10 Months PO, Revision Postponed, Baby on the Way!

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Following my post last night, I had an emotional...

Following my post last night, I had an emotional breakdown while I sat half naked on my toilet. I cried and whined all while my super fabulous husband tried to console me. I ended emailing pictures of my rollie gut to my PS who emailed me back today. He said it was swelling and all will go away when it does, except the stretch marks which I knew.

I also read horror stories last night about women who had tummy tucks and 2-7 years down the line they are still farkin' swelling!! OMG! How scary! Not to mention sad.

I woke up this morning telling myself, "dude, do not look at your stomach for the next month!!!!! Do not do not!!" I told myself I could have one more peak at it just to see what the hell it was doing today and low and behold to my astonishment it wasnt anything like last night's Ghost of The Pink Marshmallow! I scrunched my abdomen up like I was sitting last night and there was a minimal but acceptable bout of stretch mark looseness under my boobs. I can handle it though.

Later today at work, probably at about 1030-1100ish, I checked again. Mind you, I had been up since 530 so my stomach had loads of time to Pink Marshmallowatize (thats a word, look it up, haha) but again, to my absolute astonishment to the point where I almost pooped

Continued from Part One

Its been too long! Well maybe not. On Nov 13th...

Its been too long! Well maybe not. On Nov 13th it'll be my 3 month mark since my mm. Things are good! I went back to work full duty this past week. I have bruising on my hips from my duty belt against my hip bone. What? Say that again? I have a hip bone!!!!

In my recent updates, I was on the verge of eating my gun because I still had a LOT of jiggle! Well, I am happy to say that my jiggle and swelling have subsided a loooot! I still have some softness in my upper tummy but its not nearly anything to complain about.

My boobs are looking better as time goes by, looking more symetrical and dropping. They don't hurt anymore so that's a win!

I still wear my spanx during the day because doc told me it will help with the swelling. I am swollen by the end of the day as expected. I've picked up my running again. I'm nowhere near my 9:15 mile pace but I'm running 4 miles at 10:30. Not bad for having surgery almost 3 months ago.

I get nothing but compliments from people that know me, even if they don't know I had my pink marshmallow killed or have new boobs. "Oh you lost a lot of weight!" Love it :)

I hope everyone is doing well. Things get better as time goes by!!! Ps. Booze makes the swelling double. Just FYI!

Today officially marks 3 months since I had the...

Today officially marks 3 months since I had the Pink Marshmallowed killed and I got new boobs! Everything is going pretty well. Still get the swelling jiggle in the evening but overall I am so happy I "went unde the knife".

I'm about 3.5 months post op. things are slowly...

I'm about 3.5 months post op. things are slowly improving - noticing some positive changes in my tummy such as definition and tightness. But whoa, if I run, oh man! It swells and gets super jiggly! I have learned not to even look at it following exercising because it looks hooooorrrible!

Boobs are doing ok. Husband accidentally punched me in the left one after I jumped on him (I thought he was awake cause the snorring hadn't kicked in yet, ooops!). I was on "boob leak watch" for a couple of days. I was a lil sore but I am pleased to announce that both my fakies are in tact! Sex life has really improved with the new boobs. I told my husband when its time to get these farkers replaced, I might even go bigger!

Hope you all are doing well out there in land of tummy tucks and boob jobs!

Oh, I ran a little 5k turkey trot on Thanksgiving so I wouldn't feel so guilty about stuffing my face with copious amounts of rolls and pie, and my boobs were sore after. I blame this on my Victoria's Secret sports bra that works great for running on flat surfaces. This sports bra works for crap when runming downhill as I could feel my boobs going kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk. This was not good. Anyway, moral of my story is that $60 for my sports bra was a bust (no pun intended).

Long time no update. Its five months, week since I...

Long time no update. Its five months, week since I had my Pink Marshmallow murdered and new boobs attached. It sure seems like its been a lot longer but maybe thats because healing takes time and I want the healing to be done now! Things continue to change with my bod!

On to my stomach: had a doctors appointment last week where I showed Dr. Commons the horrid skin that sags and appears when I bend over. Standing up, I am flat as a rock but when I bend, I have two jowls of skin on each side of my bellybutton and it looks like I need a tummy tuck! Doctor Commons finally acknowledged this was not swelling and told me that a revision should be done after the 12 month mark where he will perform an "aggressive" tummy tuck. I asked why it wasnt done to begin with and he said becauase he didn't want o set me up for necrosis. I askes him if he had to cut me vertically because personally, I feel I could benefit from that since the roll now forms that way but he said no. I'm debating on getting another opinion here. I do not want to have to go for a 3rd surgery here. A second one is already bad enough. Also, Doc put me on some hydroquinone/retin a( sp) cream to lighten up my scar and make my skin thicker. This shit burns and makes my skin RED but at this point I'll do anything to help my stomach. I absolutely hate the area above my bellybutton as it still has thw jiggle and looks like the Pink Marshmallow's evil ghost. Right now, I'm just waiting on time!!!

Boobs news: boobs are doing fabulous! I love them. Sometimes I wish the were higher but my husband and friends (cause i show everyone!) say they look natural. I'll take that!!!!

Wish me luck in the next 7 months and on this tummy tuck revision. Doc said it should be way under $5,000 so I'm hoping I won't have to whore myself out on the overtime too much!!!

A real quick update: my doc is planning to do a...

A real quick update: my doc is planning to do a revision at the one year mark because when i bend, I have skin that resembles jowls of a dog on each side of my belly button. He plans to do an "aggressive" tuck this time as last time, he feared I'd get necrosis. So, in 7 months I'm going under again to get rid of extra skin! Wtf?! Its beyond depressing. Oh and I still live in effing spanx. 5 months in and I wear it because if I don't, I about have a panic attack and my skin feels all jiggly. Anyone else have this or am I just "special"??!

Boobs are healing nicely if not done healing. They feel good, look up to my standards considering what I had to work with.

Doc has me on a hydroquinone / retin A cream that makes my stomach skin supposedly get thicker. Oh and small detail- it makes it RED and itchy! I assume this is what an STD feels like! He said my scar is too high too - I couldnt care less about the scar, I just want the skin gone!!!!! I even asked if he would cut me vertically because thats where the rolls is these days!

Ugh. I am still glad I had the surgery, don't get me wrong. I am just A LOT frustrated!!! Wish me luck folks!

10 months PO and Pregnant!

In my last update, I talked about te revision that was planned for later this year. I still had a lot of skin when I bent over and it felt like my stomach skin was never draped over my abs. Above my bellybutton, I still have a large amount of puffy stretchmark ridden skin aka my road atlas. Well, with a revison planned, my husband and I went back and forth about having one more child. We decided to "try" one time nad BAM! I got pregnant on Easter Sunday. April 16th I took a home pregnancy test following a missed period and then my work confirmed (love having a jail infirmary close!) I was prego with a blood test.

Our new addition is due in December. My first reaction was feeling so blessed! My second reaction was holy shit balls - whaaat theee faaaark did I do?? My stomach!!! I read a lot of horror stories on the internet about pregnancy post TT. One lady in the UK nearly died because the baby crushed her kidney! It had no where to go so it crushed her effing kidney! Then a few gals said they could feel their sutures popping as their abs ripped apart again!!! Wtf?? Was this going to happen to me??

I ended up calling my surgeon's office who had told me pre-surgery he had had one lady become prego and then had a touch up....

I was beyond delighted to be congratulated and told to pretty much calm the F down. I was going to be fine! The extra skin I had was a blessing as it turns out! I was told that if I really was still worried, to come in, and he'd sit down with me.

At my obgyn's office, he paid lil attention to my surgery. He said I'd stretch. His lack of concern made me feel great. My labor and delivery nurse recommended my obgyn after my other one retired. She said he's the best so I am sure his calmness is due to the issue being not that big of one rather than him not giving a rat's ass.

Now on the symptoms- this pregnancy, unlike my first has been a lot different. First, I am sick. Barfing, gagging, nauseous, you name it. I feel like I had a super bad night of drinking but unfortunately, have been sober for nearly 4 months. I get out of breath easily and have noticed I can't eat as much as I could before my TT. I felt like that before the pregnancy so I can only imagine how I'll feel later on.

I'm watching what I eat too so I don't gain 85lbs like I did last time. I have gained about 8lbs thus far and even lost a pound at my last prenatal appointment.

Boobs. Boobs are freaking ginormous. You want porn tits? I got porn tits. My husband is in love but I am not. I had to upgrade my work shirt twice already.

I know I'm not the first person to get pregnancy following a full tummy tuck but there really isn't a lot of info regarding what happens to one's body in this situation.

Oh, about a week before I got prego, my gal pals and I made our annual trip to Vegas. It was "my girls" first trip to Vegas and they were a hit. I wore a skanky dress that I never would have worn before but it was Vegas and I had to rock my boobs I had just paid for. A Chippendale dancer even complimented them during photo-time with the guys. If thats not a compliment for my doctor, I don't know what is cause those dudes see a lot of boobs!

14 Months PO and 29 Weeks Prego

So far no new stretch marks, up 30 lbs (more than I'd like but doctor said I was doin' just fine) and muscles are still intact. Only complain besides having huge DD size boobs is the fact the baby has no where to go so my lungs have no space to expand and I have trouble breathing even sitting down sometimes. People don't believe I'm almost 8 months prego either which I'm still deciding is good or bad. My back and boobs is where all the lard has gone!!! So far I can't complain and we'll see in about 10 weeks what my new tummy looks like!

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