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After having researched all manner of techniques...

After having researched all manner of techniques for over 20 years, I came upon Face Lift Mexico & Dr. Koelliker early this year. I research and dug deep to find any negatives and found none. To qualify myself I will tell you that I have had several non cosmetic surgeries in my life and I had major maxillo facial surgery to advance my jaw and raise my upper jaw so I know a little about facial surgery, what it takes to heal, swelling, bruising and recovery.

Further, I had lived in Mexico for over 7 years, am fluent in Spanish so I was fully cognizant and my partner is Mexican so, he as well, was completely comfortable. He and the doctor bantered back and forth about the excellent Chilaquiles at the hospital. It was fun!

I finally got in touch with Pat and fortunately for me, they had a space left in late August which worked out well for me. I have been working on my health and we being for years and this past 18 months have been working with a Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner who has been my guide. As a consequence, I was at my ideal weight, my best health and in a good frame of mind when I was ready for surgery. I cannot stress how very, very important this is.

We arrived in Leon and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn per Pat's recommendation. The private driver came to get us (my love came with me) and took us directly to the private hospital in Celaya. We were checked in and immediately greeted by lovely nurses and Dr. Koelliker who did a full examination and asked me what my concerns were. We discussed and he made is recommendations. I had thought that dermabrasion to my upper lip would erase the fine lines that had been there since I lost volume due to my previous maxilliofacial surgery. He looked me over and recommended against it due to my skin pigmentation. He felt that I could end up with a bit of 'mask' or light area. He said instead that injections of my own fat would work out well for me and that he was sure I'd be happy with that result. I am overjoyed!

My tests were done to confirm that I was well enough to undergo the procedure and I was given a sleeping aid and I slept well. Early the next morning I was to shower with certain antiseptics before I was taken to surgery. The nurses are amazing and there every step of the way. I went into surgery and gently fell asleep to the Dr. and another doctor bantering back and forth in Spanish. I remember smiling.

The surgery was like a dream. I can remember once in a while being faintly aware that someone was touching my face. The doctor had said to me that when I was in surgery that he would occasionally ask me to move my feet and that I would, but that I would not remember. True! I don't remember. I was told that I did move my feet when asked.

I remember next being in my room with no pain. I was elated. So happy! Over the 3 days I was cared for, fed and attended to better than any hospital I have ever been in and, I've been in quite a few. I am 62.

On the morning of the last day there Dr. Koelliker came and chatted with us, check me over and cleared me to go to Casa Marino. The private driver was right there. They are all bilingual as are the staff at Casa Marino, so there is no problem understanding anything. The Dr. also speaks perfect English.

We arrived and were shown our beautiful Garden Suite with it's own private patio and lunch was already on the table. See the photo. The food was delicious! I had met another woman who was to have her surgery the day after me and we became friends at Casa Marino when she arrived the next day.

We went out daily to explore as we had lived in this city 12 years prior. It is sooo beautiful! Of course, if you are not familiar, Fabi will gladly take you around. Cabs are $4 and food is fresh, plentiful and inexpensive. The shopping in San Miguel de Allende is superb and don't miss going to the Rosewood Hotel roof top at least once to view the incredible sunset over the beautiful, historic city.

We returned to Canada on August 31st and I celebrated by 62nd birthday at home the following day. I had 4 more days off work.

I return to work the following Monday with no pain. I was still quite bruised on one side more than the other and this is very normal. If you understand this procedure you know that one side is done and then the head is turned and the other side is done. This results in more blood pooling on the side was done first. Arnica and lots of Vitamin C will help that. I wore plenty of makeup those first days and I generally don't wear any foundation at all. I had to learn via Youtube how to cover dark bruises.

I am now at exactly 5 weeks and 2 days post surgery. I continue to be thrilled! Yes, I do still have some bruising and scars. This is perfectly normal!

It seems that some people think the body will mend from being basically cut apart and put back together another way in just a few days. People...patience. Our bodies are miraculous and will heal well if we allow it and stay positive and are healthy.

I made the best decision of my life.

I am sooooo happy!!!!

Please take a look at my progressive photos below. I will keep you posted as time goes by.

Note: I paid an extra $600 for the fat into my lips which is why my total price is $6900 plus $600 = $7500 U.S.D. Further, the stay at Casa Marino for the 2 of us was well worth the cost. Everything is top notch and Fabi gives you the injection you need the day after you arrive. The doctor comes to remove your stitches and everyone there knows what to do. You may meet a new friend too! :)

This has been an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat!

One more thing about healing, scars and playing your part in healing ~

I would like to add that I firmly believe that cosmetic surgery cannot and will never take the place of caring for oneself. I believe one of the reasons for my great result is that I meticulously care for my inner body and outer body. I use no chemicals, hair dyes, fancy skin creams full of toxins not have I ever had any other sort of cosmetic procedure to my face. The only other thing I have had done cosmetically is a tummy tuck many, many years ago as I am a tiny woman and I had a very large first child. I did all I could but could just not tighten the skin. I was at my ideal weight and in excellent health before surgery as everyone should be. If this is not the case, you may not have the best result you could have.
Further, Scar Care is mandatory. They must be moistened thoroughly daily and massaged with the cream the doctors tells you to use. This helps them to stay soft and the cells turn over much faster. If you don't do this, your scars will become hard and dry and even red. Please don't use hair spray or hair products until you scars are healed up. This just irritates what is trying to heal. I know this is common sense to some. It is not to others if you really read some of these reviews. Some people expect miracles from these doctors when they have not done the work they need to do themselves. You must be the one responsible for your healing.
I do have a video on the FaceLift Mexico site for those of you who wish to see me at the 8 day mark.

Here's Hospital Guadalupano where Dr. Koelliker does his surgeries
This site is in Spanish however, it gives you a great idea of the hospital.
Here is the link to the page 'D. Medico' which gives you all the board certified surgeons who work there:
On the Galerias tab you will find lots of photos.

There is a live surgery video available on YouTube

That does a part of what Dr. Koelliker does but not as thoroughly. If you can watch live surgery, this might help you to understand what has been done or, in some cases, what will be done. I can tell from my face that this was done. I can feel where the SMAS is now tightened and pulled together. For me seeing this video helped me to really know how the procedure was done.
Here is the link but it is not Dr. Koelliker. This video is just an example of how this type of SMAS facelift is accomplished. Dr. Koelliker does a much nicer incision above the ear. He does it IN the hair so you never see it. This lady is not even asleep like I was but she is relaxed and numbed. Watch if you dare and are not squeamish ~
I hope it's OK to post this example video. If not, it may disappear and I understand that there must be guidelines. Thanks for reading my review despite some of the 'not so nice' comments. I am coming up to 7 weeks this coming Tuesday and my feeling is coming back, my scars are healing nicely.

9 Months Post Op ~ Happy as Ever ~ Photos

It's been 9 months and I am so pleased! I have attached photos without makeup so you can really see the difference. I do not use foundation ever.
It took about 7 months for the scars behind my ears and just outside my hairline to all but disappear. I will say that I was worried about the one behind the left ear because it was very lumpy but given time, it all heals. I still have a couple of little 'dimples' that seems like they are from some stitches beneath the skin. They are to the right and left of my eyes more on the temples. They continue to fade. One side of my face was much more bruised than the other and I understand that is normal so, it also took a little longer to heal. I have almost 100% of my feeling back. Along the sides of my face from my temples to the top of my cheeks, it still feels like I am wearing an eggwhite mask. It doesn't bother me at all.
I had a little botox put into my forehead line about 5 months ago and I think it retrained my muscles as it's stayed smooth.
I'd do it again in a minute! I had a practitioner remark today that I look 'marvelous' and she would never know I had anything done.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Koelliker is a beautiful being. He is articulate and thorough, kind and caring. It is obvious that he wants the best for his patients. He speaks perfect English so there is absolutely no language barrier. I speak Spanish and had him deal with me in English. His manner is so lovely. He cares and it's obvious. I am told that he only does one surgery per day. There is no rush, no hurry. I would have Dr. Koelliker take care of me anytime and will, when and if I require anything like a 10 year touch up, call him.

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