27 Years Old - Finally Getting my New Nose! - Centennial, CO

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I am scheduled for a rhinoplasty with Dr. Brent...

I am scheduled for a rhinoplasty with Dr. Brent Smith on Thursday, July 7th!

I have always hated my nose. It is too large for my face. I don't like the hump and the way it hooks down when I smile. I have gone to several consultations over the years but never had the money.

Now, the procedure is paid for and I will have my rhinoplasty in two days!

19 more hours!!

Does anyone else have the issue where they can't stop photo-shopping their face??

I'm alive!

I made it through the procedure. I'll write more later, but look! I don't even have any bruising!

48hours post op and I'm feeling good!

It basically feels like I have a sinus infection! Haven't taken any pain medication since yesterday morning!

Can't wait to get the cast off!!!

Only three more days until I get the cast off and I can see my new nose. I can already tell that it is better than the old nose!

Only concern so far is that my upper lip is swollen and doesn't move when I smile, but that is normal for this kind of surgery. In the meantime, I just look like a who from whoville!

Cast is off and it's so cute!!

I'll post better pictures later! I can't wait to shower!

My smile is still all messed up but it gets better every day!

Feeling cute!

Feeling anxious

I know it's normal to feel anxiety about your results, and wonder if you messed up, so I'm trying to remain calm. My nostrils seem very different to each other, which is freaking me out. I have been taking so many selfies to compare the new nose and the old nose. The new nose is still a vast improvement, so I'm still happy.

What do you guys think?

Crooked nose four weeks post op!

There is no doubt that my nose is now crooked. I'm thinking it was crooked before the surgery and I'm hoping some of it is uneven swelling. The tip still seems strange to me. I'm still having a hard time adjusting to the front view but I love the improvement to the side views!

Still worth it!

Loving the nose two months later!!

It's perfect!
Littleton Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far he has made me feel warm and safe. I feel like he wants to do right by me, and that is important.

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