44 Yr Old Mom of 5 (2 C-sections) - Charleston, SC

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After five kids and two c-sections I was in dire...

After five kids and two c-sections I was in dire need of a tummy tuck! Finally got my insurance company to approve it! I am about a month away from my procedure and I am so excited!!! At 5'4" and 180lbs, this procedure will only enhance my naturally curvy body and boost my self esteem.
I visited this site often and finally decided to join today. I look forward to sharing my journey and hopefully help someone else through their journey as this site has done for me. August 12th....here I come, new body, new and improved me! Here are pics of what I look like now ( whew)..... I'm considering having my upper back done as well but will wait to see the results of the tummy tuck first.

The Countdown

TT surgery is 22 days away and the nervousness is starting to creep up on me. I will be home alone this week and this site will be my best friend! So, I lost two pounds (wasn't really trying to) and decided I will consciously try to lose another 10 before my surgery on August 12th. I'm so excited, but nervous at the same time!

I'm Ready!!!

Just about 11 more days and I will be on the flat side.....yay!!!! Pre-op appointment on Monday and it's about to get real!

Getting Closer!!!

7 days away.....had my pre op appointment today and it is really starting to sink in. Got my prescriptions filled (Percocet, me flex and flexiril) purchased my arnica (gel and pill) bromelain pills and just a few more things to get before I embark on this adventure. Looking to rent a hospital bed or recliner and purchase my compression garments. I can do this!!!!!

Getting closer....

That would be keflex......not me flex.....stupid auto correct.......ughhhh!!!

I'm finally on the flat side

Had my TT day before yesterday.....all is well. The Dr. Let me look at it yesterday and it looks awesome! Next step, remove drains.

I did it??

Got m TT done and looks fabulous! Pain I minimal and I walk straight.

Some good meds!!!

As you can see from my last post, I was on some good medicine! It's day four and feeling mighty fine. No pain at all!!

Three Weeks Post-Op

Today is three weeks since my surgery. All is going well except I have a bulge under my left breast. Thankfully, I have an appointment with the PS in Thursday...hopefully it is just a seroma and I didn't tear anything. I have been extra cautious but moving around quite a bit.
Not happy with the swelling in the v jay jay area but I know that comes with it all. I am super excited that I can now wear a size small summer dress after coming from a medium or large. Here are some three weeks post pics!!
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