Scheduled for TT and Lipo on Inner Thighs on June 19th - Chadds Ford, PA

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I am excited and nervous at the same time. Dr....

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Dr. Saunders seems like a great PS from all his reviews. I am very scared though. I don't want to die getting this procedure done for feeling like I am being vain. I am scheduled for June 19. I feel like I have made the right decision in using Dr. Saunders to do my TT and Lipo on my inner thighs. I will keep you all posted after the surgery.

Ok really nervous now!!

I went for my pre-op appt. yesterday because I am having a full TT and inner thigh lipo on June 19th. Dr. Saunders was very nice but he kept stressing about the risk of blood clots. He told me the best way to lay was flat with my legs propt well above my heart. He told me a recliner would not do unless it reclined flat contrary to what I have been reading. I also got nervous when he prescribed me Valium, something I have never taken which I'm not sure whether to take. I'm kind of scared to take it cause I am very allergic to Narcotics and just don't know if it would have the same affect. One comment he made offended me a little bit but I might just be being over sensitive. When he was writing me the prescriptions, I told him do not write me script for any Pain Killers and even though I told him at my first visit that I was allergic, he said why are you afraid of addiction?? I said NO, I will get very sick and dizzy. Then I was thinking does he think I look like I do drugs, lol? Cause I am like the straightest person, I don't even drink alchohol. Anyways, now I am worried because not sure if I should try the Valium don't know how its gonna make me feel. Ya see I am having this done in his surgery center not in a hospital and I know when I had surgery before they usually put something in the IV to make ya a little loopy before they put you to sleep. It must be different in a surgery center cause he wants me to bring all the medicines he prescribed the day of surgery. I keep thinking if this will be the same pain as my partial hysterectomy cause I didn't have any pain killers with that and I don't remember them scaring me about blood clots but Dr. Saunders said it is the same risk with a hysterectomy as with a TT they just don't stress that point of blood clots. I really hope I am doing the right thing getting this done. I keep thinking if I survive being cut 4 times bikini line for 3 c-sections and one partial hysterectomy without any pain killers or blood clots, I will survive this too. Any feed back would be helpful. If anybody has had hysterectomy and then a TT if you can tell me which pain was worse or the same. The doctor tells me it will be the same pain. I will post pictures of the before at another time cause I still haven't taken any.

Its a week today since my TT and inner thigh lipo.

I want to say first of all I could of not picked a better PS Dr. Saunders and all of his staff were the greatest. Even the night nurses were wonderful. Everyone was sooo caring and sweet. It is a week and I am still not feeling myself though this does definitely kick your ass. But remember I did this with just the pain buster and motrin and a little valium cause I am allergic to narcotics so I couldn't do anything for pain, thats why I might be still hurting but it is still only a week. I did see an improvement immediately though. I see a skinnier me already. I will post some before shots and then as soon as I feel better I will do my after shots. It is amazing the results.

Before TT and lipo of the inner thighs

15 days post op

I can already see a big difference, I am glad I have gotten this done but have to admit I am really getting bored and I hate wearing this girdle. I feel like the Summer is passing me by, lol... I hope I drop a couple sizes cause I am still fitting in my size 13 shorts even though I am still swollen. I have another follow up appt on 7/8/13. Worried a little about my belly button Dr. said it looked red, I guess he will let me know more at my next appt. I am going to try to post after pictures once I take them... I still feel like I picked a great PS.. He did do wonders on my stomach. He even told me wow your stomach is really flat at my last appt. So that made me feel good.

15 days PO TT with Lipo Flanks and inner thigh lipo

15 days PO TT with Lipo Flanks and inner thigh lipo

Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

My first visit with Dr. Saunders was very comforting. He is very personable and caring.

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