35yo 5'7 130lbs No Kids Slim Build but Ready??? - Chadds Ford, PA

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Ok so I've been flat chested a good portion of my...

Ok so I've been flat chested a good portion of my life, teased, made fun of all that nonsense, until about after college when you actually start to put on weight. I figured 'nah, I'll wait to see if my boobs get bigger if I gain more weight'....they didn't. :-(
Then a few years go by and I think 'well maybe if I get pregnant and have a baby they'll get bigger' HAAA, that's hilarious, for many diff reasons, but that's another story.
So here I am 35 years old and they haven't grown. No creams, no massage techniques or uncomfortable push-up bra made them any bigger it was all a facade. So I decided it's time! What the heck...BUT...what if they turn out horrible looking, my boobs now aren't bad looking. What if I look disproportionate? What if I regret getting them? What if I go too big or too small? So many variables here!
I'm already booked and I've done various consultations with many doctors and done my research. The doc I picked seemed pretty squared away and made me feel comfortable and didn't try to "sell" me anything I didn't want or need, which was my concern for over doing it and looking.....um, fake?
So 2 weeks from now I'll be laying here with sore tatas and hopefully my mind will be at ease.

Better pic

This is a better pic of my boobs...I'm like a full B small C depending on where I get a bra and what style

Boobies in push up

This is VS 32D (which I am NOT) but a lot of padding and a lot of push up, which I hate. Free these tatas!!

1 week to go!!!

I have I week til the big day and I just had my blood work done and ordered some stuff online so that should all be here in a couple days!! Getting excited but a little nervous at the same time.
I ordered Arnica pills and Gel bc my friend said it works wonders, and I'm hoping the swelling goes down as fast as possible!
I also ordered a compression bra and band to keep the puppies in place and another regular zip front sports bra, hope they all fit, that would suck wouldn't it!?

3 days left!

I have 3 days til surgery day and can't wait! My surgery isn't scheduled until 2pm so I hope I don't starve to death before I go under!

Just a few hours away...

My surgery is at 2pm tmr and I'm getting kind nervous, excited...whatever you want to call it. Hope I can fall asleep tonight.
We're not supposed to eat or drink ANYTHING before surgery...uhhh I think I'm gonna die if that's the case! What did you all do if you had surgery in the afternoon?
Oh and we're not allowed to have any lotion on...understandable, but on your face either? I need my face cream! (Hope I don't get in trouble)

Final pics

An hour before I'm supposed to be there and getting a little antsy!
Took some final pics of my girls before I leave!!


Just got home and I'm so sore!! Took some meds and hoping they kick in bc my head is pounding from not eating ??????

Post op

A couple pics post op, still in a lot of pain but the meds are def helping!!


Day 2 post op and I keep sleeping thru my dose time on the pills, so needless to say I'm going to set an alarm from now on for every 4 hours!! Ugh ????
I pray that I can take the wrapping off tmr and they look good bc they are so swollen and hard right now!
Does anyone know how to massage bc the doc never explained how I'm supposed to do it.
Guess I'll just sit here and enjoy being stoned in the meantime! ????

Update Post-Op hospital visit

So today I got to take my wrap off and take a shower and I realized that my legs, more specifically calfs and ankles, were really swollen! Swollen to the point the skin was super tight and it was a chore to get my jeans on!
I texted Dr. Saunders and told him and he called me back and said I needed to go to the ER in case it was a blood clot. Needless to say I was nervous and crying the entire way there hoping that I don't just die from a blood clot in my legs that moves to my heart of some shit.
I'm at the ER now and they did an ultrasound and seems to look ok but still waiting for the Dr to set me free.
I was turning out to be a good day until all this ????


Just got home from the hospital and doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Ultrasound came back good, blood work was all good, but still have no reason as to why my legs are swollen.

5 days post op

Getting a little better. The left is still sore and a lot tighter compared to the right. They've dropped just a little bit but not much in the last couple of days.
Legs aren't swollen anymore which is a plus bc that really gave me a scare.
I've been wearing the compression bra all days everyday but the band only at night. Is that normal? And does anyone know when these strip things come off? Do they just fall off or so I take them off?

1 week post op

It's been a week and I'm massaging like
Crazy! I've been wearing my compression bra the entire week and had a compression band on as well when I'm not going anywhere.
Does anyone know how long these strips stay on for and how long we have to wear a sports bra?
Got a few new bras with no underwire (wooohoo) can't wait to wear them!!

10 days post op

I've been massaging and had steri silicone strips on since I took the bandage off the incision and it doesn't look like there's any change ???? it doesn't feel like they're dropping either and I've been wearing that darn compression bra and band everyday!
What do you girls think? How long did Titans for yours to drop and fluff? Some people are telling me 6 months!! That's an entire summer I'm freaking out!

2 week post op

Doesn't feel like much change here...hope I start to see progress soon. ????

4 wk update

It's been 4 weeks and there hasn't been much change ???? I used Scar Strips the first 3 weeks and have been using Bio Oil for the last week and the scars seem to be getting better but not really much movement in the breast area. I've been doing my massages and stretches so hopefully they will drop sooner than later.
When I go out I feel like I can't wear anything unless I can wear a sports bra bc my breasts are kinda mis-shaped if you look at them from the side.
Is anyone else having or had this problem?

6 weeks!

It's been 6 weeks and everything is looking great! They are starting to soften up and drop a little at a time and I'm really happy with how they look so far!
I went thru my old bras and wanted to see how many I had to toss...I would say about 1/2 if not more ????
Oh well...can't wait to go bra shopping again!! Right now I'm just wearing sports bras and bralettes...it's summertime so I can easily get away with it...even not wearing one sometimes too! ????????

10 weeks Post Op

The girls are looking really good! They dropped and softened a lot. I'm not sure what "fluff" is but hopefully they do that too!! Summer had been great other than finding a large too and small bottom bathing suits but I suppose it's worth it ????
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