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Urgh im dying to feel comfortable in my skin. Feel...

Urgh im dying to feel comfortable in my skin. Feel good in clothes and not be afraid anymore to walk in a crow full of people! I dream if having my breast lifted and and waist. I have no shape . After i had my baby i ft very down over my body its really hard to keep up with weight. Deal with school work and life!

Feeling Nervous

I already started shopping for some things for my surgery. The last thing im going ti buy is my maxi dresses and night gown . Getting my socks , pads, and some tablets from walmart. I got some things for free my bed pads, latex gloves, hand sanitizers , travel size toothpaste etc from friends and family. Im trying to minimize my spending. Im trying to find my dress in the goodwill too.

Feeling Nervous Part 2

Everyone has an opinion about me getting surgery blah blah but god its my body and i dont feel comfortable everyone has issues they deal with. Im making the choice because i want no more kids, i absolutely hate my breast and my body has changed alot . Im not getting surgery to model on IG or FB or be naked in these streets. Im doing it for myself! If i can afford it let it be

Loosing weight

So ive lost almost 10 lbs already adter starting to watch what i eat, i started march 14 so that makes 5 weeks. Doctor didnt tell me too but i decided to to loose a lil arms and tone my face a bit down . I started off off drinking natural lose weight pills but i stopped and im doing on my own. So looking foward to my operation my beauty make overrrr i need ti lock my date!!?

Lost 10 lbs

Been shedding weight i already lost 10. Trying to loose 10 more before my surgery

Locked date!!

So i send my money already amd locked my date!!!!! franklin pena it is



Been burning fat

I started doing herbal life. I want my skin to xlear up before surgery and i want to loose 10 lb before i go i wanna look just right. Loose a lil arms and face!!! Im still stuck on weight im 158 -159 i wanna get to 150 for SX . Doctor recomemmend. I want tou guys to remember i changed from Hungria to franklin peña


Started meds yesterday. Let the countdown beginnnnb


Changed doctor for the 3rd time n im feeling confident!!!!! N truly excited ill soon to be ALMONTE DOLL... Im getting my test done today a lil worried about the heart test!!!

4 daysss

Foyr days before i leave to DR my sc os the 20th... I am so stressed my hemo is 12.2!!! All these days ive been goubg crazyyy drinking medicine n eating right! To see if i bring up to 13

Changed doctors 3x !!!! Last choice Almonte

Its been such a hard desicion i honestly felt like franklin nor hungria where honna get me to where i wanna be is so stresfull but i finally made my choice i am gonna be a almonte doll... Luckily my second choice doctor franklin pena returns $ . It would b picked up today by Karis the owner of karis recovery home

In dr

Im in DR alreaddddddy 4 more daysss. I arrived last night!

3 more days left

Omg is surreal im 2-3 days left from my dream bodyyy

Packed for recovery home !

Its the 19th already i meet with my doctor fatima amonte , my first choice was hungria then i changed to franklin pena and my last optionnn was her. I actually never spoken to her just to lesly her secretary. Im nervous! Im going to bank in her office then meeting with her hopefully in her office at 10 am! I would b leaving to capital in 4.5 hours im super nervous!!!

Hours away from my dream body

Im already here in recovery house. Its 11:28pm at 6 am i have to be in doctors office! Super nervous! I showered 2x already n ill have to again. My money is paid 4,450 plus the $150 insurance fee if something happends im coverrd.

All went wellllll

Day after my surgery it seems not real. Im in hospital now. I hired a nutse over night. The BEST INVESTMENT I DID....the night was okay. One thing is for sure it is very painful! The girlss in Kari Recovery home are really nice...im here having breakfast waiting in doctor


???? patiently waiting next doctors visit is this tuesday


So today make a week of my surgery and i feel like its been a eternity....ive had 3 massages already! I had so much liquid in my back! I think it was the best thing i did!!! My sides getting smother and leaner, i just dont see my arch in my back yet! Today i ordered my new faja medium and making the waist small... And a stomach board to shape my back up! #teamAlmonte

Love my tighs

Everything is coming together just right. I love my team in DR. Jhon who does my massages is a fucking beasttttt. My staff in Kary recover Home are the best!

Some on pictures

I have a thigh bigger than the other one!!

I wish now my thighs were bigger!

Small to xxs

So the lady that gives me the massages convinced me of getting into a xxs faja ... My body body got more defined. Biut i think is too tight on me im scared fo get any type of infection or burning. Im a month post up!

One month post

Im a month post op on a xxsmall faja i had to buy foam to help me with paim

Still swollen im 7 weeks post op


You have your good days and bad days for sure. Theres things im dying to touch up already!!!

Almost a year

I dont know if i wrote that i went to fatima almonte. Im not hppy with my results i wish i had more waist. I still feel i look the same. All the $ i spend. Wasnt worth it please choose your doctor well!!!

11 months later

Look better than before. Wished i had more waist!! Lol i try to work out 2-3 a week. I eat healthier after surgery i gained 6lb and lost 7lb. Im not upset about my butt anymore. One is bigger than the other. I told leslie and fatima assistant, one insisted i waited a year and leslie said they would have to look at the before n after???? i was disappointed, fatima didnt bother calling me back. But it is what it is thet only want their $!. Only doctors i can say are close to patients. GARY ORTEGA AND FRANKLIN PENA. Which were my 2 first choices! They know my name n havemy # stored, fatima never bother calling me or checking up on me!

11 months later.

Ill be a full year july 17.


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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