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I was overweight before I had my child. After a...

I was overweight before I had my child. After a very difficult c-section and birth, I lost a lot of weight and got very fit, but could do nothing about the "love handles", extra skin or the stretch marks that remained. I have always been very subconscious about them. I have also always wanted larger breasts that were more proportionate to my body. I have wanted to do this for a long time and finally get the chance to feel more confident in my body! Thanks to the wonderful people on this site and a lot of research, I know what to expect and chose Dr. Schimpf for my surgery. He is pretty confident that most of the stretch marks and scars will be gone and that my breasts will look very good on me:) I am both nervous and excited about tomorrow and am ready to get this done! I will be doing a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction of the flanks, and a BA with 450cc high profile saline under the muscle. I will definitely post how everything goes, as well as after pics.

5 Days Post Op

I'm very sore and swollen right now, but from what I can see so far, it looks like Dr. schimpf's reputation is right on the money. I'm very excited at the thought of the final results.
I've been having an extraordinary amount of bruising, including the genitals and a lot of low blood pressure. I've had to take my garment off several times for a while to prevent passing out. Besides that, it has not been horrible dealing with the surgery. The office was really good about getting me a script for nausea and a refill for my pain meds. They are very kind and considerate in his office
I ended up with 420cc instead of 450, but I think they look good. I'm not sure why it changed since I was so out of it after surgery, but I'll ask at my follow up apt tomorrow.
I have 1 drain and there is barely any drainage coming out. I have a feeling they may take away the drain tomorrow. Everything seems to be going well and on schedule.

1Week Post Op Apt Today

Everything went well at the office. Everything looks good and is healing well. My drain came out today! Woohoo! Going to try to sleep in the bed tonight. We'll see how it goes. I am still extremely swollen right now, but can't tell you how amazing it is to look at my tummy and see all those scars and stretch marks gone. I'm very happy with the way everything has gone with the surgery and the care from Dr. Schimpf's office. I would recommend them to anyone.

A little better each day

Still hurting quite a bit and very swollen, but things seem to get slightly better each day. Im still taking meds and am extremely limited in what I can do. I'm seeing signs of what is coming, and I am very happy.

Feeling Down Today

So, I am having a negative day. I am second guessing things and noticing flaws. It's hard to know what may be a mistake or what is from swelling or whatever. I think the best thing for me to do may be to withhold my review of my tummy tuck until at least a couple months have gone by. Has anyone ever noticed that their belly button is off center or that is has taken a strange shape, when you have seen your ps's work on others and it didn't seem that way at this point? How about the flanks being lipo'd but look totally different and the skin at the ends of the scars looking very wrinkly and not smooth like the rest of the scar? I just don't know what to expect at this point. And then I put on 1 of my bikini bottoms tonight and realized all my suits will show my scar. I should have never done that today. I am feeling so depressed and upset today. And I am so swollen and hurting right now. I wish I could just jump ahead and see if I have anything to worry about and if this is worth it. Sorry to be negative, but I am just tired of everything right now.


Fluid Drained, Feeling So a Much Better!

I went and saw the Dr. yesterday because I've been feeling pretty rough. I had swollen so much, and my incision was starting to leak and was so sore. He had me come in so he could check me out and make sure I was ok. He really does take good care of his patients. He found some fluid and drained it. Talk about relief! I feel do much more positive now and feel like I can breathe again! Amazing how much difference it made. Dr. Schimpf said that I am healing very nicely and everything looks good. Very good day!


My abdomen has continued to drain on it's own which is good. Unfortunately, where it was draining opened up, along with another place along my incision. Apparently this can happen in some cases with a tt. The doctor doesn't seem concerned and has me packing the big wound with gauze several times a day and keeping it covered. I'm sad about not healing well and having complications and that most likely this will lead to some revision work down the road. But right now it is so sore and is so rough that I am just wanting it to heal. I included a pic. If you have a weak tummy, spare yourself. It is quite ugly.

5 Weeks and Still Trying Hard to Heal

I saw the dr on Wed. He said the tissue looks healthy in my wounds and to keep packing them and eventually they will heal from inside out and that I'm doing things right. Unfortunately, my drainage is hindering the healing process somewhat. Hopefully it will stop soon. It is still very painful and gross, and Im ready to get past it. Fortunately, I have a good support group who are being quite patient with my moods right now. Lol. Thanks to everyone on here who has given me helpful advice. I am very thankful for it:) All the other healing seems to be going well for the most part. I did wake up this morning with the side of my left breast being extremely sore. I'm not really sure what I did. This is the first time I can really remember them bothering me, with the exception of the first week after surgery. Hopefully I just moved wrong or something and maybe made it tender for the day. I'm sure it happens in the beginning. Btw, I just want to say I can not wait to be able to sleep on my side again! I really miss it!!

Week 7 Update

Almost to 2 months. Still feeling really swollen everyday, and still waiting for my wounds at my incision to heal. My skin is raw from having to use tape. I really hope after all this pain and money that I don't end up with that skin being messed up from having to use that tape. I'm using silicone strips on my parts of the incision that are closed and healing good and hoping that helps to make it look better. I've got a lot of puffiness around it and some wrinkles, but since I'm swollen it's hard to tell what is causing it. I think I may have to have some revision done, especially on my left side. I'm also hoping to see more improvement in my flanks where they did Lipo since they are still not looking good. Hoping when everything is over, I will finally have some curving in in that area and less straightness or lumpiness, so it finally looks like I have nice hips and a rear, and not a square shape! That's how it's supposed to end up anyhow. I told them how I wanted it, and they said they'd do Lipo of Flanks to make it look good. So I pray it does.
My left breast has turned out beautifully, but my right still looks a little odd and is high. I'm trying to be patient and also to help it some, but I'm scared to push on it too much or be too rough. I'm hoping that it moves down to the position that's even with the left one.
I'm still not able to be very active or do much, but I keep hoping that will change soon. The wounds have a lot to do with it. Trying to be patient waiting for the results. It's not easy at all. I think I may be a little disappointed in the end in a couple things, but hoping for the best anyhow. I am really really trying to stay positive, even through the moments I want to cry.

2 Months, Not Feeling Good

Having a bad week. My right breast that has been bothering me for awhile has turned painful. It feels harder and moves around more than the left. It also feel like it's shaped differently when you touch it. I'm afraid it may be in the wrong position. I have another dr. appt tomorrow. I am very upset that there seems to be something else going negatively. My flanks don't look very good right now, and I'm still trying to heal my wounds. On the upside, they seem to be holding less gauze which means things are heading in the right direction there thank goodness. It hurts because I got some feeling back. Hopefully it closes before all the feeling returns!
My honey and I are struggling some. He's getting tired of me hurting and having setbacks and being negative, and it's affecting our relationship. I can't blame him. I'm tired of things going wrong and of feeling bad. I am really starting to regret doing all this. I hope to goodness it ends up being worth it.

10 Weeks

More Pics 10 Weeks

11 Weeks

Today is 11 weeks since my surgery. I had a visit with the doctor yesterday and everything seems to be going well. The wounds will close soon, and we already have set an appointment for a revision. He is going to make my scar very pretty:) When he's done, you won't be able to tell I ever opened up! Yeah! I'm constantly swollen now, but that will stop when everything closes and my body can regulate the swelling again. My breasts are settling well and look very natural suddenly this past week. It's crazy how quickly things can happen. One is still a little higher and smaller than the other, but we still have time for it to settle and I'm pretty sure it's going to move into place. I will be glad when it does because as small a difference as it may seem at 1st glance in a pic, when I have a bathing suit top on its very noticeable and I look strange lol. I feel so much better this last week. Most of my pain has gone and I'm getting energy back again. My mood swings have really settled down and it's so good to start feeling like my old positive self again!

Breast Update

Can someone please tell me why breasts would look like they do in my 1st pic today? Why would they be lumpy underneath when I start raising my arms? My right one still hasn't dropped level with the other and still looks a lot smaller. Every time I move my arms or chest muscle it moves into an ugly shape too. Today I had bad muscle spasms on the right side of my chest and I don't know why that's still going on. I wonder if all these things will stop or if this is what it will always be like with under the muscle. I hope not because I'm usually very athletic and if it's supposed to be like this I would have made other decisions if I had been informed.

Revisions Coming in October

I'm so swollen constantly now. Hopefully wounds will be closing soon. Hoping everything will be over in Oct and I heal well and all is done! Posting pics to show where things stand right now. I'm not happy, since I don't look good or healthy or in shape right now like I wish. You know, it is so crazy-I went into this thinking I'd look the best I had in years, but ended up looking the most unfit since before my son. It's amazing how 1 thing can change everything. But that should all turn around soon thank goodness. Trying to stay positive everyday:)

Revisions Coming!

As of this moment it looks like revisions will be Friday. It depends on whether or not lipo is comfortable enough to be done with a local. If he says it's doable, then we will get everything done this week! Woohoo! I am so ready to be done and get on with it. It feels like it has been forever since I've felt good. I can't wait!

Revisions Done!

My revisions are done, and I think I will look much nicer when I heal this time. My tummy looks and feels so much better. The lump and pressure are gone. He cleaned everything out and took a little more skin off when he fixed it. I also had more lipo on my hips. Hopefully it will do better this time. I think things went well. I'm very swollen and sore right now, but I can still tell a big difference in my stomach. I am very happy we got this done and I can heal and move on:)

2 Weeks 2 Days After Revisions (4 1/2 Months After Surgery)

Tummy is healing well. I'm feeling better than I did before surgery absolutely thank goodness! I am hoping I am getting on the way back to my old self.
However, my honey looked at me tonight and asked if I was gonna have more revisions since my sides where the scar ends doesn't look good and my boobs are starting to look so different in size. I told him no, that the doc was happy with my results and the 1 revision was all that we planned. I told him to wait a few more weeks to see if swelling made a difference as far as my sides went, but the scar and boobs were a done deal. He was not happy. He said he did not pay thousands of dollars to settle. I understand why he's upset. We did have a little higher expectations than this. I mean, I chose saline because I thought you have more chance of being more symmetrical. That's not true at all! We also thought that scars were thin and even. They are not! Finally, we thought that lipo on the sides/hips/flanks would give a pretty and smooth look with that nice curve. It does not really do that either. i feel bad because we did all this to raise my self esteem in bathing suits and no clothes because I was self conscious then. But I am actually worse right now, especially after looking worse in the rest of my body because of 4 months of inactivity due to healing. This is the worst shape I've been in since before my 21 year old was born. Advice: think long and hard before this surgery. Just because you do a lot of research and pick a board certified surgeon does not mean you will look just like you want to.

6 Months PO, 2 1/2 Months After Revisions

I honestly wish I had something good to report. You have no idea how much. However, after 2 surgeries I look worse than I did pre-surgery. At least I was fit then. I'm 3 clothes sizes bigger than when I went into the 1st one. Even after watching my diet constantly. But you can't be off your feet for that long as a middle aged woman and not gain weight and get weak. At least not most of us. All I wanted was a little bit of tweaking, you know? Now I look like crap. No lipo results from 2 procedures. They are uglier than they were before surgery. At least then they were more even and not scarred. Scar tissue and fat left on one side of my abs, so they are not even or flat all the way across. Ugly scars left behind that weren't revised. Months of hard work ahead of me just to be healthy again. Oh, and the thousands of dollars we paid for all the pain, suffering and to look like crap. And more we'll have to do for a 3rd surgery. Let's not forget that! I wanted so badly to see the best in my surgeon. But results speak for themselves.

4 Months After Revisions; 7 1/2 Months After Initial Surgery

I've included pics to show where I stand now. I have been active for about a month. It's been a rough start, but I am determined to get strong again. I have truly tried to stay positive, but it's been difficult. I try to find something each day that's good no matter what. As far as my body goes, I have a long road ahead. My left breast has settled downward even more while my right has stayed high, so there is even more of a difference now. The right, high one is hard and uncomfortable because it is filled so much. I never lost that uncomfortable feeling there that the doctor told me in the beginning was normal. That and the fact that It is quite a bit smaller than the other would have made me choose silicone if I had known. I have quite a bit of scar tissue left in my left abdomen that was left in the revision. My gynocologist remarked about it during my visit and thought it might have something to do with some ab pain I've been having, until we discovered another cause. It's not painful, just uncomfortable and tight there and stops my tummy from being flat all the way across. My flanks are what I am most disturbed by. 2 lipos (the last one very painful) and they look like they were never touched. I have no idea why. I have eaten very healthy and low calorie through everything. I just don't know what else to do. The scars that extend onto them are not pretty either. After speaking to other doctors, it will cost about as much to fix my problems as it did to have the first surgery. So I'm not sure when I'll be able to do that. I'm just going to take it 1 day at a time and hope we can make it work eventually.

1 Year

So it's been 1 year since my surgery and over 8 months since my revisions. This will be the last post I do until I can afford to have a new doctor correct all my problems. So, here it goes.
I was told the 2 nd surgery would make my scar on my tummy the thinnest nicest part of my scar. It is bad and I hate it. By this time with the 1st surgery, my scar wasn't great but was much better. This is very thick and looks deformed. I babied it for months too, I knew the sutures didn't look pretty when I had it done but figured over time it would shrink up. Nope. I also have scar tissue in my abdomen that bothers me constantly. I have one flat ab side and one with a giant lump in it. Also, never was any benefit to either of the flank lipos he did. When 3 of my friends had theirs done it was awesome. I, on the other hand, feel like I did a lot of suffering for nothing. One of my breasts is still quite a bit higher than the other and is hard. It still digs into my chest wall and something will eventually have to be done about it.
Sorry everything is negative. Wish I had better to report. I had really hoped everything would turn out better, but hopefully my experience will be a lesson to others.
Summerville Plastic Surgeon

There were some complications with my surgery, and I did not get my desired results. My drain was removed the 1st week, and soon after I developed a seroma and then my sutures opened up. I had open wounds for several weeks and it left a big mess. He promised me that we would do what he could for me to be satisfied, and he did some revisions, both on my abdomen and my flank lipo. They did not turn out well. I did not continue with him after that since I felt like I lost trust. He and his staff were kind and seemed compassionate and I really wanted things to work out with them. However, as much as I wish otherwise, I just cannot recommend him due to my poor results after the revisions. For more specifics and/ or pics look at my full review.

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