My Work in Progress Experience: Physical Lessons and Emotional Rollercoaster Ride - Denver, CO

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It was strange and awkward having him look at my...

It was strange and awkward having him look at my awful tummy and saggy little boobs, but he was very professional and made it as comfortable as possible. He said I still had fairly good elasticity, and could feel that I would definitely need MR. He also said I didn't have a lot of fat stored in my flanks, I am compact and proportionate. I know that, it spreads all over. But, he would do what lipo where he could.

He explained the results I could expect if I got a BL and if I did not. Then, we looked through photos I had and more of his on his computer. I asked about the drainless procedure and also went over my timeline.

Because of my own schedule and husband's schedule, I had to fit this surgery in the week of new years day or not until April. My strong preference was to do it with enough time to be recovered enough for our vacation to French Polynesia in mid March. He said that they would fit me in so that my schedule could be accommodated.

I then met with the patient coordinator to try on sizers. This was confusing! I ended up choosing in the 400 CC range that day.

Then, we went into a different office and she explained pricing. I confirmed that I would get a discount for paying in cash rather than financing, and also she found a date that worked for me. The date? New Year's Eve Day. I paid my $500 deposit and set the pre op appointment. This consult was dec. 11, pre op was dec. 19 and surgery dec. 31. What a way to spend new year's eve. But that meant that my husband would be home with me the first full day and would have an easier time being off when I got out of surgery too. It also meant I would not have to find someone to help with our 3 year old granddaughter since new years day was a Tuesday and my husband would be home, and he would also be home that Saturday, so the first time I'd have her sort of on my own would be at 8 days post op. (I have her every tuesday before and after preschool, and I drive her to and from school)

Dr. Wolfe and his staff were extremely accommodating throughout the entire process so far, both pre op (where I went in two extra times to go over breast sizing yet again) and in answering my panicky phone calls with questions both before and after surgery.

The recording that you get if a nurse is unavailable says she will return the call within 24 hours, but anytime I have left a message and it is post operative medical concern, the call has been returned very quickly. They have also let me text photos to them, and have worked to get me in to be seen very quickly by Dr. Wolfe when I was concerned about possible infection. There was none, however, he still set a follow up to be safe for 10 days out.

I can't say enough good about him or his staff, and from everything I have observed I would be equally comfortable with his partner, Dr. Vath.

My scars are healing nicely, far better than I expected for 3 weeks out. I have swelling but that's normal. I love the way my belly button looks and I don't see stitches like some others I've seen. I'm going to ask about that at my next visit, I'll ask how he does them.

He also spent time making sure I was good to go with the size of the implant the morning of surgery. I was still going back and forth. Finally, the size we chose was determined not to be in stock. So, we went up one size but he said that he would downsize me without additional cost if it ended up being too large for me.

The anesthesiologist they use is wonderful, very kind and answered all my questions. He took his time and I did not feel rushed at all.

The recovery at the surgical center was also comfortable and not at all rushed. The nurses were wonderful and right there to give me ice chips, then water and to bring back my husband as soon as I was alert.

I would recommend them to anyone, and will definitely use them in the future for anything I might decide to ahve done.

I will come back and add more if I can figure out how to do that. I am almost 4 weeks post op now.

I'm at 4.5 weeks now, and cleared for pretty much...

I'm at 4.5 weeks now, and cleared for pretty much any exercise he just wants me to take it easy on abs and avoid chest from here on out. At 6 weeks I can keep going on abs as my body allows, but he'd like no more chest at all. I've done two workouts, last night and the night before, and didn't notice the swelling was much worse, but I've been wearing the compression garment and binder together. My right side is more swollen, so the TT scar looks funnier on that side. I'll try to wear clothes without it tonight for dinner, which for me will be steamed veggies and tortilla soup.

I don't feel uncomfortable working out really, just feel out of shape more than I thought I would. Instead of Jillian's shred level 3 I'm starting back at level 1. I'll do it again tomorrow, saturday and sunday and then maybe move up to level 2.

I am also cleared to start scar treatment so I am using biocorneum for now and will see how that goes. Not sure on the BA/BL. Everything feels fine and I never had any scabbing or anything, scars look pretty good for 4 weeks, but it'd be nice if they dropped and evened out and I could tell what size I am and if I'm ok with them. I am cleared to wear underwire bras though, so at least I don't have to wear sports bras 24/7 anymore.

The worst part is the waiting. I am not good at that. Just hope I look fairly decent for our vacation which is in mid March. We'll be on/in/near the water the whole time so I don't want huge swelling if it's possible. I guess we'll see.

I don't go back to the PS now until April, unless something comes up.

I added some before pics that I just got today...

I added some before pics that I just got today from the PS office. These are the only pics that exist. Wow. This was SO worth it. Continuing on with workouts, on Sunday I'm going to increase to Level 2 on the tape. I am swollen, but I have to believe that when that goes away the workouts will pay off with muscle tone. I can feel myself getting back into shape, just can't see it with the swell. Happy week 5.

Well, the boobie portion isn't going too smoothly....

Well, the boobie portion isn't going too smoothly. I see PS Monday and am really glad I do because I am worried about righty which isn't dropping right, so looks square and WAY worse than at week 4. Nipple pointing totally down, and from the side looks well, square. I hope it is not a complication. They are soft and I have no pain so I don't know. Still swollen as always with TT. But, had fun trying on bras and got one. They look good in those, just not naked. I'm trying not to freak out until I see him. I got some more bras off ebay, much better prices once you know your size and brand. Nordstroms is out of my comfort zone pricing. I did get one though because it is V day and it was pretty and made me feel better. ugh. Recovery is so stressful sometimes.

I am feeling better about my PS visit tomorrow. I...

I am feeling better about my PS visit tomorrow. I think I may have just taken pics at the wrong angle and with shoulders slouchy. They were taken sort of up looking down. I re did them and while they are off, it doesn't look worse to me than they should be at this point. So, I am really hoping there is no complication and it will resolve as I recover.

8 weeks out now, and still swollen. I'm not...

8 weeks out now, and still swollen. I'm not scheduled to go back until May 20, but may request a visit before then. I am worried about my right boobie, which looks wrong from the side and kinda feels wrong, and then of course, the higher scar on the right side. I know some is due to swelling, but not all. Still, looks a billion times better than before! 3 weeks until vacation, and I hope that swelling cooperates.
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I reviewed the local providers online, read all reviews, reviewed the websites and each of those I found's before and after photos, paying particular attention to TT, belly buttons after, scar lines, and also BL results as well as BA looking for results I liked. I researched drainless procedures and located those PS's who used this technique. I also called the office for each and requested information on pricing and procedure. At that time, I set three consultations. One with a PS who used drains and two with PS's who did not. One of the PS's who did not, would not do any lipo and also required everyone who received a MM to stay over night at the surgical center, adding an additional 2,500 to 3,000 to the cost. She had no medical reason for this requirement, it was simply her preference. Also, she was newer (the PS I reviewed on that website had returned, she had taken over but the online photos were his work, not hers). I eliminated her. I went to the consult with Dr. Wolfe and was immediately comfortable. The office staff were all friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable and they were very welcoming. It felt like a spa waiting room. He was not pushy, he was straight forward, and I just felt completely at ease so I chose him.

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