Tummytuck,minor Lipo,bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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Im so nervous omg....everyday it gets closer and...

Im so nervous omg....everyday it gets closer and closer.anyone doing surgery that day with fatima almonte? Did anyone have trouble sending it through moneygram? Please help because to send it through my bank whitch is banco popular and they charging 40.00????Any suggestions please I only have 24 hours.

My date the surgery sapose to take place is...

My date the surgery sapose to take place is 8/22/2016.are there any dolls on here booked for that same day? I hope so im so nervous i read and heard a lot of negativity from ppl on rs,fb,ig, so it kind of got me scard and secound guessing.but i believe in god and i ask he gide my doctor hands????????have anyone had surgery with fatima almonte recently? When i check im seeing good reviews but from a year or 2 ago has she had any deaths? When i look i dont find nuffin which is a good sign. Has anyone had any problem with moneygram when sending they deposit? Please let me no any information you guys have it would be helpful and whats the best RH to stay in when having your procedure done at cecip clinic thanks dolls any information help. Like


Im soooo happy just made my deposit im excited,nervous,scared all in one.but i believe in god and he is good all the time????????nonthin is impossible if u trust in god????????please rs sisters pray for me as i will kerp everyone in prayers as i follow your journey.fatima almonte here i come let god guide her hands.do anyone know a good recovery house that In the area of cecip hospital? Any advice? Anyone having surgery 8/22/2016?


Recieved my quote paid my deposit now just counting down the days.so nervous,scared,excited,all in one.anybody having surgery 8/22/2016 with me? Anyone knows a good RH in the same area as cecip? Any suggestions please help rs sisters thanks


Hi guys so im preparing my self because as the days go buy my surgery date is getting closer and closer.CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT RH IS GOOD AND HAS GOOD FOOD AND WASHER AND DRAYER PLEASE ANY INFO WILL BE HELPFUL????and did anyone just have surgery with fatima almonte? If so how was it? Do u have any before and after pics on here? Please any info will br helpful thanks rs dolls.

Counting down the days its getting closer

So im all packed up i ordered everything i needed. They cell a post op box for like 150.00 but it dont bring everthing u need.so i ordered everything off of ebay and i must say i got everything????Colorful compression socks lipo boards back and front u name it i got it.im so excited,nevrous,scared,happy, all in one is any body having surgery aug24, is anybody staying at the tropical rh i heard great thing and she sent me pics.almonte assistant lesly is so sweet cant wait to meet them.any dolls gonna be stsying there will luv to meet all if so send me a message pls thanks.

Chang is coming

Im officially ready! So much butterflies in my stomach dont no what to exspect.i pray almonte meet my surgery standards????????she seems to be the best one do far. I found me a cute boppy pillow for 30 bucks.when every where else wanted 50 bucks.

Marias rh

So after doing some real hard searching and snooping rs ig and fb i winded up choosing marias rh.any dolls having surgery in aug staying there? The videos and pics she sent me are nice i luv it.the dang on price is unbeatable????????????????????????60 for me 40 for my fiance omg the food looks amazing and if u dont like it they cook you watever u want.most importantly its CLEAN,AC,WIFI,CABLE thats very important dolls please check your rh alot of times theres no ac just fans and no wifi anybody staying at marias rh? Anybody ever stayed there?iam cant wait

My deposit on 2 rh

Im gonna be staying in DR for 11 days total.ive put a deposit on 2 rh one of them is tropical rh which i thought was cool because its not a huge place so its not crowded or over crowded. Plus it look super clean i have OCD so its a must to be clean. The secound rh i sent a deposit to is marias rh i choose them as well cuz the pricing is amazing 60 for me 40 for my fiance madsages are 20.00 snd they have hospital beds as well. RS HELP ME PLEASE CHOOSE. Has anybody exsperience these 2 rh if so please let me no so that way i can reconsider somewhere else.


Im having some major concerns now.my surgery is sapose to take place with almonte on the 24th but im hearing she does not glip plus size/thick girl over she makes u choose.in other words she dont turn u over for lipo on your back and bbl if u need it. I dont no bout nobdy else but i need lipo on my back,sides,weist,but she refuse to flip the patient over.so now im trying to decide who would be better at doing the job tt,lipo,and bbl dr.mallol or dr.ferreras please help me i dont have much time the clock is ticking which doc rs help me out please i hear dr.diaz is good as well but im scared of CIPLA
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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