275 cc silicone mentor implants under muscle - Denver, CO

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I'm 35, a mom of 2, breastfed for a total of 3...

I'm 35, a mom of 2, breastfed for a total of 3 yrs, and after my babies ate my boobies and getting to my goal weight 4 yrs ago, my breasts were completely deflated. Prior to children I was a full, perky C, afterward I was a sad droopy B, lol. Life changed in some big ways for me a few yrs ago, and after my divorce, for the first time I really began to feel embarrassed by my body when I was naked and wished I could just look the way I do in my padded bras from VS without clothing. I always joked that I got a boob job in a bra, and honestly even was a bit judgmental of other women who had boob jobs when mine were full. But when mine were gone and I felt that insecurity, my feelings about cosmetic surgery began to change. I met several women who became my closest friends, and several of them had BA's that looked natural and absolutely amazing! In the back of my mind, I started to contemplate it. It took me 4 yrs, all the while I was putting aside money just in case I ever got the guts to go through with it. lol.

Long story short, I decided a few mo ago to get a consult with the Dr who had done my friends' ba's, and set a surgery date thinking I would probably cancel. But I realized I really wanted to do this for ME, not for someone else; I happen to be single at this point in time and just really wanted this more than anything - something only my sister knows about! ha. I wanted a super natural look that would appear the same as I do with my add-2-cups VS bra to others. I'm tall, have a broad frame (5'8", 135 lbs) and even the nurses suggested I go bigger based on my height and what my body could handle. But I knew what I wanted. NATURAL. After trying on sizers and making the rice sizers, I thought 255cc would be perfect and had my heart set on them, but after meeting with my doctor, he felt the 275cc Moderate Classic would be a better width for my breast (12.5 cm) and give me the look of 255 once everything settled. I trusted him and told him to work his magic - and holy hell, I AM SO HAPPY. They are already perfect and I'm only at day 6. Granted, they're uneven and swollen a bit, and still riding high, but they look fantastic. I really couldn't be happier!!!

My surgery was Thurs 4/9/15, and truly the anxiety of anticipation was the worst part of it. I took the pain pills & valium for first 2 days and the pain pills were giving me a terrible headache so I switched to Tylenol. Honestly, it just feels like I did a hard workout - a little sore, but NO BIG DEAL. Perhaps it's the smaller size that has made it easier (I'm certainly not diminishing anyone else's experience whatsoever in terms of pain as every person is different), but really I am back to doing everything, just being a little more careful. I have been using Arnica Gel on them 3-4 times a day (avoiding the incision area of course) and the swelling seems to be fairly minimal. My Lord, they already look great and they haven't even dropped yet.

I never thought I'd post my story here because I'm so private and literally no one knows about this, but I poured over this website for days and weeks and found everyone's stories so very helpful. To every person who was brave enough to share, thank you!!! It helped me so much! I know everyone has a different experience, but mine has been far better than I ever imagined. I was expecting the worst but hope my story can relieve some of your anxieties. Best thing I've ever done and I can't wait to see the final results in a few months.

***My advice: spare no expense and choose a doctor who you trust, whose work you LOVE, who you feel comfortable with and who you trust to make a final judgement based on your body and your goal pictures. This is your body and a fantastic investment if you do it right the first time. :)***

I also know there aren't a lot of ladies getting the smaller implants so that is part of the reason I thought I'd share my story. My breasts were uneven to begin with and I didn't want to do a lift, so I did expect a slightly lopsided result, although the bigger one also happened to swell slightly more so it's even more exaggerated for the time being. ;) It will go down, but I'll share my progress as the days tick by. I cannot wait for them to drop and fluff, and to get out a few months!!!!!!!!!! Good luck ladies, I hope you are as happy with your results as I am mine; by far the best thing I have ever done for myself!!!!!!!!!! :) And if you happen to be near Golden, CO, Dr. Andrew Wolfe is awesome.

a few pics

Emotional roller coaster

So today I feel like they're a little too big and just feel off in general. Has anyone else felt that way? I'll be a week post op tomorrow. I was super excited the day I wrote my original post (then regretted it and realized I can't erase any of my pain med mantra, lol) and today I'm just feeling like an alien. ha. Anyone else go up and down with how they feel? I just wish they'd drop quickly and look more natural...just the waiting game I guess. ;) How are you other ladies at a week post-op doing?

Still mixed feelings - trying to be patient!!

Still feeling huge, high, hard and swollen 9 days out. Truly feeling inside that I went too big for myself (waive red between 255 & 275, realizing I'd probably been happy with 235), but trying to manage my expectations and realize it's early. Darn it's hard to be patient!! ???????? I just want that nice slope with a super natural look and at the moment worried they'll look like grapefruits forever! So, Q's....
1. When did you notice your implants drop into the pocket and lose that upper fake look?
2. Did you massage and did it help?
3. How long before they felt a normal part of you or do they ever?
Hoping I haven't made a mistake. Deep breath. Thanks girls, all your help is appreciated!

3.5 week update

Wanted to update quickly and say that after the swelling subsided and the girls have begun to settle, I'm feeling so happy and content with how everything turned out!! It's such a process and requires so much patience, and man is it hard to be patient in this department!!! :) I'm finally feeling more normal and just in the past few days have had no pain. My nipples were excruciating to touch for 3 weeks, but otherwise the pain was not too bad overall; morning boob is no joke and feels like mastitis for those of you ladies who've breastfed and know what I mean! Gah! Getting better every day though. Looking forward to the next few months and hoping the D&F Fairy visits me soon like some of you girls! :) Hope everyone is doing great!!!

9 month UPDATE

I've had a few ladies ask how the girls have settled, and I'm happy to say I'm thrilled with the final results! Shortly after surgery, I was quite swollen and felt that maybe I had selected too big of a size, but they truly are perfect for my frame and I achieved the natural look I was wanting. I think everything settled in by 4 months and I haven't seen any changes since 6 months. I decided to be brave and post a few photos for any of you ladies looking at smaller implants; I know it was hard to find profiles with implants in the 300 or less range.

I wish everyone the best of luck!! At 9 months po, I couldn't be happier and I am grateful I went through with it!! Just find the right plastic surgeon and everything should go well! xo

A few more pics

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing - from his demeanor, professionalism, class and skill, he is everything I was told he was. Rave reviews from several friends, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor who will help you achieve the results you want!

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