43 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3", 140 Lbs, 34A, Getting 475 Moderate Profile Mentor Gummies - Golden, CO

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I am so grateful for the RealSelf website and all...

I am so grateful for the RealSelf website and all the ladies on here who have shared their experiences. It has helped me tremendously to prepare for my BA in two weeks.

I want to share my experience since I have decided to get the Mentor shaped cohesive gel implants. I have not seen many reviews on RealSelf for the textured, shaped implants compared to the substantial number of cases using traditional round smooth, silicone implants, so I hope to help other ladies who are contemplating these types of implants as well. I think both types of implants can give great results and it's all about how you want your boobs to look. Do your homework, ask questions and listen to your PS since they are speaking from a position of great experience. I trust my PS and he is very highly rated, so I'm not nervous about my BA at all. My experiences with the staff at the clinic have been very positive and helpful. I'm very happy so far with my choice.

I recently completed my pre-op appt and settled on the 475 Modrate profile shaped gummies. I have spent months looking at photos and never expected I would end up at 475 since I started out at 375. However, the Vectra imaging is very helpful to visualize what your results may look like with different implants. I am currently a 34A and will be happy with a full C or D cup. I'm not concerned anymore that 475 will be too large after viewing the Vectra images. I'm not skinny, and I have hips and butt, so I think this size in the shaped implant will give me a very natural look proportionate with the rest of my curves.

My surgery is May 26th, so I will post before and after photos and as I progress through the recovery. I'm excited but probably most apprehensive about recovery and down-time. I'm a single parent. I will have help for the first 5 days from my Mom then I'm on my own. :) My boys (11 and 13) will likely have to help me with housework and lifting and reaching for things. Not doing things for myself and resting and taking it easy will be my greatest challenge because I'm used to being on the go constantly.

I'll post more in two weeks after my BA. Cheers!

A couple before pics

Excited for my BA in less than two weeks. Been an A cup my whole life and ready to enjoy having boobs! Made sure my boys were OK with Mom getting boobs and they didn't care. Oldest son just said to get "normal" ones. LoL. I would like to hear from any ladies about your recovery process as far as getting back to normal activities...like carrying groceries, vacuuming and day-to-day activities that I'm probably going to have to avoid for awhile post-recovery.

Tomorrow is B Day!!

Well tomorrow is the big day. I'm looking forward to my new boobs but not excited about the recovery. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. :) I'm not anxious or nervous yet, but that will probably hit once I arrive at the clinic.

I have everything I need for post-surgery and just cleaning the house tonight. My surgery is not until 4:00 pm, so I will try to post tomorrow evening or the next day.

Day 1 Post Op

Hi ladies--all went well but I'm in some serious pain. Staying in bed and taking my pain pills regularly. I can shower tonight, but it hurts to move, so I'll probably wait until tomorrow. Much more painful than I expected but I'm hoping the next few days show great improvement. I've been sleeping a lot and the meds help with that tremendously.
Word of advice: Definitely eat something before taking the oxycodone even if it's 2:00 or 3:00 am. Get something in your tummy. I didn't and vomited as a result. Trying to snack throughout the day when Im awake and it's helping. I'll post more over the next few days as Im felling better. Thanks for your comments and support. :). Nice to have others to talk to who have been there, done that!

Day 2 post op

Well I'm still in pain and taking my pills on a regular schedule. Has helped me sleep a lot. My dear Mom has been a blessing taking care of me. My boyfriend is deployed right now, so I've been trying to text him often to ease his mind and keep him informed. He's a worrier. LoL
I took a few pics and couldn't be happier with the results. Now I'm just ready for this pain to subside so I can shower! My Mom bought me a shower stool to sit on, so that will be helpful.
Hoping tomorrow is better pain-wise and I can get up a bit more.


I took off the band that was across the top! Probably shouldn't have , but it was killing me and Ill put it back on tomorrow. I've been pretty immobile since getting home and sleeping in an upright position, so hopefully one day without that band isn't a big deal.

Showered and feeling better.

My Mom helped me showere today. Bought me a stool for sitting in the shower which was helpful, but I was really zapped and about ready to pass out after the fact. Crawled back in bed, took my pills and crashed. Feeling better this evening. Been sleeping a lot and staying on top of my meds. Boobs are sore to the touch but I hope the rub some bio-oil on them tomorrow.

4 days post op

Still in a lot of pain with my girls. Was hoping things would improve today, but it still hurts to move around at all so I've been staying propped upright in bed and continue to take my pills. I was hoping to be one of those recoveries where I was feeling pretty good by day 5, but I doubt that will be the case. Just trying to take it easy and get lots of rest.

Any ladies still struggling at Day 4?

Was hoping to wean off the heavy meds but pain is still pretty intense. When did you ladies start feeling stable on your own and able to shower etc?

5 Days post op

So I'm gradually improving but not having that bounce back recovery I was hoping for. LoL. My Mom left yesterday afternoon. I did get up this morning to make my coffee and breakfast then crawled back in bed and took my last Oxycodone for the day. I napped then decided I wanted to shower and I accomplished that all on my own which was a good feeling. I took two Aleve prior to showering and it helped with the pain. Still have my stool in the shower to sit down if needed. Needless to say, after drying off, combing hair, applying lotions and getting dressed I was absolutely exhausted! My plan to return to work tomorrow is out the window. I simply don't have the energy or range of motion to head back yet. Boobs are still sore and hard as rocks, but I know it takes a month for things to settle and relax a bit. Looking forward to getting my full mobility back. I hate being restricted from doing things. Patience, patience. No BM yet and it's day 5. Hopefully tomorrow. I've been taking stool softener 3x per day.

Day 7 post op

Well I think I'm through the worst of it with the exception of having a BM! Stool softener and suppositories haven't worked so far, so it's off to the store for laxatives! Either way today will not be a pleasant experience with the toilet! ????
I'm heading in to work tomorrow. Glad that I have a desk job. Energy levels are still sub-par which is frustrating because Im used to being on the go constantly. I was active yesterday getting out of the house for Dr. appt and doing some laundry and it literally wore me out! LoL. Every day is an improvement though. I will post more pics later today after I shower.

Cheers! :)


So I ran errands today with my older son and now I'm completely wiped out! I'm probably trying to do too much too soon, so I need to chill a bit more. Boob pain in tolerable with plenty of Motrin or Advil.
Just took a laxative--I don't think Im constipated so much as that it burns and is so painful I almost don't want it to come out !! However, the toilet and I will have our moment tonight I'm guessing. LoL!

Back to Work

So I had my first day back to work today and it's been fine. Boobs are still sore, but I've been keeping up with my mega doses of ibuprofen. Definitely had the morning boob going on this morning and I've found that taking two Aleve right when I wake up helps that tremendously within 20 min.

Finally had my BM last night after taking a laxative (Senokot). What a relief that was! Wish I had that days ago, because I think the stool softeners are worthless.

So I want to ask you ladies when the soreness subsides and these things start softening? Did you continue taking the Valium? I'm done with the Percocet, but not sure if the Valium is helpful now. I refilled my Rx anyway. May take at night and see if it helps with the morning boob.

Ready to go home and get out of this bra for a bit and take a nap!

Cheers! :)

Day 10 post op

Well, it's going to be a long week at work. Small improvements every day. I started my period so that hasn't helped with the swelling and bloating I was already dealing with. Blah. :( Ibuprofen and Aleve have been working to keep the soreness in check. Picking up my Valium Rx after work today because I think that will help with sleep and muscle relaxation. Was really stiff and sore this morning when I woke up. I have to take ibuprofen or Aleve right away, have my coffee, then start getting ready for work. Energy levels are still lagging, but that's to be expected. Boobs are still hard and seem foreign--can't wait for them to soften up and feel like a part of my body.

A funny

So I'm having my period and it happens to be corresponding with one of the emotional lows that comes with this recovery process. I was at the grocery store tonight and a sad Elton John song started playing about the son who is dying of AIDS and his father whom he hasn't had relations with comes to the hospital to see him the lyrics are "I can't believe you love me,I never thought you'd come, I guess I misjudged love between a father and a son"...
I've been bawling about it all night!! LoL Trying not to break down in tears the grocery store as I was waiting in the checkout.
Crazy hormones! LoL.
I took a Valium and Im heading to bed now. I'll be glad when this week is over! Period and crazy boob mood swings are not a good combination. :D

Cheating--11 day post op

I had to wear a normal wireless bra today and it's so much more comfortable. The sports bras I have are tight and definitely do their job of holding the girls tight but they are killing me this week! I think my boob swelling has increased with my period, it always did in the past, and I just need a breather from the tight bras and boob band. It's even easier to breathe. So much more comfortable. :)

Two weeks post op

Feels great to be at this point and now I can't wait for my one month! So far so good with everything. No more pain anymore just soreness and mild discomfort. Morning boob is the worst, but that dissipates pretty quickly once Im up and moving around. Nipples are very sensitive now and yesterday they were zinging pretty good. I slept braless last night so nothing was touching them and they feel better today. Energy levels are getting much better, and thank-God I'm done with my period now :D Boobs are still feeling hard and and not changing significantly, but I'm being patient and I'm very pleased with the size so far.

Day 16

I'm going braless more often now. Usually sleep without a bra, but I'll put my band on. Muscles are finally starting to relax and not feel so tight and stretched. Strange sensations now that nerves are healing and boobs are settling a bit. Just discomfort, but no pain.
I'm cleaning my house today, but being careful and taking breaks. Feels good to be resuming normal activities. Going to start walking this next week as well.

3 weeks post op

I haven't taken any recent photos but will post some in the next week.
So the nipple "zinging" I talked about previously is still going on. They are so sensitive that all of my bras are uncomfortable right now. I have continued to sleep braless and today I'm at work braless! LoL. I have a jean jacket over my dress so boobs are pretty well covered. It's just really uncomfortable, almost painful, to have anything pressing on my nipples. Hoping this phase doesn't last much longer.
The tightness at the top of my chest has really improved...almost gone. Now I just feel it on the sides of my boobs near my armpits, but everything seems to slowly be settling into place.
I have resumed normal activities like housecleaning, vacuuming, carrying groceries but I'm still not at normal energy levels. :( I'm also pretty sore and exhausted by evening when I have a busy day or try to do too much. Thank God for the Valium at bedtime. :D

Almost one month

So Sunday will be one month post-op for me. The girls are still very firm and still sore. Seems like these cohesive gel, shaped implants take longer to soften and drop. Still having major nipple discomfort, so I've been going braless for the past week. I've been reading that it will resolve over time, but could be another few weeks. I won't pass any judgement on these types of implants until I'm at 6 months. Size is great, but I sure hope they soften. I know they will still be firm, but squeezable would nice! LoL

Looking forward to the next month

Well the girls are slowly but surely settling in--the left more so than the right. I still have the nipple sensitivity and still go braless for now, but it is getting a bit better. I've started referring to them as angry nipples :D (see photo) LoL Looking forward to my 6 week point so I can start working out again. No pain anymore, but still daily discomfort. I take Advil or Aleve regularly. Incision Scars appear to be healing well. Left looks better than the right.

One does not look like the other.

Well here I am at six weeks and my boobs are settling at different rates. Right boob has dropped more than left and is larger. I have read that this is very common, but still unsettling when you look in the mirror and see it. My second post-op appt is at the end of this month, so I'll see what my PS has to say.

Almost two months

Loving them more every day. Can sleep on my side now, but sleeping on my back is still most comfortable. Still have morning boob stiffness but it has improved quite a bit the past three weeks.

Nine weeks post op

I've noticed so much change in my boobs the past month. I love them more every day. I can still feel them dropping and settling. These anatomical, Gummi bear implants definitely take a lot longer to settle and soften but they get better every day. I'm looking forward to four months, then six months, and seeing how things finally end up. So glad I had this done! It's great to be at this point now and having them feel like a part of me.

Six Months Post Op

Just wanted to post a six month pic. Love my boobs and really happy with my results. My boobs do not look identical, but they didn't before my BA either, so I don't expect perfection.
For any ladies who are getting the anatomical gummy bear implants, hang in there and give it time! I have seen so much change in my boobs over the first six months. I'll post a one year update. I'm still hoping for more dropping and settling over the next 6 months.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy with my choice of Dr. Wolfe and the rest of the staff at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Ready for my BA and thankful for all the insight I have gained from all the great ladies who have shared their experiences on RealSelf!

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