Nerves Setting In! Date and Pre Op Set! - Chadds Ford, PA

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I have gone to 3 different doctors and knew dr...

I have gone to 3 different doctors and knew dr Saunders was my guy! He has a very great reputation! Either way I booked my day and paid my deposits, had my pre op blood work, and sent my tests to them. I am shaking in my boots so nervous! I try to relax. I mostly fear I will die on the table or blood clot and die. I work out alot and a non smoker. I am a little heavier than I want to be but I also get heart palpitations so I worry I will die.. Had alllllll the tests doctors said I am fine! Will I pick boobs that are too big? I don't wanna look huge!!! Meaning fat!

13 days until my pre op apt!!!

I am experiencing all types of emotions at this point! Mommy makeover here I come! I am mostly nervous of something bad happening during a 3 hour procedure... Also I am worried about staying in a hotel without my partner for one night. I hate medication so I am also nervous about how I will feel. I am trying to lose as much weight as I can prior to surgery. And just hope all my stretch marks will be gone!!!! Bye bye belly!

15 days till show time!

I am seriously getting crazy over this in 15 days I am going in for a tummy tuck and ba. I picked 450cc implants and just can't wait for this to be over! I don't want to die and have my kids to live for. Just praying everything goes well. Now I am working out like crazy trying to lose any extra weight prior to surgery!!!

Finally done!!!

Dr Saunders is amazing!

Some of my nasty tummy

Looking good!

Getting there!!!

I saw 3 total doctors and knew dr Saunders was my guy!!!

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