated.

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