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I am about one month pre-op and have I been...

I am about one month pre-op and have I been reading a lot of reviews and watching a lot of surgery videos. My main concern is the healing process and not being able to sit on your bum for a while and maintaining the volume of fat used for injections. I know everyone is different and we heal at different rates, but we cannot help but to fear the unknown. I will posting some pre/post-surgery photos once I get them uploaded as well as documenting my journey going forward.

I am about 179 lbs, 5'4'', so I have a good amount of fat to spare, I just hope it all survives to give me the best results possible. I will be having my full back, flanks, and abdomen lipo'd and grafting the fat to the glutes region. I have been working out religiously for about a year and have lost almost 60 lbs total...(i know right...)! So, I am just looking for a boost in helping shape my body the way I feel it should be shaped. Once I am at the point where I feel I can workout without being in extreme pain, I plan to work out my inner thighs as much as I can, squats, and abs to (for a 4-6 pack of course)!

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or tips! Wish me luck!

Pre-Op photos added...

As promised, here are some very candid pre-op photos! Again, I am having full back, flanks, abdomen, and arms lipo'd with the abdomen being the donor site for the fat grafting to the buttocks!

About one month post op (Photos Added)

I am a lil over one month post op and I still experience a few sharp pains in my abdomen and pain to touch around my mid to upper back and abdominal area. It has been a challenge massaging the abdomen because of the sensitivity. But very important that it takes place so the scar tissue doesn't build up. I am taking the Motrin/ibuprofen that was prescribed as an anti inflammatory on a regular basis. It's pretty much the only thing that helps. I am seeing changes daily with my body but the swelling is good some days bad the others and the numbness still there in a sites but not as bad. Can't wait for that to go away.

About 9 months post op

Recent photos. Still loving my body!
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