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I have always wanted get rid of big hump on my...

I have always wanted get rid of big hump on my nose. I feel like I have two faces.
I growing up with judgmental people I was teased about it when I was younger. I don't mind look from the front but my profile is terrible. I want more feminine nose.

Dr Julian De Silva told me that I also have slightly deviated septum which is new to me :)

I think this is the hardest decision of my life because I hate hospitals and I have fear of needles.
I feel excited and anxious at the same time. I have spent many hours researching for the best doctor and I think I choose well.

One week to go

One week to go and I'm feeling very excited. The surgery will be under twilight anesthesia and it will last approx 3 hours. I choose twilight anesthesia because I don't like the idea that machine is breathing for me.
I need to be in the clinic at 7am, it will took me 2 hours to get there so surgery will be quite a good nap :)

Wish me luck :)

Recovery supplies

This is my list of recovery supplies (some base on my research):
-Flat ginger beer
- Multivitamin drink
-Arnica gel and cream
-Arnica pils
-Neck pillow
-Saline spray
-L- Lysine (helps rebuild tissue)
-Barley grass (alkalise the body)
- Vitamin C +B
- Vitamin b12 spray
- Dry Shampoo
- Thermal Water
- Lip Balm
- Lozenges
- Ice pack
- Face wipes
- Cup with straw

I'm going to drink lot of green smoothie and stay away from salt.

That's all for now :)

More before pics

The happiest day of my life!!!!

The surgery went really well. Im amazed of how little bruises I have. Dr De silva is a very gentle surgeon, he has even very gently sterilized my nose :)) Last time when I had a surgery my leg was purple on the same day. The anaesthesiologist Dr Andre du Plessis was brilliant, he needed to customise my sedation due to my egg allergy and he was very caring, he has held my hand all the time - what a brilliant men. I have had swelling but it went away after medication, arnica pills and cream (or only after medication :) )

The sedation was very interesting experience, I was dreaming but at the same time I was aware of surroundings, breathing, swallowing etc but I didn't feel any fear. I was only a little annoyed of the constant conversation because I was jumping (in my mind) in the land of colourful balloons, marshmallows and giant lollipops, and conservation didn't allow me to fully concentrate on my fairy land. :) It took me a while to stop being sleepy and weak but I had no nausea.

I was feeling pain only at the end of surgery while my nose been stitching and cleaned.

I'm very happy and can't wait for the cast to be off :)

I drink flat ginger ale, green smoothie and coconut water. I take also arnica, bromeline and medication.

That's all for now :)

Day 2 post-op

It's day 2 post op and Im feeling great little bit tired but I have no pain I don't take any painkillers. The swelling is light my nose is not bleeding any more the only blood is coming from stitches.
I think the worst day was yesterday I was very puffy especially around the eyes.

That's all for now :)

Day 2 post-op

I just realised that today is 2 post op hihi it's annoying that we can't edit our content.

So swelling is very similar to yesterday. Nose is congested, feel tight and is very sensitive but I still don't need any pain killers. Overall I'm feeling very well. I took a bath today and rested all day.

That's all for now :)

Ps. I will write off to all posts tomorrow xoxo

Day 3 post-op

Day 3 post-op looks similar to yesterday except my gums are itching, nothing painful just annoying :)

That's all for now :)

Have a wonderful day!

Day 5 post-op

Feeling very well except stuffy nose, it feels like a very bad cold. Chewing is not comfortable I hold on to the soft food.
I sleep very well. Swelling decreases from day to day. I just can't wait when the doctor will remove my cast. I'm dreaming of washing my face and feeling the wind on my face :))

That's all for now :)

Cast removal

Cast removal was very unpleasant. Dr De Silva started pressuring my nose to check the swelling, it was so painful that I have immediately started to sweat like crazy. He has cleaned my nose and it felt so good to breath properly.
Dr De Silva told me that I have more swelling than an average person and he has gave me an injection. For the last 3 days I was eating home cooked soup with a little bit of salt so maybe that is the reason. I'm definitely staying away from salt right now. Still have uneven swelling on the left nostril (deviated septum site) and this side in general is more sensitive.
My nose still have a small hump but feels like a sponge so from what I'v read if it is not hard that is good. Not over the moon right now but hope for the best, for sure looks better than before.

Love my new nose :)))

Hi Lovely people. Thank you for your kind words. You are wonderful!!!

I was freaking out litter bit because when the cast was removed it looked swollen but the was no hump. The shape of the nose changed 3 times on the day of the cast removal (see pictures).
I was so tired to travel to London and I wasn't to optimistic afterwards.

Nose is still very swollen and I can barely touch the tip of my nose(I will add some more picture later) but there is no hump :)))

I'm very happy with the result and can't wait when the swelling will go down :)

That's all for now :)

3 weeks post-op

Hi There! So it's third week since my surgery. Im still very happy with my nose.

The swelling went down a little bit but nose still look wider than before the operation. I know that I have to be patient especially that my skin is thin. Still have uneven swelling but its not that bad.
The tip of my nose start to getting soft and its not sensitive anymore ( 2 weeks ago I couldn't touch it)
I had some side effects from meds. One week ago I had daily headache and my mood was changing from angry to crying for no reason, happily this last only one week.

Yesterday first time in about 20 years I wore a ponytail, before surgery I was always hiding my nose behind my hair so this hairstyle was No No to me.

That's all for now :)

One month + 2days post-op

Hi There!
It's one month + 2 days since my surgery. The swelling is gradually settle and nose looks better with each day.
I'm still clean my nose on the daily basis and taping at night as Dr De Silva recomendations.
The place where the stitches where is now red but easy to cover with makeup.

That's all for now :)


Still happy!!!!

Hi everyone
Sorry for not responding on emails and comments. I had big renovation in my garden and one week of bad cold.
Im still very happy with my new nose:)

Still have some swelling but im very please with the results.
I will add some more photos and respond to all emails and comments just give me some time.

Greetings :)

2 moths post-op

Just a quick update. I had visit with Dr De Silva on 11 may. He told me that I have more swelling than average and I agree (you will not see this on photos)for that reason I had another steroid injection. The tip of my nose is still very hard and very sensitive on cold, if temperature is below 15 C my nose will freeze and it quite painful. My nose was always very sensitive on cold but now with the swelling it is more perceptible. I try to avoid salt and drink lots of fluids but it seems my body is healing in they own way. Im so happy that I did this surgery. Im finally free from this maniacal thoughts that everyone is judging my nose. To this day I don't understand where this come from because I never judge people base on they looks. That thought use to stop me from being social I just want to be at home all the time. So happy to finally go to the gym or to restaurant and don't think of my nose, this is THE BEST FEELING EVER!!!! That's all for now :)
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