8 Week PO, Doc Apt, and SWELLING

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I am 28, married, and have one son who is 4 years...

I am 28, married, and have one son who is 4 years old. I am 5'6, 164 lbs. I have wanted a tummy tuck for as long as I can rememeber. Growing up, I was always a chunky girl. When I was 18, I reached 220lbs. I reached a breaking point and began eating healthy, taking Metabolife, and running. I lost about 70 lbs in only a few months. My stomach suffered the wrath of losing the lard so quickly.

At 23 and 160 lbs, I got pregnant with my son. Being that I had been dieting for so long and had recently graduated from a police academy where eating right and exercising were both drilled into my head, I went nuts. I pretty much started eating anything that didn't move. I gained 85 lbs and although I expected a 80lb baby to emerge from my vaj, my son was only 8lbs, 9 oz.

Fast forward 4 years. I started running again heavily, completing a variety of races (10ks, a few half marathons, and two full marathons). I lost all but 4 lbs of the pregancy weight that I believe has taken residence in my gut along with a huge amount of skin. My friends have named my stomach The Pink Marshmallow" and I hate her every second of every day. I have learned to make light of her sometimes, especially with my husband. I grab The Pink Marshmallow and make her talk as my belly button has collapsed and looks like an old person without their dentures in.

Enough is enough though! I feel that after doing everything possible to get back into shape including running two full marathons (besides becoming a deputy sherrif, those marathons are my proudest moments), I can do no more for The Pink Marshmallow. Her death is scheduled for October 5th, 2012.

I consulted with three different doctors. One here in my hometown and two about an hour away in San Jose, CA. One doctor seemed a little odd and reminded me of the guy from A Nightmare Before Christmas, the doctor who made Sally. The second doctor I saw in town seemed very smart but seemed not to have much bedside manner. Both of these doctors had excellent reviews. I decided to see a third doctor as I felt I did not get a "this is the doctor!" vibe from either. The third doctor, Dr. Vincent Lepore had me the minute he checked out The Pink Marshmallow. Dr. Lepore suggested I get liposuction on my flanks. One of my supervisors had lipo done and she gained about 20lbs since her lipo. She now has a very chunky back as that is where her body distributed the fat. No thanks. I have decided to just lose about 10 lbs before October. I initally went in for just the tummy tuck because I was unsure about getting the girls fixed. The girls are a whole nother story!

Well, after seeing all these awesome reviews about full mommy make overs, I decided why not, and made a second consult to have Dr. Lepore check out the girls and see what he can do for them. Currently, the girls are super deflated and one is abou a half size if not more, cup size smaller. Even my friends comment on them! "the big boob or the small boob?" Bitches.

My consult for the girls is next week and I cannot wait!!! I also have a consult with a new doctor who does AMAZING boobs. Being that have put a depost down for The Pink Marshmallow's death, I am debating if I should just forfit the deposit and go with the Amazing Boob Doc and have him do both, or just get The Pink Marshmallow killed first with Dr. Lepore, and then get the girls fixed later with the Amazing Boob Doc, oooooor go with Dr. Lepore for both. Big decisions!!!!

So that is my story. I am so thankful for everyone's postings. I am addicted to this website. Everyone at work knows I am having the procedures done and are equally excited. Some of the male deputies at work offer their two cents and say I should go for D size boobs. My response? I do not want to be called Deputy Boobs. I am going to go for a full C as of now but we shall see what both docotors say.

Last month I went back to the doctor in San Jose...

Last month I went back to the doctor in San Jose that I had selected to do my TT. This time, I went and saw him regarding my "tube" boobs. Apparently, I have a "deformity" (love that they're called that! Not.) called tuberous breasts that cause most of the breast tissue to be at the bottom of the breast, resulting in a "tube" or Snoopy nose-like boob. He suggested I go for saline outside the muscle and get a lift to fix the tube boob. He was going to charge me close to $20,000 which I expected. I also tried on some boobs. This was the fun part!

My second biggest fear (my biggest is a botched surgery job) is going too big. I run so I do not want to be trotting down the path with two huge boobs bouncing along with me. Not fun. The doc told me they do seem smaller once inside of me so I am opting for somewhere around 425cc in one boob and a little more in the other since they're totally different sizes.

I then went and saw another PS, Dr. Commons who does AMAZING boobs. His reviews are fabulous and he has been doing PS for over 30 years. He is also affiliated with Stanford so I will have Stanford Anesthesiologist so that is awesome. One of my best friends (who just happens to be a RN) came along with me so she was able to meet both doctors. I really loved how he took so much time with me. The only assistant I saw was the lady at the front desk. He took the pics of me, explained everything, and even went over pricing with me. My friend told me she thought I should go with him, even before he gave me prices for everything. He quoted me about $13,200 for everything which includes saline implants, hernia repair, and tummy tuck. He also is going to do a LITTLE lipo on the sides just to make sure the tummy tuck edges are smoother. I told him I did not want any lipo anywhere else. This doctor is also going to attempt to go through my insurance because of my hernia. After the hour and fortyfive minute appointment, I knew that he was my doctor. The only thing that kinda sucks was that I already put $500 down with Dr. Lepore to reserve my date. But, in the grand picture, I was still saving money (I know now is not the time to "Ross Shop" as I call it but even before I knew how much Dr. Commons was, I wanted to go with him).

When it came to my tube boobs, Dr. Commons had this approach: put the implants in and let my body "do its thing". He wants to see if after implants, I do not need a lift. He also said that women with my boobs often have to go back for revisions when implants and a lift are done at the same time because it is so hard to see what the body is going to do. He told me I could go with either saline or silicone. Seeing that the thought of a foreign object in my body freaks me out just a little enough as it is, I decided to go with saline just for the safety aspect of things. I also am going to go for under the muscle. I'm crossing my fingers that I won't need a lift next year but after seeing pictures of the girls, I am sure I will.

The next day I had a question regarding the length of the suggested tummy tuck so I called Dr. Common's office expecting to be able to leave a message. The lady at the desk told me to hold for a second and she was going to see if he was free. And sure enough, Dr. Commons talked to me on the phone regarding the tummy tuck for a good 5-10 minutes. I know this is not a super huge deal but to me it is. Doctors nowadays do not take the time to speak with their patients. Its more of a business it seems. Dr. Commons really seems to care and take the time needed to make me feel comfortable with what's going to happen to my body.

So, originally I had scheduled The Pink Marshmallow's death for October 5th because of these reasons:

a) I needed to work a load of overtime so I could get this stuff paid for without having to eat beans and rice for the next year,
b) I needed to work a load of overtime so I could put some more time in my "time off" bank at work,
c) I needed to lose about 10 more pounds of lard to get in the 150's (a weight I feel ok at)

Well, as it turns out, I have an aunt who wouldn't mind having a butt-load of points on her credit card and has offered to pay for my surgery. At first, I initally declined this offer because I don't really want to owe any family members money but after looking at my tube boobs and The Pink Marshmallow and thinking about how much I hate them and wish I could just cut them off myself, I accepted her offer. My aunt is so sweet and said that since she can pay the card off immediately, I will not have to pay her interest. I cannot thank her enough. With that said, I called Dr. Commons this morning and asked about two dates, July 30 and August 13. RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, holy s%!$!!!!!!

I also put in time off at work. All my immediate supervisors know I'm getting work done so now I am just waiting on the higher ups to approve 4 weeks off since this stuff isn't covered by FMLA. My husband also has to request a week off to help with our spawn and since we are both work at the same place, getting the same time off in the summer can be a little tricky. I guess if worse comes to worst I can always call in sick since I have a doctor's note but I'm trying to be as kind as possible.

So, Doctor's office called this am to finalize the...

So, Doctor's office called this am to finalize the date of the surgery. We are set for August 13, 2012 at 7:30am. My pre-op is scheduled for July 24. Payment has been set too. With all these things in place, it is finally setting in that I am going to have what I never have had at any point in my life - a soft marshmallow for a stomach. Everyday, usually once an hour, my stomach and its frown-mouth belly button has been on my mind, starting at about age 15.

I am blessed to have the support of my husband who keeps telling me he is excited for me (he is looking forward to the boobs). Regardless of how big they become, he knows how much my body image has hindered me. I am not one to go to pools or on vacations where I will have to wear bathing suits or even where it will be hot and less clothing is required.

I also am blessed with a small but super group of friends that support this decision. A few of them have told me numerous times that I "deserve this" after working so hard to lose the weight and even complete two marathons. I cannot thank them enough. My friend who is the nurse has even offered to take me to my surgery and take care of me for the first day after.

I am having a hard time grasping that this goal of mine is almost here. I don't know whether to throw up or cry from the nerves. I was folding laundry earlier and started looking at my clothes. Will I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe? My closet consists of clothing that is loose in the stomach area (people have told me that i hide the stomach well after I show them whats underneath my shirt). I actually like a lot of them, but with new boobs, are flowy tops going to make me look bigger?

For those ladies that have already gone through this, I ask what are some of the little things that you have noticed differently? I have read that some women find it odd to actually realize their arms are resting on a flat stomach, like the stomach isnt really theres. Its the little things I can't wait for.

Hope everyone is well! Love reading everyone's updates!

Today marks 24 days before my surgery. I am...

Today marks 24 days before my surgery. I am wondering if I am getting on my friend's nerves because my surgery is pretty much all I talk about. I went to lunch today with two good friends who have not had children or weight issues (one used to compete in figure competitions) and then we went shopping for something to wear for the "Good Riddance Pink Marshmallow Dinner" that I am having in two weeks. We hunted for pink tops and top after top was suggested to me only for me to say "no, it's a fat clinger" or "nope, it'll show the pink marshmallow". I think shopping is going to get me in trouble after The Pink Marshmallow's death!!!! So many options!

In other news, I finally got my approval from my supervisors regarding my time off! The husband also got approved for his time off so that he can take care of me! My friend, the nurse (one of the lunch girls today) also got her day off so she can stay with me the first night. I have been working 30+ hours of overtime every two weeks in order to have enough "Comp time" off too. The last thing I wanted to worry about is having to go back to work feeling horrible!!!

I got a letter from Dr. Common's office today which pretty much cemented in my dates and times for everything. At the bottom of the letter is also listed the procedures that were going to done: "bilateral breast augmentation with saline implants and abominoplasty with ventral heria repair. I stared at these words for a good two minutes, letting it sink in once again. THE PINK MARSHMALLOW IS GOING TO DIE. Thank goodness!

I again wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the ladies on this website that share their stories, both good and bad. My husband asks what I am going on my phone all the time and 99 percent of the time respond with "looking at tummy tucks". I hope everyone is doing well!!!

I am just about two weeks shy of my surgery and I...

I am just about two weeks shy of my surgery and I am starting to wonder if I am ready for this. Did I do enough research? Is my ps "the one"? Do I have everything I need for recovery? For those that have made it to the "flat side", did you feel like this?

I also wish I could have cracked down on my eating a little more and lost another five lbs.

Over the weekend, I went to a coworker's kid's birthday. I met his mother in law who showed me her tummy tuck scar (so slght we had to hunt for it!) and told me about the recovery. She said that she was not prepared for the amount of time your body is hunched over. She reminded me that it will get better!! One day I will be able to stand straight and my confidence level will go thru the roof!

My pre-op is scheduled for Monday at 3. Thankfully, my son is in school so my husband can go with me to help pick out "the girls". This is another scary thing. I am not having a lift done even though I think I need it done. I keep telling myseld that my doctor is a trained professional with 30+ years experience. I am just terrified of getting implants and then having these two huuuuuuge saggggy boobs. Anyone else have this problem?!?

Where is everyone buying their garments? My doctor's price include garments so I will be getting two from him but what about back-ups?

Also, has anyone used the pre-op and post op vitamins from make me heal??

Hello everyone! So yesterday I had my...

Hello everyone! So yesterday I had my pre-operative appointment with Dr. Commons. To sum up my appointment, I will say that it completely put me at ease. I went in worried almost to the point of making myself sick when it came to my boobs. I like to go into something knowing ,both the good and bad sides but let me tell you, after reading people's stories about how their breasts were ruined, I almost opted out of the boob job. Dr. Commons completely put me at ease. I even agreed to a little more lipo, after I went in telling him NO lip at all. He is going to lipo my stomach a little bit and my love handles. He said those that gain weight in weird spots get a hell of a lot lipo than I am getting. He estimated my lipo at less than 1 liter.

Anyway, my husband came along for this appointment which I was very thankful for. Our 4 year old started his new preschool yesterday so we were able to go, kid free and have lunch and do some shopping before the appointment. Dr. Commons talked to us for a good hour and twenty-thirty mins. He explained to my husband what to expect. Thank you Baby Jesus for that because my husband, as caring as he is, did not quite grasp how much help I am going to needthe. Also, he is not the most gentle creature in the world so I think it started to hit him that holy shit, she's gonna be out for a while. Dr. Commons said that he thinks the faster I get back to normal activity, the better I will be in the long run. To quote him, "you can go play soccer in two weeks if you wanted".

He told me about how my tummy tuck was going to be and agreed to make my incision a little longer to get more skin out. He said that some women don't want it to go out far because of the scar and its apperance in swim suits but I told him I didn't care, I wanted as much meat out as possible to get rid of the jean overhang.

And booooooobs. I picked out boobs. I am going with 375-420 cc. He ordered two different sizes so he will be able to determine the right size once in surgery. I told him I did not want to be any bigger than a small D, full C since I run. I showed him pictures of some boobs I liked. I am pretty broad in the shoulders so I think I can carry those off without looking like I have massive boobs. My husband is sooooooooooooo excited about my boobs, thats all he can talk about these days. Dr. Commons said I might have a drain in the boobs, might not. Going thru the nip, using saline and it will be dual plane, mostly over the muscle. With tube boobs, thats what will give me the best result. I looked at photos of "tube boobs" and he seems to have worked a lot of miracles. Please let me new boobs be one of those miracles!!!!!

I got my prescriptions! Holy hell, what a bunch of meds! When it came to pain meds, he asked me which one I liked. I explained that when I had my gallbladder taken out in 2010, I was give oxycodone and that if I was going to be a drug addict, that would have been my drug. That stuff made me sooooo euphoric that if you had told me my saint bernard Elvira (the love of my life) had died, I would have said, "ok. Can we get another saint bernard?". Dr. Commons gave me prescription for Norco instead. HA!

He also gave me a prescription for singulair because apparently studies have shown that this will help prevent my boobs from becoming hard. Whatever works, I'll take it! I've also got prescriptions for zofran for nausea, cephalexin for infection, and valium for muscle relaxation.

At the end of the appointment, I paid for the stuff. Well, I gave my super nice and super sweet aunt's credit card number and signed away for just over 13 grand. I had to stare at the receipts for a second and ask myself if I was being shallow for spending that much money (yes, Aunt is paying for surgery but I am paying her back) on seemingly superficial things. I then reminded myself of The Pink Marshmallow and how uncomfortable she is. (Think bedroom and her pulling back and forth almost painfully as things are going on, TMI I know). Obviously I signed away on those receipts and walked out of Dr. Common's Office excited for everything. I can't wait

Oh oh! I asked Dr. Commons about pre-op and post-op vitamins and he said they are ok to take, don't do a thing, but if it makes me feel better, take em.

Alrighty ladies, I think that is it. Hope everyone is well. 12 days to go before The Pink Marshmallow DIES!

12 days before surgery. Yikes.

Surgery is 9 days away! I got my prescriptions...

Surgery is 9 days away! I got my prescriptions filled! I tried a half of a Norco as doc suggested and felt little effect. I got a little sleepy but that was about it. Today I am supposed to start taking Singulair to prevent capsular contraction.

I have a feeling this week will just fly by. I'm not even dreading work as I do usually, be ause I know that each 12-16 hour shift will bring me one day closer to The Pink Marshmallow's death. I only have 7 more shifts to go! My best friend at work has organzied a pot luck amongst the other deputies in celebration of my surgery. The whole shift of about 23 folks is on board. I am so appreciative of everyone's support!

Hope all is well, and again, I love everyone's posting and photos!

Hello all! Today is Sunday, Aug 12 and I am...

Hello all! Today is Sunday, Aug 12 and I am scheduled for my tummy tuck and boob job tomorrow at 0730!

Holy crap, I can't believe that after all these years of wanting my stomach to be gone, tomorrow is the day. I almost want to cry it is such a relief.

News on the homefront currently:

At work today, the team has organized a pot luck in honor of me going under the knife. This was really a sweet gesture. It is so funny, one coworker of mine (a male) saw m and goes I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow on your...uh...uh...stuff.
I said aww thanks and just say it, boooooobs!"

Everyone has been so entirely supportive and I cant thank everyone enough

This past Tuesday, we had a "Good Riddance Pink Marshmallow Dinner". About ten or so of us girls went out to a nice dinner, had cocktails and dined on cupcakes topped with gigantic pink sprinkle marshmallows. My cousin drove in from over two hours away so that was awesome. Everyone wore pink so we were quite a sight to see, me wearing a pink crown included! People asked if it was my birthday and one of my friends (or me) would shout, "no! She's going under the knife! A tummy tuck and a boob job!!" hahaha! I got a couple of gift cards to Victoria's Secret that I cannot wait to use!

I started taking arnica that I got from Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods). Lets hope that stuff works to reduce the swelling and bruising!

Alright ladies, I hope everyone is doing well! Wish me luck tomorrow as I venture into the "flat side" and say good riddance to the Pink Marshmallow once and for all!!!!

Hi ladies, please excise the typlos in...

Hi ladies, please excise the typlos in advance!

I had my tummy tuck and boob implants done yesterday!!!

Holy fark this is no joke. I got at the surgery center at 630, and by 730, I was out.

Next thing I remebr is being told i did great and everything looked fantastic.

I walked five times Last night, once around my dining room and the others to the bathroom. I am camped out in my
Living room, recliner and nightstand my saving graces. I have a toilet seat riser and i siggest this to anyone!

I have three drains, one in my abdomen and two in the boobs. I also have a pain pump! What i would do without it, i do not know!

Ive decided that im a big pussy when it comee to pain.
More like a gigantic pussy. This morning i felt great, peed and walked a bit. Next time, it hurt so bad i told my husband who has been super sweet beyond measure that i wanted to die.

Also, i only peed once today and my doc said if i didnt pee again my 6 pm, i needed to go to the ER. My nurse friend suggested i ice my vag and sure enough, after an hr of icing, i yelled for my hisband and he held a barf bucket and i peed right in my living room. We were both so happy that I didnt have to go to the ER!

I have been drinking water, and some jamba juice, homemade broth, and eating saltine crackers.

Tomorrow is my follow up with my doc, an hour and a half away so I am kinda scared for the drive.

I hope everyone is doing great, regardless of what stage you all are in with this process. I cant wait to see my stomach, the pink marshmallow died!! Wahoo!

Oh yeah so my boobs ....
Left boob was 400cc saline, right boob was 460-480 cc (i cant remember) but thats how off these sad little girls were!!!!

Bye ladies, happy healing!

Today is post op day 5 and to be honest with you...

Today is post op day 5 and to be honest with you it, it all seems like a giant blur. My last update was mumbo jumbo and I am sure this one will be like that too.

Wednseday my two best girlfriends from work came over. They were running late so instead of being able to sit and visit, they had to help get me ready while my husband went and dropped off the spawn at his grandparents. I had a doctor's appointment an hour and forty mins away so they helped me pee, have a quick bite to eat, and even wiped me down with what we call "pussy wipes" aka wet wipes. They fixed my hair is some sort of semi cute messy bun and got me going. I still had my drains in so they got to see me do my old lady walk, and even had to let me rest my head on their hands because my neck hurt so bad when I walked.

My husband I made it to the doc appointment, about 15 mins late cause we missed the exit and Dr. Commons took me in right away. I had to pee first thing which he was happy about cause he was still talking about the fact I almost needed a catheater.

I sat in an a room with a little reclinable chair thing and he got to moving. To my surprise (make that a super happy surprise) he took out all three of my drains and my pain pump. Now, the ab drain did not hurt. The right boob drain only stung for a second but holy mother farker did that that left boob drain hurt. My husband said it was about 8 inches long and Dr. Commons kept tugging on it cause the damn thing got stuck somehow. Even Doc said it was snagged on something. I let out a blood hurdling scream. I think I would have rather been punched in the face than deal with that. After, I was left with a pain that felt like a bug was stinginging me over and over but on the bright side, I AM DRAIN FREE AFTER 48 HOURS. Amen to that!

I saw my new boobs which to my surprise, look pretty damn good considering the mess they were in before. They look equal for the most part, and even my porn boob loving husband gave me the "oh yeah" nod.

I'm going to to wrap this up because someone is irritated at my keyboard typing at 5 am so I'll have to finish up later.....hope all is well and here are new photos. I have boobs now!!! PS. Stomach is super swollen and I'm guessing 2-3 times more thick than my usual even with the Pink Marshmallow. Swell hell is not just a cute little term, its a real horrid thing.

I'm adding some new pics, one makes me look like...

I'm adding some new pics, one makes me look like I'm at the fat stage of being pregnant. Wondering if am over doing it, as I take a trip here and there and took two drives to the store today. Oh yeah, and one was one to get my Norcos and they were CLOSED. So wish me luck on just tylenol tonight!

Tomorrow I have my one week post op appointment....

Tomorrow I have my one week post op appointment. It is sure hard to believe it will be a week tomorrow that The Pink Marshmallow died.

I decided to take some advice of a buddy on realself (Thanks TigersEye) and glue my ass to the recliner today. I'm hoping this helps with the swelling.

Oh and lets talk about poop. I pooped today for the first since my surgery. Last night I was feeling pressure so I attacked my body with about 15 prunes and two dosages of Milk of Magnesia. Come this morning, I had a BM that made me want to cry it hurt so bad. Little did I know that was just the beginning. Prior to my husband giving me a shower (thankfully that was uneventful), I had the runs so bad I was screaming from the pain. It was like my insides were trying to get out of my body using knives. I got hot, then the chills, and whoa. I'm just thankful I didn't pass out.

The boobs are doing well, the husband can't stop looking at them and I am actually happy to say I love them. I know they haven't dropped or "fluffed" but I feel more womanly with them and look a hell of a lot more even up top. Broad shoulders with no boobs is no good.

I am definately going to ask my doctor tomorrow what the hell is up with my belly button. Directly above it, there's a pooch with stretch marks and it looks like the pink marshmallow's evil step sister. I'm hoping he's telling me its just sweling but I am willing to have a revision if need be. Already came this far, whats a little more nip and tuck.

Hope all is well in the land of Tummy Tucks, boobs, etc. I will update tomorrow about my doctor's appointment.

So let's start off with my one week post op...

So let's start off with my one week post op appointment yesterday. I felt good going into this thing, thought I might get some sutures out, whatever. I have no idea what my PS has planned for me. So, he got me in a gown and laid me on his litle table thing and cleaned everything up, snipped some sutures, etc. He gave me some smaller (YES!!!) garments to wear and told me I need to yank my girdle thing tighter and double up on it. He also gave me a new garment that I ended up cutting the legs off of (looks super Goodwill status but whatever works).

In the land of my boobs, the left breast (400cc) has dropped a little bit and has began to soften. It doesn't feel like a rock anymore and kinda feels like a boob. However, the right breast (480cc) has not dropped so he tightened my little boob strap super super tight and told me I need to push that puppy down. WHOA does that hurt.

I don't know about you ladies but usually, I keep my pubic hair non-exisistant. I'm like a 12 year old girl. Well, because I haven't felt the best lately, my region has grown out of control and I couldn't figure out what hurt so bad when I would go to get in the car. Turns out the damn compression garment (doc still hasn't told me to wear underwear) would yank on a pube to the point where I would have to say "aaah" in agony. First thing I did yesterday after my appointment was attempt to get rid of the pubes as best I could. I also noticed that my veeje area has been lifted! Not sure if this is going to help in the bedroom or not but its an observation my husband seems to like.

I asked my PS when I can resume "intimate activites" and his response was as follows:

"How do two porcupines do it? Very carefully." He has a very aggressive approach to returning to normal activitiy obviously.

After the pube-trim fest was over, I was exhausted. I decided I was going to try to take a nap in my bed instead of the recliner which I am so sick of. So, husband got me all propped up and I fell asleep for a good two hours on my very missed tempurpedic. Getting out of bed was a real pain in the ass but I managed. I even decided I was going to try to sleep in the bed last night and I did.

Woke up at 4 am today with the WORST back pain and the WORST boob pain I have felt since day two of this whole mommy make over gig. I have been trying to get off of the Norco's and onto extra-strength tyelonol. Well, because of the pain, I popped a norco, had a snack of one of my mother-in-law's meatballs, stole my son's juice box and went to sit in my recliner. Within ten minutes I was sitting hunched over barfing all over my blanket. Three convulsions got everything out and I felt fine!
I emailed Doc and he told me to stop taking my anti-biotics. Fell asleep. Woke up feeling like crap again. I have been nauseous all morning (its now 11am).

I decided that I needed to take some one week post op photos for this site and I did. Stomach is still swollen and even though my boobs look great in a shirt, I am not a fan of them without a shirt. They look very low to me and although Doc said I might need a lift, seeing low boobs is making me worry and feel kinda bummed.

I texted a good friend at work who had her boobs done and asked what she thought. She said the looked low but asked what size bra I was in. Hell, I don't know, I'm rockin' sports bras from my doctors. So I tried on my Victoria's Secret wire-less bras that I bought prior to my surgery and I am a C! a FULL C! I even tried on my old bra (has wires but just wanted to see) and it fits! I fill that sucker out! I used to wear it because it was comfortable and the tube boobs filled thed bottom part of it but now, the boobs fill the whole cup without looking like I need a D. YES! So, I will take my somewhat lower boobs that aren't super huge and I know the will still drop and "fluff" etc. Also, I tried on my pre-mommy make over jeans. I know I should not have but guess what?! These suckers fit me!!!! Aaaaaaaand they even seem a little big in the crotch now that there's not some big Pink Marshmallow hanging there above my vagina. WAHOO!!! I tried on some stops and even though I am still super swollen, I am kinda impressed with what I see so far. Who knows, I might be one of those deputies I loathe that look femine in our man uniforms they make us wear!!! I might not feel like a dude at work anymore!!

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to TigersEye and SixPackAbs for making me feel a hell of a lot better about everything. CuteBellysoon, hate you and your non swelling self. KIDDING. You all are so kind and who knew women from miles and miles away could impact my spirits so much. :)

Hope you are doing great, happy healing, and keep up the posts and pics!!!!

Hello ladies, Thought I'd share my best day yet...

Hello ladies,
Thought I'd share my best day yet thus far considering just two days ago, I was quite unhappy with my current state.

First, I went and got a pedicure today because my toe nails were so long they resembled birds of prey tallons, and because I had to take my hot pink nail polish off for my MM last week. The only time I wear shoes are a)my asics for running, and b) work boots at hell aka work. Other than that, its always 65 degrees at my home and I live in flip flops. So, I treated myself to a pedi because obviously bending over for 20 mins or so is not going to happen.

Prior to going out, I emailed Doc and asked if I could wear just my binder and not my full body girdle. I took it upon myself to go ahead and try it out (made sure I was binded so tight I was like meat crammed into sausage skin), put on a tight black tank top, pre-tummy tuck jeans (size 11 in juniors...yes, i'm 28 but I still shop at Forever 21), a hoodie, and went to the mall. Oh, I also wore a wireless bra from VS.

At first I felt like everyone was staring at my new boobs. I have NEVER had that figure that goes boobs, boobs curve, flat stomach until today. Of course I had my binder on but even before putting it on, there was no jean overhang! Somebody call the police! Or God. We got ourselves a miracle!

So I got my pedi, and noticed I could see my crotch. Yep. As I sat and walked the Asian lady clean up my tallons, I could see my very own crotch and there was no buldge of fat above my vagina!

I then went to VS and bought some new undies. I even bought a thong. I avoided thongs like the plague before because my hip fat rolls would just hang over the fabric. Not hot. But now, that there's no hip overhang, I'm gonna try a thong out. Wish me luck!

Later, after I returned home and put my sausage casing aka girdle back on, and took a nap, I went out with a friend for some good ol' Chipotle. I put my outift on from earlier. Before going, I got naked and showed my fried the new me. She's super blunt and told me the boobs didnt look too low and my new stomach made her jealous. I trust her cause she's the type of girl that will tell you your ass looks flat in jeans or hey, your hair looks like shit. Anywho, it was sooo nice to go out and wear a boring old tank and hoodie but feel like a woman cause I had boobs and curves!

Now pain wise, the right boob (not dropping yet, 480cc) hurts like a mother farker. I wish it would get softer like my left boob.

In tummy tuck news, my son dropped a 10 pound piece of prossciutto on my stomach today. Yes, this is a true statement and not a typo. My husband bought this large piece of meat, my son wanted to show me, so he came over to me while I was in my recliner, and dropped this horrid cured meat on my stomach. I tried to grab it, failed, and screamed as it landed right on my belly button/tummy tuck wound. It didn't hurt all that much, but it scared me more than anything. My son freaked out cause I yelled at him about "mommy's tummy" and we both felt bad. Thankfully, no harm was done that I am aware of. How do you explain that at an ER though? "I just had a tummy tuck and my 4 year old dropped ten lbs of cured meat on my stomach. It doesn't help that we are italian either. Stereotypes galore.

So that was my day, best one yet thus far into the journey. I took only 1.5 norcos today and didnt start self-hating.
As usual, hope everyone is doing great, and we are all healing so we can be happy with ourselves (cause really isnt that why we all did this?).

Today is 11 days PO. Husband went back to work so...

Today is 11 days PO. Husband went back to work so I'll be on my own for 14 hours. Thankfully, the spawn (my cute little devil of a 4 year old) is at preschool all day so that leaves me home alone.

I started my period yesterday so in addition to the usual swelling, I've got some bloat going on. That, in correlation with constipation from my meds was a definate mood killer. I finally got off the meds yesterday and attacked my body again with prunes, apricots, dulcolax, and MOM. Yes, a little over doing it but I am usually a girl that goes two times per day. I shat a load of hard golf balls yesterday (sorry, TMI) and that was the last straw. No more meds! I would rather be in a little pain than have to deal with my arch nemeis, constipation. I had myself a good round of the runs this morning and feel absolutely fantastic now, regardless if my nether regions resemeble a crime scene.

In boob news, the right boob (480cc) is getting softer and starting to drop! Wahoo! I tried on some of my uniforms tops today and was happy to say some fit so I don't have to go buy new uniform shirts at $60 bucks a pop. My work pants fit and I'm hoping after the swelling goes down, I will have to buy one more size smaller and I'll have more of a waist. What was fabulous though, was there was room above my vagina where the Pink Marshmallow formely lived. I think I'm gonna have to wear sports bras to work though because I do look a little too busty with my regular VS bra on. Here comes Deputy Boobs!

I'm posting some pictures I took this morning. I am starting to be more and more pleased with my decision to get a tummy tuck and compare the before and after ones with awe. Yes, I am still puffy but things can only get better from here right? I am super puffy above my belly button but even with that, the pictures speak for themselves.

I commented on another RealSelfer's post and it came to me that us ladies that have gone though tummy tucks and/or boob jobs really are blessed to be able to do so. I have had numerous women I know tell me they are "jealous" I was able to do this. So with that, when we are going on our emotional roller coasters and think our results suck and we expected more, lets be thankful we were able to do this! Yes, I still am not sure about my boobs but I know a lot of women would love to have the opportunity to get their "tube boobs" fixed like I did. Let's be thankful ladies! Also, a lot of us have husbands that still wanted to rail us even with our skin and deflated boobs!!!

Also, I just clicked the "worth it" voting. 11 days PO and I did it.

Hope everyone is well, happy healing.

Almost forgot, bought my first bikini ever!!!! 28...

Almost forgot, bought my first bikini ever!!!! 28 years old and I goto Vegas 2 times per year and NEVER go to the pool. I'm going in April and this little number's coming with!

For two nights now, I wake up drenched in sweat....

For two nights now, I wake up drenched in sweat. Like my light grey t-shirt is dark grey, front, back, boobs, you name it. Anyone else have the problem???!

I've read its hormones but plan to ask my doctor on Monday.

As of today, The Pink Marshmallow has ben dead for...

As of today, The Pink Marshmallow has ben dead for two whole weeks! Yeah!!!

Went to my two week post op appointment, and because I have been off the pain meds as of Friday (Thank you Baby Jesus for regular bowel movements!!!), I actually drove the hour-fortyish to Palo Alto. The husband came with too.

As usual, when I got to Dr. Commons, I got naked and got into my paper gown and laid on his little chair thing. Today's ageda was "story book stitch" removal. Wtf is that you ask? Well, a story book stitch from what my non medical field self can determine, is a super dooper long-ass piece of thick (think dental floss) thread that was holding my tummy tuck incision closed. So, to get these two bad boys out of my body, Doc sloooowly pulled (sloth status, thank you Doc!) this thread out of one end of my incison. He did this two each side of my stomach. Now, remember, I am off pain meds. I was not even smart enough to take an extra strength tylenol this am! Stupid stupid me! Left side hurt like a mother farker. My toes were clenched the entire time, I got clamy, and let out some "aaaah!" like noises. (again, I am a gigantic pussy when it comes to pain).

Doc also took stitches out of my belly button and cleaned it with q-tips. This felt weird cause my stomach was halfway numb but yet I could still feel what felt like worms (q-tups) being crammed into my belly button as he cleaned it.

Following the 10 minutes of hell aka stitch removal, it was time to look at my new girls. Doc showed me how to massage them and said I need to get real aggressive with the right one (480cc). She is not nearly as soft or as low as the left one (400cc). The husband was all for this. Finally, he gets to touch!
The girls need to be massaged 5 times per day, for about 5 minutes. So roughly, for 25-30 minutes per day, I have to play with my boobs. Who woulda thought!

Doc then answered all of my questions which were as follows:

A) Do I have to wear my girdle AND binder or can I ditch the girdle?

Answer: yes! ..... Thank you Baby Jesus round two because trying to get dressed wearing a girdle that is so damn tight it folds and pinches the back fat is very very difficult and waaaay uncomfortable.

B) When can I bathe? Like sit my ass in a bath tub and soak my veeje?!

Answer: one more week so the stitch wounds close up.

C) When can I jog/run?

Answer: a couple more weeks. Doc said I could try now but I probably wouldn't be very fast (thanks!) and probably wouldn't hurt anything but its always better to wait.

D) Is the puffiness above my belly button normal or is there fluid?!

Answer: lipo was done there so there is a lot of swelling. Results will be final on ONE YEAR!

Doc gave me some new boob straps and told me not to wear my sports bra at night. What!? What?! My new boobs that I am still trying to get used to have to go without a bra?!?!

I'm laying here typing in bed without a bra and its actually not that bad. These things are just going to have to get softer and I'm going to have to get over having boobs. I like having boobs. Its just an odd feeling when your nips are so sensitive and you go from no boobs to BOOBS.

I massaged then as told (I hope!) throughout the day. TMI alert: husband and I did it today and it wasn't nearly as scary as I had imagined. The new boobs were the hit of the party and the only thing that hurt was my hip were some lipo was done.

Tomorrow I plan on posting some two week po pics as well as surgery photos!!!! Doc let me have my surgery pictures as well as my stitches for some "momentos". Not sure what I'm going to do with the stitches but I was very glad to get the pics! My only complaint was that there was no photograph of the meat taken off my body. I saw it at the surgery center when I was recovering but was too under the influence to ask for a photo.

Considering its only been two weeks from my surgery, I am feeling pretty damn good. My night sweats lasted 3 days and guess where I am sleeping now for the entire night? My beloved tempurpedic!!! Goodbye recliner, it was fun!

I hope everyone is doing great out there, and thank you everyone for all the kind comments. I'm glad people actually read my little story regarding the Pink Marshmallow's death and my recovery (even if its only because you're recovering too and you can't bear to watch another episode of Teen Mom or House Hunters.)!

Today is 16 days PO. Went out last night with my...

Today is 16 days PO. Went out last night with my husband and our two sets of married friends. I was exhausted by the end of the 3.5 hour dinner event.

In tummy news, my incision has started to itch a little bit I guess where the scab is forming. Doctor still it covered with steri-strips so I can't really see what it looks like.

In boob news, I have started massaging my boobs five times per day for about five minutes at a time. I also am lubin' them up with some Vitamin E lotion. Yesteday I got faint in the shower massaging them due to the fact a)Massaging them freaked me out at first and b) shower was way too hot. I had to rush out of the shower with it still running, naked, and go sit on my bed and then rock back and forth like I was crazy.

Not sure if I have allergies or a cold, but my nose has been running like crazy all day and I can't stop sneezing. The abdomen is uncomfortable to say that least, if not painful.

Finally done with my period too so Aunt Flow's swelling and bloating can cease!!! The tummy tuck's swelling is no joke. Since I was ok'ed to take off my sausage casing aka my girdle and just wear my binder, it's totally increased. In the evening I have a huge amount of swelling above my incision where my skin was pulled up. Welcome to Swell Hell! I wear my girdle at night because I do like the feeling of being compacted. However, getting dressed with layer upon layer is not very fun, especially now that I can wear cute little tight shirts (instead of my blimp hide the Pink Marshmallow tops that I got rid of! Wahoo!)

Hope all is well and everyone is doing great!

At roughly 2.5 weeks po, I developed a cold....

At roughly 2.5 weeks po, I developed a cold. Tomorrow is 3 weeks po and this cold is in full force mode. I can't go a few minutes without coughing (hello abs) and/or blowing my nose. My 3 week po appointment is in two days (Tuesday) so I'm wondering if doc will let me take a couple more days off from work to stay home.

The other day I took my son out and about and did way too much walking. My calves hurt like a mother farker so I thought I could have had a blot clot. I called Dr. Commons and even though it was nearly 7pm on a Friday, he answered his cell phone. What a awesome doctor!!!! He talked to me for about 10 minutes and told me that since I was so active so soon, it was probably not a clot but to take some asprin to be safe. If my legs swelled or got red, I should go to the ER.

Still massaging my boobs. Left one is starting to drop or get a lil lower, right boob is sill harder on top.

I am trying to rest but find it almost impossible to do so. Perhaps I over did it?! My tummy tuck incision doesnt hurt and i can now actually lay on my sides. Now only if this damn cold would go away!!!!

As of today, I am 3 weeks 2 days PO and my cold is...

As of today, I am 3 weeks 2 days PO and my cold is finally going away! Thanks be to Baby Jesus!

I had a little "blood clot" scare the other day. Friday, I walked town with my son for a couple of hours and by the time I got home, my calves were killing me. I thought, "BLOOD CLOTS" and talked to my nurse friend. She said it was unlikely I had blood clots in both of my legs but to call my PS anyway. So at 7pm, I called Doc's cell and sure enough, he answered and talked to me for about 10 minutes about taking an asprin and putting on my compression socks again (I threw those bad boys away a week ago so I put on my husband's man trouser socks). Doc said that because I was so active so soon (remember, I went for a walk up the street about 4-5 days PO) that it was probably not a blood clot and I probably just overdid it. So thankfully, I am just a worry wart and I had no clots!

The next day I went to the fair and spent a good 4 hours walking around with my mom and son. I was exhausted but what kind of mother would I be if I let my 4 year old miss the fair?! My new boobs came in handy too or so I'd like to think. A couple of the carnies said my spawn was too short to get on some of the rides so I jokingly (well, not really) would bend over a little, push the kid against the ruler thing, and go, "is he really too short?" and let those boobs do their thing as I was rockin' a low cut tank top. BAM! The kid was on the ride. $13,125 better be put to good use!

Yesterday I had my 3 week PO appointment so I once again made the hour -thirty, hour -forty minute drive to Palo Alto. This appointment's agenda was to remove the steri-strips. As the doc took the ones off of my tummy tuck scab/scar, he stated, "Oh wow!" Ok, when your doc says "oh wow!" as he's looking at a huge inciscion, this could be one of two things:

a) Holy crap it looks amaaaazing, I am so pleased with my work! OR.....
b) Holy crap I did a shit job and I accidentally left my tool inside her gut...

Well, thanks be to Baby Jesus again because it was A! My incision, obviously much to Doc's belief and oddly enough to my own, is not that bad! I expected I was going to look like Frankenstein but it is not that bad. Yeah, it's a huge scabby scarry thing right above my pubic area but all things considering, I am impressed!

Doc also took the strips off of my new girls. One nipple is a little bigger than the other but really, when I compared before photos to my current new ladies, again, I am impressed. No more tube boobs!!! Also, I actually have BOOBS! Yes!

Doc said my boobs are getting softer and he can tell the pocket is getting bigger. Phew. I have been massaing these things like no tomorrow. I feel that's all I do. Wake up, massage. Eat. Massage. Get dressed. Massage. Go poopsie. Massage. Eat. Massage. Having new boobs is almost like having a new born!!! (YIKES!)

Doc said I am clear to run or go skydiving. Whichever. HA! He also said I could bench press 2,000 lb if I could. I asked when if I could stop wearing the binder for a couple of hours and he said I could do as I wished now or for about 6-12 but if the swelling picked up, (this is another topic), I needed to wear the binder for longer the next time. Yay! I am so sick of trying to get dressed when I have this new figure sans The Pink Marshmallow with a binder that pinches my back lard and makes marks under my shirt so it looks like I have tumors. (it's not a tuma')

I went shopping this weekend too. I got my ass in size 8 jeans at Lucky Brand and at The Gap. PARTY!!!! I bought some tops too to show off the new flat stomach and new rack. No more flowy tops for me!!!!

I bought a new sports bra - 38 D and those girls are tied down like luggage to the top of a car. They are not going anywhere. I think I'll try running next week when this cold is completely gone. I am wondering if I should rock the binder while I run???!?!?! I tried jogging around the house without it and I felt ok, but I'm not sure how I'll feel after a mile or two, or who knows if I can even make it that far these days. I have a marathon coming up in December so training needs to start by the end of September at the latest if I want to make it those 26.2 miles in the alloted 6 hours. It makes me nauseous even thinking about it.

Today I have another coworker's birthday party (same one from last month so the mother-in-law who had a tummy tuck should be there and I'm sure we'll compare tucks) so I am going to try to go BINDER FREE for a couple of hours. I plan on bringing it tucked (no pun intended) into my purse just in case I feel uneasy or swell hell begins.

Let's talk about swell hell. When I wake up, as I'm sure most of you out there do, I have a nice flat stomach. Minimal swelling if any and I am quite pleased. Well, say by noon, I have a ridge protruding out above my incision. Its my stomach and its tight and eck, just super swollen. Also, the spot above my belly button does not seem attached to my abdomen, if that makes sense. It's puffy. I'm hoping this is swelling from the lipo. I go back to the Doc October 8 so let's hope it improve by then!!!

I am posting some new pictures from my 3 week mark. Hope everyone is doing great and we are all loving our new hot bods.

Today marks exactly one month since I had my MM....

Today marks exactly one month since I had my MM. Time sure flies!

In tummy news, my belly button is getting super small so I think I'm gonna try the old marble trick. Swelling is still around come evening time. I wear my binder about 95 percent of the time and the sausage casing aka girdle at night.

In boob news, the girls are dropping and getting softer. One nip is taking longer to heal and it still resembles the tube boob at times. Eeek!

I went back to work last Friday for desk duty (no real cop work for another 6-8 weeks!). My uniform pants were big in the morning but after 12 hours I had them unzipped with my shirt untucked like we're allowed to do when us female deputies are pregnant. Oh man was I exhausted too! By 2 pm I had to fight to keep my eyes open. That really sucked balls. All I wanted to do was sleep. The next day my stomach hurt from the swell hell (the skin) and I was still super exhausted from being up since o-dark-hundred hours aka 5am that I ended up calling in sick. I felt like shit the next day too so I called in again. Sorry, Sheriff's Department. I figure I earned those sick hours and I'm using them! In happier news, my ass bonded with my couch again.

Hope you all are well! I will post one month pics hopefully this evening!!

Hey ladies! First, let me say how lame I am that I...

Hey ladies! First, let me say how lame I am that I haven't posted any new pictures. Life has seemed to resume back to its normal, pre-Pink Marshmallow death self. Work, the spawn, friends, the husband, just life in general.

I made it through a week (my work week this week was four 12 hour shifts) at work. Everyone seems to notice a change which makes me feel better being that I am still wearing my old nasty green polyester pants from my days with the Pink Marshmallow. Granted, they are a few inches too big and the front area above my vag looks poofy because of all the fabric and my hips have the poof from the fabric too. I have decided not to buy any new work pants until I return to full-duty. This morning I ran into a coworker who had her boobs done and she checked me out and said I look good (she was the one that said my boobs looked low at first). Then, we hugged which apparently was a "boob rub" haha!

Massaging my boobs has proven to be a real pain in my ass at work. I am still supposed to massage them five times a day. I feel like a loser asking if I can go get a break so I can go to the restroom for a super long bathroom break but what am I gonna do? Apparently whipping out new girls while on desk duty is frowned upon and this is not Reno 911.

I purchased a few smaller spanx-like thingamajigs from Target the other night after a 12 hour battle with the garment from the docs. I fit into a medium now. Take that Pinkmarshmallow! At work I wear this thing (I should take a photo) that just covers the tummy and then has straps, kinda like an ugly porn-tank top with the boobs cut out.
It makes my stomach feel secure enough and keeps the swelling down a bit. I'm stll rocking my binder which I hate to admit, I have grown quite attached to. My binders and I have a love/hate relationship. Its one uncomfortable mother farker when I want to get dressed in anything other than pajamas or my sorta too big uniform top but then, when I take it off I miss it and I feel uneasy. I guess you could compare this relationship to that of a boyfriend you really can't stand at times but deep down inside you love and miss each time you break up with. Ha! I know my binder and I will not be together in the long run but for now, he is just right and makes me feel safe. Haha!

I made sure to take pictures this morning and I will make an attempt to get them on this site sometime this week. I have been tired as expected after working 12 hours a day. I even signed up to come in on overtime on my weekend (gotta start paying my aunt back!) but thankfully its only for 8 hours. Time to hooker myself out again for my new boobs and stomach!!!

Wednesday its my skinny bitch of a friends day of birth so we are all going out for dinner and drinks with the husbands. Mine cant get enough of my new figure and even was supportive when I told him I was going to go to Forever 21 and try to find a dress. I love dresses but never could rock one before cause of The Pink Marshmallow.

Maybe I should come up with a new name for my stomach so I dont have to keep bringing up the dead Pink Marshmallow that I loathed??

Happy healing, hope all is well everyone!

In my last update, I stated I was going to try the...

In my last update, I stated I was going to try the ol' marble in the bellybutton trick. Well, apparently my bellybutton is just too small for that. I am happy however, that it is not some gigantic black hole-like thing because that would suck balls a lot more than having a little bellybutton. So, I ended up rolling up some guaze and cramming my bellybutton with that instead, and then securing it with a large bandage. The gauze was kept hostage for just 24 hours and by the white/reddish discharge that my bb produced following the gauze's release, my bb was anything but pleased. It was red and irritated and it seemed pretty pissed off at me. Now, being that this is my body I am talking about and I have a very high gross-out tolerance, I took it upon myself to smell the discharge (you are allowed to gag) and thankfully, it had no odor. Large round of applause please.

Needless to say, that is that last time this girl is going to put anything into her bellybutton unless it is a q-tip to clean and/or lotion it as my PS said to do. Moral of the story, gauze inside a bellybutton is a no go.

I worked 13.5 hours yesterday (desk duty remind you) and by the time I returned home, I was swollen pretty good. PRETTY FARKIN' GOOD (aka HUGE!). Aunt Flow arrived this morning so I am attributing her return to this large amount of swelling. Also, as it turns out, my favorite Bucktard's (Starbucks) barista is also a medical assistant at plastic surgeon's office in my town. Aaaaand she told me today (as she made my drink no less and because I have a big mouth and told everyone including my favorite barista I was getting some nip and tuck done) that, 6 weeks is the maximum amount of swelling because of the scarring going on. I repeat, 6 weeks is the max level of swelling!!! Anyone else hear of this???

Today I went dress shopping for my little negative a thousand percent body fat friend's birthday party. I went to Forever 21 and hunted for a black (for the slimming effect) dress with sleeves (Beach town in September = 50 degrees in the evening). I did not find a black dress with sleeves but did find a cute lil salmon-colored number (see pic) that I don't think looks too darn bad. My boobs look good sized and I can wear my binder with it. Holler!!!!! Mind you, I'm even swollen trying this thing on and it didn't look bad so this is a complete win in my book.

My right boob is a bit painful today. This is the crap I don't get. Why is it that one day, my boob feel awesome and life is good and then the next day, my boob hates me and feels like it is trying to get out of my body via my nipple scar (which btw, is not that bad in my opinion, thank you Dr. Common's!)?? Are our bodies changing so rapidly that things go from feeling fab to bad and vice versa?

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks since my surgery and to be...

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks since my surgery and to be honest, I am disappointed and a little angry with my overall results.

The space above my belly button is still soft, still seems not connected to my abdomen, and even hangs over my exercise pants. This area is where lipo was done so I continue to cross my fingers its swollen and taking a long time to heal. I have stretch marks there so I am hoping it is not going to be an end result.

Went out the other day for a couple hours wothout my binder. By the time I was home, my pants were so tight and my stomach was jiggly. It seriously looked like I never had a tummy tuck done and I got very worried. I emailed my doc and he said that I shouldn't worry. He said the skin does a lot and then settles down and he'll look at it at my next appointment (Oct 8).

I am still wearing my binder and even my girdle about 95 percent of the time, even at work.

My boobs are getting softer but are losin their volume and seem to ge getting flatter, especially my left breast. The left boob had the more severe bout of ptosis which the doc is hoping to fix with just implants. I really wanted volume and it seems that I just have a larger sagging boob now.

I cant wait to go back to the docs to see what his opinon and explanation are because I am just not too pleased right now. The husband says my boobs look great but they are not what I wanted. I want VOLUME!!!

I have started running again slowly and running with boobs sure makes the boys on the bike path look. I did 2.5 mile the other day and then tried more the next but only made it just past a mile. I guess I should remember I'm not even 2 months post op and things take time. Its just so frustrating!

I know this post isnt my usual up beat/yay for my results post but I'm just so damn disappointed in with my no volume-boob and pant overhang. I had these surgeries to get rid of these problems and it seems all I did was put some duct tape on them.

Adding some pics of the jiggle. Anyone else like...

Adding some pics of the jiggle. Anyone else like this?!?!?!?!?

Continued in Part Two

Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lepore was going to be my PS but I made the switch to Dr. Common's after I saw his boob work. I found Doctor Common's to be absolutely wonderful. He answers emails promptly and takes phone calls if he's available. He is straight to the point and tells me what I can and cannot do. He reminds me of a grandfatherly figure with real compassion and care for his patients.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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