Widenhouse Doll 10/22/2015. Charleston, SC

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I had a BR and TT in 2012 because I was not...

I had a BR and TT in 2012 because I was not satisfied with my body . My result was not what I expected but they did make me feel better about my body. Ok it time for round 2 BL W/ Lipo of the full abdomen and Lipo of the full back. Now that I think my body is heal from that BR/TT. I'm ready for the wash board stomach I once had before those 3 Babys. I have always wanted a shape of a small waist and a nice Bootie. please dolls I need tips on how to take care of my prize My (Bootie)once I receive it. I really wish I would have knew about this site before my first procedure.

So Far I'm Loving It 1 day post

My surgery was bumped up a day Dolls so I had it yesterday. So far the pain is better than I expected it. I will post pic soon.

4 Days post

Lord knows i feel better my most problem was the Butt soreness and weak legs if i didn't look at my self I would never knew I had Lipo of the abdomen its looks great Injection spots where fat was remove a little sore Thats it. My back is still a little swollen but my drains have came to a stop. I went to appointment yesterday an April said eveything looks good. Dr widenhouse PA April is the greatest. So right now i feel 50% my old self. I'm just really surprised about the pain I took perc day one an Tylenol since then . I had a TT in 2012 and this is a cake walk compare to that. Ok I have some pic which is the best i can do for now until my sweetie gets home and help me . I took pic with a skirt on because you can see the projection better. I love it not to big and not to small you can tell I have a little junk in my trunk now LOL. Thanks Port City Plastic Surgery In Charleston Sc. MY goal now it to take care of this fat so the outcome it greater than now. I took off 6 weeks so I can just lay around and preserve this Butt.

My first Before and After Pic 4 Days Post

Some pics are upside down IDK why

forgot to add this

Im In Panic Mood RS

If anymore swelling go out my butt Im going to faint. I thought everything was going well to wake up today and see a change in my butt. Haven sitt on it since had the surgery. Even put on 2 lbs please someone tell me there is still hope.



1 week post

Thanks Dolls for your support when I panic for nothing. Yesterday I was one week post and things are going well. I feel great to say I had the surgery last week. I will post pictures on my 2 week mark. Yesterday my back was itching like crazy and after showered my boo rub it down with some oatmeal lotion. I miss and dozed off without my compression on. Woke up 2hrs later feeling swollen. Just glad i woke up in time . So now I know compression garments are very important.

9 Days Post

Had a liitle swelling and a lot of itching this week. These all are signs of recovey. The Highlight of my day is i woke up this morning to find myself drop down to a large Ann cherry waist trainer from a Xl . I feel good.

*2 weeks post *

Hi dolls Im at my 2 week mark and everything is going great. My butt is softing up and the soreness is gone. "I CAN SAY I LOVE IT " it fits my body its not to big and not to small. I no i still have a month to go for my finally results so Im going to keep praying it hold the path its on. My lipo areas where my abdomen, and back is still having good days and bad days with the swelling . Im wearing 2 compression garments a minimum of 20 hrs a day.Im eating pineapples and take the pills for swelling. Here is my first day in jeans you cant tell from the picture that my butts is bigger than it looks in the picture.

6 weeks post


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