Tummy tucking on a budget!!Follow me as I save hundreds of dollars!!

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OK,so I've been a memeber since 2012 but this year...

OK,so I've been a memeber since 2012 but this year I'm finally going through with it!
I purchased my ticket to DR and I can't wait to see the results.I'm not going to stay at a Recovery house but I'll have someone with me that will be able to help.I'm working on getting my supplies together any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Doctor change!!!

So I've officially changed doctors! I was going with dr holguin at first but I couldn't find many reviews or pictures... No thank you.. I'm now going to Dr.Manuel Diaz.. My surgery date is booked..hotel room reserved and bag nearly packed! 7 weeks and counting!!!

Reality vs Wish

Close but not quite

Money Saving Tip #1

Thrift Store! Thrift Store! Thrift Store!
After surgery you won't feel like being cute and you'll be bleeding and in pain.So why spend money on new maxi dresses to have them get ruined. I went to my local thrift store today and found 4 nice maxi dresses 3$ a piece,3 night gowns 2$ a piece a neck pillow 1$ and a bedrest pillow for when I get back home for 5$.I washed and sanitized everything and the bright side is if anything gets ruined I can just throw it away!! A little more than 6 weeks to go! Stay tuned.....

Money Saving Tip#2

Do Not!...I repeat Do Not Buy your antibiotics from the doctor! Why do that when you can get your antibiotics from the US for free? Most of the doctors use amoxicillin and ciproflaxin for after surgery. There are a number of supermarkets and pharmacies that are offering free antibiotics with a prescription. All you need to do is go to your doctor, get the prescription and take it one of the participating pharmacies to get your free antibiotics. Meijers,Kroger,Walmart,Giant Eagle to name a few...You can also ask your surgeon to write you a letter saying that your having surgery and listing what pain meds you'll need. You can then take it to your doctor here in the US and get them to write a prescription for your pain meds!!! This should save you 150$-250$ depending on what your surgeon charges for medication. Plus the pain pills in the US are stronger! Stay tuned for more tips, Dolls!

Money Saving Tip #3

No Recovery house for me!!I'll be staying at a hotel that's 3 mins away from Cipla. It has a kitchen and fridge and I'll have nurse come by and ck on me periodically.Room is nice and at 40$ a night? That's a no brainer!!

What's in my suitcase?

All items were as cheap as possible(eBay,thrift store,discount stores or free from family and friends)
1.pajamas,pajamas and more
2.2 maxi dresses
3.granny panties
4.flip flops
6.pineapple juice( helps with swelling)
7.bromelain pills( swelling&bruises)
8.anti bacterial body wash
10.antibiotics(amoxicillin,ciproflaxin,metronidazole) no infections over here! Lol
11.pain pills(tramadol)
12.muscle relaxants(flexiril)
13.promethazine(post op nausea)
14.lioton 1000(similar to arnica gel,recommended by the dr)
15.vitamins( iron,b6,b12,folic acid-[to absorb the iron quicker] vitamin C and zinc for healing
16.heating pad for back pain
17.neck pillow
18.gloves( I read that sometimes nurses may try to work on you w/o them)
20.ace bandages( for under faja to avoid burns)
21. Mens tank tops
22. Dermaplast for itching&burning
23.peroxide for cleaning blood stains etc
24.a few drama filled scandalous books lol
25.snacks, snacks and more snacks!!
26.compression socks to prevent blood clots in legs and swelling
27.folding travel cane to save my back!!

So Anxious!!

Weight loss update

I've lost 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks! I'm continuing to work hard everyday and will post my pre surgery measurements before I leave in May!

19 days to go!!

At first I had a travel buddy but now it looks like I'll be going alone.. If anyone is going around the same time as me feel free to message me...anyway my bag is packed and I'm so ready!!

Final Preparations

It's almost time! Making my last minute preparations... Time to choose a taxi driver for my airport pickup... I have lots of plans for my arrival day..If everything works out ill make sure to post about everything I did to save some $$$!!

Email From Dr Diaz

Got an email from Dr Diaz saying not to eat after 6am on the 22 :-( to be ready for my blood work.. Guess that means I'll be eating a huge breakfast at the airport cause I'm not gonna starve lol

Exchanging US dollars for Dominican Pesos

Do not! I repeat do not wait until u get to the airport or to the Dominican Republic to exchange your money! I went to AAA and exchanged 200$ to keep on me for small items etc and I wasn't charged any fees because I am a member. You can also check with your personal bank.. Happy Saving!!

Scared and anxious

The time is almost here... Here are some prayers for before and after surgery.. These have helped me not be so scared.. Maybe it will help someone else as well
3 days and counting!!

Set up your own airport pickup!!

I've found my personal taxi driver!
Carlos 829-729-6832
I texted him and he responded right away.. He will be waiting at the airport with a sign with my name on it. He's very nice.. He's gonna take me to my hotel to check in then to Cipla and where ever else I need to go :-) 2 days to go!!

On my way to the airport!!!

The time is almost here!!

Set up wheelchair service ahead of time!!!

While you're waiting for your flight to leave call or go to the service desk and set up wheel chair/transport service for your return flight...why not have them waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane

Started from the US now I'm here!! LOL

I'm here at Cipla just finished my tests! Had to do an iron treatment to get my hemoglobin up to 12.9 by tomorrow. But I'm all paid and set for 7am sharp! :-)

Side note: Dr: Hottie

I'll be sure to find out Dr Diaz's relationship status... I mean he's already seen me naked lol why not?

My 40$ hotel room

Not too bad... Apartahotel Plaza de Sol

Blue pill taken!

Pray for me! See y'all on the flat side!

I finally did it!!!

Cipla is nice and so are all of the nurses... Not many speak English so my suggestion is to learn a few words on download the translator app on your cell phone
I had my surgery yesterday at 4:30.. Had to wait because of a high sugar amount in my blood..Anyway I woke up during surgery but was numb and couldn't feel anything.. Just a few stings from the lipo.. Nothing major.. Had my first massage earlier today which wasn't so bad but it hurt a little..Dr Diaz is sending a nurse to stay with me at my hotel and the massage lady is going to come here too! He's so helpful :-) Anyway I went to La Sirena( Walmart) and got some pain meds on my way back to my room..it actually doesn't hurt that bad.. Getting ready to take a nap will update later

Do not take a shower in the DR water!!

I used bottled water to wash with my antibacterial soap the night before surgery. The water here hasn't been treated and carries a lot of bacteria. It defeats the purpose of using antibacterial soap! Use bottled water for EVERYTHING!!!


Hey, it's 5am and I just woke up really stiff and in some pain..I got up,walked to the bathroom and took a pain pill. Walking really helps! My suggestion is to get up as soon as you can and try to walk as much as you can without pushing yourself too much... When the massage lady comes ill have her take a pic of my stomach.. Goin back to sleep now! Later RS Dolls!

Buy your own meds!!!

You can buy tramadol here with no prescription.. When I got here I bought 15 pills for 20$ at the pharmacy ( tramadol is called Ronex here) you will need a prescription for anything stronger but your surgeon can write a prescription and you can buy it yourself... Much cheaper than getting a package that includes the pain pills. My surgeon wrote a prescription for stronger meds and it was only 13$ us! My suggestion is buy your own meds!! Happy Saving!!

Sneak Peek of my results

Just a sneak peek for y'all

Must have item!!

Arnica Montana pomada!!! Go buy this ASAP! I woke up 45 mins ago and my arms were swollen.. It was hard to bend my arm... Massaged my arms with Arnica Montana and 30 mins later the swelling is gone!! Trust me you're going to need this!!!

Doing #2 after surgery

Warning: TMI
I've been dreading this day since surgery...smh
My suggestion is to eat light and take those stool softeners on schedule... It wasn't so bad... Didn't hurt at all lol

First Follow Up appt

I woke up this morning feeling really good! So I decided to put on one of my nicer maxi dresses, comb my hair and put on some make up since I had a dr appt. When you look good you feel good, right? Anyway from the moment I left the hotel I've been getting compliments on how beautiful I look and after this surgery it really helped boost my attitude... I think I'll even stop by the beach on my way back! Ttyl

I met a real self diva today

While at my appt I met Ms Curvy in the waiting room. She was really nice and chatting with her made the time fly. It's a good feeling to talk to someone who truly understands what you're going through!! I didn't make it to the beach today but I have 4 more days to get there!!

Tiny waist!

I'm still bandaged but look at my waist! I'm extremely pleased with my results so far!!

Items I didn't need

Didn't really need Ensure.. Never lost my appetite.. But everyone is different
Didn't need compression socks because I've been walking since day 2 post op
Didn't need granny panties.. Been wearing my thongs or going commando lol
Didn't need as many pjs.. Haven't been bleeding much
Needed more wound care supplies like med tape and gauze
Needed more books and things to keep me busy... FYI channel 114 shows English speaking shows.. Trust me you want to know this lol
Later real self divas!!

It's gonna be a HOTTT summer!! ;-)

Dr Diaz is the Shitttttttt!

7am daily massage!

Just had my daily massage.. Dr Diaz sends the massage lady to my hotel everyday to do my massages..included in surgery price.. Anyway these lipo areas are a f@$!&$ pain in the ass!! Afterwards I always rub myself down with Arnica.. I think it helps a lot.. Goin back to sleep for a few hours then I'm going to attempt to walk to the store.. Wish me luck lol

Just came back from the store!

Got up, put on some makeup and a maxi dress and got to walking lol it was only a 5 min walk.. Went to La Sirena's food court ,sat down and had lunch. Did a little window shopping.. It was a very nice field trip! Now I'm tired.. Time for a nap.. Later RS Divas!!

I sneezed! OMG!

The agony,the pain :-( the worst pain I've had since having this surgery...

How to get your Hemoglobin up quickly!

On May 2 my hemoglobin was 11.6, I immediately began taking liquid chlorophyll 2 times a day and also Purchased Floradix Iron liquid.. On May 22 my hemoglobin was 12.6!! I've always been anemic and this worked in 20 days! Hopefully this will help somebody!

Got my drain out! I'm freeeee! Lol

Here's how my day went: Had my last appt with Dr Hottie ;-).. He's single btw(double wink) Got my drain removed, went faja shopping with Ms Curvy( I just love her).. Finally made it to the beach and had an ocean front dinner at Boca Marina( a must try).. All in all today was a wonderful last day.. Sheesh I'm tired as hell now

Go to the Faja Store!! It's cheaper!

Do not buy a faja from your clinic! Prices are inflated!! There are plenty of faja stores around the DR! Get in a taxi and go to one!!

A Wheelchair gets you to the front of the line

I'm now in the airport and it's been an extremely easy and quick transport through customs and to my connecting flight! Take advantage of it RS Divas, cause I sure as hell am!! ;-)

Just Exchanged my pesos back to US dollars

Spend any change you have left while you're there because you can't exchange it at the bank! Only paper bills

Wound cleaning time!!

Daily dressing change! There is a little swelling but I'm drinking lots of pineapple juice and keeping my abdomen tightly wrapped!!

Itching Stitches &sneezes

OMG I want to scratch so bad but instead I use Lanacare spray it helps a lot!!! Ugh I'm so aggravated.. But I know that means I'm healing... On top of that I sneezed 2 times in a row today.. Thought I was gonna die lol

I'm Driving again!!

First time back behind the wheel...Drove to the store today...didn't have any issues.. I'm feeling great!!

Beware of the tape you use

When I was changing my gauge.. The tape removed some skin on my beautiful new stomach :-( I'm praying that it heals with out a scar :-((((((( be careful ladies

Sex and the Surgery

So I was showing off my beautiful new stomach when one thing lead to another lol Just tell him to be gentle and leave your binder on.. It'll be just fine ;-)
Later RS divas

Almost time to go back to work!

I've been driving but I haven't been hanging out yet.. I think I'll wait til the Beyonce concert :-) my cut is itching so bad!! :-( but I will NOT scratch!!

Look at this waist! Love it!!

Finally Trying on clothes :-)

Back to work tomorrow

I'm sure I'll be just fine.. I've been getting a lot of rest and taking my vitamin c,zinc, iron pills daily.. Piece of cake, right?
Later RS Divas

Too Soon for the Gym?

I'm so ready to get back in the gym!! I spent thousands of dollars on this body and I'm keeping it damn it!! On day #30, I'm going in....

Appetite Loss

In the past, I would go to work, eat breakfast and lunch but not now...I ate grits,eggs and bacon this morning at 8.around 1 I ate a few potato chips and felt like my stomach was so full it was gonna explode!!!! Since the surgery I e only been able to eat once a day... This is where the weight loss comes in.. Later RS Divas

Money Saving Tip!!

So my faja has a little room in it and I needed a new compression garment... Didn't want to spend a lot of money... Went to Walmart and found Flexees by maidenform!! I bought a size small for 13.94!! It took a while to get on but it's definitely doing it's job!!
http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/23708652 here's a link happy saving RS divas!!

Might step out tonight

I've been shopping like a crazy person lol buying all the things I would never wear before!! I feel great!!

Still No appetite!

I eat like a bird now and get full very quickly. My daily lunch is Fruit cups,applesauce,peanut butter crackers and water. Sometimes I have leftovers smh...I guess that's a perk of having a TT... My scar is healing nicely and my belly button is almost completely healed. Invest in a lot of neosporin! Ttyl RS Divas!!

100% Aloe Vera Gel

I swear by it!It's only like 4.99 and really works quickly at healing cuts and minimizing scars!! Go buy this ASAP!

2 month update!!

Hey Real Self Divas! I've really been enjoying my new HOT body! Can you say Belly shirts everyday? Lol I can truly say that this is the best decision I ever made.. Best money I ever spent! S/O to Dr Diaz!

Do you work out?

Today a co worker said" You never say anything about working out but Your shape is amazing! What do you do?"
Me: " I work out some and eat healthy but that about it"
(Wink,wink) lol Good Night, Real Self Divas

I'm so happy with my results!!!

Hey RS Divas,I haven't updated in awhile.., just checking in to say how much I LOVE this body!! I'd wear half shirts everyday if I could! Lol


Hey Dolls! I haven't updated in awhile... I'm thinking of getting a bbl since I e slimmed down quite a bit... Still undecided but we'll see
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He has been very efficient in answering my questions and making me feel 100% comfortable with my decision to go through with this surgery. Since I'm alone he set up a nurse to stay at my hotel from 7p til the morning when I'm released!! He's wonderful!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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