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I've never exactly been *thrilled* with the size...

I've never exactly been *thrilled* with the size of my chest, but especially since my husband and I got together I've at least been comfortable in my own skin. Too comfortable, really - I gained a bit of weight in the first 5yrs we were together (5'2", went from ~120# to 162#). On the plus side, my boobs filled out a little. The downside, of course, was the extra around my middle - especially since we are avid boaters and I spend basically 6mos out of the year in a swimsuit! Last January, I decided enough was enough, and began actively working to lose weight. By about Sept/Oct I was back to ~125#, with a much slimmed waistline (still a little bit of a pooch, which I'm still working on) and I've maintained that since.

A couple months ago, I had just finished a run on my treadmill and caught a profile glimpse of myself - still in my sports bra - and was shocked at how much of my chest I had lost as part of my weight loss!! That was the turning point for me. Of course, I'd noticed that my VS add-2-sizes bras weren't quite fitting the same anymore, and tend to gap (quite a bit) at the top of the cup, but it really hadn't sunk in exactly how deflated I'd become. Fortunately, I mostly wear scrubs so it wasn't hard to hide the gapping.

My husband has been very supportive through the whole process - he made it very clear from that first day that he didn't feel that I needed BA, but would be there for me if that's what I wanted to do. He went with me to both PS consults, and helped me sort through the pros and cons of everything - from weighing the general risk/benefits of surgery, to which surgeon to use, to the silicone/saline debate, and so much more.

I found it interesting that both PS' I saw really seemed to push silicone. I had gone into the appointments certain that I wanted saline, but after talking with them I really was questioning that. I did a lot of my own research - emphasis on peer-reviewed journal articles, preferably with large sample sizes and evidence of statistical significance, but also various forums and one-on-one conversations with friends who'd had BAs. Ultimately I did stick with my original decision - I just felt more comfortable with the overall long term risk level of saline over silicone.

The PS I chose also really pushed use of anatomic implants if using saline - I ended up going against that recommendation and choosing round, again based on my own comfort level with the information I had available to me. I struggled with the smooth/textured issue, and really felt I wanted smooth but did opt to go with the PS recommendation of textured - figured I probably should do something as per his recommendations, and the rationale he provided did make sense (each had its own set of pros/cons, neither with any one thing that really pushed me in that direction).

As far as size my main goals were that they look fairly natural, don't interfere or cause discomfort with running, and provide a nice shape with some decent cleavage. The first PS I went to recommended nothing more than 350cc's. I "tried on" the 350s, 325s, and 300s. I had my husband take front and side pics of the 350s and 325s so I could look at them later and have more time to reflect on what I wanted. At the 2nd appt, the PS recommended between 260 and 300cc's. I tried both of those, and really felt the 260s just weren't quite enough. I wasn't convinced the 300's were really enough, either, but was basically told he wasn't willing to go any bigger than that with me, based on my measurements. Again I had my husband take pics with the 300s. Later that day - and in the days to follow - I looked through the various pics and realized that I actually did prefer the 300s. (I also did the 3D imaging thing).

So now I'm just 2 days away from surgery, and anxiously awaiting the results. I've certainly got a little case of nerves - not so much related to the surgery itself, but more so the results. What if it doesn't turn out like I'm hoping? What if they end up looking like torpedos on my chest, jutting straight out? What if they're completely uneven or pointing weird directions? What if I'm in that teeny-tiny percentile of women who deflate within a couple months - or have any other of the cosmetically undesirable complications? (Of the women I know who've had BAs, none have had any problems - statistically speaking, I could easily be the one to have all the issues!)

Ultimately I am comfortable with my choice of PS and will just have to trust in his experience and expertise. I am comfortable with my choice to have a BA. I have accepted the risks involved - though that doesn't mean I'll like it if a complication arises LOL! Just normal preop jitters, I guess....

Day of surgery and post-op morning 1: My...

Day of surgery and post-op morning 1:

My husband and I arrived just a little before the office opened - my first order of business was to get the mandatory pregnancy test out if the way (I'd had to pee since before we left home - about a 30-40min drive - because I knew I'd have to do the test, so I felt like I was ready to explode!) as soon as we walked in, they shuttlede back to the bathroom, then immediately into the prep room for final review of medical history, vitals, and starting my IV. I was a kittle confused at first, since tge nurse said we'd be putting in 240s - at my pre-op visit I'd decided on 300s. She explained that due to the overfilling, the implant size itself has to be a little smaller than the fill volume, which I knew that they'd be overfilled, just didn't think about which size implant would be necessary for that amt of fill. The nurse anesthetist talked theough the entire anesthesia plan while getting my IV inserted, so no surprises there. Got an antibiotic through the IV, PS came in to do his markings , then one more trip to the bathroom and it was time to say "see ya" to my husband. I was led into the OR, where I again met my nurse anesthetist and said hi to the care coordinator. Climbed up on the table and got comfy, the anesthetist told me he'd given me a sedative, and then I woke up in recovery a few hours later!

I'm not really on anything for pain except mostly Tylenol; I did get 1 Tylox in recovery and she sent 1 home with me. So far I've held off on taking that one and have just used Tylenol (2-500s every 6hrs), but I may have to crack out the heavier hitter later on.

I've had to do some arm range of motion exercises hourly since waking up in recovery, and those kind of suck (especially on the right) but my range was steadily improving every time yesterday. Also they had me lay on my stomach for 15min - THAT was killer! I'm so glad my husband was here to help with getting in and out of that position! Once I was actually flat on my belly, it wasn't too horrible, but moving in and out of position just absolutely sucked! My pain is actually still a little worse overall after having done that, but hopefully it'll continue to back down more and more throughout the day.

From a size perspective, I started my day yesterday as a 34A/32B; not sure exactly where I am now (aside from saying 300cc right and 295cc left), as there's still quite a bit if swelling. I *am* sure that I do actually have boobs now, which is the important part!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. Ready for all the pain/soreness to go away, but I'm just trying to be patient with it and not overdo anything.

Well, since I'm awake I suppose I better get back on those exercises! Need to be ready for whatever they throw at me this p.m. at my post-op visit!

Here's to hoping the rest of you who've just had (or are about to have) your BA have a great experience, too!

The rest of Post-op day 1: Well, I didn't do a...

The rest of Post-op day 1:

Well, I didn't do a whole lot throughout the day. I basically was on the couch except for getting up to go to the bathroom until it was time to go back for my post-op visit. While there, the care coordinator removed the gauze dressings, taught me the massage techniques, and issued my post-op bra. I'm to wear it for 2wks, 24hrs a day except showering. As for the massage, the left one really wasn't too bad - the right, on the other hand, was exquisitely tender. I'm pretty certain this massage stuff will not be one of my fondest memories of the whole process! LOL. I also learned that I have to continue laying on my stomach 15min every day for the next 4-6wks. Ugh! I did learn from Wednesday night that trying to do that on the floor was not the best plan, so I decided to try a modified, controlled "dive" onto the couch. It went better for getting into position, but then I was stuck half on and half off the couch as I was trying to get up again! Good thing my husband was there - after he got done laughing (I'm sure I resembled a bug trying to right itself!) he was able to help lift my shoulders up off the couch. Shortly after that, it was time for the massage techniques again. Oy.

I was able to shower after my postop visit, so I took advantage of the warm water to just soak and let my muscles try to relax a little. Unfortunately, between the effort and the hot water, I was exhausted and a little dizzy afterwards. I also still had my scopolamine patch on, which may have contributed to the dizziness. Had to sit on the edge of the tub and rest my head on the vanity for a few minutes. Eventually I was able to get into the bedroom and stacked both pillows to prop myself up. I didn't get propped quite enough, though, so I had to call for help getting up. Luckily I can get up from the couch without much difficulty. :)

Post-op day 2:

I'm flying solo today; my husband went back to work so I've been fending for myself with everything today. Was able to venture out of the house for ~4hrs; 1st met some friends for coffee and then met the hubs for lunch. Driving wasn't too bad, though it was at times tricky to manage opening/closing the doors, putting on a seat belt, and particularly turning corners. I think I'm done for the day now, though. 4hrs of activity is plenty to start with. Got home, propped myself into the recliner, and put some peas on my sore spots. Luckily, it's also time for my next Tylenol dose.

When I first woke up this morning (1:30am), I was able to get up off the couch and go to the bathroom, as well as return my no-longer-frozen peas to the freezer and then took my Tylenol dose and did my arm exercises. I find it easier to reposition myself on the couch, as I tend to literally use my head along with my feet to help scoot myself around into different positions. I managed to get back to sleep til a little after 5, when I heard the hubs up and moving around. By 6, I was back asleep again til ~7:30, at which point I was ready for my next dose of Tylenol and exercises. I ended up doing my massage in the shower, which seemed to make it a little more tolerable.

Things are definitely more sore overall today - I'm counting on that being related to delayed-onset muscle soreness (you know that soreness that comes along and really kicks your butt on the 2nd day after beginning a new workout?). I figure the muscles were VERY affected (between being cut and being stretched like crazy) and since today is my 2nd day after surgery, I'm counting on it getting better after today. Or at least that's what I'm hoping! My rib cage is wicked tender all the way around, and the outside aspect below my right boob fluctuates between general soreness and sharp/burning pangs. My best guess for that is there's likely a cutaneous nerve that got tagged with the incision. The ice packs do seem to help with it.

The weird part today is that it feels like it's "popping' more - and that may not really be the best word to describe it. It's almost a ratcheting feel, like things are shifting around or there is air/fluid in the pocket that's being pushed around. Just sitting still, I don't feel anything like that - it's only when I'm moving my arms around or pushing/pulling on something.

The rest of today's plan pretty much consists of resting, resting, and more resting. I'm glad to have been able to get up and out of the house today, especially since we're planning to go to the boat show in St Louis tomorrow (which generally ends up being a really looooooong day/night with a large group of friends). Should be 2.5hrs in the car, then lots of walking/standing. At least there are various places to sit and rest at the show, plus the hotel is close to the convention center! I have to admit I'm a little nervous about sleeping in a bed again though...

Oh, as an aside, a valuable lesson was learned today: when using a public bathroom and going in/out of the stalls, remember that you now need a few extra inches of clearance - I ended up hitting myself in the boob with the door as I was going out of the stall! (I used the handicapped stalls after that - much wider doors! LOL)

Post-op day 3: Well, I managed to sleep in my...

Post-op day 3:

Well, I managed to sleep in my own bed last night for the first time since before surgery. Slept pretty well; ended up waking up around 2:30 til 3:30, then didn't wake up again til around 6:30. We're headed to StL today for a day/night of good times with good friends; my goal is to not completely overdo it. I'm going to make sure I give myself plenty of opportunities to sit and rest, as well as passing on going to the Mardi Gras celebration with the group.

When I woke up this morning, my chest HURT - right side especially. He must've really worked that one over good, because I don't have anywhere near the discomfort in my left that I do in the right. First thing once my husband woke up and helped me sit up, I got my phone and looked up "morning boob". Sounds about right - yowsers! A nice shower helped loosen things up a little, and I had my hubs help with the massage. They felt a little better after all that, but are certainly still sore.

I re-read my post-op instructions last night; it says to call if having "excessive pain". While I'm definitely having pain, I can't say it's "excessive"; I mean, I just had surgery, muscles were cut and stretched, and aside from one narcotic in recovery I've only been taking Tylenol. (Plus I'm admittedly kind of a wimp sometimes! Lol)

Did anyone else have more pain on one side than the other, especially with the massage? The right side is pretty intense but the left barely even registers a slight discomfort.

Post-op Day 4: So much for not overdoing it...

Post-op Day 4:

So much for not overdoing it yesterday! I've spent all day paying for it. We had a couple hour drive, during which I napped a little, then walked around the boat show for probably an hour and a half before walking ~6 blocks to grab lunch. After that, I did get a bit of a nap (during which I was able to sleep relatively comfortably on my sides) before meeting up with our group of friends. While I was mostly sitting, we were up and out from 5:15 til probably 12:30. Also I didn't really stick to my plan of avoiding alcohol... (On the plus side, since I only took half my normal Tylenol throughout the day, the wine managed any pain beautifully.... My husband said I was sleeping with my arms overhead! I don't recommend that method, though). So between overdoing a bit with the wine and likely a lot with the activity, I've spent all day today feeling completely exhausted. I slept pretty much the whole way home and have just been on the couch since. It makes me a little leery about going back to work tomorrow, I've got to admit.

I've again been able to cut back on my Tylenol again - I've only had 500mg all day. Things feel a little tight but not terrible, and I've still got some of those burning pains every now and again. I think I'll probably call my PS' office tomorrow just to make sure they're not concerned with that.

I also plan to ask them about possible double bubble (underneath) or bottoming out on my right. My hubs noticed there's an irregular line underneath when looking at a profile view. I'll try to post a pic to get any feedback... Looking at the facts that my right one is the one with the most pain, especially that sharp searing sensation, and had the most swelling, it just makes me a little nervous that something could be wrong. :(

Did anyone else have anything like this - and especially that was noted so early postop?

Well, the pain continues to get better and better....

Well, the pain continues to get better and better. I've not had to take anything yet today! I took advantage of my day off from work and slept in a little, then just lounged around in my comfy warm bed and watched tv! I still have to rest after showering - I'm guessing it's a combination of a "sudden" burst of activity after sleeping all night combined with the hot water/steam getting me maybe too relaxed - but once I've rested for a while I'm ready to go again. Treated myself to some Chinese food for lunch today, and have been keeping up on my exercises and massage (both of which have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY easier and less painful over the past few days!).

Today's new "event" (well, actually I guess it started last night) is that my nips are starting to get pretty hypersensitive with occasional "zings". I've read that it's not unusual for this hypersensitivity to begin a week or so out, and hopefully it doesn't last very long! For those who are a little further out, what was your experience with this?

I think my swelling is continuing to decrease, and I *think* they're starting to drop a bit. They're definitely not "big", but they're a lot bigGER than they were and I think they'll end up looking pretty natural. Do I wish I would've gone bigger? I'm not so sure. Could I have gotten by with a little more? I think so. Would it still have given me a "natural" look? Probably. Would it have made me any happier with the new girls? I highly doubt it. And ultimately when I compare where I am now with where I was, there really is no comparison!

Surgery was one week ago tomorrow; I have to admit that even just a few days ago I was wondering what in the hell I'd gotten myself into. Today, while there's undeniably still some slight discomfort and generally weird sensations here and there, I am very pleased with my results! I can hardly wait for these next few months to pass for continued healing - and for swimsuit season! :D

Speaking of swimsuit season, I'm also looking forward to resuming my running workouts! My PS green-lighted me to begin walking on the treadmill after 1wk (tomorrow - yay!) and running after 2wks. I'm a little leery of resuming my abdominal workout, as a lot of it involved forearm planks and pushup position core work. I know I'm getting better at being able to support myself with my arms, but not sure that I'm quite back to feeling comfortable doing so..... What similar experiences have any of you had with this?

Yep, looking again at my pics from yesterday (just can't believe the difference!!!) - definitely liking my results so far!

Baby steps!! Sometimes it doesn't take much to...

Baby steps!! Sometimes it doesn't take much to mark a milestone - tonight I was able to get on my stomach (on the floor!!!), lay there 15min, AND get back up again all by myself!! Woohoo!

I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday,...

I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday, but OMG - after being so excited about getting on/off my stomach and having been sleeping so well (including on my sides), I had an absolutely TERRIBLE night; no matter what position I was in, I could not get comfortable. I tossed and turned, til finally my wonderful husband got me some Tylenol. I ended up getting a few hours of sleep, relatively comfortably, at long last - yesterday's case of morning boob was pretty intense, though, after all that!

Last night, I physically slept better - once I was finally able to fall asleep! That same wonderful husband from the night before was cutting down an entire forest with a chainsaw..... oh wait, no, I guess he was just snoring like it was going out of style! Ugh! Apparently I got tired of my bra at some point, too, because when I woke up this morning it was still over my shoulders but all 5 hooks were unfastened! Oops!!! LOL

So yesterday was my 1wk mark, and while I'm noticing still that by the end of my work day my boobs are so tight they feel like they're sticking a mile out from my chest, I'm not really feeling any pain to speak of. Occasionally I have some discomfort, still mostly in the right, but all of it is negligible! I still am taking a couple Tylenol throughout the day, mostly to make sure I don't end up overdoing again.

I've been noticing that the girls have gotten a LOT softer over the past couple days. I definitely still have some tenderness and hypersensitivity at my nips, which really started only a few days ago. I'm finding, though, that I can't quit looking at my "after" pics!! I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! And I just want to tell *everyone* how much I love 'em by shouting it out (but that would just probably be a little weird - and there aren't THAT many people around here who know) LOL

Just over a week ago I was a 34A/32B - I am anxiously awaiting the day I can figure out what size I am now (and when my PS says I can get out of this bra and into a normal one!). I know I'm going to be THRILLED with whatever size I end up, because I've basically been in a granny bra with ZERO padding/pushup/etc since surgery and have been able to nicely fill out some of my tighter t's and thermals! Wooohoo!!!! :D

Did I mention I'm SOOO happy with my decision to do this?!?!

Today is post-op day 11, which I can hardly...

Today is post-op day 11, which I can hardly believe! On one hand, the time is flying by and I can't believe how much better I feel is such a short period of time. On the other, this recovery is dragging because I just want to have my 2wk appt and see what the next steps are - then get through them as quickly as possible!!! I really am looking forward to getting the tape off my incisions and hopefully seeing an end to some of this itching!

I had a "20% off any 1 item" coupon at VS that expires tomorrow, so I had to stop in and do a little early bra shopping. I know I'm still waaay too early into my recovery and that things will continue to change, especially over the next 4wks or so (based on so many of the experiences posted on here, which are SOOO helpful!), but I figured it would be better to buy on the (relatively) cheap and exchange for a different size if needed than to pay full price in the next month or two! I had ordered a bikini top in a 34C before surgery (again, got sucked in by a decent sale!) which really isn't fitting well at this point, so I tried on a variety of bras in 34D, 36C, and 36D. I was THRILLED to fit nicely (again, I realize this is very early) into a 36C/34D!! D!!! Who woulda thunk it?!?! I was a 34A pre-op, and my "goal" size would've probably been to go up to a C. Anything beyond that is just gravy!! I added pics of 2 of the bras I tried. I did try a 3rd, which was more of a push-up style - it actually was pretty uncomfortable where the padding was pushing into me.

What else is "new" with my recovery? Getting on and off my stomach is not only easy at this point, but it's almost comfortable to be on my belly. I actually fell asleep there last night - luckily I'd set my timer for my requisite 15min, since that's what woke me up! I've been back to work since Monday, and even worked this weekend. I haven't had to do much patient care since I've been back (I currently have an intern, which certainly played a role in the timing of my surgery) but I did actually have to get my hands dirty yesterday and briefly today. I'm still on a 50# lifting restriction, so I've not really had to test my limits. Next week may prove interesting... my intern will be done and I'll be off my restrictions! Hope those muscles hold up to the challenge!!

The pains I'd been having have settled more into general discomfort. Occasionally I'll still get a weird pang somewhere, but usually it's just more of a tight feeling. Some days I could almost swear by the end of the workday my boobs are sticking a mile out in front of me, they feel so tight/full. The arm exercises and massage, both of which I almost dreaded when I first started them (exercises on day of surgery and massage on POD1), now make my boobs feel so much better afterwards! I can definitely still remember the pain of the early days, but those memories have already faded into the "I'd totally do this again!!!" realm!

And just in case I hadn't mentioned it before, I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! :D

I've been looking back through the pics I've...

I've been looking back through the pics I've taken, trying to remember exactly which pic was which POD. I can definitely tell a difference between POD 1 and POD 12! I think my left has dropped a little more than the right, which I'm not particularly surprised by and I'm guessing it isn't unusual for one to drop a little faster than the other. I just hope ol' righty catches up soon! One of my "fears" preop was that I'd end up with a weird asymmetry. I still can't believe the boobs in the pictures are MINE, though!

My husband recently found a top I've not worn in quite some time - it's got a shirred front and basically no back (there are about 3 or 4 metal rings hooked together going up the middle) - I've had a hard time wearing it in the past because of not being able to wear a bra with it and I didn't feel like I had enough natural endowment to really get away with it. Now I'm looking forward to being able to wear a backless style and still have some cleavage and curves!

Some new pics added..

Some new pics added..

2 random questions: 1: When did you start...

2 random questions:

1: When did you start wearing your seatbelt "normally"? I still am tucking it under my arm, like they did when they helped load me into the car after surgery... a little nervous about running it across my chest!

2: When does it get easier to shave your armpits?!?!? I swear they're like endless caverns that my razor can't quite get into LOL!

Just had my 2wk postop visit! He took the tape off...

Just had my 2wk postop visit! He took the tape off my incisions (ahhhhh...) and told me that they're starting to move nicely but to continue my massages. If I want to go braless at night I can, and I can wear any bra I want including underwire! The caveat is that if the wire bothers me then I'm supposed to wear a non-underwire. I no longer have any activity restrictions and can resume running - plus no more lifting restriction for work. I have to run some errands anyway, so bra shopping is officially in order!

Oh, and I was able to sleep on my stomach last night - 2 fairly brief periods, but on my belly nonetheless!

I just am so thrilled with my decision to finally do this - my husband was commenting last night how much happier I seem now (quickly adding that he never thought I seemed UNhappy before), always giggly and such. I just giggled..... ;)

Yee-ha! It's snowing, sleeting, and freezing...

Yee-ha! It's snowing, sleeting, and freezing raining here, so my commute home was all kinds of fun! It added a new dimension of "please don't let me slide off into the ditch, but if it happens please don't let it hurt my boobs!" ;)

I wore my new Champion sports bra today. It was SOOOO comfy when I tried it on at the store... By mid-day, my girls were screaming at me - they wanted OUT! I'm not sure if it was just the compression holding them a little more together - my postop bra must've had a little more separation or something. Guess I've got some more experimenting to do re: what kind of bra I prefer now!

Today was quite the productive day. I made some...

Today was quite the productive day. I made some chocolate chip cookie dough bars for girls night tonight, treated myself to lunch at my favorite local pizza joint, went shopping and got 2 nice non-sports bras for $20 as well as 2 shirts for $6-something, and got back on my treadmill for the first time in about 2-1/2 weeks!

For my return to the treadmill I decided to "take it easy" and not try running just yet, even though my PS has ok'd me to do whatever I want with no restrictions. I decided I'd try one of the pre-programmed walking interval workouts I've got - 30min, no more than 3.0mph, but up to a 10% incline. WOW! About halfway through, I was pretty convinced my right boob was trying to make a break for my armpit! LOL! That had settled down by the end, but another "wow" moment - I was pooped after that workout! Preop that would've been nothing... 2-1/2wks postop, it was something alright! Pshew.......!

So tonight is girls night - looking forward to enjoying some wine and all kinds of goodies (I'm taking those cookie dough bars as well as a funfetti dip!) with good friends. I'm not sure who all will be there, so I'm not sure how many of them know about my "girls". Of this particular group, I've told a few of my friends. Most were, as with the other friends I've told, very supportive - tonight's hostess was probably the least supportive of anyone I've told, and though she had nothing negative to say I got kind of a weird vibe from her. Her only comment really was "congratulations?", but it was just a little odd. She did offer that I could've had some of hers - maybe it's just that those ladies lucky enough to have naturally been more endowed don't quite understand how we feel about not having much on top. No matter, though - I am thrilled with the way I look now and that I no longer have to have a bra that has inch-thick padding to achieve that look! I know why I made the choices I made, and I really don't care if others don't like it! I didn't do it for them, I did it for me.

Oh, speaking of bras with mega-padding - has anyone else tried on bras or swim tops that have that kind of padding since their surgery? I think they're just almost painful to even put on! Granted, I'm not even 3wks out, but the undersides of my breasts are still pretty firm and not too happy about a firm pad being shoved up into 'em! Ouch!

This should be interesting - I'm officially on my...

This should be interesting - I'm officially on my own at work this week! No more student... :( I'm hoping my body doesn't completely revolt against me, though being almost 3wks out should help.

Well, that wasn't too awfully bad. There were a...

Well, that wasn't too awfully bad. There were a few times that I could feel my pecs flex over the implants, which was pretty weird feeling. It wasn't exactly unpleasant but it wasn't something I would love to do over and over, either! They felt like they were ridin' pretty high and tight from midmorning til a little after lunch. I was a little nervous with a couple of my patients, as I'm still leery of how well those muscles will stand up to having to catch a 175+lb person when his or her knees buckle! Hopefully I won't have to find that out!

Tried a light jog this evening. Had on 2 sports...

Tried a light jog this evening. Had on 2 sports bras, which felt super tight. I figured I'd do 5min at 5mph. I ended up doing 0.1mi (~1min 20sec) at 4.5mph, holding on to my boobs the whole time! They felt sooooo weird! Anyone else feel something similar when getting back to running?

I'm feeling more confident with my patient-care abilities, too - kind of had my hand forced a little today when I had to teach a family member how to bump someone up/down steps in a wheelchair.

Oh, and back to the sports bras - I posted new pics of me in the same sports bra as pre-op, taken day 21.

Three weeks ago today I woke up with a super-flat...

Three weeks ago today I woke up with a super-flat chest. 300cc's and 21 days later, I feel like I've come a loooong way! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, or how short-lived my downtime really was. Thinking back on it, it sure didn't FEEL short-lived at the time but wow... I'm ONLY 3 WEEKS OUT! Overall, I feel great. I love the way my boobs look, and they just keep getting better. I'm very excited to see how they continue to change over the next several weeks/months.

I do still have moments where I'm nervous about deflation, capsular contracture, or other complications but those are pretty fleeting. They're not things I really dwell on, and I'd much rather spend my time enjoying them than worrying about things that MIGHT happen.

I seem to pretty much be past the morning boob stage - occasionally as I'm waking up one or the other may get a little grouchy if I'm laying on my side. I'm still a little numb and a little sore on the undersides. They're getting a teeny tiny smidge better when I try on something with a little padding, like a push-up bikini top - not enough for me to want to keep it on for any length of time, though!

I don't see my PS again for another 3wks, at which point he'll tell me what to do about my scars. They're getting less itchy, and the line of dry skin I had above the incision has pretty much disappeared. PS said not to worry about doing anything - no creams/lotions/etc til after my next appt - but the itchiness did break me down. Once I used Eucerin lotion and a couple times I used a hempseed oil. I wonder if that line of dry flaky skin was just a result of my skin stretching or if maybe he had to lower my crease and that line was the original one? Has anyone else experienced anything like that or have any ideas?

And will I eventually stop obsessing over my boobs?!?! I just can't stop myself! LOL! I think this is probably some of the best $$ I've ever spent and I would totally do it again! Ok, enough rambling!

I hadn't planned on doing any updates til...

I hadn't planned on doing any updates til Wednesday, which will be 4wks since surgery, but I just got my run on for the first time since before surgery (Jan 30 was my last run, I think) and I'm loving it!! Ok, so I "ran" once last week, but jogging a tenth of a mile while clutching my boobs hardly counts! LOL! I'm sure I'll pay for this tomorrow, but I just knocked out 3 miles!! Not record speeds but I'll certainly take it! I'm feeling a lot better now about the 5k I'm doing with some friends in a few weeks. That run felt sooo great!!! :D

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a whole...

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a whole month since I started this journey! And what a trip it's been!!

I'm still obsessed. I swear my phone has a bajillion pics of my boobs - at least weekly views (in various angles, of course) but also with various new bras, swimsuits, etc! I sure hope I don't lose my phone!!

While I'm ecstatic about how well they've turned out so far, I also love being able to look back at pics taken at regular intervals, just to see how much they're really changing. I'm posting updated pics to show (basically) a weekly progression. I can definitely tell a difference - and wow, did they look a little funny that first week! Guess I had a little more Frankenboob than I'd originally thought! LOL

I'm feeling pretty good. I've been able to do some fairly heavy patient care at work without any difficulty. I got back to running this week, which is feeling fabulous. Every now and again I get a little bit of discomfort, but those moments are pretty rare and short-lived. I remember thinking about how uncomfortable I was, but I really don't remember the pain itself.

The girls are still a little firm, especially on the undersides, but they've softened up a lot. Whether or not the massage is truly helping with that, I feel like I can tell a difference especially when I'm "smooshing" them together. Push-up bras and bikinis aren't quite as uncomfortable anymore. My incisions are still pretty red and a little raised, but seem to be healing well. There's a small bump on the outermost part of the right incision that I can't decide if it's just a normal little raised area or if there's maybe an internal suture that's poking outward. It's most likely just a normal little raised area, but I did have a weird dream about it a couple nights ago that I think is contributing to the suture "theory"! In my dream, a stitch was actually poked out and the nurse said "oh, that just didn't get tightened enough" and proceeded to work on knotting it up - on the outside, and around my nipple!?!?!? By the time she was done, I was pretty sure that there were no internal sutures left since she must've pulled 'em all out (like unraveling a crochet stitch). Oh, and did I mention that they'd used regular old fishing line for my sutures? Really, I'm not on ANYTHING for pain - haven't been since about 10-12 days postop - so I have no idea where that dream came from! LOL

As much as I really, REALLY hated the arm exercises and (gulp!) laying on my stomach at the beginning, I'm really glad I had to do all of it. I have generally been able to sleep in any position, including on my belly. For someone who's 5'2", the ability to reach overhead is a pretty important thing - no more problems or discomfort with doing that, either!

I know I've still got a good little way to go, and the road may not always be easy, but I'm certainly ready to continue this crazy little adventure!

Oh, and despite the little blizzard we had yesterday, it's supposed to be in the mid-50s this weekend (gotta love Illinois weather!) so hopefully that'll put me in the mindset to do some warm-weather clothes shopping!! :)

Oh - I forgot to mention - I'm definitely going to...

Oh - I forgot to mention - I'm definitely going to have to do some more sports bra shopping. I bought 2 since surgery, which was plenty when I wasn't running. It isn't working so well now that I'm working up a good sweat, though! I'm still wearing 2 sports bras at a time when I run (one new one and one old one) - anyone have any suggestions on a good ONE bra that would provide enough support without having to layer up?

I decided to hit VS again tonight since I need a...

I decided to hit VS again tonight since I need a beige bra to wear under my white/light tops (didn't really think about that when I initially went shopping!). While in the fitting room, I reached up for something and felt a quick sharp pang under my right breast. When I reached over to rub that area, I noticed 2 really firm cords running about an inch down from my crease. They're even visible when I looked in the mirror!!!

Crazily enough, one of my friends who I'd talked to preop about getting BA (the one who went to my same PS) was in the next fitting room over, so I quickly popped in and asked her if she'd heard of or seen that before - of course, she hadn't so that didn't really help set my mind at ease!

I'm not scheduled to see my PS again til the 20th, but I was freaked out enough that I was ready to be on the phone to his office first thing Monday am, though calling the after-hours answering service also crossed my mind!

As calling his office would have to wait a couple days and I was kinda freaking out NOW, of course I jumped online immediately and googled "cording after breast augmentation". I found a lot if info (and some pics) that sounded pretty much right on target. Has anyone heard of or had Mondors Cords? I'm pretty sure that's what I've got going on, and all the info on it says it's a temporary issue that usually starts between 1 and 4 wks after surgery (if it happens at all).

I'm a little more at ease with that information, but I think I'll probably still call the office Monday.

On the plus side, I tried that same style as the pink VS push-up in my pics and this time it was actually pretty comfortable. And you put these puppies in a push-up and the cleavage is just un-freakin-real!! So I bought a push-up just because I can LOL, despite not needing the extra lift anymore - oh, and it's beige, so I can start wearing the new blue and white striped shirt I bought a couple weeks ago without thinking about bra color!

I also got a new negligée. I did try on my older ones again last night, and they look so much better now than they did before - amazing how even a little more up top can change the way lingerie fits and looks!

Knowing how I get, I'm sure I'll continue to worry at least a little until either I know for sure that they're totally benign and/or they go away! Ugh!!! Keep your fingers crossed that these cords really are nothing, would you? Thanks, ladies.

Well crap. I think one of my cords is bigger today...

Well crap. I think one of my cords is bigger today. I also am a little more convinced that they are Mondors cords - they were gone this am when I woke up (after laying flat all night) but started to pop right back up once I was vertical. I'm gonna be pretty annoyed if they're extending down into my abdomen during swimsuit weather!! Supposedly they go away in a couple weeks to a couple months. Ugh.

On the other hand, it seems I've been having more fun bikini shopping than I'd thought - I've already bought 4 new ones! Whoops!! :)

So I called my PS' office today and talked with...

So I called my PS' office today and talked with the care coordinator. You know, it would seem that someone in her position would/should be all knowledgable and empathetic.... Pretty much every interaction I've had with her, she's been kinda snotty. At my pre-op as she was going through the "instruction booklet", I had a few questions re: finalizing my implant selection - they really wanted to do textured, I was thinking smooth. When I asked her about traction rippling, she initially said they were less likely to do that, then asked what I meant by "traction rippling". I showed her a pic, and she said she'd never seen or heard of that before. After talking to my PS, she came back in and bascially verified the info I had. Oh, and IN THE BOOKLET it said exactly what I'd been saying....

So today I called in to ask about the cording I noticed this weekend. I described it as vertical cording, maybe an inch or two long, directly under the right breast and running down toward my abdomen. She acted like she'd never heard of a cord; kept pushing me to "describe" it. Um, it's like a cord? From someone in healthcare to someone else in healthcare that should be descriptor enough, no? Especially when there's something called Mondors CORDS that can pop up after this surgery?

Well, she put me on hold and when she got back on after talking to my PS, she told me some weird short explanation and said "it's normal and will get better". I suppose in a sense, I feel better - I apparently did have myself correctly self-diagnosed, and it will get better with a little time. Nothing serious enough to warrant having me go back in before the 20th. Yay for that. It's just a little frustrating when I feel like I know more than my care coordinator, though!!! I'm certainly no expert in plastic surgery or breast implants - not by any stretch! - and I don't want or mean to come across as a know-it-all, but just having a general medical/healthcare background and doing a bit of solid research shouldn't mean I know about some of these things that she (who does this every day??) seems to not know? Ugh.

Ok, enough venting. Sorry if that comes across all b!tchy - like I said, I'm just a bit frustrated by the situation. I'm ultimately still thrilled with my results, which is really what matters. Hope everyone else is doing well today! :)

So as I posted from last week, I was having some...

So as I posted from last week, I was having some issues with cording. Based on the answers I received on the "Ask A Doc" section here as well as my own researching, I had one of my coworkers (who does lymphedema management) take a look. She did some stretching, which was not 100% comfortable, and showed me some positional stretches I could do but they seem to have gotten better since then. Whew!!

I had my 6wk postop visit with my PS today. I learned that my wonderful (refer to above posts if the sarcasm is lost there) care coodinator taught me an incorrect massage technique, so I've been doing it just a little wrong for the past 6wks. Ugh. Luckily, he was pretty pleased overall with how they're moving. My husband was with me at the appointment, so he also now knows the correct way to do it.

Righty, as usual, is more the problem child - less mobility on the right than the left. I'm supposed to continue the massages at least 2x/day, special emphasis on the right, til my next appointment in another 6wks. I also get to start using cocoa butter on my incisions. I'm supposed to massage it into the incisions 2x/day in a circular manner. He was telling me all about how I might have burning or shooting pains in one or both sides and that's normal - I told him I dealt with those through the first few weeks (luckily, no issues with that for the past several weeks - aside from leftie feeling like someone's poking my incision with a stick from time to time, which I think is probably related to a specific bra).

At my next appointment, they'll be doing my official "after" pics, so it should take a little longer. So far, my 3 postop appts have probably lasted a grand total of 15min, and that's with my extra questions!

Pretty much the ONLY thing I'm not allowed to do (for at least 4 more months) is use a tanning bed. Fortunately, that is NOT an issue for me - my dad died from melanoma so I am not a big fan of extra UV exposure. I spend all summer at the lake but use at least 50SPF at all times and UPF-rated clothing/hats as needed. I can, however, go spray tan (so if the weather EVER warms up enough to actually WEAR a bikini, at least I won't be blindingly pale!) and can get in pools/hot tubs if I want.

Speaking of wearing bikinis - since I got off work a little early and had time before my appt, I *had* to go to Target and do some more bikini shopping (because apparently the 14 I already have aren't enough??). I think I may have a problem..... and let's be real, having fabulous new boobies isn't helping!!! LOL!

I realized tonight that yesterday was my 7wk mark...

I realized tonight that yesterday was my 7wk mark and I hadn't updated. My youngest stepdaughter has been in the hospital for IV antibiotics since Tuesday, so I've been up there all day at work and staying til 10 or 10:30 pretty much every night this week. Haven't really had time to think about or reflect on what's been going down in boobieville nor take any pics, so I guess I'll just hold off on that til I hit 8wks out unless something particularly exciting or unusual happens between. Is and then.

So I going back in to my PS tomorrow after work -...

So I going back in to my PS tomorrow after work - my next regular postop appt isn't for several more weeks yet, but I have some questions that I want to get answered. At my last visit, I was instructed to begin scar massage with cocoa butter. We also discussed that I was having occasional pains under lefty, which I attributed largely to this one particular bra. A few days later, I noticed I had a bit of cording under the left side. While doing my scar massages, I'd also noticed that my left incision felt weird compared to the right - almost like it had little air pockets in it or something. One night as I was doing my implant massages I noticed that pushing them down replicated my pain and there was something pushing against my finger at the exact spot where I'd been having the pain. I suspect that I'm feeling the implant itself along my incision, which I've read isn't unusual. Since the right doesn't feel anything like that, and since I've been having some pain there, I called to see about getting in to see him. If nothing else, he can tell me exactly what it is I'm feeling, and whether or not there's anything to worry about. Til then, I'm not particularly concerned! Will update afterwards!

I can't believe I'm 8wks out today! These past...

I can't believe I'm 8wks out today! These past couple months have just flown by. I've experienced a few minor things here and there (Mondors cords, easily palpating the edges of the implants - esp the left), but so far nothing of significant concern. My right boob is still a little tight during massage, but both of em are doing well overall. They're starting to soften up quite a bit, too. I'm so over-the-moon happy with the way they look!! I had my annual today, and my NP commented that I had "a very nice cosmetic result" and that my scars looked great for this stage of the game. I really can't wait til it warms up enough that I can wear clothes that are a bit more flattering! Sunday morning I got up early to fix birthday breakfast for my hubs and threw on a tank top - no bra - and loved the way it looked! Felt great to be braless, still have some curves, and not have them hidden under bulky sweatshirts etc! One of my main goals was that they look natural, which I think they do, but they are almost too natural with scrubs and sweats!! I'd like to be able to show em off a *LITTLE* bit sometimes...

Weird... while doing my scar massage tonight, I...

Weird... while doing my scar massage tonight, I noticed that I have a small bruise under my left breast. I didn't even bruise after surgery - why I'm suddenly bruising at the 2 month mark, I'm not sure. I've been moderately aggressive with my scar massage; maybe that's the problem?

Last night I was looking back through my pics, and I still can't believe how much they've changed over the past couple months!! As much as I loved 'em at the beginning, they really do just keep getting better!

Woohoo! Today was the first really nice day we've...

Woohoo! Today was the first really nice day we've had in months - mid-70s, sunny, and only a light breeze! We were down at the lake to get the boat settled back in the water, so it was great to be able to crack out a bikini and get the girls out from under all the winter layers!I I can't wait for summer!!

Taking a moment away from the topic at hand -...

Taking a moment away from the topic at hand - Heavy heart today for all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, including all the runners who had worked so hard to have this day tarnished in such a horrible way. :(

I am still amazed at how the time is just flying...

I am still amazed at how the time is just flying by! I'm at the 2-1/2 month mark and just love the way they look! I have two weeks to my next appointment, and that's when they'll be doing my "official" postop pics! They're continuing to get softer, and I really haven't had any trouble doing any of my normal activities for a while now. I'm thinking about maybe trying Insanity or something like that to try and help whittle down my belly a little more, so I'm a little unsure how they'd do with that.. I know contracting the pecs can impact them; I can make 'em move funny if I try (a good party trick for you ladies who went under the muscle LOL!!!)

Even though I'm only 36, I've been getting...

Even though I'm only 36, I've been getting mammograms and breast MRIs for probably 5 years - my family history puts me in a high-risk category, so I get the pleasure of having my boobs scanned in one way or another every 6 months (mammo in April, MRI in Oct). While the mammograms aren't exactly something I'd want to do everyday, they're not too big a deal... before boobs, anyway! I'm a little nervous about getting this done tomorrow... I'll be just shy of 11wks postop, and my PS ok'd me to get it done, but the idea of my girls being smooshed and the implant being pulled back out of the way seems like it should make for a slightly different ballgame! I'm debating about taking a Tylenol or something ahead of time, but I doubt I really will. I'll make sure I've got some with me for just in case, though. Once it's all said and done, I will be interested to see one of my previous scans up against my new one!

Has anyone else had the "pleasure" of going through this yet?

Well, that wasn't too terribly bad. The first set...

Well, that wasn't too terribly bad. The first set of views was cake!! Basically she tightened things up just enough to hold everything in place, no compression . I was a little surprised when I saw those views - the implant looked HUGE and was solid white on the right one, a little more opaque on the left. I was a little bummed when she said she could tell I had saline because the left had some wrinkles, which she doesn't see with silicone. Wrinkles can be a leading cause of implant failure! Aaack...

The second set of views wasn't quite as pleasant. She basically grabbed ahold of what little actual boob I have, pulled it into position, cranked the top part down (digging into my right shoulder a bit on the 45deg one - that actually hurt more than my boob!) and then - my fave part - told me to stay flat on my feet (HA!) and hold my breath (as if there's really any other option at that point lol!). 4 views without compression, 4 views with, and out the door I went!

Oh, and I was so proud of myself for remembering (for the 1st time in 5yrs!) to NOT put deodorant on - but I didn't think about the cocoa butter I massage my incisions with until right after I put that on! Whoops!

First of all, I can't believe I'm more than 3mos...

First of all, I can't believe I'm more than 3mos out (13wks yesterday)!!! I soooo love my boobs, and they really feel like part of me - most of the time! On one hand, I feel like I've had 'em forever; on the other, I know it really hasn't been all that long!

Monday I started the Insanity workout program. Holy. Crap. That shit's HARD! Lol! My muscles are FINALLY starting to feel a little less tender. I'm really finding that my pecs are not thrilled about all the push-up and plank work there is, but I try to modify where I can to still get some workout benefit.

How is everyone else doing re: returning to upper body workouts? I don't have any trouble with my running anymore, but have to wonder if I'm just being a weenie on all the push-ups!

Oh, and the weather here is finally starting to warm up but so far every weekend we've been at the lake it's been cool and raining - no good bikini time yet. :(

So I'm starting to get a complex - we've had the...

So I'm starting to get a complex - we've had the boat in the water since April 6, and it hasn't once been warm enough yet to get by with wearing even t-shirts, let alone any of my new bikinis!!! Yes, I wanted a natural look, but I'd like to be able to show 'em off a *little* bit - not keep hiding the poor girls under layers of sweatshirts!! Next weekend is currently forecast in the upper 70s, so that's got some promise, but there's also a decent chance of rain. I am SOOOO over the cold and rain!

On another, more relevant note, I still absolutely love my new boobs! They're really feeling more and more like they're really just part of me, healing nicely. My scars are still fairly pink, but are pretty flat and should continue to fade with time. I'm still using the cocoa butter on them, and if it ever does get warm enough for swimsuits I'll have to make sure to put sunscreen on them. I haven't posted any new pics for a while - I'll have to try and do that in the next few days. Maybe even the before/after from my PS...

Finally - some warmer weather!!

It's been in the 80s this week (not that it's made much difference so far - I wear scrubs everyday to work, which aren't particularly figure-flattering!) and is actually supposed to be around 80 and sunny-ish for the weekend! I've got 2 of my new bikinis packed for the lake - can't wait!!!!! In the meantime, I was at a conference today do was able to wear something a little more fun than scrubs! :)

Sweet sixteen

Wow, it's been 16wks today since my surgery, and I am still pretty giddy over them! We've had a few tastes of warm weather when I've been able to actually get into some of my new bikinis but nothing consistent yet.

My scars are starting to fade more, so I'm hoping they'll be pretty unnoticeable within the next month or 2.

The only thing I'm not super crazy about, and please chime in whether you've had this "problem" or not, is that when I'm laying one back my right one seems to want to slide off toward the side of my chest. Of course, it doesn't go far, but my girls are already a little wide-set and when righty tries to run off the side I feel like they look even more so. I'll also grant you that it may just be my own perception and not really an issue at all. Anyone else experience some "migration" when laying down?

Overall, this whole journey has certainly been a positive one. I'm so glad I did this, and I'm thrilled with my results. Best of luck to any of you ladies out there who are considering and/or planning to have BA! In my opinion, it's been totally worth it!!

Sweet sixteen

Summer lovin' (my boobs!!)

Well, FINALLY we've had a few weeks of actually nice weather! Currently we're heading home from a fun weekend at Lake of the Ozarks. I can hardly wait to get back there next month! For now, though, I can just be happy (ecstatic, really!) about how I'm looking in my bikinis and the fact that I can wear fun little strapless tops without having to wear a bra or push-up bikini top underneath!!! I'll try to get and post some new pics soon. Now if I can just get my boob tan line situation straightened out - all this playing with different styles I can suddenly wear has my tan lines looking very confused and a touch ridiculous! Lol! I know I've said this before, but I really am sooooo glad I did this - it's been very worth it and I'd recommend it to anyone who's considering it! :)


So I might've gotten a little too excited to finally have a full day of sun and perfect lake temperatures and neglected to put on my sunscreen..... My burn lines are crazy this time - never before have I had "boob shadows" to keep me from being burnt under my boobs! Lol!

Exactly what I wanted!

I think I mentioned earlier in my review that my main goal was to look fairly natural. No Dolly or Pam boobs for me!!! I have been really happy with my results, and even more so now that it's full-fledged summer - bikini and tank/strapless top weather! It's so amazing to be able to wear an unpadded bikini top or go braless and not feel completely self-conscious about my flat chest!!

I was a little surprised to find out recently that pretty much everyone on our dock (at the lake) knows... as far as I'd known, only 2 couples knew for sure. Not that I'm hiding it, and I'm more than ok to discuss it, but when I said something vague about having had surgery over the winter, everyone was like "oh, yeah, they look great - very natural". *shrug* I guess the other thing that confirmed for me that they're a good size is that one of my girlfriends down there was approached by one of the guys we boat with, who said one of the other boaters was wondering if I'd had something done. Guess if they can't be 100% sure, I must've achieved my goal! :)

The only downside I've found so far is that I really have the most ridiculous tan lines on my torso under my boobs! Either I have yet to figure out this tanning-while-having-boobs thing, or I'm going to have to get used to having boob shadows. :( Any thoughts or suggestions? I tried topless one time, but usually when we're down at the lake it's hard to find an appropriately private time and place for that.

What's old is new again!

Dug out a halter tank I bought a couple years ago and almost never wore because my boobs just looked kinda sad in it... not so much now!!!

8+ month mark

Well, boating season officially comes to a close this weekend, as we bring the boat home and start the winterization process Sunday. My annual 6-month depression is about to begin! :(

The upside of this is that I should have time to get back on a regular workout schedule as well as get back to eating healthier! Gotta get rid of the extra weight I've added on, 12oz at a time, this summer!!!

I'm just over 8 months out now, and I haven't had any problems to this point (knock on wood - don't want to jinx myself!). I don't generally feel like I've got a ton of cleavage most of the time; they're just set a little wide apart for that. Every now and again, though, I look down or in a mirror and I'm just like, HOLY COW!!! I was in one of my Champion sports bras the other day and was just amazed by how much cleavage I was "sporting" in it!!

Sometimes if I wear more of a push-up style, or even a bit of a padded non-pushup, I notice the girls feel a little tight and sore by the end of the day. That goes away fairly quickly when I let 'em loose, though, and if I switch to a bralette or one of my Champions for a day or two I don't notice any further issues.

I'm not sure that my pics look much different from the last time I posted, but I still just love, love, love them!!

Still loving them! - new pics

We had our first bout of pretty cold weather this week - lows in the teens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really wasn't having the weird feelings I had with them shortly after surgery when we were still dealing with winter temps! My hubs is grumpy that it's getting colder; last night he was complaining that makes me have to cover the girls up more! Lol! Posted updated pics of my scars - they've faded a lot, but I'm guessing they've still got a little way to go.

Bombshells are a whole different story now!

Whoa. So I stopped in at VS again, just looking around, and for shits and giggles grabbed a Bombshell in 34D. Keep in mind this is pretty much the only bra I used preop (34B, should've probably been a 34A or smaller though)... The D looked SCARY-HUGE!!!!! So of course I had to try it on, lol. :) Yup - absolutely, ridiculously huge! Fantastic cleavage, but I'm pretty sure I'd need to buy new tops if I ever bought one of those again! I love that I'm finally happy to be in non-padded or slightly padded bras, and not rely on that "body armor"!

Well, that's a first....... LOL

So my wonderful hubby bought me a new sports bra (that I'd suggested) for Christmas. In a size small. B/C cup. Although I was pretty sure it was going to be too small, I figured I'd go ahead and try it on just to see. OMG, I couldn't even get it over ONE of my boobs! Hahaha - the bottom half of my left boob was hanging out, and I couldn't even get it pulled down over the right nipple! It's probably one of those "you had to be there" things, but we were absolutely cracking up!! Never before had I EVER had that problem! I have to say, that's a pretty great problem to have, though! ;)

No motivation :(

I really don't have anything new to update about the boobs. I've been totally, hard-core slacking in the workout department, though. :( It's bad right now. Really bad. It's probably been almost a month since I did anything, and I'm really struggling to find my motivation. Gonna have to do something soon, though. Ugh. If anyone has some good suggestions for quick (30min or less) but intense workouts, PLEASE let me know!

On a better note, the hubby and I are headed to a B&B tomorrow for a little romantic weekend getaway - I can hardly wait!! :D

I'm clawing my way back...

...onto the proverbial wagon! Ran 3 days last week and re-started Insanity today. This time, I've suckered my hubs into suffering through it with me! When I last did it, I was maybe 3mos post-op? The push-ups and planks were really hard and kind of uncomfortable, especially at the start. And the "pushup jacks"? No way! I did "girl push-ups" instead and worked my way up to a straight-up, true pushup - but still couldn't add in the extra parts. Today I did actual pushup jacks! I'm sure my form wasn't exactly perfect, but at least I did them! And the girls felt soooo much more comfortable this time around! I love how much they just feel like a part of me now - and I love all my new VSX sports bras I snagged for $15 each at the VS Semi-annual sale this past weekend! Woohoo!!

Time flies!!

Can it really have been a year already?!?! The girls are a year old, and I'm still absolutely loving them!

One year later!

So I actually updated last Thursday, but it dumped my update and I was too irritated and it was too close to bedtime to re-do it at the time, then I got busy and haven't had a chance to get back on here.

I had my annual visit with my PS exactly 1yr to the day from my surgery. All is well in boobieland! I can't believe it's been a year, and I still have to put this up there as one of the best decisions I've made!

I learned something new at my appointment - where my implants' fill valves are and what they feel like. Doc says to not let anyone try telling me they're lumps, as the valves themselves do feel like a little bump. I already do regular mammograms and breast MRIs anyway, so any lumps or bumps would be well-checked-out.

I hope everyone else out there is doing well, too! :)

It's an addiction...

So I need new swimwear like I need a hole in the head, esp after the bajillion I bought last year, but I have gotten 1 new one (so far) this year. Damn those VS sales.... Lol

Random stuff

2wks left of Insanity and I'll have (kind of) successfully completed the whole program! Unfortunately I'm having to modify a lot of the exercises now, as I've pretty well shredded my right shoulder. :( Off to see a former coworker Thursday to try and get it back to good. Shoulder impingements are no fun. On the plus side, my pecs were totally fine with all the plank work and push-ups! I'm particularly looking forward to resuming my running in a couple weeks - just don't have time (or energy!) to do Insanity plus all the rest of my day AND run. Oh! And the best thing about today! We got a little bitty taste of spring today! Temps in the 60s for the first time in I don't know how long - 70s tomorrow!!! (Ok, so more snow Wednesday, but I'll take what I can get!) Definitely ready for warmer weather and the fun clothes that come with it after this looooong, cold winter!
Champaign Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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