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Hello RS Sisters I am brand new to this website...

Hello RS Sisters
I am brand new to this website and I already am addicted to it, love it, the sisterhood, the help, the different opinions, are so helpful and informative... ahhh just love it.
I am having a tummy tuck with liposculture of the back, butt lift, thighs and arms (thinking, but undecided about getting my breast reduced and lifted) After so much research and playing back and forth with my doctor selection, my list was narrowed to 3 candidates: Dr. Yily Delos Santos, Disnalda Matos y Roberto Guerrero Daniel, after reading so many negative comments here about MRSA at Dr. Yily's clinic and the way she abandon her patients post op, she has been scratch off my list. I am more inclined to Dr. Disnalda Matos, she sounds very professional, answers my calls and all of my questions, the only thing she doesn't have a website, but I know a few people that had work done by her and they're very satisfied and look amazing. I think that if you care about your life the way I do, she is the right doctor for you.
I am so anxious thus, I can't wait, almost 3 months to go and Disnalda had asked to lose some weight for best results and I am trying to be in my best shape.

some pics... ughhh

Here are some pics before weight loss/pre op

some more pics


After so much research, I find myself very confused about my doctor, although I love Dr. Matos, I just got a quote from Dr. Robles and although price is just about the same, I kinda like Dr. Robles' work better. they are both very responsive and eager to answer your questions, both seem to be very knowledgeable about their job... I DON'T KNOW... SMH Help me decide sisters!

Confusion, confusion... as the day gets closer.

, it gets more confusing, I have appointments with 2 doctors Dra. Fatima Almonte and Dra. Disnalda Matos. my intentions were to get to DR, interview with both and make a decision, well, not so easy, now one of them is requiring a deposit and I don't want to lose money in case that I decide not to go with her, so... "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" smh... they both seem to be great doctors. somebody help me!!!! On the other hand, I have most of my supplies already, plane ticket and RH all set

UGHHHHHHH... Frustation kicks in...

So, I want to officially switched to Dra. Fatima Almonte and one of the best thing I've heard about her is how fast she responds to your messages, with my luck, things just don't work that way. Sent a message to her back in April 8 and never got an answer, just recently got the number for assistant, contacted her but is also very difficult to get in touch with her, she says she is going to send me my formal registration forms and information for me to send in my deposit and hold my date... and nothing. FRUSTATING!

Fajas be gone!

So, this is really how I look... with 2 fajas under. Lol, I am just trying to look like this, or better, without the need of being uncomfortable, meaning "no fajas" and I know Dra. Almonte is going to make that possible... I just can't wait, so excited!

1 month away

exactly a month away and it is still so unreal that I am going through with this sx, I guess it will hit me when I get the famous 'blue pill'. So I have almost (note I said, almost) everything I need for my recovery in DR, so much to do, have to organize my house, make sure my bills are paid, all set with my time off from work, but jeezzz, I feel like time is not moving fast enough, I want to be on the flat side already. I am so anxious.

Recovery House

has anyone stayed at RELAX Recovery House by Zoraya? please I need reviews, I would also like to hear about Daisy RH.

3 weeks away

WOW... can't believe is that close, I think I have everything I need, supplies wise. it gets more difficult everyday to think that I am going through with this, it gets so confusing. I had always been healthy, other than my high blood pressure, which is controlled, but lately, things are happening to my body, like I have a nodule on my thyroid which doctors have said wasn't a problem, that I could live with it without any bother, and I did for a long time, but now it's been hurting, it is swollen and bothers me a whole lot, went to the doctor thinking if I need to do this and postponed my ps I would just have to do so, but still the doctor doesn't think I need it taken out, so I am going through with my ps, hoping and praying that there are no complications. PS is a big decision, it's like getting married, you get cold feet, then you're back on... smh!


I'm going July 9 with Dra. Almonte and although I didn't think so at the beginning, I'm thinking of getting SX buddy... any takers?


Although I should be nothing but excited, I'm not, I'm very anxious, nervous, scarred and on top of that all, I'm very sad, very emotional, broken hearted by things going on in my personal life and I know this is definitely not the right mindset for an event like this. You need to go in the OR with positivism, full of energy and optimism and I just can't find any of that right now. I'll keep on with my plans going that once I'm on a plane, once I get there and the purpose of my trip hits me, I'll be ok.


Well, today is my birthday and it's also the day I flight to DR. Men, no even a drink on my birthday, but I have better things coming my way. I am very nervous and anxious, not knowing what to expect at the RH and from my doctor, dying to meet her and Leslie. I'll keep you posted RS Sisters.


So here I'm, Dr Almonte's driver picked me up and drove me straight to the clinic, I'm waiting for her and hopefully it's only for testing because I'm so not ready for surgery today. This is a very nice clinic and I was surprised that there were so many people here at 5am.

on the flat side

Sorry it took me so long, but I would like to tell you a bit about my experience here in DR. The clinic, the recovery house, the staff and the doctor, are great, absolutely nothing to complaint about. My incision is beautiful and very low. Dra. Says she took 7.8 liters of fat off of me, I was instantly 20 lbs lighter and I'm in love with my results. The one thing nobody could've prevented me, was THE PAIN, OMG this is so painful, my back is killing me. It is a very strange pain that comes with a terrible burning sensation. It's HORRIBLE almost to the point of regretting my decision. It's been great to be able to share this experience with you all. One more thing, I don't know how girls can manage without the mechanical beds, I don't think I could've made without it, it's been a great help.

5 weeks post op

Hello ladies, had a couple setbacks after sx, first at 11 days po I had a cough attack and 4-5 inches of my incision opened, Dr Almonte decides to cut some more open so that she could restitch it uniformly and it was done, scar is beautiful. Then when it was time

6 weeks

I swear that if it wasn't because I'm the one on the picture, I wouldn't believe it. Couldn't be happier. Loving my results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Fátima Almonte is great. She was able to achieve the results I expected. The team that works with her is wonderful, they will take care of your every need. The only down side in my experience was the long waiting periods at the office. This doctor is very knowledgeable, professional, caring, amicable and definitely, safe. Love her!

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