45 Year Old Mother of Three Needs Her Boobs Back

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Pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for a...

Pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for a breast lift with augmentation. I have been debating for the longest time, but after meeting with the PS For consultation I decided I am going for it. I now spend inordinate amounts of time looking at before and afters. And reading risks. 11/11 can't get here soon enough!

Pre op!!

Had my pre op appointment and selected my implants. Going with 450cc . Dr Saunders is so thorough and has great discussions to help me make my decision. I did my homework and came with pictures. He answered all my questions about the complications I read about and alleviated my anxiety. I haven't had surgery yet... but dr is awesome so far!!

How big is too big?

So I met with the PS and we selected 450cc silicone under the muscle - now I am wondering if I should go with 500ccs. The 450 (or500) will go in my right breast and a smaller implant in the left to even out the asymmetry. (It always bothered me but now it drive me bananas) I have my two different 'dream boobs' and I'm just not sure which would be a better choice. Either would be awesome - I just don't want to go 'darn shoulda gone bigger' BUT don't want to think 'omg should have gone smaller' either! Oh the decisions!! Tomorrow is 29 days to go. Like a kid at thanksgiving waiting for Christmas !

1 month left for these sad pups

Saggy and asymmetrical...need lift and volume

Trying to upload 'before' photos

Before images - hope this works this time

Wish Boobs

My Homework to select the boobs I wanted - and thugs size is what I'm aiming for. I selected the 450cc implants but now I am wondering if I should go 500cc. They tell me 99% of people wish they went bigger - so I'm leaning toward increasing - but I don't want to look like a cartoon character ????

Nerves Are Kicking in with 29 Days to Go...

So anxious and excited. My husband supports me 100% - and I have told my daughter who is 24, but I am actually afraid to tell my sister. She's a little 'judgy' and bossy. So part of me is sad I don't have her support as I get ready for this. I know I'm making the right decision. But I'm scared. I go through a long list of "what if's" in my head daily. I have decided the benefit outweighs the risk, but do others go through this Anxiety?

Moved my surgery date up...so excited

I was originally scheduled for November 11th. I was offered a space on October 28, but I was so nervous it was too close. Now that I have done all my pre-op work, and paid...waiting another month seemed silly. I'm mentally 100% prepared, so I called and they still had the October 28 opening. So I moved my surgery up two weeks! I'm so excited. 14 days and counting :)

BL/BA to 45 Year Old Mommy Boobs

I am hoping for perkier fuller breasts that will make me more proportional as I've always been a 'pear" shape. I LOVE the PS I chose. He and his staff are knowledgeable, kind and supportive. I feel like I am in the best hands possible and they are as vested in the process as I am. At this point my biggest worry is "am I going too big or too small". I really don't want to come out and wish I had done something different.

8 more day...

I am so anxious! Both nervous from seeing people with issues and anxious for it to get here.

Final Countdown Begins

I admit I actually have a count down timer on my phone...At this minute I have 2 days 22 hours 51 minutes and 5 seconds until I'm scheduled to report to the PS office. So I have spent days reading...re reading and trying to prepare the house, the supplies I'll need and my brain. I'm scared. "What if" something goes wrong..."What if" I go too big...etc. But more than anything I'm super excited. I truly trust my doctor and his staff. His nurse is a DOLL. I text her with questions or concerns and she gets right back to me and ALWAYS puts my mind at ease - until I google something else and I worry again. But all the worrying doesn't change my mind on the procedure. I'm 100% committed.
I got zip up hoodies, and regular sweat pants that aren't too tight and easy to tug up when I'm sore (surprisingly I had none...all yoga pants) I got sports bras (not even sure if my doctor lets me wear them yet) I got a special pillow to help me sleep on my back, I got bendy straws...the list goes on. I have been a lunatic washing my hands and using antibacterial gel because I was so worried I would get sick and have to cancel my surgery. And then this past weekend I went to NYC for a girls weekend, turned to lift my 600 lb suitcase over the subway turnstyle, and threw my back out....If you throw your back out with a suitcase, are you so old and decrepid that new boobs are a waste of money? :)
So...on to the next drama of the boob job saga...my hubby told me yesterday he can't be there for the surgery :*(. My daughter is going to take me, but I was sad. Of course I think "what if I die on the table" (I'm a tad dramatic) I know his job and this is something typical for him, but I started to wonder if it was a subconscious way of showing disapproval. But, I overthink enough things...I'm not worrying about that now.

Tomorrow is the day!!

So anxious - excited - scared - excited (I know I said it already but I'm really excited) and I find myself getting weepy. Tears well up for no apparent reason. I think I'm more nervous than I care to admit. Will it hurt - will I like them - will I look fat (yes a concern that plays in my mind). My countdown clock says 21 hours!!! They will go quickly I'm sure because I have so much to accomplish in that short window of time.

Post op

Well I lived - but holy cow I'm i pain. My doctor and staff could not have been more sweet. The doctor sat and held my hand while I was prepped and out under - and while it took me by surprise, it was truly the most comforting thing and truly helped eases my anxiety. My chest is so sore and my throat is from the tube- but I honestly can't say enlighten about dr Saunders and his staff.

Well I did it!!!

Had my BL/BA this morning. I can not say enough about the surgical team. They were Amazing. The kindness and compassion made a scary venture much more calming . As for the pain - if I stay on the meds I am in pain but tolerable - or asleep (actually fell asleep with a bagel in my mouth) so warning not to eat after taking the pill.
I'm wrapped so tight I have no idea what size I am. But when I went under they had the go ahead to put in whatever size would give me a full D/DD. Hoping tomorrow is less pain with less meds - but who knows.

Day 1 Post op

I was so groggy yesterday - the entire day is a fog. The pain has been tolerable but staying on top of my meds has been key. I slept downstairs in a recliner and around 4 am I needed an ice pack. I didn't want to wake anyone when I was a room away from the fridge - so I went in and pulled open the fridge - apparently when I put the groceries away I put something in crooked and the door stuck and I felt a pin on my inner upper right breast. Convinced I moved my implant I was a panicked mess the rest of the night. I texted my PS at 7 am and he got back to me immediately. He said he is sure I'm fine but to come in at 11:15. Shortly thereafter his nurse texted to check on me and I told her what happened and she said it's nothing to worry about - I just strained the muscle. But going in anyway. Now I knew I was asymmetrical as you can tell by my picture - but I got 500cc in one breast and only 375 in the other! I had no idea how lopsided I actually was!

Hopefully today they tell me I am fine and to stop worrying - I may need to break out a Valium they gave me.

Morning Boob is real and it is not pleasant

Day 2 post op. And I wake with pain - bad pain. But I can tell it's just that everything tightened up while I slept. I sleep I spurts but I think that's more from being in a recliner and not next to hubby where I am most comfortable. Speaking of hubby - he has been more amazing than ever - he is one of those 'good in a crisis' people but he has gone above and beyond on this. He's getting a big present when I'm able to move around. For those getting ready to go in- yes it hurts - but it is manageable - stay ahead of the pain - and it's well worth it

Was able to shower and unwrap....

That was so scary!! My hub didn't want to help - said it would be like watching a baby come out of a vagina - he's such a dork. But he helped me so I didn't fall and washed my hair. Reaching up isn't the easiest. So I'm in a sports bra and go back to the doctor tomorrow morning. But I think they look good so far!!!

Day 3 and I feel fantastic.

A little tight - a little sore but so happy.

Feel like I have the Boobie Blues

I went back to work this morning. It was tight - but I otherwise felt good. By 11am I had to come home. I couldn't take meds and drive and yikes I felt pretty bad. But I have this overwhelming fear that I'm going to do something wrong or not do something right that will affect my results. I don't want to reach out to my surgeon and be a pain - and so I find myself crying - in the bathroom - in my car - in the back yard. Looking in the mirror I look good - I trust my doctor immensely - I just feel like a big baby.

Day 4 pic updates

I know it's going well....I think I hoped I would be a super human healer. So I'm struggling a little.

Wow this is harder than I expected.

I really had unrealistic healing expecations. I honestly thought that by day 4 or so I would be back at life like normal...here I am day 7 and I am struggling. My breasts actually feel pretty good...they are a little tight and certain movements pull a tad, but I'm not doing anything crazy. Opening a sliding door may twinge or something...but I'm not picking up anything heavier than a pocketbook. But my back and neck are KILLING me. and boy do I cry! ALOT. Then I had a 99.5 temp...nothing I know....but I went into panic thinking I was starting an infection. I've come to accept that I went back to work too fast (day 4)...and the sleeping situation is mangling my back, which is leading to massive back pain and headaches. So, I'm going to try to be a little less "I can do it" and a little more "I can do it later". my boss is letting me work from home - I have a heating pad on my back, and drinking lots of water to see if migraines are from dehydration. But as of yesterday I was sobbing "what have I done" - today I'm feeling a little less like I made a mistake and a little more accepting that I'm just not a super human healer.

My steri strips started coming off, so of course I'm obsessively putting ointment on the exposed parts and have steril pads in my bras because I'm petrified of infection. I may be too much of a worrier to have elective surgery. :)

Day nine and I am finally feeling human!!! :)

The first three days were great....but I'm superwoman (in my own mind) and went back to work day 4 and tried to get off medications (except antibiotics)...and I suffered immensely. Don't be a hero ladies!! But today I truly feel better. Right breast has a much larger implant so it's much tighter and muscle stretching is uncomfortable - but I have been up and participating in life without sobbing ;). Here is from day 3 to day 9...tomorrow my stitches come out which scares me a tad but after how I've felt for the last 6 days it should be a cake walk.

Stitches out and a new perspective

My doctor said something very wise to me today...when I told him what a difficult week it was going back to work and feeling horrible on day four he said to have a different perspective and think of how far I have come after major surgery...not "I'm feeling bad still at day 5" but "I feel pretty damn good for day 5" Now I'm on day 10 and feeling really good. the blues have passed...the fear subsided and I'm in LOVE with the new addition. I can't say enough about my PS. He is phenomenal. His staff is amazing. and the entire experience has been more than I could have hoped for.

One up - one down

Tomorrow is two weeks since my BL BA. I'm getting a little anxious that they will be more asymmetrical than I hoped. I'm not sure if one just hasn't dropped enough yet or if there is just a lot of assymetry. I'll be so bummed if they are this asymmetrical after spending so much money. I didn't expect complete symmetry but I hoped to be a little closer.

Anxiety set in!

Doing my breast massage last night (15 days post op) I felt three 'pops' under my right breast. Not deep, but not on the skin either. I texted my doctor who said it was most likely nothing but come in this week and stop my massage until he sees me. I fell asleep and dreamt my implant fell out in my hand. I am now so panicked something is wrong I walked through the food store literally holding my rib cage to support my breast that I'm convinced is coming out. It looks a the same - it feels weird now though -at least I think it does - feels more sore than it was yesterday. The nurse tells me I'll feel lots of weird things the next few months...this should be torture for a worrier like me.

So glad I did this!!

Things are finally settling down. I'm used to the random pains and the stretching - however I do worry daily about CC. But I love the changes!!

My 3 week visit went well

Doctor is pleased with the progress - gave me a new displacement massage to help the bigger implant drop. Three more weeks and I'm cleared to go back to life as usual!

4.5 weeks - can't tell if they are dropping or not

First measurement!

Went to buy a new non underwire bra today - I can't take the old lady things I've been wearing. They said so long as there is support and no underwire I can get one. So I got measured....32DDD! Which is apparently also 34DD but the 34 really isn't tight enough. And filling both cups out was such a nice change :)

beyond angry right now

4.5 weeks post BL. BA after all my incisions closed nicely I notice a hole opened below one breast and was leaking something. I texted the doctor with a picture. It's 9:40 at night. He tells me he's in bed it's not an emergency office hours only. Ok excuse me but a freaking hole in my breast is an emergency to me. And I paid you almost 9 THOUSAND dollars so I don't think 9:40 at night is too late when I have a HOLE IN MY BODY. - the further I get from surgery the less compassion and care he seems to exhibit. I'm actually livid right now.

Never loved a sports bra so much!

So happy with my new perky fuller girls! Sports bras never looked so good :)

The difference is mind blowing

I can't get over the change. The fullness makes me feel so much more confident!!
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