45 Year Old Mother of Three Needs Her Boobs Back

Pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for a...

Pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for a breast lift with augmentation. I have been debating for the longest time, but after meeting with the PS For consultation I decided I am going for it. I now spend inordinate amounts of time looking at before and afters. And reading risks. 11/11 can't get here soon enough!

Pre op!!

Had my pre op appointment and selected my implants. Going with 450cc . Dr Saunders is so thorough and has great discussions to help me make my decision. I did my homework and came with pictures. He answered all my questions about the complications I read about and alleviated my anxiety. I haven't had surgery yet... but dr is awesome so far!!

How big is too big?

So I met with the PS and we selected 450cc silicone under the muscle - now I am wondering if I should go with 500ccs. The 450 (or500) will go in my right breast and a smaller implant in the left to even out the asymmetry. (It always bothered me but now it drive me bananas) I have my two different 'dream boobs' and I'm just not sure which would be a better choice. Either would be awesome - I just don't want to go 'darn shoulda gone bigger' BUT don't want to think 'omg should have gone smaller' either! Oh the decisions!! Tomorrow is 29 days to go. Like a kid at thanksgiving waiting for Christmas !

1 month left for these sad pups

Saggy and asymmetrical...need lift and volume

Trying to upload 'before' photos

Before images - hope this works this time

Wish Boobs

My Homework to select the boobs I wanted - and thugs size is what I'm aiming for. I selected the 450cc implants but now I am wondering if I should go 500cc. They tell me 99% of people wish they went bigger - so I'm leaning toward increasing - but I don't want to look like a cartoon character ????

Nerves Are Kicking in with 29 Days to Go...

So anxious and excited. My husband supports me 100% - and I have told my daughter who is 24, but I am actually afraid to tell my sister. She's a little 'judgy' and bossy. So part of me is sad I don't have her support as I get ready for this. I know I'm making the right decision. But I'm scared. I go through a long list of "what if's" in my head daily. I have decided the benefit outweighs the risk, but do others go through this Anxiety?

Moved my surgery date up...so excited

I was originally scheduled for November 11th. I was offered a space on October 28, but I was so nervous it was too close. Now that I have done all my pre-op work, and paid...waiting another month seemed silly. I'm mentally 100% prepared, so I called and they still had the October 28 opening. So I moved my surgery up two weeks! I'm so excited. 14 days and counting :)

BL/BA to 45 Year Old Mommy Boobs

I am hoping for perkier fuller breasts that will make me more proportional as I've always been a 'pear" shape. I LOVE the PS I chose. He and his staff are knowledgeable, kind and supportive. I feel like I am in the best hands possible and they are as vested in the process as I am. At this point my biggest worry is "am I going too big or too small". I really don't want to come out and wish I had done something different.

8 more day...

I am so anxious! Both nervous from seeing people with issues and anxious for it to get here.
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was so kind and thorough in the consultation. I like his realistic discussions - he doesn't want his patients to be unrealistic in their expectations - I'm not going to be a Victoria's Secret model no matter how much surgery I get. But I will be better than I am today. He addressed my concerns, spoke in laymen's terms so that a "non doctor" could understand. He instilled a great sense of confidence that he is not only kind, but knowledgeable, skilled and wants to, and will, do the best job possible for me. Also, his staff is fantastic. I've been going to the MedSpa for a few years for botox and everyone is absolutely fantastic. I'm really happy I chose Dr. Saunders and his team for this journey!

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